The Star Wars Holiday Special

CBS (ended 1978)


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  • Makes Me Sad....

    I love the original Star Wars Trilogy. At least I used to until George Lucas ruined it with new scenes and CGI characters. The new trilogy was pretty bad, especially the first two films. The new Clone Wars movie was Pathetic. And then someone gave me a copy of this, the Star Wars Holiday Special. Yikes! It is maybe the worst TV special I have ever seen in my life. I will never be able to watch Star Wars again, not ever, without cringing because of how awful this special is. When I watched it I was thinking of the word "special" but in a different context.... George Lucas I think is "special" for coming up with ideas like tihs. The real stinker though is the second trilogy, I can write off this lame TV special as not being his fault but he is responsible for the second trilogy and for ruining the first movies with new scenes... And Han Shot First! Anyway avoid this special it will just make you sad.