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  • About this miniseries

    This had wonderful acting for Judy Davis in this mini-series not the tv series.
  • WoW is what I have to say! It's a great mini-series, better than other series, that actually feels as if it isn't actresses and actors acting. It combines laughter with Hollywood! Fabulos!

    Wow is what I have to say! It's a great mini- series, that is actually bbetter than other series. Their actors and actresses are great on the show! They make the series feel as if it is happening right before your eyes. It combines laughter and joy with the Hollywood lifestyle! It would be one of the Top Ten shows if it had a regular season. Last season was outrageous, and had a happy ending; but I was sad that it h ad to end after only a couple shows. But I'm glad that it is back! It's definetly a show to watch! And a fabulos one!
  • The starter wife was great, A mini seris I loved.

    First time I previewed the starter wife I caught the last few minutes on television by accident one night. Those last few minutes really caught my attention, I couldn't turn my eyes away. I recently rented The starter wife on dvd at a local video rental store just so I could watch it from the beginning. It was intense I couldn't wait to see what happened next and I hated when it had ended. Although I have not seen the complete six hours as of yet I am totally in love with this mini seris. It has to be one of the best shows in years. I am looking forward to see the rest of this seris and I am finding it hard not to think about it as I speak. So if you have yet to see this show please rent it and watch it. I promise you will love it and not regret it.
  • i loved the whole thing, couldnt wait to see the next and the next. i was sad when it was over, glad for her, but sad for us, they all did a great job

    debra did a good job i loved how the friendships were not perfect just like real life, they all had problems not some relationships had even grown greater and stronger, i love how it started but ended so quickly, i was waiting for it to keep going and i was sad to see it end. i also loved that you dont need a man to grow, she needed to be on her own and that is the way life goes for some people, so it wasnt sappy. it was a real good chick mini series. i cant wait to real the book now.
  • Great premise, but it's falling back on too many "Lifetime" themes

    I think Debra Messing is a great comedic actress. That said, here comes the shredding. Well, I'm not really a fan of the somewhat feminist slant the show is taking. For instance, in one of the recent ep's she goes off into a rant in mediation for her divorce about how she's going to get back on her feet and move on w/out her hubby. It was a little over the top. And that guy that lives in the woods, he has about as much charisma as a stump of wood. I am almost hoping that he gets eaten be one of the animals from the woods he lives in. Simply put, the themes on this show: woman overcoming, friendship, romance after heartbreak, all need to be dialed down a bit. It's got a lot of potential-but it's coming off too much like an extended version of a Lifetime movie of the week.
  • A kind of depressing but funny show on a hollywood directors wife after she got dumped. It's about her dealing with her kid, friends, and new romantic life.

    I love this show!!! Well the part where she almost drowns in the primare was really horibbly shot. The whole newspaper floating thing and all - retarded. But I did like the emotions displayed afterwards, it really showed the beginning of a socially killing romance. I mean come on the guy is homeless, I did not expect that twist! Though I did forsee cricket becoming an outcast like her though becuase it just was a very predictable part of the seris. My favorite characters on this is Lavender and her Grandmother. That is just classical with the whole dog problem. Oh My Gosh I also love the time when Debra dresses up to be Bambi! I love the whole spider tatoo and white trash thing she pulled off. And her gay friend, I only have one word to describe him - hilarous!!!
  • I thought this was going to be another Desperate Housewives, but it turned out to be a genuinely perfect show!

    At first, I thought that this was a one time movie. I taped it and when watching, knew that this would be a great show. I am completely hooked as is my husband and can't wait to put the kids to bed on Thursday night! Debra Messing is wonderful as are the rest of the cast. I can't wait to see if Shoshawna (sp?) and Kenny get married. That will be a crazy/hilarious episode. I am not sure about Sam and Molly. I wish that she and Lou would have gotten together. Cricket's husband sleeping with the nanny was soooo Hollywood, but I am glad that they are working it out. Did you see his face while she highlighted the WHOLE page of the Broken Trust book? Priceless! They better not cancel this show or I will loose faith in USA network altogether.
  • When I first saw this advertised I was rather concerned ... actually I thought OMG here we go ... yet another trashy mini series! And it hasn't disappointed!

