The Steve Allen Show - Season 1

NBC (ended 1960)




Episode Guide

  • Fats Domino; Georgia Gibbs; Steve Lawrence; Smith and Dale
    --Fats Domino (singer) - "When My Dream Boat Comes Home" and "I'm In Love Again", Steve presents him with a Cashbox Magazine award
    --Georgia Gibbs (singer) - "One For My Baby," "These Foolish Things" and "Happiness Street"
    --Steve Lawrence (singer) - "My Romance" and "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"
    --Smith and Dale (comedy team) - does their famous fireman sketch
    Also: "Crazy Shots." Steve gives a dramatic reading to the lyrics of Gene Vincent's hit "Be-Bob-A-Lula". A parody of an 1930's orchestra radio broadcast.moreless
  • Andy Williams; Buddy Hackett; Jaye P. Morgan; Gregory Ratoff
    --Buddy Hackett (comedian)
    --Andy Williams (singer) - "Canadian Sunset."
    --Jaye P. Morgan (singer) - "The Poor People Of Paris", "Song of Love" and in a square dance production number
    --Gregory Ratoff (actor)
    --The Ice Capades - featuring Bobby Specht and Rosemarie Henderson in a remote from Atlantic City
    Also: Steve gives impassioned readings of actual Letters to the Editor from the newspaper. He also give a dramatic reading to the poetic words of "Hound Dog." Ratoff hosts the late, late movie on the Russian Broadcasting System. The flick, Cholly Chin in Moscow, has Steve as the detective, Hackett as his son, and commercials for Kremlin Krispies cereal and instant borscht. Steve asks Nye, Hackett, Ratoff, and Henderson, the "Man on the Street," for his opinion of rock 'n roll.moreless
  • Frank Sinatra; Don Adams; Julius LaRosa; Mamie Van Doren; Augie & Margo
    --Frank Sinatra (singer) - chats with Steve in a non-singing appearance due to laryngitis, Steve lip-syncs to Sinatra's "Foggy Day"
    --Don Adams (comedian) - plays an attorney in a stand-up monologue
    --Julius LaRosa (singer) - "When The Sun Comes Out" and "If I Had You"
    --Mamie Van Doren (actress) - sings "Do I Do"
    --Augie & Margo (dance duo) - perform to Latin-music
    --Eddie Lawrence (comedian) - as his "Old Philosopher" character
    Also: Steve talks seriously about the FBI identifying gangster Abraham Telvi who blinded reporter Victor Riesel for his reports on mob control of unions. He shows a clip or Riesel from his Tonight, asks for additional tips and gives FBI phone number. Mamie and Steve do a take-off on an adventure shows called The Coward.moreless
  • Judy Holliday; Tony Bennett; Louis Jordan and The Tympany Five; Carmen Cavallaro
    --Judy Holliday (actress) - talks to Steve about play Bells Are Ringing
    --Tony Bennett (singer) - "Taking A Chance On Love," "It Had To Be You," and "Sing, You Sinners"
    --Carmen Cavallaro (pianist) - plays his version of "Brazil"
    --Louis Jordan (jazz singer) & The Tympany Five - perform "Caledonia" in a live outdoor remote from a San Francisco street; they catch a cable car at the end
    --The 321st National Military Drill Team (soldiers marching and flipping their rifles)
    Also: Steve and Judy do a take-off on I Love Lucy, but played dramatically. Nye plays an Air Force pilot who has just flown three times the speed of sound, so his voice is out of sync with his mouth. Steve Lawrence makes cameo in "Crazy Shots."moreless
  • James and Pamela Mason; Rise Stevens; Jan Peerce; Bambi Linn; Rod Alexander; Eddie Condon
    --James and Pamela Mason (married actors) - In the "day in the life" of a Hollywood star, James kisses a photo of himself, tosses fan mail out the window, and (real) daughter Portland asks Daddy for his autograph.
    --Rise Stevens (opera singer) - "The Gypsy Dance" from Carmen
    --Jan Pierce (opera/Broadway singer) - tenor aria from the third act of Tosca
    --Bambi Lynn and Rod Alexander (dancers) - lead dancers in a production number set in a night club; Eddie Condon and his Dixieland All-Stars provide music
    --Roger Ray (xylophone-playing comedian) - plays "Indian Love Call" from Rose Marie with the orchestra
    Also: Jan, Rise, and Allen parody opera on television; La Rocka Y La Rolla is uninterrupted by commercials because the performers continually work in the sponsors' jingles. Steve hosts a panel show with so many guests their introductions eat up all the time; panelists include Dayton, Gene, Skitch, Portland, old ladies, a dog...moreless
  • Buddy Hackett; Count Basie; The Four Lads
    (Live Remote from Birdland, NYC Jazz Club and outside street) Guests:
    --Buddy Hackett (comedian)
    --Count Basie and his Orchestra - chats with Steve, perform "April In Paris"
    --The Four Lads (vocal group) - on Broadway street, sing "Standing On The Corner Watching All The Girls Go By"
    Also: Steve pitches a lousy spot remover that doesn't get the huge stain out of his clothes. Steve talks with actual audience members, giving a grandmother a salami. In a parody of Latin music, Steve, Buddy and Skitch are an instrumental group.moreless
  • Jack Palance, Vic Damone; Don Adams; Gogi Grant
    --Jack Palance (actor) - he and Steve are robbers in a non-violent cop show sketch
    --Vic Damone (singer) - "On the Street Where You Live" and "Let There Be Love"
    --Margaret Truman (singer) - appears in Give My Regards to Bellevue, a hospital musical, with dancing doctors who burst into song
    --Don Adams (comedian) - stand-up routine about a detective (shades of Maxwell Smart)
    --Gogi Grant (singer) - "The World Is Mine" and "The Wayward Wind"
    Also: Steve reads angry "Letters to the Editor." "Crazy Shots." Steve reads a letter asking what he looks like without his glasses; he takes them off and it's Ed Sullivan. Sammy Davis Jr. makes a cameo introducing the show.moreless
  • Elvis Presley; Imogene Coca; Andy Griffith; Eydie Gorme; Steve Lawrence
    --Elvis Presley (singer) - "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" and "Hound Dog." (This is the appearance where Elvis, wearing a tuxedo, sings "Hound Dog" to a basset hound.)
    --Andy Griffith (comedian) - tells the story of "Hamlet" in a comedy monologue
    --Imogene Coca (comic actress) - does a sketch where a husband learns that his wife is pregnant
    --Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme (singers) - an opera sketch dressed as vikings
    Also: Presley, Griffith, Coca and Allen appear in a parody of hayseed country music TV shows.moreless
  • Series Premiere: Kim Novak, Sammy Davis Jr.
    Series premiere. Guests:
    --Kim Novak (actress) - with Steve in a crime drama that combines education (for kids watching TV) with gunplay, murder and mayhem.
    --Will Maston Trio (dancers) with Sammy Davis Jr. - enter from outside street to loading dock, perform dance number. Sammy does impressions of Ed Sullivan, Frank Sinatra, and Fred Astaire. He sings "Five" and "Birth of the Blues". Later, Steve and Sammy play numerous instruments apiece in a jazz song.
    --Bob Hope (comedian) - cameo to present Steve with a plaque
    --Jerry Lewis (comedian) - cameo in opening putting on Steve's glasses
    Also: a take-off on an aspirin commercial with a drunk in a bar fight. Sammy and Steve do a parody song, "The Death of the Blues." An early version of "Crazy Shots" with Steve tinkling piano as quick sight gags occur.moreless