The Steve Allen Show - Season 2

NBC (ended 1960)




Episode Guide

  • Ed Wynn; Audrey Meadows; Don Adams; Sugar Ray Robinson; Frankie Laine
    --Ed Wynn (comedian)
    --Audrey Meadows (comic actress) - in "Man on the Street", Steve asks Knotts, Poston, and Meadows (as Alice Kramden) what they're looking forward to in autumn
    --Don Adams (comedian) - stand-up routine as a lawyer
    --Frankie Laine (singer) - "It's Only The Tango Of Love" and "Up Above My Head"
    --Dorothy Collins (singer) - "My Melancholy Baby" and "Night And Day"
    --Sugar Ray Robinson and Carmen Basilio (boxers scheduled to fight 9/23/1957)
    Also: In "People Watchers," Steve faces different types of waitress; one is too busy to take his order, another is spotting stars, and the other tells him her sob-story life. Nye is a cook and Knotts is a dishwasher.moreless
  • Robert Young; Martha Raye; Milton Caniff; Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme
    --Robert Young (actor, from Father Knows Best) - in sketch with Steve about two old friends and neither can remember the other's name
    --Martha Raye (comedian) - sketch with the regulars as new fathers looking at babies through the glass
    --Eydie Gorme (singer) - "When Your Lover Has Gone" and "That's Love" with Steve L., Steve A. and Martha
    --Steve Lawrence (singer) - "Day In, Day Out"
    --Milton Caniff (cartoonist) - talks to Steve about his strip Steve Canyon
    --Marilyn Van Debur (Miss America 1958) - talks about her first day on the job, plays duet of "Night and Day" with Steve
    Also: Steve plays "I Love You" with the orchestra.moreless
  • Pearl Bailey; Joan Collins; Jeff Chandler; Shai K. Ophir; Pete Rademacher
    --Pearl Bailey (singer) - "C'est Magnifique" and "Ballin' the Jack" with Steve
    --Joan Collins (actress) - Steve quizzes her on facts from her studio bio and presents her with an award from Motion Picture Magazine
    --Jeff Chandler (actor) - sings "Hold Me" and joins Steve in a fishing sketch
    --Shai K. Ophir (pantomime artist)
    --Pete Rademacher (boxer) - talks about his fight against Floyd Patterson.
    Also: Steve plays "Sweet Sue" on the tuba. At "The Allen Bureau of Standards", a panel of "experts" (Poston, Knotts, Nye) reports on tests of the new wonder fabric "raglon."
  • The Coasters; Hedy Lamarr; Joe E. Brown; Irish McCalla; Pat Kirby
    --The Coasters (pop vocal group) - perform "Searchin'"
    --Hedy Lamarr (actress) - plays a match-making housewife in a comedy sketch with Steve
    --Joe E. Brown (comedian) - a tramp clown wandering through the TV studio
     --Irish McCalla (star of TV's Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle) - has chimp bring out various jungle props which Steve goofs on
    --Pat Kirby (singer)- "Tammy"
    --Also: A spoof of the current racketeering hearings with Knotts presiding, Nye as a mobster, and Poston as a suspenders-snapping Southern lawyer. The finale is a carnival with Steve as the barker, with belly dancers and acrobatsmoreless
  • Andy Williams; Lou Costello; Liberace; Abbey Lincoln; Jean Fenn
    --Lou Costello (comedian) - performs his famous hospital sketch.
    --Andy Williams (singer) - "Playing The Field" and "Lips Of Wine."
    --Abbey Lincoln (singer) - "You Came A Long Way From Saint Louis."
    --Liberace (pianist) - performs a medley of songs from around the world; he and Steve duet on "Tea for Two"; and shows what he's thinking of when playing certain songs.
    --Jean Fenn (opera singer) - "The Jewel Song" (from "Faust") and "I Have Found My World In You."
    Also: "The Allen Movie Preview" with Steve describing a ridiculous plot with the regulars acting out various "clips" from the flick.moreless
  • Jane Russell; Jerry Lee Lewis; Ferlin Husky; Larry Storch
    --Jerry Lee Lewis (rock 'n roll singer) - "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" (Lewis' 2nd series appearance)
    --Jane Russell (actress) - sings "When A Woman Loves A Man." Russell also talks to Steve about her movie The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown. She and Steve stick their faces into print ads.
    --Larry Storch (comedian) - does monologue and impressions
    --Ferlin Husky (Country & Western singer) - sings "Prize Possession"
    Also: A live remote from Roosevelt Raceway in Westbury on Long Island features the Rod Alexander Dancers performing a production number. "The Allen Bureau of Standards" looks at inferior products with a panel of ridiculous experts (Knotts, Nye, Poston) offering useless opinions.moreless
  • Brenda Lee; The Diamonds; Jack E. Leonard; Marie McDonald; Don Rondo
    --Brenda Lee (singer) - "True Love Goes On And On" and "Will You Still Be Mine?" (duet with Steve)
    --The Diamonds - (vocal group) - "Zip, Zip"
    --Don Rondo (singer) - "White Silver Sands"
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian)
    --Marie McDonald (actress) - sings "It's Alright With Me", and "Embraceable You" with Steve on piano
    Also: Steve does a comedy pitch for the Shamble Brothers low rent housing. A take-off on soap operas called Detour of Life with Knotts, Nye and Poston. Steve and Marie play a couple who act in commercials and, as a result, talk like commercials in their real lives.moreless
  • Jerry Lee Lewis; Shelley Winters; Anthony Franciosa; The Four Coins; Jodie Sands
    --Jerry Lee Lewis (rock 'n roll singer) - "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On"
    --Shelley Winters (actress) - in sketch as housewife taking driving lessons from frazzled instructor Knotts
    --Anthony Franciosa (actor) - with Steve as high-rise construction workers on a lunch break
    --The Four Coins (vocal group)- "Shangri-La"
    --Jodie Sands (singer) - "With Al My Heart"
    --Shai K. Ophir (pantomime artist)
    --Leona Gage (beauty queen) - recently stripped of her Miss USA title, talks with Steve about the scandal, sings "Sentimental Journey" with Skitch on piano
    Also: The "Man on the Street" asks about summer romance of Knotts, Poston, and Nye. Winters and Franciosa tell Steve about their recent marriage.moreless
  • Tony Bennett; Joe Louis; Floyd Patterson; Joanne Gilbert; George Nader; Hal Le Roy

