The Starter Wife

Season 1 Episode 1

Hours One & Two

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 31, 2007 on USA
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Molly Kagan seems to have it all. She has a wonderful husband, an adorable daughter and lives in a Brentwood mansion. With her husband's Hollywood connections as a movie studio executive, Molly gets the best tables at the hottest restaurants and belongs to the most exclusive clubs. Just before her 10-year anniversary, her husband calls to tell her he wants a divorce—conveniently, just as their prenup is about to expire—and Molly is left on her own without a social life… or her so-called friends. She takes advantage of the offer of a summer in Malibu, and begins rebuilding her life with the assistance of some old and some unexpectedly new friends.


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    Ursula Brooks

    Ursula Brooks

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    Bethany Whitmore

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • While Lou is talking to the hostess in the restaurant scene, Molly has her snorkel in her face in one shot, and in the next she has it in her hair.

    • QUOTES (14)

      • Kenny: It's over. You gave it your best shot.
        Molly: My best shot? What? I failed my job evaluation? I work 24/7 making sure that Kenny Kagan never has to remember or do anything that he doesn't wanna do... and I do it all with perfect hair!

      • Rodney: Step back everyone, she's just a little cranky.
        Molly: Of course I'm cranky, I haven't eaten in twelve years!

      • Molly: My charities have dropped me. All of my lunches have canceled. My club has revoked my membership. Can they even do that? Are they even allowed to do that?
        Joan: Legally, it's Kenny's membership.
        Molly: Oh, legally schmegally!

      • Molly: So, I had a dream last night.
        Joan: Oh God, can we eat first?

      • Molly: (voice-over) I'm glad I'll have a few days with Joan before she leaves. It'll be healing. Like putting alcohol on the wound. Literally and figuratively.

      • Lavender: Molly Kagan?
        Molly: Oh God, is it that obvious? How did Joan describe me? No longer young, tossed away first wife, fleeing from the life she can no longer have?
        Lavender: Black Lincoln Navigator, license 6GQH523.
        Molly: Oh good, clever... 'Cause I don't want your pity.
        Lavender: That works for me since I've got $50,000 worth of student loans and my grandma and I might be evicted because of her dog.

      • Molly: That's Hollywood...
        Lou: And you got out.
        Molly: I was kicked out.
        Lou: Lucky girl...

      • Molly: Thank you for saving my life.
        Sam: Let's see if it's a life worth saving.

      • Molly: I wonder what an appendix weighs... (voice-over) You think I'm kidding. I have a rich inner life. My other life isn't too shabby either. These are my work clothes: Chanel, Dior... I may not go to an office, but I put in 16-hour days. I wonder if Manolo Blahnik makes a bunny sleeper...

      • Molly: (voice-over) Like the scarecrow, Joan is the brains of our little group. She's my oldest friend. She hates it when I say that. That's why I say it. Rodney isn't so much cowardly as he is a commitment phobe. he's also the only friend paid by the hour. Cricket is all heart. Her adopted brood looks like an ad for the United Colors of Benetton.

      • Molly: What about Jaden?
        Kenny: Kids are resilient.
        Molly: Then why are there so many screwed up adults?

      • Kenny: (voice mail) Hey ho, you did it. You got Kenny Kagan on the phone. I'm currently unavailable. Please, please leave a message at the tone. Peace.
        Molly: Yeah, here's your message: you are such a schmuck! Call me back!

      • Molly: I'm so confused. Part of me is horrified, and the other part says, "Really? Shoshanna and I slept with the same person?"

      • Molly: (to Kenny) When you told me that there was no other woman is that because Shoshanna hasn't gone through puberty yet?

    • NOTES (8)

      • Promo Music:
        "Golden" by Jill Scott - six teasers were set to this.
        "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson - one preview was set to and titled after this song.

      • The project originally was picked up by the network on August 8, 2006 with a commitment for a 6-hour television mini-series.

      • The mini-series was sponsored exclusively by Unilever Pond's skin care products.

      • During the press junket for the miniseries, Gigi Levangie Grazer said she got the idea for the book while walking on the beach. " …one day, I was walking down the beach in Malibu and I saw this woman in her 50s. She had been dumped recently by a big movie star, and she was speaking to this man whom I knew very well and who happens to be homeless. But he walks around the beach in his orange beach shorts. He's fabulous-looking. You know, you couldn't do better. He's age-appropriate in his 50s, got a beard. And she was flirting with him, and I thought, 'give it to me, that's a novel.'"

      • Debra said she dieted and exercised in preparation for her role of Molly. She felt that "Starter Wives" are groomed immaculately, slim, fit and most have personal trainers so she wanted to fit into that pattern. She said she found it time consuming to have to do everything expected of these women.

      • The series takes place in Hollywood but much of the filming was done on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. In all, about 55 different locations were used around the city, including the Gold Coast Mayor's office. Gold Coast turned out to be an economical substitute for Malibu, California's seashore thanks to a production incentive from the Pacific Film and Television Commission Queensland, Australia (Screen Queensland).

      • This episode has multiple titles and configurations. USA Network's original schedule called it "Premiere," but when it was set up on the show's episode guide, it was named "Hours One & Two." Most listing sites separated the two hours into two episodes entitled "Hour 1" and "Hour 2," despite the fact the original broadcast and reruns aired as two hours with one set of opening titles and end credits. By the time it was packaged for the DVD release, the first two hours had become "Part 1." Online streaming sites, meanwhile, added or used "Pilot" to/as their titles, even though it was the first two hours of a mini-series, not the first episode of a new television series.

      • Original International Air Dates:
        : September 10, 2007 on A-Channel
        Australia: December 5, 2007 on Network Ten
        Thailand: October 21, 2007 on Hallmark Channel
        United Kingdom: December 10, 2007 on Sky Movies Drama
        Sweden: March 11, 2008 on Kanal5
        Germany: February 19, 2008 on Premiere
        Denmark: May 14 and 21, 2008 on Kanal 4
        Slovakia: June 22, 2010 on Markiza
        Czech Republic: July 10, 2010 on Prima

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Kenny: Don't forget to share your cookies with Viola Affleck.

        Viola Affleck is the daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

      • Molly: You watched Jaws?

        Jaws is a 1975 thriller/horror film directed by Steven Spielberg, based on Peter Benchley's best-selling novel inspired by the Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916.

      • Kenny: But first, you must bring me the playlist of Julia Roberts' iPod.

        Julia Roberts is an Academy Award-winning American film actress and former fashion model. She shot to fame during the early 1990s after starring in Garry Marshall's romantic comedy Pretty Woman opposite Richard Gere.

      • Jaden: Do you like Curious George?
        Curious George is the protagonist of a series of popular children's books by the same name, written by Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey.