The Steve Allen Show - Season 3

NBC (ended 1960)




Episode Guide

  • Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme; Erin O'Brien; Pat Kirby
    Scheduled guests:
    --Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme (singers)
    --Pat Kirby (singer) -"Every Time"
    --Erin O'Brien (singer) - "Honey Boy"
    Also: A tribute to the original "Tonight" show (1954-57) which was hosted by Steve Allen.
  • Oscar Levant; Tony Bennett; Don Adams; Dorothy Collins; Sandra McCorkle
    --Oscar Levant - has comical chat with Steve, plays Gershin piece on piano
    --Tony Bennett sings "Young and Warm and Wonderful" and "Pennies From Heaven" performed with kids on the street outside the theater.
    --Don Adams (comedian) - does monologue about adventure movies set in India
    --Dorothy Collins (singer) - "Lover Come Back To Me" and "Never Love A Stranger"
    --Sandra McCorkle (7-year-old trumpet player) - plays duet with Steve.
    --Also: Steve plays Mad Libs with Levant, Collins, and Bennett. Steve lets the audience in on a practical joke on Louis Nye. In the next sketch, all the other actors will deliberately blow their lines and props won't work to see how he handles the disaster.moreless
  • Jack Lemmon; Peter Ustinov; Jerry Vale; Jeri Southern
    --Jack Lemmon (actor) - plays "With All My Love" and "I'm Biding My Time" on piano, jokes with Steve about possible LPs from other actors
    --Peter Ustinov (comic actor) - giving directions to Steve as an English, Austrian, and French cop, and as different characters at an opera
    --Jerry Vale (singer) - "With You"
    --Jeri Southern (jazz pianist/singer) - "Am I Blue"
    Also: "The Allen Report to the Nation" looks at summer recreation with Poston as a boozy tennis pro, Nye in the pool with a mermaid's tail, and golf pro Pat Harrington, Jr. who's carried piggy-back by his caddy (Knotts).moreless
  • Kirk Douglas; Jonathan Winters; Joni James; Roy Hamilton; The Hi-Los
    --Kirk Douglas (actor) - in "People Watchers" sketch at a restaurant as a table hoppper, a check grabber, and the guy who forces people to dine with him
    --Jonathan Winters (comedian) - stand-up about a talent contest
     --Joni James (singer) - "At The Junior Prom"
    --Roy Hamilton (singer) - "Ebb Tide"
    --The Hi-Los (vocal group) - join Steve, Gene and Skitch for "Mad Libs", then sing the comic result, also "Impossible" and "Camptown Races"
    Also: Experts Knotts, Poston and Nye test glass on "The Allen Bureau of Standards" with hula girls. Poston quizzes Steve as "The Answer Man."moreless
  • Henry Fonda; Mel Torme; Martha Raye; Terry Gibbs; Shari Lewis; Gus Bivona; Mundell Lowe
    --Henry Fonda (actor) - with Steve plays nervous fathers-to-be in a hospital waiting room.
    --Shari Lewis (puppeteer) - with Lamb Chop and Charlie Horse
    --Mel Torme (singer) - "Cuckoo in the Clock" and "Don't You Worry About Me"
    --Martha Raye (comedian) - sings "Talking a Chance on Love." She teams with Torme for a medley: "Mountain Greenery" (Torme), "It Aint Necesarily So" (Raye), "Blue Moon" (Torme), "Can't We Sail Away" (Raye) and "Gone With the Wind" (Torme/Raye).
    --Terry Gibbs, Gus Bivona, Gary Peacock, and Mundell Lowe (jazz musicians) - with Steve on piano, back Henry Fonda badly croaking "Night and Day" on trumpet. Later, the group backs the cast on "Bye Bye Blackbird."
    Also: Raye does as scene as it would be played on Broadway, then as it would be in summer stock with incompetent actors Poston, Knotts, Nye and a cow.moreless
  • Louis Armstrong; Peter Ustinov; Van Cliburn; Barbara McNair
    --Louis Armstrong (musician-singer) - "Mack the Knife," "I'm Confessing (That I Love You)," and reads the poem "A Red Red Rose"
    --Peter Ustinov (actor) - a monologue as an old African missionary who'd been in the jungle too long, and plays the odd characters Steve will run into on a cruise ship
    --Van Cliburn (pianist) - final movement from Tchaikovsky's piano concerto No. 1
    --Barbara McNair (singer) - "Too Late the Spring."