    --Tony Bennett (singer) - "One For My Baby" and "In The Middle Of An Island"

    --Floyd Patterson and Joe Louis (boxers) - the pair chat about boxing.

    --George Nader (actor) - talks to Steve about teenagers and they do a comic medley of new tunes kids will like.

    --Joanne Gilbert - sings "Hello Bluebird."

    --Hal Le Roy (tap dancer)

    --Also: Throughout the show, Frankie Laine introduces Steve's bits by singing a verse as he would in a Western film. Steve does a pitch for "Sidney's by the Sea", a questionable resort with alligators in the pool. Steve demonstrates various types of game show hosts (comedian, overly excited, incompetent) with help from Knotts, Nye, and Poston. He plays "Do You Ever Think Of Me?" on piano with the orchestra.moreless
  • Cornelia Otis Skinner; Buddy Rich; Debra Paget; Frankie Laine
    --Debra Paget (actress) - sings "To The Ends Of The Earth" (dancing with Lee Scott), and in a sketch with Steve that plays differently to viewers who miss the start
    --Buddy Rich (drummer) - "Drumocracy"
    --Frankie Laine (singer) - "The Lonesome Road" and "Without You"
    --Cornelia Otis Skinner (actress-author) - comedy monologue titled "A Box Of Powder"
    Also: "Crazy Shots." Steve has the sound effects man add excessive sounds to a scene. "The Allen Report to the Nation" is on the International Geophysical Year; he talks with cross-eyed astronomer Poston, explorers Nye and Knotts in a leaky bathysphere, and Roger Price as scientist discussing cavemen.moreless
  • Benny Goodman; Yvonne De Carlo; Peter Lawford; Professor Irwin Corey

    --Benny Goodman (musician) - a medley of George Gershwin songs with his quartet, he and Steve do a clarinet duet, "St. Louis Blues" with the orchestra.

    --Yvonne De Carlo (actress) - sings "The End Of the Love Affair"

    --Peter Lawford (actor) - he and Steve play lifeguards making comments about the people on the beach.

    --Professor Irwin Corey (comedian) - in his eccentric monologue, he begins raving at the cameramen and then stagehands chase his through the theater.

