The State

MTV - Music Television (ended 1995)


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The State

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The State was a half-hour sketch comedy show that aired on MTV from 1994 – 1995 and consisted of a total of 26 episodes. The show featured approximately 11 – 12 skits per show that were based on a loose themed in the sense that each sketch transitioned into the next. A variety of reoccurring characters were featured mainly to mock or parody popular themes of other sketch shows such as obnoxious catchphrases (Louie), fish-out-of-water characters (Old-Fashioned Guy) and odd couple situations (the Jew, the Italian and the Redhead Gay among others. The cast consisted on 11 young comedians who performed all aspects of the show from writing, direction, acting and editing. The cast (sometimes referred to as Statemembers) formed as a comedy troupe in 1988 at New York University where they were at the time in their freshman or sophomore years. In 1992 they where hired by MTV to do a series hosted by Jon Stewart called "You Wrote It, You Watch It." It was so successful that it lead to a pilot which was purchased and premiered in 1994. The show ran for 3 seasons, after which the cast informed MTV that they were interested in doing other projects and would not be producing a 4th season. While on the air, The State gained modest to good ratings and achieved critical acclaim including being named one of the top 10 shows of the year in the Wall Street Journal and highest rated sketch show in Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone magazines. The complete series is being released on DVD on July 14, 2009.moreless

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Sketch, obscure jokes, quirky characters, quotable, pop culture references