    Also: Steve, as conductor Leonard Brainstorm, explains classical music composition with Peter, Louie, Don, and Louis Nye.moreless
  • Julie Newmar; Dick Clark; Lou Costello; Maurice Gosfield; Abby Van Buren; Sid Gould
    --Julie Newmar (actress) - dances as part of the Ethical Neurotic Ballet Company, with Nye, Poston, and Knotts.
    --Dick Clark (TV host) - talks to Steve using teen slang (with subtitles), they sing "Sunny Side of the Street" with teen lingo
    --Lou Costello (comedian) - drill sergeant sketch
    --Abby Van Buren (advice columnist) - chats with Steve about her new book
    --Maurice Gosfield, Sid Gould and Franklin Pangborn (comic actors) - in the "Man On The Street" sketch, they get lovelorn advice from Dear Abby
    --Ronnie Deauville (singer) - "Someone To Watch Over Me."
    --Beverly Kenney (singer) - "I Hate Rock & Roll" and "What Is There To Say?"moreless
  • Lionel Hampton; Rosemary Clooney; Rory Calhoun
    --Lionel Hampton (musician) - performs "Where Or When?"
    --Rosemary Clooney (singer) - "Who's Sorry Now?", "I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans", and with Steve, a song about her hometown Maysville, KY.
    --Rory Calhoun (actor) - barges in on a newscast, soap opera and boxing match to plug his supposed new movie Saddle Sores.
    Also: "The Allen Report to the Nation" is on the current fashion rage, "The Sack Look". Steve interviews the designer (Poston), a wholesaler (Nye), and a broke husband (Knotts). Steve appears as "The Answer Man" (later used by Johnny Carson as Carnac the Magnificent).moreless
  • Igor and 4 (Paul Mazursky and Herb Hartig); Count Basie; Joe Bushkin; Teddy Wilson; Jane Powell; Phil Harris
    --Count Basie, Joe Bushkin and Teddy Wilson (musicians) - In a live remote from the "Round Table" jazz club on East 50th, each performs individually, then together on "One O'Clock Jump"
    --Igor and 4 (comics Paul Mazursky and Herb Hartig) - stand-up routine
    --Jane Powell (actress) - sings "Tenderly", conducts love scene with Steve via split screen
    --Phil Harris (singer) - "The Preacher & The Bear", joins Steve as jazz hipsters at wedding reception
    Also: The parody Were You There? features Knotts, Poston and Nye recreating the purchase of Manhattan Island.moreless
  • Claudette Colbert; Abe Burrows; Abbe Lane; Xavier Cugat
    --Claudette Colbert (actress) - as star of an anthology series (think Loretta Young) hawking Glammo soap, a variety show (Dinah Shore) with Knotts as Frank Sinatra, and a guest on a talk show (Jack Paar)
    --Toni Arden (singer) - "Padre"
    --Abe Burrows (humorist) - does comedy monologue accompanied by Steve on piano
    --Abbe Lane (singer) - "Lady in Red"
    --Xavier Cugat (Latin bandleader) - plays for Lane
    Also: Poston quizzes Steve as The Answer Man." Knotts is the contestant on a low-budget game show where host Steve puts him in an isolation booth (phone booth) to ask a $1 question.moreless
  • Bob Hope; Patrice Munsel; Ray Anthony; Johnny Haymer
    --Bob Hope (comedian) - on film, talks with Fred Haney (manager, Milwaukee Braves), Lew Burdette (Milwaukee Braves), Duke Snider (L.A. Dodgers) and Willie Mays (San Francisco Giants)
    --Patrice Munsel (singer) - "That Old Black Magic", duets with Steve on "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby"
    --Ray Anthony (trumpeter) - "I Can't Give You Anything But Love"
    --Johnny Haymer (comic actor) - does stand-up monologue
    --David Allen (singer) - "Lovely to Look At"
    Also: Steve plays "Mad Libs" with the guests. Chaos erupts as the experts (Poston, Nye, Knotts) of "The Allen Bureau of Standards" test Pennypacker Paint.moreless
  • Sammy Davis Jr.; Carmen McRae; Dody Goodman; Jayne and Audrey Meadows
    --Sammy Davis Jr. (singer-dancer) - "There's No Fool Like an Old Fool"