    --Also, Steve does a bit on the interviews done by Mike Wallace-types who put their guests on the hot seat. He interviews the nervous guest (Knotts), the evasive, double-talking guest (Al Kelly), and the belligerent guest who wants a fight (Nye). In a sketch, Steve and Yvonne play parents debating on names for their kid.moreless
  • A Salute to NYC Mayor Jimmy 'Beau James' Walker
    A Salute to former NYC Mayor Jimmy 'Beau James' Walker (from 1926-1932), the "Roaring 20s," and the new Bob Hope movie Beau James
    --Bob Hope (comedian) - talks about the mayor, joins Steve in a soft shoe duet of "The Streets of New York", reads fictional listings from a 1923 TV Guide
    --George Jessel (comedian) - reminisces about Jimmy Walker. Newsreel footage is show of Jessel, Eddie Cantor and Major Walker together
    --The Axidentals (vocal quartet) - "Look For The Silver Lining"
    --Alexis Smith and Vera Miles (actressses) - co-stars in the Hope movie perform a scene from the flick
    --Dean Martin (singer) - performs the movie's theme song
    Also: The "Man on the Street", asks Nye (as Gordon Hathaway's father), Knotts and Poston for their fondest memories of the 1920s. Rod Alexander's dancers perform a '20s production number complete with raccoon coats and flappersmoreless
  • Lou Costello; Jonathan Winters; Pat Boone, The Ames Brothers; Abbey Lincoln
    --Lou Costello (comedian) - does his famous stolen diamond necklace sketch with Poston, Dell, Faye DeWitt, and Dulcie Cooper
    --Jonathan Winters (comedian) - demonstrates sound effects to Steve and does stand-up about the Frickert family picnic
    --Pat Boone (singer) - shows clip from his film Bernadine," sings its theme and "Love Letters in the Sand"
    --The Ames Brothers (vocal group) - "Rockin' Shoes" and "Tammy"
    --Abbey Lincoln (jazz singer) - "My Man"
    Also: "Crazy Shots." Steve asks the "Man on the Street" (Nye, Poston, Knotts) how he beats the summer heat. Steve gives angry readings to "Letters to the Editor." It's the series first anniversary; Steve thanks the audience for watching and the cast sings "Happy Birthday" at close.moreless
  • Mamie Van Doren; Steve Lawrence; The Hi-Lo's; Walter Chiari
    --Mamie Van Doren (actress) - plays Little Red Riding Hood in Steve's beatnik, hipster version of the story (from his book Bop Fables). Poston plays her mother, Chiari is the wolf (in a zoot suit), Skitch is the grandmother and Knotts is the hunter.
    --Steve Lawrence (singer) - performs "Where Or When", then again with the props failing
    --The Hi-Lo's (vocal quartet) - "My Sugar Is So Refined" and "Tenderly"
    --Walter Chiari (Italian actor-comedian) - does sketch where he's saying goodbye to a woman at a train station
    Also: In a live remote from Plymouth Rock, talks with the builder and crew aboard the Mayflower II. The "Allen Movie Preview" shows scenes from the fake flick The Tattered and the Torn with Knotts, Nye and Dell as cowboys, soldiers, and father and son being reunited.moreless
  • Orson Welles; Wally Cox; Jim Reeves; Reverend Billy Graham; Meg Myles
    --Jim Reeves (singer) - "Four Walls"
    --Orson Welles (actor-director) - performs dramatic monologue from Shakespeare's Othello
    --Wally Cox (comic actor) - passerby (with Steve) commenting on a building's construction
    --The Step Brothers (tap dancers)
    --Reverend Billy Graham (evangelist) - chats with Steve
    --Meg Myles (singer) - "Melancholy Baby"
    Also: Steve delivers a wedding reception speech that has the groom (Knotts) sweating. He gives a dramatic reading to the lyrics of Elvis' hit "All Shook Up." Poston causes problem as a lousy cameraman and as the bandleader; he's shot by Skitch.moreless
  • The Diamonds; Jerry Lewis; Abbe Lane; Xavier Cugat; Pat Carroll; Erin O'Brien; Eydie Gorme (cameo)
    --The Diamonds (vocal group) - "Little Darlin'"
    --Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra (Latin bandleader) and Abbe Lane (singer) - "All Of You" (with Steve on piano) and "Babalu."
    --Pat Carroll (comedian) - plays a wife whose husband (Allen) tries to prove to her that a joke he told is funny
    --Erin O'Brien (singer) - sings "Where's A Happy Ending?"
    --Jerry Lewis (comedian) - plays Gordon Hathaway in the "Man on the Street" segment, and as dopey boxer interviewed by Steve
    --Eydie Gorme (cameo)
    --Also: Steve gives passionate readings of real "Letters to the Editor," delivers a silly speech to graduating seniors, handing diplomas to the guest stars, and shows works of art used in magazine ads. "Crazy Shots."moreless
  • Andy Griffith; Marty Robbins; Martha Raye; Errol Garner; Anna Maria Alberghetti; Dean Martin (cameo)
    --Andy Griffith (comedian)- plays a hick country singer in an "Allen Report to the Nation" on the record industry
    --Marty Robbins (singer) - "A White Sport Coat (and A Pink Carnation)"
    --Errol Garner (jazz pianist) - "It's All Right with Me"
    --Martha Raye - "Mighty Pretty Harmony" (duet with Steve) and joins him in a takeoff on Mike Wallace interviews
    --Dean Martin (singer) - cameo after just doing a 19 1/2 hour telethon

    In a remote from the Cocoanut Grove in Los Angeles:
    --Anna Maria Alberghetti's birthday party (singer) - does medley of Jimmy McHugh songs: "I Feel A Song Coming On" (with McHugh on piano), "Lovely To Look At," "I'm In The Mood For Love," "Leave Your Worries On The Doorstep," "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" and "It's A Most Unusual Day."
    Also: "The Man on the Street" asks Knotts, Nye and Poston how they handle their budgets. Real kid Benny Hooper who was rescued from a well (with his family).moreless

