The State

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 101

Aired Unknown Unknown on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

101.1 Boogeyman

101.2 Lenny Lipton Show

101.3 Hormones

A young man (Lo Truglio) and an young woman (Kenney) are walking home after a movie. The girl invites that boy to come home with her. After she tells him that her parents are gone for the weekend, he tries to kiss her, to which she responds "Don't get your hormones all worked up." When the camera pans out, you now see on either side of the couple, 3 people dressed in blue "hormone" outfits and 3 people dressed in pink "hormone" outfits bobbing to a music beat. The two teens then make out which causes the hormones to dance around excitedly. When they kiss, the hormones jump up and when they compliment one another, the hormones strut around. They then proceed to have sex on the couch, during which, the hormones co-mingle. Soon, the guy orgasms and all the blue hormones fall to the floor exhausted while the pink hormones are still active and dancing around. The girl then tells the guy to leave and his tired and posturing blue hormones follow him out while the pink hormones, watch on. The girl then lies back down on the couch and props one foot up over the side as she sinks out of view. Suddenly, the music starts again and the pink hormones dance about again as her foot bobs to the beat. 101.4 Hops Plus

101.5 Free You Mind (Clown vs. Pirate):
Parody of MTV's "Free Your Mind" Public Service Announcements. MTV's version pitted Blacks vs. Whites, Homosexuals vs. Homophobes, that type of thing. The State version has a Pirate (Marino) and a Clown (Garrant) insulting each other until eventually, a cowboy (Lennon) comes on screen to ask "Can't clowns and Pirates just try to get along?"

101.6 Chip's Party:
Two Frat-type guys (Showalter and Garrant) show up at a house for a party and a blonde woman (Kenney) greets them at the door and lets them in. The party is for Chip who is about 5 years old as are all the party guests. The Guys are oblivious to this and decide to hang around. They enjoy cake, punch and the clown (Marino.) Eventually the party winds down. They ask the kids if any of them want to go to a bar, but nobody does and they leave.

101.7 Hypothetical Question

101.8 On-Air Personality

101.9 Mudwrestler:
A middle-aged husband (Lennon) and wife (Garrant) sit at a dining room table with their son (Lo Truglio). They are waiting for the Son's new Girlfriend to arrive. The Girlfriend (Kenney) enters through a large window in a bikini, completely covered in mud. She jumps over a chair and starts eating with her hands. They ask what she does for a living and she says she is a female mud-wrestler. She challenges the father to a wrestling match. They toss aside the dining room table revealing a mud pit. They start wrestling as the son cheers her on and his mother strips to her underwear and starts serving drinks, screaming "Highballs and Beers!" The father loses the match, but challenges the girlfriend to another match. Cut to the next sketch.

101.10 Eating and Swimming :
A backyard barbecue behind a house. The cast are gorging themselves on lots of food. One of them (Allison)decides to go swimming, still chewing on a mouthfull of food. He dives in and immediatley gets a cramp. The rest of them (except Black) all dive in and try to save him, but they get cramps too and soon start dying. The only family member who didn't dive in (Black) says to the camera that he's not going in to the pool to try to save his family because he has just eaten and he knows not to swim after eating.

101.11 Forever