    It may be trashy but it is really good trashy! Just what is needed for this time of the year as we all freefall out of the long winter series! It is a shame it will only run for 6 shows because everyone does such a great job that a proper size series would be excellent! Don't you just want her disgusting husband to get his come-uppance!??

    Of course it is easy to compare Debra Messing with her Will and Grace role - bearing in mind she is husbandless and has a gay friend - but that it fine because it is as if Grace has grown up ... and there is nothing wrong with that!

    Fantastic scenery - great Oz beaches! Shame Judy Davis couldn't keep her Oz accent!

    Cant wait for next week!
  • Good fun and well acted!

    Before watching the first episode I didn't think I'd like this show - in fact I almost didn't watch it. But, I was pleasantly surprised. The story is based on the book by Gigi Levangie Grazer and follows the story of Molly Kagan in the months after her husband dumps her for a younger bimbo. Debra Messing is delightful as the betrayed Molly and Judy Davis (as ever), shines as her alcoholic friend. This is a good fun mini series in the old style. It reminds me of Scrupples made in the late 70's. I for one will miss it when it finishes.
  • not too good: long reivew

    Watching the soapy dramedy The Starter Wife is like spotting some overmanicured, SUV-piloting, cell-phone-gabbing, tiny-dog-fondling woman, preparing yourself for a hardcore hate strike...and discovering she's really quite pleasant. Based on the novel by Gigi Levangie Grazer (wife of producer Brian Grazer), Starter could have been yet another tour of what fabulous people wear while drinking trendy cocktails. Indeed, the opening scene was just that worrisome: a Wizard of Oz dream sequence with star Debra Messing dressed as Dorothy, and attendant friends holding Prada bags and martinis and, in the case of her gay designer pal (Chris Diamantopoulos), wearing really great eyeliner. Heh.

    In truth, Starter Wife does shamelessly evoke an L.A.-based Sex and the City. Molly (Messing) has been married to Hollywood bigwig Kenny (In Justice's Peter Jacobson, doing his best with a weaselly role) for 10 years, when he drops her for a young pop singer. With her three good friends, she gains her footing and has all sorts of winning adventures. The grand Judy Davis takes on the boozy, wisecracking gal role (which results in some incredibly odd, off-key, but fascinating scenes with her shrink), and Lord of the Rings' Miranda Otto plays a director's dutiful wife who's tempted to dump shunned Molly.

    Like Sex and Desperate Housewives, Starter is easy on the senses, full of bright colors, a plinky Danny Elfman-esque score, and the visuals of a slick commercial — spacious beach houses, splashy sundresses, black SUVs in a row like chocolates. It has moments of very clever writing, as when Molly, feeling anonymous now that she's been stripped of her famous husband, has an accident and flashes her own obituary: 40-ish Woman Drowns in Front of Celebrity Homes.

    Speaking of said 40-ish woman, Messing is absolutely lovely here — she'll remind you of what all that commotion was about when Will & Grace debuted. Roaming around without makeup in bloomy, roomy beach dresses, she doesn't look like an actress trying her hand at being unglam — she looks like a woman who's decided to drop the Hollywood Wife act and just hang with her young daughter (Bethany Whitmore). Messing's earthiness anchors some of the hammier stuff, like Molly's friendship with her security guard (Dreamgirls' Anika Noni Rose) and the annoyingly mysterious past of a handsome, boring neighbor (Stephen Moyer). Her moments with love interest Joe Mantegna — thanks for him, by the way — actually have genuine first-date fits and starts. Messing's just plain natural here, in fact: She's shed the tics of Grace and, in the course of one episode, forged a very different woman on screen. A quite charming woman, as it turns out. B
  • Debra messing is the (only) star in this cute story of a woman picking herself up from the lows of being left by her horrible ex-husband.

    It isn't the best show ever created, but it's definitely a "cute" show. The mini-movie/series feel is a bit odd at first, but I found it easy to watch after seeing the first episode a couple of times. Debra messing isn't quite as funny as she was in Will & Grace, but I think it's largely because she doesn't have her gay partners in crime to play off of. There really aren't any characters in this show that can even compare to anyone from W&G, so the show really is all about Debra, which is fine.

    It's a bit early to make many judgements on the story itself, but now it's a cute premise and I think it will be fun to watch it unfold.
  • I like it. . .

