The Starter Wife

USA (ended 2008)





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  • A kind of depressing but funny show on a hollywood directors wife after she got dumped. It's about her dealing with her kid, friends, and new romantic life.

    I love this show!!! Well the part where she almost drowns in the primare was really horibbly shot. The whole newspaper floating thing and all - retarded. But I did like the emotions displayed afterwards, it really showed the beginning of a socially killing romance. I mean come on the guy is homeless, I did not expect that twist! Though I did forsee cricket becoming an outcast like her though becuase it just was a very predictable part of the seris. My favorite characters on this is Lavender and her Grandmother. That is just classical with the whole dog problem. Oh My Gosh I also love the time when Debra dresses up to be Bambi! I love the whole spider tatoo and white trash thing she pulled off. And her gay friend, I only have one word to describe him - hilarous!!!