The States

Season 1 Episode 3

New York, Louisiana, Oregon, New Mexico, Vermont

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 05, 2007 on The History Channel



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    • Narrator: This state was the site of America's first public brewery, the location of its oldest cattle ranch and the home of the man who wrote the Wizard of Oz. Think it's Kansas? Think again. Greetings from New York, of the original 13 Colonies it was the 11th to ratify the U.S. Constitution and it did so on July 26th, 1788.

    • Narrator: After Pearl Harbor and all during WWII, every state in the Union was on high alert for another attack on thee homeland. While L.A. and San Francisco seemed the likely targets, the only place in the lower 48 to actually be bombed by a Japanese aircraft was this state. Greetings from Oregon, the 33rd state, admitted to the Union on Valentine's Day, 1859.

    • Narrator: There was a time when every state in the Union celebrated the 8th of January as a major national holiday, second only to the 4th of July. Today that holiday is recognized in only one state, the state where the Battle of New Orleans took place in 1815. Greetings from Louisiana, on April 30th, 1812 it became the 18th state to join the Union.

    • Narrator: Within the borders of this state is a settlement that has been inhabited continuously for 1,000 years, the oldest such community in the nation. Greetings from New Mexico, America's 47th state, it joined the union on January 6th, 1912.

    • Narrator: It's true that the American Civil War was fought mainly in the southern states of the Confederacy. And most would guess that the northern most battle took place at Gettysburg in the state of Pennsylvania. Guess again. Greetings from Vermont the first state to join the original 13, it entered the fledgling union on March 14, 1791.

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