    Well, let's face it, It is no Will & Grace, but I still do like it, It's funny and stuff, and you know there are like mysterys like Lou and stuff that we don't know about yet and stuff. so it keeps you on the edge of the seat! So you don't get bored and you can laugh a little. I really do think that Debra Messing does well in her part to, Which of course she's a wonderful actress. But she does well in the whole 'my rich husband wants a divorce and now a a poor starter wife, living in my friends summer home' kinda role.
  • This show is great. Debra Messing delivers again.

    I think this show is fabulous. Based on Gigi Levangie Grazer’s novel – The Starter Wife., which I haven’t read, but will be soon. Debra Messing is Molly, a wife in Hollywood. She gets dumped for a younger, sexier, model who is a singer. Husband leaves her a message telling her he wants a divorce. That right there tells you what horses behind he is. She gets snubbed by all the other Hollywood wives. But she had 2 friends still in her corner. Rodney and Joan. Rodney is her gay male designer friend. Joan is her older alcoholic, now in rehab friend. She has another friend named Cricket, and I use friend lightly. But Cricket’s husband doesn’t want her hanging out with Molly because she is old news, so Cricket complies crushing her friend. This show is cute, snappy, and fun. Debra Messing is right on, as always. I’m only complaint is that this is a MINI-Series and not a full series.
  • I'm tuning in next week to see.

    I like the premise so far. I see where they are going with the plot. With Debra Messing as the star I expected a little bit more of a laugh track but with the story I know it is not meant as a comedy. Divorce rarely is. I think the different characters are a great mixture and have more depth then we've seen to this point. I like the twists that we've seen so far in the storyline. It's not just about Molly's divorce. It's Joan going through rehab, not of her own choice. It's Cricket issues of how her friendship with Molly and how that friendship is affecting her husband's career and unbeknownest to her the issues from Jorge and the Nanny. Then we have Lou. Lou may not make it to the next episode. I am hoping he does and didn't succeed in his attempt.
  • It's actually not that bad.

    I've read the few reviews up on this show right now...and most of them are kind of 'meh' about The Starter Wife. It's actually really entertaining. If you get into it, you begin to care for the characters, and it's got a nice mix of them. Good acting, too. The downside is that the plot has a lot of cliches, though they're not overdone. And the storyline can get really predictable, but the show still manages to be entertaining. At the beginning, a friend sitting next to me observed it seemed like Sex and the City with a gay guy. I have no idea. I've never seen that show.
    But I'm glad to say that this one wasn't a waste of my time.
  • Doormat wife is dumped by rich husband. What next? Who cares?

    They set up this show long in advance with commercials, publicity articles and finally interviews with the cast. I was looking forward to it only to find a bunch of whiney women and a bunch of men with little to no redeeming qualities. Is anyone really that black and white? In order to spark interest, you had to care about the Messing character - and maybe if she had some personality you could. Instead she is, and was played, blander than bland. The story line and dialogue are predictable. Overall, very, very disappointing. Compare this to programs like The Riches or Hustle to see how fine tv can be.
  • Amazing... I wish there had been no commercials.

    This is a good show featuring Debra Messing as a wife that is told that her husband wants a divorce and she moves into her friends house while she is in rehad for alcoholism. During this times she finds love in Sam and Lou. But Lou disapears as the police think, but in truth he has commited suicide by drowning in the ocean. During this time her husband has a new girlfriend, and not just any but the most popular singer in the U.S. And she is getting mad because her daughter is startin to act like her. By doing inappropriate dancing to watching inappropriate movies.
  • LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!

    I love it. This is the best chick show out there. I finally have something to watch. I hope this show sticks around. Debra is a great actress, who does have perfect hair. Watch the show, it didn't even have hardly any commericals. Is it possible to keep it that way. I am looking foward to the next show.
  • Good for what it was.

    It's good for what it is. It is a dramatization of things that happen in real womens lives, with comedy thrown in. It's not a terrible show, but it's not going to win any awards any time soon (or at least I hope not). I would have prefered it as a movie. I think by making it a series, they're dragging it out too long. People would be more intrested in a movie based on this idea than a tv series that follows her through the smae problems with her ex over and over again. And besides that, it's a touchy subject for a lot of people. Women (and some men) actually go through this; and having a show to glam-it-up might upset a few people. That, of course, is just my opinion.