The Starter Wife

Season 2 Episode 1

The Forty-Year Old Virgin Queen

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2008 on USA

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  • I was very disappointed with this new season. Debra Messing is great, but the writers should follow the same characters as in the first season.

    I am rather confused by this new season.
    The first season had Molly as a "Starter Wife", or as a first wife who starts her husband off.
    She helps put him in a position where he makes his money, then he dumps her.
    Molly's husband is a self centered jerk.
    In this season, they not only switch actors as her husband, but also his essence!
    He becomes an insecure little kid, not the brazen selfish rich guy he was in the first season.
    I was deeply disappointed that his character changed from one I hated to one I felt sorry for.
    I liked being in Molly's corner the whole first season against Kenny her ex.
    Not sure why they changed his role.
    Now the title Starter Wife seems to make less sense as Kenny is not moving onto a new, second wife, but rather calling on Molly 24/7 to help him out.
  • Not as Good As Expected....

    I know with Molly life is full of drama and ups and downs. But this premiere wasn't what I expected. I'm not even sure what I expected. I thought the script overall was okay. Explaining that Sam is no longer in the picture. Molly taking a break from men. Kenny selling the house and downsizing. Molly STILL coming to Kenny's rescue in a time of crisis. Molly working on her writing career that will hit a bump due to the mysterious loss of her journal. I feel the journal would be a great resource for script topics. All the writers really. have to do is read a tabloid and they'll have plenty of material.