    --Carmen McRae (singer) - "Passing Fancy" and "Yesterdays"
    --Dody Goodman (comic actress) - as the "Billboard Girl" explaining baseball to Steve
    --Jayne Meadows and Audrey Meadows (actresses) - with Goodman sing a parody of "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" about the latest hideous dress fashions
    Also: "The Allen Report to the Nation" is on the recession, talking with a CPA (Nye), an average American (Knotts) who thinks he's talking to Edward R. Murrow, and a tax expert (Poston). In a sequel to a 2/23/1958 sketch, Audrey Meadows plays the new bossy nurse taking care of Steve and Jayne's new baby. Poston poses answers to "The Question Man" (Steve).moreless
  • Orson Welles; Jane Powell; Senor Wences; Alan Dale; The Bay Bops
    --Orson Welles (actor-director) - performs the monologue from Shakespeare's MacBeth
    --Jane Powell (actress) - sings "St. Louis Blues" and "Ave Maria."
    --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) - talks to his hand and has Steve's head in a box
    --Alan Dale (singer) - "The Valley Of The Moon"
    --The Bay Bops (vocal group, dressed as babies) - "Joannie"
    Also: Steve hosts a teen dance show in a take-off of American Bandstand with Poston in uniform a la Elvis lip-synching to "Blue Suede Shoes." Steve talks with the "Man on the Street" at the Easter parade with Knotts, Jameson and Powell.moreless
  • Edgar Bergen; The Step Brothers; Marie McDonald; The All-American High School & College Basketball Teams
    --Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy (ventriloquist) - George Washington and his father have a talk about the cherry tree
    --The Step Brothers (dancers) - perform a routine with dubious assist from Nye, Knotts, Poston, and Allen
    --Marie McDonald (actress) - sings "I've Got You Under My Skin"
    --The All-American High School and College Basketball Teams
    Also: Steve plays Mad Libs with McDonald, Bergen/McCarthy, and Rayburn. He gets reviews of the show from elevator boy Jules (Knotts), coffee shop waitress Sabrina (Jameson), and his barber (Nye). Different types of interviewers include one who doesn't listen to his guest, a smiling host who hates her guest, and a star-struck host (Knotts).moreless
  • Anita Ekberg; Alan Young; John Bubbles; Joni James; Tommy Prisco
    --Anita Ekberg (actress) - plays Snow White in a parody of Person to Person. Poston, Knotts and Nye play the dwarves.
    --Alan Young (comic actor)- plays the stage prompter (the man in the shell) during an opera performance
    --John Bubbles (song and dance man) - "Back Home Again In Indiana"
    --Joni James (singer) - medley of Italian songs
    --Tommy Prisco (singer) - "O Bella Mia"
    Also: Steve is "The Answer Man." Steve emcees a ridiculous movie awards show with categories like "Best Eating Scene" and "Best Angry Mob" with accompanying clips from silent films.moreless
  • Lena Horne; Keenan Wynn; Jack E. Leonard; Mark Murphy; Carmen Basilio
    --Lena Horne (singer) - "Out Of This World" and "Push The Button" (with the cast of Jamaica)
    --Keenan Wynn (comic actor) - plays various types of waiters
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian) - stand-up routine
    --Mark Murphy (singer) - "Two Ladies In De Shade Of De Banana Tree"
    --Carmen Basilio (middleweight champion) - talks boxing with Steve
    Also: This episode contains Steve's laughing fit. As sportscaster Bill Allen, he gets a look at himself on the monitor and can't stop laughing. Finally he talks with the coach of the New York Woodpeckers (Nye) at spring training. The "Man on the Street" segment asks the opinion on the Basillo/Robinson fight of Knott, Nye, Poston, and Basillio.moreless
  • Lou Costello; Jack Jones; Dolores Gray; Sabrina
    --Lou Costello (comedian) - as Charlie Carwash, tries to take his own photo with the timer on his camera.