  • Ann Sothern, Bert Lahr, Brenda Lee
    --Brenda Lee (singer) - "Dynamite" (or "Love You Till I Die") and "I Love You" (duet with Steve)
    --Ann Sothern (actress) - sings "That's Right, Woman is Smarter" (calypso)
    --Bert Lahr (comic actor) - with Steve, demonstrates the people who wear different hats
    Also: "Crazy Shots." In a segment called "The Question Box," Steve investigates if chivalry is dead with a woman with a heavy suitcase. The "People Watchers Society" looks at actors including two who want their same "best side" to face the camera, and how they try to turn a small part into a big one. The finale features Steve, Ann, Brenda and Bert singing "Be a Clown" in makeup.moreless
  • Tallulah Bankhead; Pearl Bailey; Billy Graham; Milton Berle; Dean Jones
    --Tallulah Bankhead (actress) - elevator sketch with she and Steve flirting, and as a rich woman in an automat who doesn't even know what nickels are
    --Pearl Bailey (singer) - "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "The Mambo, Tango, Samba, Calypso, Rhumba Blues" (duet with Steve)
    --Billy Graham (evangelist) - interviewed by Steve
    --Milton Berle (comedian) - with Allen passionately reads real "Letters to the Editor"
    --Dean Jones (actor) - sings medley: "Without A Song," "Summertime," "Why Do I Love You?" "Begin The Beguine" and "You'll Never Know"
    Also: The "Man on the Street" asks Poston, Nye, Knotts what they got their moms for Mother's Day. Steve reads the poem "What Is a Mother?"moreless
  • The Will Mastin Trio with Sammy Davis Jr.; Orson Welles; Peggy Cass; Jill Corey
    --The Will Mastin Trio (dancers) with Sammy Davis Jr. - He does impressions of Ed Sullivan, Marlon Brando, Tony Bennett, Jerry Lewis singing "Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody" and "Hey There" as Nat King Cole. He dances as Steve plays bongos
    --Orson Welles (actor-director) - in dressing room, does scene from Merchant of Venice. He performs an elaborate card trick with Sammy and Steve (dressed as a swami)
    --Peggy Cass (comic actress)
    --Jill Corey (singer) - "You Made Me Love You"
    Also: "The Man on the Street" asks "What Makes You Laugh?" of Cass, Nye, and Poston. "The Allen Report to the Nation" is on tension. Steve talks with a German scientist (Nye), a scientist (Poston) who gets his finger stuck in a test tube, and nervous Knotts giving a speech on being calm.moreless
  • Don Adams; Brenda Lee; Jack Carson; Xavier Cugat and Abbe Lane
    --Sammy Davis Jr. (singer-dancer) - cameo plugging his appearance next week
    --Brenda Lee (singer) - "Bigelow 6-200" and "You're The Cream In My Coffee" (duet with Steve)
    --Don Adams (comedian) - monologue about his anniversary
    --Abbe Lane (singer) and Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra (Latin bandleader) - "Mambo Italiano"
    --Jack Carson (comedian) - In a quiz show parody, the scene is first played normally, then as You Should Win So Long as if written by Paddy Chayefsky, then as Quiz Me Deadly by Mickey Spillane
    --Peter Gennaro and Ellen Ray (dancers) - perform Mu-Cha-Cha from Broadway's Bells Are Ringing
    Also: Comedy blackouts of the guests putting on makeup in the dressing room. The finale is a medley of well-known songs with the words "Cha Cha Cha" added.moreless
  • Mickey & Sylvia; Mickey Rooney; Joey Forman; Eleanor Steber; Betty Walker; The Muppets
    --Mickey and Sylvia (R&B duo) - "Love Is Strange"
    --Mickey Rooney (actor)- tall Steve and short Mickey do a bit on height
    --Joey Forman (comedian) - does stand-up where he interviews corrupt Senator Rooney
    --Betty Walker (comedian) - does a telephone monologue
    --Eleanor Steber (opera singer) - "Ave Maria".
    --Jim Henson's Muppets - with Kermit the Frog performing the Stan Freberg parody of "Yellow Rose Of Texas"
    Also: "Crazy Shots." "Easter Parade" piano duet played by Skitch and Steve. "People Watchers Society" looks at the people who hover around a piano at a party.moreless
  • Esther Williams; Stan Freberg; Jackie Cooper; Eydie Gorme; The Four Lads
    --Esther Williams - she and Steve swim and comment on a fashion show of ridiculous men's bathing suits modeled by Knotts, Henderson, and Nye. (Skitch wears a shower cap on his beard.) Esther does a water ballet with Bill Damien.
    --Jackie Cooper (actor)
    --Stan Freberg (satirist) - a parody of "The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)" with Steve as a beatnik bongo player
    --Eydie Gorme (singer) - "I'll Take Romance" and "After You've Gone"
    --The Four Lads (vocal group) - "I Just Don't Know" and "Who Needs You?"
    Also: In "The Man on the Street" segment, Steve asks Nye, Poston, and Knotts about taxes. For the finale, Esther and Steve swim and sing "Mountain Greenery," and are joined in the water by the Lads, Cooper, Gorme and Freberg.moreless
  • Rosemary Clooney; Buddy Hackett; Tommy Sands; Somethin' Smith and The Redheads
    --Buddy Hackett (comedian) - stand-up about California
    --Tommy Sands (singer-actor) - "I Only Have Eyes For You" and "Teenage Crush"
