The State

MTV - Music Television (ended 1995)


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  • A show that in a word was dirty. Adult skits that had absolutely nothing to do with anything. It was a show that could give you nothing but NIGHTMARES. The jokes as they were made no sense at all. They were terrible. That show should have been illegal. Di

    This show was the sorriest excuse for a comedy ever. It could make you sick and give you nightmares all at once. It was so dirty it would make you want to shower afterwards. No wonder people want political correctness on tv now. HELLO it started with the state people. No show could make you more nervous than the state. Incredibly awful and then some. A very disgusting show if ever there was one. I give this show a resounding thumbs down. A pitiful excuse for a comedy. Sick Sick Sick ewww so disgusting. Can't stand that show. Go political correctness.