    --Jack Jones (singer) - "What's The Use"
    --Dolores Gray (actress) - sings "It's All Right With Me", and as Steve's mirror image in a dance number
    --Sabrina (billed as an "English glamor girl") - attends cocktail party with Steve and encounters Gordon Hathaway (Nye), shy Mr. Morrison (Knotts), and a doofus who doesn't know his name (Poston)
    --Janik and Arnaut (dance team)
    Also: "The Allen Report to the Nation" is on subliminal TV advertising; interviews Nye (ad exec), Knotts (scientist), and an actress (Jameson). Poston asks questions of "The Answer Man" (Allen).moreless
  • Sam Cooke; Peter Ustinov; Abbe Lane; Xavier Cugat; Tommy Leonetti; Jill Corey
    From Hollywood. Guests:
    --Sam Cooke (singer) - updated "Old Man River"
    --Abbe Lane (singer) - "Ain't Misbehavin'"
    --Bobby Rivera (singer) - "Babalu" (with Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra)
    --Jill Corey, Tommy Leonetti, Virginia Gibson, Alan Copeland (singers) - "I Got Rhythm." Each does the song in a of a different decade: Corey, the 1920s; Leonetti, the 1930s; Gibson, the 1940s and Copeland, the 1950s.
    --Peter Ustinov (actor) - demonstrates the sound of a distorted movie soundtrack in several languages. Plays customs officials from various countries
    Also: The "Man on the Street" (Nye, Poston, Ustinov) explain why they grew beards. Steve gets feedback on the show from the elevator man (Gwynne), a waitress (Jamison), and his Italian barber (Nye).moreless
  • Jayne and Audrey Meadows; Teddi King; The McGuire Sisters; The Playmates
    --The McGuire Sisters (vocal trio) - "Sugartime," "Don't Take Your Love From Me" and "Banana Split"
    --Teddi King (female jazz-pop singer) - "Impossible" and "Let's Face The Music And Dance"
    --The Playmates (male vocal trio) - "Joanne"
    --Holler and Hayden (comedy team)
    --Jayne and Audrey Meadows (comic actresses) - in a sketch, Steve and Jayne want to fire their baby's bossy nurse (Audrey Meadows)
    Also: "The Allen Bureau of Standards" has an expert panel (Nye, Poston, Fred Gwynne) evaluate a vacuum cleaner; the device attacks everyone. Steve gives a dramatic poetry reading to the goofy lyrics of The Silhouettes' "Get a Job."moreless
  • Dale Robertson; Peggy King; Don Adams; The Hi-Lo's
    From Hollywood. Guests:
    --Don Adams (comedian) - monologue about and his doctor and a book he's reading
    --Dale Robertson (actor) - shows Steve relics from the Old West
    --Peggy King (actress-singer)- "You Took Advantage Of Me"
    --The Hi-Lo's (vocal group) - "Tenderly," "Fascinating Rhythm" with King
    --Duke Hazlitt (Sinatra impersonator)- "I Didn't Know What Time It Was"
    --Jerry Lewis and Red Skelton (comedians) - cameo appearances in the "Man on the Street" segment discussing how to get ahead in Hollywood, with Belle Montrose as a hip old lady.
    Also: Steve gets reviews on the show from the elevator boy (Knotts), Sabrina (Joyce Jamison) the coffee shop waitress, and his barber (Nye).moreless
  • Ann Sothern, Henny Youngman, Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Dinah Shore
    From Hollywood. Guests:
    --Ann Sothern (actress) - with Steve in a quiz show parody "Mr. And Mrs. I.Q."