    --Rosemary Clooney (singer) - "Mangoes", "Don't Take Your Love From Me" and "Manhattan" (with Steve)
     --Somethin' Smith & The Redheads (vocal group) - "The Mambo, Tango, Samba, Calypso, Rhumba Blues."
    --The All-American College Basketball Team (including Wilt Chamberlain) and All-American Interscholastic High School Basketball Champions - Steve gives players a pep talk
    Also: "Crazy Shots." In a take-off of Wide Wide World, Nye explores Tibet, Knotts is a baseball coach pelted with balls, and Poston is squirted by Old Faithful.moreless
  • Peggy Lee; Tennessee Ernie Ford; The Collins Kids; Esther Williams; Dinah Shore; George Montgomery
    (from Hollywood) Guests:
    --Peggy Lee (singer) - "It's A Good Day For Singing A Song" and "St. Louis Blues"
    --Tennessee Ernie Ford (singer-comic) - as a square dance caller with comic lyrics, and "Accentuate The Positive" as a preacher with the cast as congregation
    --The Collins Kids (rockabilly duo) - "It's a Hop, Skip and a Jump" and "Let The Good Times Roll"
    --From the 1956 Mother Of The Year Awards dinner in Beverly Hills - Steve talks remotely with Esther Williams and winner Dinah Shore.
    Also: The cast presents a one minute version of the show. "The Allen Report to the Nation" is on the movie business with Nye as director D. W. LaBrea and Skitch as a casting director. From the roof of the Capitol Records building, Steve plays "The Night is Young" and "You Are So Beautiful" on piano. The "Man on the Street" segment asks about Calypso music.moreless
  • Greer Garson; Lou Costello; Dean Jones; The Lancers; Janik and Arnaut
    From Hollywood. Guests:
    --Greer Garson (actress) - enacts a tea commercial if it were directed by Laurence Oliver (Shakespearean), and Elia Kazan (tough and brooding)
    --Steve Peck (dancer) - dances with Garson to "Fernando's Hideaway"
    --Lou Costello (comedian) - performs his telephone sketch where he tries to make a call
    --Dean Jones (actor) - sings "The Gypsy In My Soul"
    --The Lancers (Dixieland jazz band) - "Dixieland Parade"
    --Janik & Arnaut (dancers)
    --Gordon Scott (actor) - swings in on vine as this week's "Billboard Man"
    Also: "Crazy Shots." "Man on the Street" questions Nye and Steve' real parents (Belle Montrose and Carroll Allen [aka Billy Allen]) about this year's Oscars. Steve's kids: Steve Jr., Brian, and David are in the show's opening
    Also appearing: Sandra Gould, Veola Vonn, Howard McNearmoreless
  • Jerry Lewis; Diahann Carroll; Fernando Lamas; Martha Raye; Steve Lawrence
    --Jerry Lewis (comedian) - reads "Letters to the Editor" with Steve. Steve presents him with a gold record for "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby"
    --Diahann Carroll (singer) -"Island in the West Indies" on a snowy set
    --Fernando Lamas (actor) - rides fake horses with Steve as the projected background image changes to busy highway, stagecoach chase, race car track
    --Martha Raye (comedian) -performs scene with Allen, Knotts, Nye, Dell and then again as the disaster it would be without a rehearsal
    --Steve Lawrence (singer) - "Party Doll" and "Come Rain or Come Shine"
    Also: "Man on the Street" asks Nye as Gordon Hathaway, Poston as the man who can't remember his name, and Knotts as a cowboy what they think about movies on TV.moreless
  • Ginger Rogers; The Andrews Sisters; Edward G. Robinson; Jonathan Winters; Phil Harris
    --Ginger Rogers (actress) - demonstrates different types of celebrities accepting awards including the blonde bombshell, the crier, the woman so excited she can't talk
    --Edward G. Robinson (actor) - chats with Steve about Statue of Liberty
    --Phil Harris (singer-comic) - bursts into a sketch about Steve's dull party and performs "That's What I Like About the South"
    --Jonathan Winters (comedian) - chatting with people at Steve's party
    --The Andrews Sisters (singers) - (in a live remote from the Sheraton Hotel in Philadelphia) "Born To Be With You," "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy," "Shoo-Shoo Baby," "Ti-Pi-Tin," "Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree" and "No Baby"
    Also: Steve's "Man on the Street" question is about the new Paris fashions. Offering opinions are Nye as Gordon Hathaway and Winters as Maude Frickert and hick Elwood.moreless
  • Arlene Dahl; Robert Ryan and Aldo Ray; Brenda Lee; Yehudi Menuhin; The Hilltoppers
    Scheduled guests:
    --Arlene Dahl (actress) - songs from her nightclub act
    --Robert Ryan and Aldo Ray (actors) - introduce clips from their movie Men in War
    --Brenda Lee (singer) - "One Step at a Time"
    --Yehudi Menuhin (violinist)
    --The Hilltoppers (vocal group) - "Marianne"
  • Tab Hunter; Alan Young; Frankie Laine; Richard 'Pancho' Gonzales; Ken Rosewall; Pancho Segura
    --Alan Young (comedian-actor) - hosts panel discussion on whether people are happier than 50 years ago; it degenerates into a barroom brawl and the set collapses
    --Frankie Laine (singer) - Steve presents him gold record for "Moonlight Gambler", which he sings, and "On The Sunny Side Of The Street" at the gym
