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The State

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The State was a half-hour sketch comedy show that aired on MTV from 1994 – 1995 and consisted of a total of 26 episodes. The show featured approximately 11 – 12 skits per show that were based on a loose themed in the sense that each sketch transitioned into the next. A variety of reoccurring characters were featured mainly to mock or parody popular themes of other sketch shows such as obnoxious catchphrases (Louie), fish-out-of-water characters (Old-Fashioned Guy) and odd couple situations (the Jew, the Italian and the Redhead Gay among others. The cast consisted on 11 young comedians who performed all aspects of the show from writing, direction, acting and editing. The cast (sometimes referred to as Statemembers) formed as a comedy troupe in 1988 at New York University where they were at the time in their freshman or sophomore years. In 1992 they where hired by MTV to do a series hosted by Jon Stewart called "You Wrote It, You Watch It." It was so successful that it lead to a pilot which was purchased and premiered in 1994. The show ran for 3 seasons, after which the cast informed MTV that they were interested in doing other projects and would not be producing a 4th season. While on the air, The State gained modest to good ratings and achieved critical acclaim including being named one of the top 10 shows of the year in the Wall Street Journal and highest rated sketch show in Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone magazines. The complete series is being released on DVD on July 14, 2009.moreless

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    • In the sketch comedy craze that hit the early 90s, this show stood out over the rest.

      The State was a truly amazing sketch comedy show that aired on MTV in the mid-nineties. With original characters and truly funny sketches, it still stands the test of time for funny. Some of their more memorable bits include Muppet Dinner Party, Doug and Dad, $240 Worth of Pudding, Kabuki Doug and Monkey Torture. Many of the original cast members can be seen in various other comedies including Balls of Fury, Reno 911, Stella and The Ten. In fact, all can be found in the Reno 911: Miami movie. There have been various announcements of it being released to DVD, but so far it has not happened yet, but various cast members have assured that it still will.moreless
    • Boys and girls, gather round!

      Easily the best sketch comedy show ever made. This is the crown jewel of Generation X comedy. Michael Ian Black, David Wain, Michael Showalter, Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino and Thomas Lennon are all incredibly funny writers and amazing actors, just look at all the work they went on to do: Stella, Wet Hot American Summer, Viva Variety, and to a lesser extent, Reno 911. Anyone who "doesn't get" this show has a horrible sense of humor and should be shot in the face. I cannot go through a single sketch without laughing excessively and obnoxiously. After 13-odd years, it's still just as good as when it was underground and ultra-hip back in '94.moreless
    • This show was great, I wish they would bring it back.

      I know some of you are saying if they do that then what about Reno 911, well do both or some sort of mix.. well maybe not a mix. This show had several skits including some of the signature skits that they used the characters from in other skits. It was like Kids in the Hall just with less Canadians, I'm not sure there might have been no canadians, but who know eh! They had some good jokes, some that it was a few years later that I got the references for some of them. This was when MTV was good when this show was on.moreless
    • Whose got something for me?

      I think the reason this show didn\\\'t last long was the fact that it was way ahead of it\\\'s time.Some of the funniest momenst in t.v. history were a part of this show.Muppet hunting...any doug sketch...Hey who wants to go down to the zoo and watch the monkeys do it?..The last supper with thomas lennon as jesus..Barry and Lavon..Two hundred and forty dollars..worth of puddin\\\',and who could forget Louie the I wanna dip my balls in it guy. It\\\'s good to see the cast all still working Reno 911 ..Vh1\\\'s I Love The Whatevers..But i still ten years later miss the statemoreless
    • One of those sketch comedy shows that appeals to the teenager in each of us.

      The comedy can be juvinille and down right odd at times on this show, but it very much stays in the general feel of other comedy shows of the time, namely resembling "In Living Color." Most bits are far from intellectual (other there are some very notable exceptions to that rule [The Last Supper skit with Louis]), but it always remains hilarious.

      Compared to some other comedy shows, like "Mr. Show," politics remain mostly apart from the skits, making it more appealing to a larger audience. The subject matter is relatively clean (it is geared towards teenagers, so there will be some sex and drug-use of course) and it makes for a fun time when you want to sit back and just laugh without having to think.

      Overall, an enjoyable show that really needs to be released on DVD. And quickly, before my tapes die on me!moreless

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