    --Henny Youngman (comedian) - in a monologue about marriage, talks about Rita Hayworth's many husbands and his own marriage
    --Steve Lawrence (singer) - "Makin' Whoopee"
    --Eydie Gorme (singer) - Medley: "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" and "Bye, Bye Blackbird"
    --Duke Hazlitt (Frank Sinatra Impersonator)
    --Gus Bivona and his Orchestra (clarinetist) - "Baby, But You Did"
    Also: Steve presents trophies to winners of this year's Photoplay Movie Awards. Appearing are Deborah Kerr, Rock Hudson, Dolores Hart, Robert Evans, Taina Elg, Julie London, producer Jerry Wald and director Leo McCarey. In the finale, Allen, Sothern, Lawrence, Gorme and Dinah Shore sing "This Could Be The Start Of Something Big"moreless
  • Henry Fonda; Shelley Berman; Jennie Smith; The Treniers
    --Henry Fonda (actor) - With their wives away, two husbands are bachelors for a few days. Without the girls, they're lonely and bored.
    --Shelley Berman (comedian) - calls his Aunt Goldie at her opera rehearsal
    --Jennie Smith - "It's Just The Gypsy In My Soul"
    --The Treniers (vocal-instrumental group) - "Rubbing Noses In The Midnight Sun" and "Rock Me All Night Long"
    Also: In the "Man on the Street" segment, Steve talks to Nye, Knotts and Poston and their dogs. "The Allen Report to the Nation" looks at ratings with the head of the A. C. Tishman ratings company (Nye), spokesman for the TV Research Institute (Poston), and the average viewer (Knotts) who gets Steve canceled.moreless
  • Charles Laughton; Martha Raye; Jimmy Dean; Rubinoff; Erin O'Brien
    --Charles Laughton (actor) - reads the stock market report and a beauty advice column as if they were dramatic poetry
    --Jimmy Dean (singer) - "John Henry"
    --Martha Raye (comedian) - sings "That Old Black Magic," and in a sketch with Laughton and the regulars trying repeatedly to do a gangster movie scene correctly
    --Erin O'Brien (singer) - "My Romance"
    --Rubinoff (violinist) - "Dance of the Russian Peasants"
    Also: The "Man on the Street" asks if a woman's place is in the home of Gordon Hathaway's mom (Nye) and a woman who can't remember her name (Poston). Knotts as Clark Gable for Mutiny on the Bounty bit.moreless
  • From Havana, Cuba: Steve Lawrence; Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy
    Broadcast from The Rivera Hotel in Havana, Cuba:
    --Steve Lawrence - "Begin the Beguine" as a mobile production number moving through the casino out to the pool area.
    --Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist) - Charlie McCarthy tells about boozing and carousing the night before
    --Lou Costello (comic) - in the casino, Lou performs his "dice game" sketch with Poston and Nye
    --Mamie Van Doren (actress) - sings "Sand in My Shoes" on a raft in the pool
    --Augie and Margo (dancers) - perform outside
    --Facundo Rivero (Cuban vocal quintet)
    --Tybee Afra (dancer at the Rivera) - Billboard girl
    Also: Steve asks what tourists love best about Havana in the "Man on the Street" segment with Nye, Knotts, Poston, and Mortimer Snerd. Rayburn does the show's opening in Spanish and is costumed in flashy traditional Cuban attire.moreless
  • Sam Cooke; Abbe Lane and Xavier Cugat; Ward Bond; Robert Horton
    --Sam Cooke (singer) - "You Send Me" and "For Sentimental Reasons"
    --Abbe Lane (singer) - "They Can't Take That Away From Me"
    --Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra - "Ay Yi Yi" with vocalist Abbe Lane
    --Ward Bond and Robert Horton (actors, from TV's Wagon Train)) appear in a take-off on Westerns with Lane and cowboys Knotts and Nye
    --Johnny Haymer (pantomime comedian)
    Also: "Crazy Shots." Poston and Nye perform Jack Vaughn's vaudeville routine Joe the Bartender.moreless
  • Mike Nichols and Elaine May; Peter Ustinov; Margaret O'Brien; Jerry Vale; Martha Davis & Spouse
    --Mike Nichols and Elaine May (comedy team)
