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  • Comic Book Reviews: Batman Detective Comics #840 Teen Titans Year One
    Today we've got a really fun show for you. In between fits of laughter we review Batman Detective Comics #840 Teen Titans: Year One #1 and The End League. Then in the speed round we give you the buy or pass on Metal Men #5 Doktor Sleepless #4 Omega the Unknown Exiles: Days of Then and Now One Shot and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8. In our viewer mail we talk about superheroes we can personally relate to.moreless
  • Comic Book Reviews: Uncanny X-Men #494 Nightwing #140 and Youngblood
    We're all enjoying the Messiah Complex crossover in Uncanny X-Men. However we've got a couple of gripes. Watch this episode to find out what they could be doing better. Then in our Newsarama Sneak Review we check out Youngblood #1 and Nightwing #140. In Youngblood we think the story line sounds a little familiar. Watch the show and see what we mean. We spoil the "big" reveal at the end of Nightwing #140 so be warned.Then in our speed round we check out Thunderbolts #118 Northlanders #2 Shark Man #1 Wildstorm Revelations #1 and Gravel #0.In our viewer mail we talk about how we'd feel if by this time next year Marvel has undone the end result of "One More Day".moreless
  • Viewer Submitted Indies: Unbeatable Redball 6 and DOSE!
    Some of our viewers don't just read comics they MAKE them. Sometimes they send them in to us. We picked some of our favorites for this episode of The Stack.
  • Comic Book Reviews: Amazing Spider-man 545 Ultimate Human and Invincible
    In this episode of The Stack we review The Amazing Spider-man 545 which is the last issue in the One More Day arc. Then we take a look at Invincible presents Atom Eve the first of a two part miniseries. And we have a very special PREVIEW of Warren Ellis's Ultimate Human #1 which is scheduled to hit the stands on Jan. 4th.moreless
  • Comic Book Reviews: Angel After the Fall The Incredible Herc and The Order
    The first issue of the new series The Incredible Herc hits the stores with characters based on Greek mythology. We think it's worth picking up find out why. We were pretty critical of Special Forces #1 does Issue 2 show signs of this book getting better? Alex says The Order written by Matt Fraction is the best bang for your buck on the stands today.Plus we've got Army @ Love Wolverine: Firebreak and Angel: After the Fall and more in our speed round. Then in our mailbag we answer a tough one: If we could only read only 3 titles each week which three would we pick?moreless
  • Comic Book Reviews: Marvel Holiday Special Justice League of America 16 and The Umbrella Academy
    Happy Holidays from the Stack. Today we've got the Marvel Holiday Special JLA 16 and the latest issue of Umbrella Academy. Sit down pour yourself a big cup of egg-nog and get ready for this holiday edition of The Stack. We've got a speed round and a viewer question too!
  • The Stack's 2007 Year in Comics: The BEST of 2007
    The Stack's 2007 Year in Comic Books. Today we're talking about the best in comics from 2007.
  • Comic Book Reviews: Resurrected Superheroes Bat Lash and Wolf-Man
    We're talking about Fables and drop a few spoilers. Fables is a book we really like and we hope you'll pick it up. Then we check out Astounding Wolf-Man. See if you should be reading it. We love Sergio Aragones but do we love Bat Lash? We'll give you our thoughts. Then in the speed round we talk about The Boys New Warriors and more. And in our mailbag today we talk about the dead superheroes that we think should be resurrected.moreless
  • Comic Book Reviews: Comic Book Holiday Gift Guide
    Need a few last minute gifts for your favorite comic book fan? If you're still working on your list for Santa here are some great comic book gift ideas.
  • Comic Book Reviews: Green Lantern x 3 New Avengers and Our Favorite Characters
    New episodes of THE STACK every Monday and Thursday. Today we're talking about Green Lantern 25 Green Lantern Corps:Ion Special Green Lantern Corps and The New Avengers Plus in the speed round we whip through Punisher: War Journal Ultimate Iron Man 2 X-Factor DMZ and Fantastic Four. Plus we answer a veiwer video question.moreless
  • Comic Book Reviews: The Worst in Comic Books of 2007
    The Stack's 2007 Year in Comic Books takes a look back at the worst from the world of comics in 2007.
  • Comic Book Reviews: Avengers The Initiative Northlanders Countdown Arena
    New episodes of THE STACK every Monday and Thursday. Today we're talking about these comic books: Avegers:The Initiative Northlanders Countdown:Arena. Plus in the speed round we take on Justice Society Uncanny X-men Midnighter Justice League and World War Hulk. Plus we answer a veiwer voice mail.