    --Martha Carson (gospel/country singer) - "Let The Light Shine On Me"
    --(remote from the New York Athletic Club gymnasium) tennis players Richard 'Pancho' Gonzales and Ken Rosewall play a match. Also, Pancho Segura. Steve talks with former champs Jack Kramer and Don Budge.
    --Tab Hunter (actor) - does play by play as Steve attempts to play tennis against the pros
    Also: "The Allen Report to the Nation" on housing features architect Nye, nervous scientist Knotts, and Dell as a German builder who can't open a door.moreless
  • Lou Costello; Peter Lawford; The Step Brothers; Margaret Whiting
    --Lou Costello (comedian, making his first TV appearance without Bud Abbott) - appears in a parody of the opera The Student Prince
    --Peter Lawford (actor) - rides with Steve in prop car as ridiculous scenes appear on screen behind them: a stagecoach, clouds, and a train. Sings "Me & My Shadow" in top hat and tails
    --The Step Brothers (tap dancers)
    --Margaret Whiting (singer-actress) - "Spring in Maine"
    Also: "Crazy Shots." The question for the "Man on the Street" is "Does Love Make the World Go Round?" with Nye, Poston, Whiting, and Costello. Erin O'Brien is the "Billboard Girl" promoting next week's show.moreless
  • Pearl Bailey; Don Adams; Lilli Palmer; The Collins Kids; Steve Lawrence
    --Pearl Bailey (singer) - "You've Got It Made" and "Hooray for Love" (duet with Steve)
    --Don Adams (comedian) - stand-up on women's intuition
    --Lilli Palmer (actress) - plays a scene with Steve in a park without any music, then with a romantic score, then with a suspense score
    --The Collins Kids (rockabilly duo Lorrie and Larry) - "Razzle Dazzle"
    --Steve Lawrence (singer) - "Banana Boat Song" and "Up A Lazy River"
    --Charles Van Doren (quiz show winner)- chats with Steve about his winnings on Twenty-One
    Also: Steve investigates America's weight problem in "The Allen Report to the Nation." He talks with expert Louie Nye, Skitch sweats in a steam cabinet, and Lawrence salts and eats his microphone.moreless
  • Julie London; George Jessel; Modernaires
    --Julie London (singer) - "February Brings The Rain" and "September In The Rain"
    --George Jessel (comedian) - does "School Days" excerpt, "Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye" and "My Mother's Eyes." He does his c monologue talking to his mother on the telephone
    --The Modernaires (vocal group) - "Jukebox Saturday Night." Also impressions and parodies of other entertainers. A tribute to Tommy Dorsey: "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You"/Chattanooga Choo Choo"/"Moonlight Serenade"
    --(On film from the New York Film Critics Awards): Steve interviews Kirk Douglas and Ingrid Bergman. Also seen are Michael Todd, John Huston, S. J. Perelman, Yul Brynner.
    Also: "Crazy Shots." "The Man on the Street" (Nye, Poston, Jayne Meadows (cameo)) tells what he/she thinks of today's teen.moreless
  • Joe E. Brown; Julius LaRosa; Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane; Rocky Graziano
    --Joe E. Brown (comic actor) - in a comedy boxing match with Graziano, who he runs from, and Rayburn as the announcer
    --Julius LaRosa (singer) - "Hello Young Lovers" and "I've Had a Love of My Own"
    --Xavier Cugat and his band
    --Abbe Lane (singer) - demonstrates rhythm instruments and sings "Mambo Italiano" with Cugat's band
    --Rocky Graziano (comedian-ex-boxer)
    --Dorothy Miller (aka "Mrs. Miller", audience member) - an elderly woman who's often in the audience. Steve has her read jokes; she uses magnifying glass
    Also: Steve asks the "Man on the Street" if he plans a winter vacation, with Poston, Nye, and Grazianomoreless
  • Errol Flynn; Polly Bergen; Guy Mitchell; Alan Young
    --Errol Flynn (actor) - Steve interviews him in the "proper" Errol Flynn setting: drinking, canoodling with a woman, swinging from a chandelier, and sword and fist fighting
    --Polly Bergen (actress) - sings "Mean To Me" and "I Concentrate On You"
    --Guy Mitchell (singer)- "Take Me Back, Baby" in a soda shop and "Singing The Blues."
    --Alan Young (comedian-actor) - a sketch as a man taking his first plane trip and encountering endless problems
    Also: "Crazy Shots." "The Allen report to the nation" is on traffic problems with Poston. The "People Watchers Society" with Steve and Alan as people meeting on the streetmoreless
  • Andy Griffith; Tony Bennett; The New York Rangers
    Scheduled guests:
    --Tony Bennett (singer)
    --Andy Griffith (comedian-actor) - does a comedy monologue on Carmen
    --The New York Rangers Hockey Team - face off against the "Allen All-Stars"
    Also: In a live remote, the premiere of the motion picture Around the World in 80 Days.
  • Martha Raye; Alan Young; The Collins Kids; Norman Vincent Peale; Ricky Vera; Vienna Boys Choir
    --Martha Raye (comedian) - as Dawn Darling, a day in the life of a star: gets out of bed wearing a fur coat, tosses it out window, slips into sequined gown, disguises herself in beard so she won't be recognized