    --Peter Ustinov (actor)
    --Jerry Vale (singer)
    --Margaret O'Brien (actress)
    --Martha Davis and Calvin Ponder (husband and wife piano duo)
  • Anthony Perkins; Mahalia Jackson; Gertrude Berg; George London
    --Anthony Perkins (actor) - sings "How About You?" and performs a western pantomime
    --Mahalia Jackson (Gospel singer) - "Silent Night"
    --Gertrude Berg (comic actress) - as an excited fan who recognizes Steve Allen in a supermarket
    --George London (opera singer) and the U.N. Singers - in a live remote from the U.N. Building, they perform "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God"
    Also: "Robert Youngson's Golden Age Of Comedy" - approx. 7 minutes of vintage silent movie clips including scenes of Will Rogers, Laurel and Hardy, and Carole Lombard. The "Man on the Street" asks Nye, Poston, and Sid Gould what they want for Christmas.moreless
  • Ann Sothern; Lou Costello; Jackie Cain and Roy Kral; Milt Kamin; Steve Lawrence
    --Ann Sothern (actress) - "I Got Rhythm" with Steve on piano. Appears in a "People Watchers" sketch showing different types of women with TV shows. One refuses to wear her needed glasses; another laughs at everything the guest says, even the straight lines; and another has dancers who hate and upstage her (Poston, Nye)
    --Jackie Cain and Roy Kral (jazz vocal team) - "Wish I Were In Love Again" and "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles"
    --Lou Costello (comedian) - does a "Shell Game" sketch with Louis Nye and Tom Poston.
    --Steve Lawrence (singer) - "Keep Your Sunny Side Up" and "Up A Lazy River"
    --Milt Kamin (comedian) - stand-up about animals
    Also: Steve delivers a dramatic, poetic reading of the lyrics to Sam Cooke's "You Send Me."moreless
  • Sal Mineo; Rosemary Clooney; Dale Robertson; Peter Lawford; Guy Lombardo Orchestra
    --Sal Mineo (actor) - medley: "Say You'll Be My Marie," "Too Young," and "Baby Face"
    --Rosemary Clooney - "A Foggy Day In London Town" and "Tonight" (from West Side Story)
    --Shelley Berman (comedian) - does a telephone monologue as a man with a hangover
    --Dale Robertson (actor, from TV's Tales of Wells Fargo)
    --Peter Lawford (actor, from TV's The Thin Man) - plays Steve's son in a sketch set in the future: 1978 --Guy Lombardo and orchestra - the Lombardo Trio performs "Enjoy Yourself"
    Also: The "Man on the Street" asks cowboys (Knotts, Nye, Poston) about TV westerns. In the finale, Clooney, Mineo, Lawford and Allen sing "Dixieland" (backed up by Lombardo and his Orchestra)moreless
  • Errol Flynn; Don Adams; Martha Raye; Jimmy Dean; Jennie Smith; Army-Navy Football Stars
    --Errol Flynn (actor) - in the parody To Tell a Lie, panelists Adams and Raye have to pick the real Errol, with Knotts and Nye as impostors
    --Martha Raye (comedian) - "Come Rain Or Come Shine." She sings "On The Sunny Side Of The Street" as a production number set in a hat shot, then again with things going wrong
    --Don Adams (comedian) - comedy monologue
    --Jimmy Dean (singer) - "Sandy Sleigh Foots"
    --Jennie Smith (singer) - "Sometimes I'm Happy"
    --Army-Navy Football Stars - The captains and players from the 68th annual Army-Navy football game appear ans show footage of the game
  • Audrey Meadows; Joan Caulfield; Sam Levenson; Steve Lawrence; Greta Thyssen; The Treniers; Teal Joy
    --Joan Caulfield (actress) - asks to see Steve's new baby in the opening
    --Audrey Meadows and Greta Thyssen (actresses) - Audrey is Steve's jealous wife when he brings home his work and his sexy secretary. She gives them not a minute's peace.
    --Sam Levenson (comedian) - stand-up on modern appliances vs. the bad old days
    --Steve Lawrence (singer) - "My Baby Just Cares For Me" and "I've Got You Under My Skin"
    --Teal Joy (singer-dancer) - "Do I Love You?" (in English and Chinese)
    --The Treniers - "Rock, Rock, Rock Everybody" and "There's Good Rockin' Tonight."