  • Comic Book Reviews: Top 5 Indie Comics of 2007
    Today we kick off our special holiday episodes: The Stack's 2007 Year in Comic Books. Here are ours and your picks for the top five indie comics of 2007.
  • Comic Book Reviews: The Ultimates 3 Zombies vs Robots vs Amazons and Countdown
    New episodes of THE STACK every Monday and Thursday. Today we're talking about these comic books: Ultimates 3 Zombies vs Robots vs Amazons and Countdown to Final Crisis.Plus in the speed round we take on Atom Invincible Suburban Glamour Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Black Summer. Keep your questions and comments coming!moreless
  • Comic Book Reviews: Shazam Marvel Zombies and Crime Bible
    New episodes of THE STACK every Monday and Thursday. Today we're talking about these comic books: Trials of Shazam Marvel Zombies 2 and Crime Bible: Five Lessons of Blood.Plus in the speed round we take on Fear Agent Jack of Fables World War Hulk Crossing Midnight and First Born. Keep your questions and comments coming!moreless
  • Comic Book Reviews: NBC's Heroes Spider-Man Green Lantern and Hack/Slash
    Now catch THE STACK twice a week - Monday and Thursday. In this episode we're talking and reviewing these comic books: The Sensational Spider-Man where Mephisto forces Spidey to choose between Mary Jane and Aunt May. Hack / Slash who does a send-up of Archie Comics - And Green Lantern Corps.moreless
  • Graphic Novels: Daredevil Scott Pilgrim and Death Note - The Stack
    This episode we talk about some of our favorite trade paperbacks: Daredevil Scott Pilgrim and Death Note. Plus we answer a viewer's video question about gay superheroes.
  • X-Factor Wonder Woman and Avengers - The Stack
    This episode we review the latest issues of X-Factor Wonder Woman and Avengers: The Initiative. Plus our comic book speed round with even more books and we answer your viewer questions.
  • World War Hulk Salvation Run and Green Arrow Black Canary - The Stack
    Watch for TWO new episodes of The Stack every week here. The new episodes are a little shorter but now you get TWICE the comic books every week!Today we check out the last issue of Marvel's World War Hulk the first issue of DC's Salvation Run and the second issue of Green Arrow Black Canary.Plus even more books in the speed round and we'll answer your viewer mail about Marvel's new Digital Comics Unlimited.moreless
  • Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men Groo and The New Avengers: Illuminati - The Stack
    This week we review these comic books: Astonishing X-Men - where Joss Whedon guest writes The New Avengers: Illuminati and Sergio Aragones' Groo the Wanderer. Plus 5 more comic books in our Speed Round where the stakes are higher and the sweat is sweatier. Then we open our mailbag and answer your viewer questions about Teen Titans and Blue Beetle AND our thoughts on delays and guest writers.Join the brand new Pulp Secret Forums! We just launched them so it's a little quiet in there... so MAKE SOME NOISE!moreless
  • X-Men: Messiah Complex Special Forces and Batman - The Stack
    This week X-Men: Messiah Complex Kyle Baker's Special Forces and Batman. This week's speed round includes Crime Bible and Infinite Halloween. Plus more of your viewer mail where we talk Nick Fury and Countdown to Final Crisis.
  • She-Hulk X-Men and Gotham Underground: The Stack
    This week: She-Hulk X-Men Batman in Gotham Underground. PLUS another Speed Round and more of your viewer mail featuring 1000% more girls.
  • Marvel Zombies 2 Penance Relentless and Countdown 28: The Stack
    This week it's Marvel Zombies 2 Countdown 28 and Penance Relentless. Plus another speed round featuring Suburban Glamour Fables Terror Inc The Mighty Avengers and Bookhunter. Then we dive into the mailbag to answer more of your questions.Want to win one of those awesome X-Men pop-up books from the end of the episode?moreless
  • Green Arrow First Born Spider-Man: The Stack
    This week it's DC's Green Arrow and Black Canary Top Cow's First Born and Marvel's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Plus an all new SPEED ROUND featuring Simon Dark X-Factor New Avengers Black Summer and Brawl.In today's viewer mail find out which comic book heroes we hate and what we think are the best DC icon story arcs.We just got spiffy new Pulp Secret t-shirts.moreless
  • Omega: The Unknown Metamorpho and Faker - The Stack
    This week we check out Marvel's "Omega: The Unknown" we pull no punches with DC's Metamorpho and for our indie book we pick up Vertigo's Faker.All that plus your viewer mail.