    --Alan Young (actor-comedian) - plays a bell-ringing Santa trying to get donations
    --The Collins Kids (rockabilly duo Lorrie & Larry Collins) - "Rock Around The Clock" and "In My Teens"
    --Ricky Vera (child actor) sings "Can I Wait Up For Santa Claus?" (with Steve)
    --Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (preacher-author) - speaks on the holiday --The Vienna Boys Choir - (performing at the UN building) sing "Silent Night" in German and English and "Coming Of The King"
    Also: Nye, Poston, and Henderson are "Men on the Street." Topic: Do you believe in Santa?moreless
  • Sugar Ray Robinson; Anne Jeffreys & Robert Sterling; Betty Kean & Lew Parker; The Hi-Lo's
    --Sugar Ray Robinson (boxer) - interviewed by Steve. Robinson gives a boxing demonstration
    --Anne Jeffreys and Robert Sterling (married actors) - give a preview of their nightclub act. Saluting other show biz couples, they performs a medley: "Shine On, Harvest Moon," "Somebody Loves Me," "The Daughter Of Rosie O'Grady," "They Didn't Believe Me" and "That's Entertainment." Cast joins for dancing.
    --Betty Kean and Lew Parker (comedy team) - do a sketch as "The Bickersons."
    --The Hi-Lo's (male vocal group) - "Georgia On My Mind," "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" and "You Belong To Me."
    --Bud Wilkinson (coach of University of Oklahoma football team) - chats with Steve
    Also: "Crazy Shots" gags includes Santa eating his beard. Steve reads the stock market report as though it were poetry. The audience laughs through Steve's promo for next week's show because the bed for the next sketch has collapsed.moreless
  • Ethel Waters; Charlton Heston; Gypsy Rose Lee; Bobby Van; Floyd Patterson
    --Ethel Waters (actress) - sings "Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe" and "Taking A Chance On Love"
    --Charlton Heston (actor) - plays various types of movie stars who do TV variety shows: one who thanks everyone for his success, one who doesn't know which show he's on, and one who shows long clips from his movies
    --Gypsy Rose Lee - In "The Coward," an adventure spoof set in the Yukon, she plays a saloon girl
    --Bobby Van (dancer) - dance number where he runs around the theater chased by stagehands
    --Don Newcombe (Dodgers player) - chats and tosses balls with Steve
    --Vince Martin and the Tarriers (folk group) - "Cindy, Oh, Cindy"
    --Floyd Patterson and Archie Moore (boxers) - talk about their 11/30/1956 fight when Floyd became the world heavyweight champ
    Also: Steve asks Skitch, Nye and Poston for their cures for the cold in the "Man on the Street" segment.moreless
  • Gene Autry; Lew Parker & Betty Kean; Jim Lowe; Doc Severinsen; Chicago Bears Football Team
    --Jim Lowe (singer) - "The Green Door"
    --Gene Autry & The Cass County Boys - Gene chats with Steve while they have a shootout; performs "Back In The Saddle Again" and "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" with his band
    --Buddy Hackett (comedian) - cameo in "Man on the Street" with doc Severinsen, Nye and others. The topic: Christmas shopping
    --Lew Parker and Betty Kean (comedy team) - do a sketch as "The Bickersons", an arguing couple
    --Archie Moore and Floyd Patterson (boxers) - interviewed by Steve Allen
    --The Chicago Bears Football Team - entire team appears on stage. The Bears face off against The Steve Allen All-Stars include Skitch, Louie, Doc, and Gene Rayburn
    Also: Skitch and Doc try to get Steve to play trumpet with them. "Crazy Shots" include a golfer on the street who makes put into open manhole.moreless
  • Bob Hope; Duke Ellington; George Hamilton IV; Olsen & Johnson; Gene Nelson; Erin O' Brien
    --Bob Hope (comedian) - Steve reads movie ads, Bob translates what they really mean
    --Duke Ellington and orchestra (jazz musicians) - medley of Duke's hits and "It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)" (with Steve on piano)
    --George Hamilton IV (singer) - "A Rose And A Baby Ruth"
    --Betty Walker (comedian) - telephone monologue
    --Olsen & Johnson (comedy team) - cause chaos and pandemonium with balls and dead ducks falling in the theater
    --Gene Nelson (dancer) - in live remote from old Penn Station, performs production number to "Pick Yourself Up" with dancing mailmen
    --Erin O'Brien (singer) - "In The Still Of The Night"
    --Female boxers Joanne Hagen (title champion) and Phyllis Kugler (contender) - boxing exhibition with commentary by Stevemoreless
  • Jerry Lewis; Georgia Gibbs; Anita Ekberg & Anthony Steel; Buster Crabbe; Joel Grey; Celeste Holm
    --Jerry Lewis (comedian) - appears at end of show to talk about his (serious) singing career and his work with the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
    --Georgia Gibbs (singer) - "Tra-La-La" and "Let's Fall In Love"
    --Anita Ekberg & Anthony Steel and Anita Ekberg (husband-and-wife actors)
    --Buster Crabbe (actor, from TV's "Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion")