    Also: The "Man on the Street" tell how they're celebrating Thanksgiving. Boxers Tigger Tyler (Poston) and Rocky Maraschino (Nye) talk to Steve about their recent heavyweight match and show footage from the fight.moreless
  • Ferlin Husky; The King Sisters; Edward Everett Horton; Marie McDonald; Walter Chiari
    --Ferlin Husky (singer) - "16 Tons" and "Don't Be Cruel" (in a demonstration of singing ), and "Stormy Weather"
    --Edward Everett Horton (actor) - a "People Watchers" bit where he observes different types having conversations at a cocktail party
    --King Sisters (singers) - "Easy To Love" and "Imagination"
    --Marie McDonald (actress-singer) - "Love", and as a supermarket shopper who can't remember the products, just their commercial jingles
    --Walter Chiari (actor) - with Nye as Italians having an argument; Knotts tries to break it up
    Also: Steve on piano, with strings, plays "Pretend You Don't See Her"moreless
  • Gloria Swanson; Tony Bennett; Charles Ruggles; Abbe Lane; Xavier Cugat; Jack E. Leonard
    --Gloria Swanson (actress) - plays Norma Desmond in a musical version of "Sunset Boulevard"
    --Tony Bennett (singer) - "Taking A Chance On Love" and "I Never Felt More Like Falling In Love"
    --Charles Ruggles (comic actor) - answering questions as child-rearing expert Dr. Spook
    --Abbe Lane and Xavier Cugat (singer, bandleader) - "Hernando's Hideaway"
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian) - stand-up poking fun at Steve, Skitch, and the show in general
    Also: The "Man on the Street" segment asks about a labor dispute among TV technicians.moreless
  • Jerry Lee Lewis; Dennis Day; Jerry Lewis (cameo) / On film: William Holden and; Alec Guinness
    --Jerry Lee Lewis (rock 'n roll singer) - "Great Balls Of Fire"
    --Dennis Day (singer-comic actor) - "Around the World", joins Steve in rock 'n roll parody of "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
    --Joanne Gilbert (singer) - song about clowns
    --Jerry Lewis (movie comedian) - a cameo as a "Man on the Street" as Steve asks opinions on the astronaut dog
    Also: On film from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Steve interviews William Holden and Alec Guinness on the set of The Bridge On The River Kwai, with scenes from the movie. Nye and Poston then perform a parody of the interview. Knotts does a bit about what happens in a candidate's headquarters on election night.moreless
  • Jerry Vale; William Bendix; Judy Canova; Shelley Berman; Janice Harper
    --Jerry Vale (singer) - "Pretend You Don't See Her" (song written by Steve)
    --William Bendix (comedic actor) - bench warmer with Steve at football game
    --Judy Canova (comedian, as a country girl) - sings "Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me"
    --Shelley Berman (comedian) - phone call comedy routine
    --Janice Harper (singer) - "Bon Voyage"
    --Art Blakely, Candido, Sabu Martinez, Bob Rosengarden (drummers) - a percussion jam session (with Steve playing piano)
    Also: Steve pitches Finster Cruise Lines demonstrated by stock footage of soup lines, pirates, and fires. Poston, Knotts and Nye are the experts in "The Allen Bureau of Standards" sketch end up in a fight.moreless
  • Ginger Rogers, Lou Costello, The Harlem Globetrotters, The Hi-Lo's
    --Ginger Rogers (actress) - portrays the types of "girl singers" on TV: the opera star who sings pop, a sex kitten cooing "Oklahoma!", a singer who smiles through "I'll Never Smile Again", a flat movie star whose voice is covered by the band
    --Lou Costello (comedian) - pokes around a creepy castle with Don and Tom. Lou is terrified by a floating candle and the Frankenstein monster which, of course, the others don't see
    --Harlem Globetrotters (basketball team) - play against Allen's All-Stars: Nye, Poston, Knotts, Costello, Skitch
    --The Hi-Lo's (vocal group) - "A Shine On Your Shoes" and "Laura"