  • In-Justice League of America The Immortal Iron Fist and Speak of the Devil: The Stack
    This week Justin and Pete take you through DC's In-Justice League of America Marvel's The Immortal Iron Fist and Dark Horse's Speak of the Devil about a female peeping tom. Plus they dip into your viewer mail to answer some questions.
  • Mouse Guard Starman Box Office Poison: The Stack
    Alex Pete and Justin get indie with "Box Office Poison" by Alex Robinson Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 by David Petersen and Starman: Sins of the Father. Plus your viewer mail!
  • Booster Gold Walking Dead & The New Avengers: The Stack
    Our Friendly Neighborhood Stackers talk up Booster Gold Issue 2 and the latest issues of Walking Dead & The New Avengers all up in this edition of The Stack.
  • Spider-Man Outsiders and Y the Last Man: The Stack
    The Amazing Spider-Man Outsiders and Y the Last Man in this edition of The Stack. Plus a special visit from Erik of One of us becomes a superhero for the entire show. Who will it be? Find out what lame disguise Bruce Wayne has been using in Outsiders and more viewer mail.moreless
  • Teen Titans Brit and Mice Templar: The Stack
    Teen Titans reaches their landmark 50th issue with a nice look back. Find out what Alex thinks the best time to make-out is. Then we check out the debut issue of BRIT. Plus find out what Alex and Pete think about the first issue of Mice Templar.We'll also take one of your viewer calls and talk manga.moreless
  • Batman Bonds Whedon X-Men Comic Foundry: The Stack
    This week we're talking Batman Bonds Whedon and X-Men. Plus Endangered Species and a look at the new comics magazine: Comic Foundry.
  • New X-Men Justice League of America and Killing Girl: The Stack
    Who was made of rock and is now made out of lava? What book does Pete call "very very violent"? And find out what the guys think is the best way to tell a story in a comic book. That's all in this edition of THE STACK.
  • Green Lantern The New Avengers and The Un-Men: The Stack
    What's the best comic that Justin read in the last 6 months? What comic does Pete compare to a mutated Coney Island? Who do the guys think is a Skrull and who isn't? You'll get the answers to all these questions plus Alex Pete and Justin answer your emails in this episode of THE STACK.moreless
  • The Stack: Special Comics on TV (sorta) Edition - NY77 and Slacker Cats
    Today we're talking what's on TV in the next few days. VH1's got a rock documentary (Rock Doc) on Saturday night called NY77: The Coolest Year in Hell. There are animations throughout done in old comic book style and it looks pretty cool - and we've got some clips to prove it. Plus on Monday Slacker Cats premieres on ABC Family and Casey from A Comicbook Orange got a chance to interview the creators of the cartoon at Comic-Con in San Diego.moreless
  • World War Hulk Illuminati Iron and the Maiden: The Stack
    This week we rip open the pages of World War Hulk The New Avengers: Illuminati and Iron and the Maiden. Plus we answer your viewer voicemail.
  • The Stack: Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen Justice Society of America & The New Avengers
    This week Justin Pete & Alex take on Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen the Justice Society of America & The New Avengers. Find out: who Alex's birth father really is and what comic book got Pete all choked up.
  • Fallen Son Astounding Wolfman #2 Y The Last Man #57: The Stack
    This week we talk about Fallen Son The Death of Captain America Astounding Wolfman #2 and Y The Last Man #57. Plus DC Comics launches Zuda Comics to find new talent.
  • X-Men #200 Invincible #43 Blue Beetle #16: The Stack
    This week Alex Pete & Justin talk about X-Men #200 Invincible #43 and Blue Beetle #16. Plus following our recent blog post about the most controversial moments in comic book history the guys weigh in with their choices.
  • The Stack: Flash #13 Justice League of America #10 and X-Men Endangered Species
    This week Alex Pete & Justin discuss Flash #13 Justice League of America # 10 and X-Men Endangered Species. They also raise the debate on what makes a comic indie.
  • The Stack
    The Stack
    Episode 1
    Join Alex Pete and Justin as they discuss World War Hulk Countdown #46 and New Avengers #31 in our newly revamped Pulp Secret show The Stack!