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The Starlet

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The Starlet is the ultimate wish-fulfillment reality series. A behind-the-scenes look at the Hollywood star-making machine on fast forward, The Starlet takes a group of 10 beautiful and talented aspiring actresses and puts them through an intense Hollywood "boot camp," complete with acting classes, live performances, screen tests and brutally honest critiques by a panel of judges headed by Academy Award-winning actress Faye Dunaway (Bonnie and Clyde, Chinatown, Network). In addition to Ms. Dunaway, the panel of judges consists of film star Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill. Vol. 1, Independence Day, Soul Food) and famed casting director Joseph Middleton (Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Legally Blonde, The Bourne Identity). Set in the glitter of Tinsel Town, "The Starlet" has one purpose - to discover the next young actress with the potential to become a major star. The prize is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a career-launching role on The WB's hit drama "One Tree Hill," a one-year management contract with 3 Arts Entertainment and an overall talent deal with The WB. In order to win, each young woman will have to prove she has three special gifts - talent, star quality and attitude. Another Hollywood insider - Katie Wagner, daughter of Robert Wagner - is the series' host. Even the locations are rich in Hollywood history. The actresses live together in a house once owned by the ultimate starlet, Marilyn Monroe. Screen tests take place in renowned Hollywood locations: Los Angeles' old Orpheum Theater, where Judy Garland once performed; Griffith Park's Bronson Caves, which have appeared in countless films and served as the Bat Cave in the "Batman" television series; and the Sunset Strip's Comedy Store, where scores of comedians have made the leap from obscurity to stardom. Along the way, the actresses have the benefit of classes with top acting coaches in drama, comedy and commercials. Guest-stars drop in to help with scenes, including Jaime Pressly (Not Another Teen Movie, Jack & Jill) and David Gallagher (7th Heaven). The actresses also compete to appear in a special "style" video for Garnier hair products. In each episode, one actress is selected for special rewards, including a glamorous walk down the red carpet at the film premiere of "Ocean's 12" with "Days of Our Lives" star Matt Cedeño. Other "star treatments" include a photo session with sought-after photographer Simon Gluckman, a makeover with top stylists and a power dinner with a Hollywood director. Real-life drama fills each episode as the actresses live in the same house and compete for the life-changing prize. Under intense pressure, friendships and rivalries are formed and countless tears are shed. Tension builds as the aspiring actresses are eliminated when Faye Dunaway delivers the most feared line in Hollywood: "Don't call us, we'll call you." Each girl is aware that the stakes are high, the dream is very close and that only one of them will emerge as the hottest new actress in Hollywood - "The Starlet." The Starlet is from Next Entertainment Studios in association with Telepictures Productions with executive producers Mike Fleiss (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette), Jamie Kennedy (The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Malibu's Most Wanted) and co-executive producers Ellen Rapoport (co-author of the book "Wannabes"), Josh Etting (The Jamie Kennedy Experiment) and Scott Einziger ("The Amazing Race 2 & 3," The Howard Stern Show).moreless

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    • The WB Finds A Reason To Shine With The Starlet

      Just when you‘ve thought all the decent ideas for quality reality shows were taken, the WB brings us “The Starlet”, a reality show in which 10 beautiful semi-talented women compete for a chance to become a real life actress. I know what you’re thinking, 10 beautiful women competing for a dream job, it’s been done before. If that’s the case, then yes you’re right, but it’s never been done like this before. Never has a show gone this in depth for it’s viewers to see what it really take for its contestants to achieve their dreams of superstardom. One thing that separates “The Starlet” from most reality shows is its constant changing of pace. The show throws its viewers on a wild emotional ride ranging from hilarious to down right sad. The sense of happiness and joy the contestants feel when they settle themselves in Marilyn Monroe’s old home is quickly diminished when they find out they have their first reading just 15 minutes later. In doing this, “The Starlet” gives us a decent feel of the characters and how they react . In addition to screen tests and readings, the contestants are being taught the ins and outs of acting as well. In the first episode, contestants were being taught how to use their emotions in a assortment of different ways to accomplish what a scene calls for. This is where we see some of the best moments of the program. Seeing 10 young aspiring actresses jumping around like animals or being asked to cry at will makes for some very interesting television. This is another instance where we see the many differences in the contestants. Andria, the blonde bombshell of the group finds it difficult to convey her emotions on queue, and tries to make excuses to the instructor to make up for it. On the other hand, Monica the striking brunette, who in my eyes is the front runner for this competition, cries her eyes out like a new born baby. The casting directors for this show did a solid job of creating an eclectic variation in contestants. It’s very easy for the audience to find someone to root for. The contestants range from an aspiring stand up comedian, to a Tyra Banks look a like from New York City. It’s too bad that the people judging the competition are more on the has-been side of the entertainment business. Despite this, Faye Dunnaway, Vivica Fox, and Joseph Middleton still do a solid job of giving these woman the cold hard truth, providing some solid wit along with their comments. One memorable scene had Fox commenting on the amount of eye shadow one of the contestant was wearing saying, “That girl needs to blend, blend”, while making huge waving motions with her hands. Middleton goes even further than Fox by asking one of the contestants if she knew how to sing. When the contestant replied why he said sternly, “Because Jessica Simpson can sing, that’s why she’s allowed to act.” Moments like this really give the show a flavor that no other reality show has and gives us the inside track to just how tough it is to make it in the entertainment business. Bottom line, this show has the makings of a sure fire television hit. Seeing 10 great looking wanna-be actresses perform lines from “The Bodyguard” and “Smallville” for an hour can provide a solid laugh or even an eyebrow raise in acceptance .Serious reality show fans will find the lack of interaction between the characters may take a little away from the shows viewing pleasure, but the amount of in-depth training these women receive on the show in effort to hone their acting skills definitely makes up for that. Anyone looking for a solid show to watch on Tuesday night need to look no further, “The Starlet” has cast its glimmer on the WB; hopefully it sticks around for a while.moreless
    • The Starlet is amazingly good!

      The Starlet is like any show that shows the viewers how hard being an actress really is. The Starlet is one of my favorite reality tv shows because it shows which girl is a good enough actress to make a deal with the WB by putting the girls to a task of showing the stuff. I loved the stunts they had to go through to win. For example, one time, the actresses had to read a script in Smallville and reanact the whole scene. If I remeber correctly, Milo Ventimiglia guest starred as Clark. Or it was some other guy which I forgot..:)moreless