    Also: Steve asks "The Man on the Street" (Nye, Poston, Knotts) how he'd entertain the royal couple. With much fanfare, Steve unveils a new car, the 1958 Blintz. Poston is the senile chairman of the company, Knotts the nervous test driver.moreless
  • Hawaiian Luau episode with Dorothy Lamour, Buddy Knox, Jon Hall
    Hawaiian-themed show with lagoon on stage. Guests:
    --Dorothy Lamour (actress) - medley of her favorites: "The Moon Of Manakoora," "Moonlight And Shadows," and "I Wanna Go Back to My Little Grass Shack"
    --Jon Hall (actor) - joins Steve in a sketch as castaways. Steve gets in a rubber raft to find help while Jon stays behind and makes out with an island girl
    --Buddy Knox (singer) - "Hula Love"
    --Hank Aaron and Dew Burdette (baseball players) - talk with Steve and join the show-closing luau
    Also: "Steve Pineapple and His Hawaiian Gang" has Allen, Poston, Nye, and Knotts as a parody of Hawaiian musical groups; Lamour plays ukulele and sings, Knotts does a hula, and Steve pulls off Poston's wig. Steve plays piano in water while women do synchronized swimming ballet.moreless
  • Anthony Perkins; Broderick Crawford; Joanne Dru; Xavier Cugat ; Abbe Lane; Johnny Puleo
    --Anthony Perkins (actor) - sings "First Romance" and "Moonlight Swim," demonstrates to Steve the various types of autograph hounds
    --Broderick Crawford (actor) - as a tough guy in the "Man on the Street" bit with Nye, Poston, Knotts commenting on the new satellite
    --Joanne Dru (actress) - with Knotts in a sketch trying to make it to the theater on time and everyone they meet is an obstacle
    --Xavier Cugat (bandleader) and Abbe Lane (singer) - "In A Little Spanish Town" with dancers including Killer Joe Piro, they tell Steve about their recent trip to Italy
    --Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang
    Also: Most of the cast appears in a Western parody called Buck Tooth: Man of Action.moreless
  • Corinne Calvet; Jimmy Dean; Jerry Lester; Barbara Nichols; Sugar Ray Robinson; Carmen Basilio
    --Corinne Calvet (French actress) - sings "Runnin' Wild" and "Autumn Leaves"
    --Jerry Lester (comedian) - plays a pith-helmeted African explorer in a stand-up routine
    --Barbara Nichols (singer) - does "(Lookie, Lookie, Lookie) Here Comes Cookie" (with Nye, Poston and Knotts in top hats and tails), then introduces the guys as a breathy blond starlet
    --Sugar Ray Robinson and Carmen Basilio (boxers) - talk to Steve about their recent bout
    --Jimmy Dean (singer) - "Frankie and Johnny" and "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone"
    Also: In a take-off of 1930's orchestra broadcasts, Steve plays the announcer who makes up ridiculous announcements. The orchestra plays "Anything Goes", Lester sings "Vagabond Lover" and Nichols does "These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You".moreless
  • NBC Fall Preview (1957-58 season)
    From Hollywood. This episode features stars NBC shows:
    Bob Cummings (The Bob Cummings Show); Dinah Shore (The Dinah Shore Chevy Show); Ralph Edwards (This Is Your Life); Tennessee Ernie Ford (The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show); Gisele MacKenzie (The GiseleMacKenzie Show); Dennis O'Keefe (Suspicion); George Gobel (The George Gobel Show); Eddie Fisher (The Eddie Fisher Show); Hy Averback; John Payne (The Restless Gun); Ward Bond and Robert Horton (Wagon Train); Peter Lawford (The Thin Man); and Rosemary Clooney (The Lux Show With Rosemary Clooney)
    Also: The "Man on the Street" asks Knotts, Nye, and O'Keefe if they've ever met a movie star. Dinah sings "I'm Following You" with Steve. "The Allen Report to the Nation" on entertainment includes chats with the Wolfman (Nye), the very visible Invisible Man (Knotts), and a cowboy (Payne) being fitted by a tailor. Steve and Tennessee Ernie do "Fascination" with kazoos. Lawford and Allen are explorers in the arctic.moreless