The Sports Reporters - Season 19

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Episode Guide

  • September 30, 2007
    September 30, 2007
    Episode 19
    This week's panel includes Bob Ryan, Mike Lupica, Mitch Albom, and Jeremy Schaap filling in for John Saunders. Topics this week include: -Who will make the playoffs in the National League? -What team is the most surprising so far this season: The Packers, the Cowboys, or the Steelers? -The upsets yesterday in NCAA Football. Parting Shots: -Bob Ryan: Barry Bonds not returning to the San Francisco Giants next season. -Mike Lupica: Roger Clemens contract with the Yankees. -Mitch Albom: Michael Vick testing positive for marijuana. -Jeremy Schaap: Hope Solo's comments about the U.S. Woman's World Cup Team.moreless
  • September 23, 2007
    September 23, 2007
    Episode 18
    This week's panel includes Dan Le Batard, Mike Lupica, and Mitch Albom. Topics this week include: -The Dallas Cowboys are 2-0, but are they for real? -Can the Chicago Bears win with just defense? -Jon Kitna suffering a concussion, then coming back later in the game. -The Mets have given up a considerable lead in the NL East, are they in danger of missing the playoffs? -How good do the panelist think LSU is? Parting Shots: -Dan Le Batard: O.J. Simpson's latest legal troubles. -Mike Lupica: Bill Belichick. -Mitch Albom: Donovan McNabb saying that black quarterbacks are judged differently. -John Saunders: Tank Johnson signing with the Cowboys.moreless
  • September 16, 2007
    September 16, 2007
    Episode 17
    This week's panel includes Mitch Albom, Howard Bryant, Stephen A. Smith. Topics this week include: -The Patriots being caught cheating spying on the Jets. -How will LaDanian Tomlinson do tonight against the Patriots. -Randy Moss' performance last week. -Notre Dame being blown out in their last five loses. -Does Alex Rodriguez have to continue putting up the same numbers in the playoffs that's he's putting up in the regular season? Parting Shots: -Mitch Albom: HGH being used in the NFL and MLB. -Howard Bryant: Kevin Everett being injured. -Stephen A. Smith: Greg Oden missing his rookie season. -John Saunders: The winner of the FedEx Cup will receiving their prize money, in a pension.moreless
  • September 9, 2007
    September 9, 2007
    Episode 16
    This week's panel includes Michael Kay, Mike Lupica, and Selena Roberts. Topics this week include: -Are the Patriots the team to beat? -Is the Bears/Chargers game today a Super Bowl preview? -Notre Dame and Michigan play next weekend, and for the first time they're both 0-2. -Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel being linked to HGH -Can the Giants or Cowboys make a run at the Super Bowl? Parting Shots: -Michael Kay: Gambling in Tennis. -Mike Lupica: Roger Federer. -Selena Roberts: The golfers upset over the FedEx Cup. -John Saunders: Terrell Owens defending dogfighting.moreless
  • September 2, 2007
    September 2, 2007
    Episode 15
    This week's panel includes Bob Ryan, Roy S. Johnson, William C. Rhoden. Topics this week include: -Michigan being upset by Appalachian State, and will it lead to Lloyd Carr's firing? -Are the Indianapolis Colts the team to beat this season? -The up and down week the Boston Red Sox had. Parting Shots: -Bob Ryan: Team USA. -Roy S. Johnson: The pre-season college polls. -William C. Rhoden: The promising career Randy Moss had. -John Saunders: Lance Briggs crashing his car, and then fleeing the scene.moreless
  • August 26, 2007
    August 26, 2007
    Episode 14
    This week's panel includes Bob Rayn, Mike Lupica, Howard Bryant. Topics this week include: -Michael Vick pleading guilty on dogfighting charges. -Which small market team could make a run in the playoffs. -Who's more on the hot seat Chargers Head Coach Norv Turner or Bears quarterback Rex Grossman. Parting Shots: -Bob Ryan: Tiki Barber's giant ego. -Mike Lupica: Mike Tyson. -Howard Bryant: Alex Rodriguez. -John Saunders: Athletes making the wrong choices.moreless
  • August 19, 2007
    August 19, 2007
    Episode 13
    This week's panel includes Bob Ryan, Selena Roberts, Mitch Albom, and Mike Lupica sitting in for the vacationing John Saunders. Topics this week include: -The Michael Vick dogfighting case, gambling in sports, and Tim Donaghy. -Are the Boston Red Sox the best team in baseball? -What happened to the Cowboys/Redskins rivalry and Tony Romo. Parting Shots: -Bob Ryan: The United States Men's Basketball Team. -Selena Roberts: The NFL setting up a concussion hot line for their players to call. -Mitch Albom: Kia Vaughn suing Don Imus. -Mike Lupica: Tiger Woods.moreless
  • August 12, 2007
    August 12, 2007
    Episode 12
    This week's panel includes Bob Ryan, Mike Lupica, and Dan Le Batard. Topics this week includes: -Tiger Woods and the PGA Championship. -Barry Bonds hitting his 756th home run, and how he will be remembered. -The New England Patriots off-season acquisitions. Parting Shots: -Bob Ryan: David Wells -Mike Lupica: Phil Mikelson -Dan Le Batard: Shaquille O'Neal and Anfernee Hardaway reuniting with the Miami Heat. -John Saunders: Rick Ankiel's comeback.moreless
  • August 5, 2007
    August 5, 2007
    Episode 11
    This week's panel includes Mitch Albom, Michael Kay, and William C. Rhoden. Topics this week include: -Barry Bonds hitting his 755th home run. -Bill Walsh passing away and how he'll be remembered. -Boston's sports teams acquiring Kevin Garnett and Eric Gagne Parting Shots -Michael Kay: New York Giants' Michael Strahan threating retirement -William C. Rhoden: Daunte Culpepper signing with the Oakland Raiders. -Mitch Albom: Pele criticizing David Beckham. -John Saunders: Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.moreless