    --An advance preview of "Jack and the Beanstalk," a "Producers' Showcase" spectacular airing the next day. Shown rehearsing are cast members Joel Grey (as Jack); Peggy King (as Tillie, the girl next door); Celeste Holm (as Mad Meggie); Cyril Ritchard (as the Peddler) and Arnold Stang (as Mr. Fum, the Little Giant).moreless

  • Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.; Les Brown and his Band; T.C. Jones; The Muppets; Rod Alexander
    --Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (actor) - in "People Watchers" segment in a restaurant, he plays "the grabber" who won't stop touching Steve, the wolf who only talks if you're with an attractive woman, and "Mr. Dangerous" who waves his knife while talking
    --Les Brown and his Band Of Renown (orchestra) - medley of songs ("Sentimental Journey," "The Lady Is A Tramp," others) and "From This Moment On" with Rod Alexander's dancers
    --T.C. Jones (female impersonator) - sings "You Go To My Head" and "Just One of Those Things" (imitating Katherine Hepburn). At end, he pulls off his wig to reveal his bald head. Steve pulls off his hair to reveal a bald skinhead wig.
    --Jim Henson's Muppets - Kermit the Frog (in wig) sings "I've Grown Accustomed To His Face."
    --Erin O'Brien (actress) - sings "While We're Young"
    --Alfred Drake (singer-actor) - "Where Or When" and "Wunderbar"
    Also: Drake, Fairbanks, and Allen give a dramatic reading of the lyrics to "Ka-Ding-Dong" (pop song) as if it were poetry.moreless
  • The Harlem Globetrotters; Rocky Graziano; Olga James; Frank Parker; Janik & Arnaut
    --The Harlem Globetrotters
    --Rocky Graziano (comedian)
    --Olga James (singer-actress) - "Old Devil Moon" (from the Broadway musical Mr. Wonderful)
    --Frank Parker (singer) - "Autumn Leaves"
    --Janik and Arnaut (dance duo) - snake charmer dance number
    Also: In the "Man on the Street", Steve asks Nye and Graziano what they would do with big money won on a quiz show. Peter Lawford plays on Steve Allen's team in a comic game against the Harlem Globetrotters. Steve demonstrates a TV set that operates on coins. When he puts in a German coin, it shows Hitler. Eventually, it pays off like a slot machine.moreless
  • Tony Bennett, Mel Torme, Frances Faye / Tribute to James Dean
    --Tony Bennett (singer) - "Without A Song," "I'll Never Know" and "Just In Time"
    --Mel Torme and Frances Faye (singers) - perform a song from "Porgy And Bess"
    --Doretta Morrow (actress-dancer) - sings a medley of tunes from "Kismet" including "Bagdad" and "Baubles, Bangles And Beads"
    --Kathryn and Arthur Murray (dancers) - join in a ballroom dancing sketch where Steve tosses around his partner (obviously a dummy) rather violently.
    Also: "The James Dean Story" - Steve conducts a filmed tour of Dean's hometown, Fairmount, Indiana, and chats with friends and relatives there. Among the "Crazy Shots" are Rayburn, Torme, and Bennett seemingly playing craps on the street; turns out to be jacks. Steve interviews himself as a numbskulled football player.moreless
  • Abbott & Costello; Lionel Hampton; Mickey Mantle; Fran Allison
    --Abbott & Costello (comedy team) - do their "Who's On First" routine
    --Lionel Hampton - "How High The Moon"
    --Peggy King (singer) - "By Myself" in production number remote from the airport with stewardesses and baggage handlers dancing onto the runway
    --Fran Allison (hostess) - appears in a Kukla, Fran & Ollie bit with Steve discussing college football and team spirit
    --Mickey Mantle (baseball player) - talks with Steve and Claire Ruth (Babe Ruth's widow) about having just broken "The Babe's" home run record that afternoon
    Also: The "Man on the Street" asks who will win the World Series with ballplayer Sal Maglie as one of those questioned. A drum challenge with Louie Bellson, and Don Lamond and Hampton.moreless
  • Claudette Colbert; Jerome Hines; Mickey Rooney; Joey Forman; Erin O'Brien
    Scheduled guests:
    --Claudette Colbert (actress)
    --Erin O'Brien (singer)
    --Jerome Hines (singer)
    --Mickey Rooney and Joey Forman (comedians) - perform excerpts from their nightclub act.
  • Joni James; Billy Eckstine; Professor Irwin Corey; Rin Tin Tin
    --Joni James (singer) - "Give Us This Day"
    --Billy Eckstine - "Everything I Have Is Yours," "I Apologize" (with Steve playing piano), "My Foolish Heart" and "Caravan" (with Steve on bongos and jazz musician Bobby Tucker playing piano)
    --The Midwestern States Glee Club - from Mason City, IA sing "Wait Til the Cows Come Home"
    --Professor Irwin Corey - talks about Hamlet before going berserk and being chased down by stagehands
    --Rin Tin Tin and his trainer Frank Barnes - perform tricks for Steve
    Also: Steve asks the "Man on the Street" how he'd feel about being 167-years-old (as a man in the news has claimed). "Crazy Shots" includes Napoleon pulling a hot dog out of his coat.moreless
  • Sammy Davis Jr. with The Will Mastin Trio; Gogi Grant; Milt Kamen; Bil and Cora Baird
    --Sammy Davis Jr. with The Will Mastin Trio (dancers) - Sammy sings "That Old Black Magic", "Earth Bound" from a camera crane, and (with Steve) "I Could Have Danced All Night" and "The Lady's in Love With You". He also does impressions.
    --Gogi Grant (singer) - "You And The Night And The Music" and "You're In Love"
    --Bil and Cora Baird (puppeteers) - frog puppets sing "Means I Love You". Ed Sullivan marionette refuses to leave.
    --Milt Kamen (comedian) - stand-up routine
    --Marion Ann McKnight (Miss America 1957)
    --Dr. Cary Middlecoff (US Open golf champ) - talks golf tips with Steve
    Also: Steve, Louie, and Milt as leather-jacketed rock group The Four Punks. The delinquents sing "Misery Motel." Steve asks Nye and Skitch what Grace Kelly should name her baby in the "Man on the Street" bit.moreless