The Steve Allen Show - Season 4

NBC (ended 1960)




Episode Guide

  • Ginger Rogers; Steve Lawrence; Ingemar Johansson
    Scheduled guests:
    --Ginger Rogers (actress) - sings “It’s So Nice to Have a Man Around the House.” Rogers also joins the series regulars in a sketch about flight attendants.
    --Steve Lawrence (singer) - “There’ll Be Some Changes Made”
    --Ingemar Johansson (boxer from Sweeden) talks to Steve Allen about his one-round knockout of Eddie Machen.
    --The entire cast sings "This Could Be the Start of Something Big”moreless
  • Martha Raye; Frank Gorshin; Buddy Greco; The Nikolais Dancers
    --Martha Raye (comedian) - "The Lady Is a Tramp"
    --Frank Gorshin (comedian-impressionist)
    --Buddy Greco - sings "Playing the Field"
    --The Nikolais Dancers
    Also: "The Allen Report to the Nation" investigates crime.
  • Cyril Ritchard; Irene Kral; Eli Mintz; The Axidentals; The Ruth Walton Dancers
    --Cyril Ritchard (musical-comedy star) - sings "Baby Face" as the mad doctor in a Frankenstein musical, with Nye as the Monster (singing "Oh, My Papa") and Dell as Igor.
    --Irene Kral (singer) - "Memphis In June"
     --The Axidentals (vocal group) - "June Is Busting Out All Over" and "Day In Day Out"
    --Eli Mintz (comedian-actor) - does a comedy monologue
    --Ruth Walton Dancers (dancers) - perform during Dayton Allen's novelty tune "Why Not?"
    Also: Various characters have troubles at a front door. Steve interviews himself playing a swami who walks on hot coals.moreless
  • Diahann Carroll; George Gobel; Marty Ingels; Vaughan Monroe; The Naval Aviation Cadet Choir
    --Diahann Carroll - "I Got Plenty Of Nuttin'" and "Porgy, I'm Your Woman Now."
    --George Gobel (comedian) - a medley of moldy old jokes
    --Marty Ingels (comedian) - stand-up routine
    --Vaughn Monroe (singer) - sings a medley of 'Moon' songs: "Blue Moon," "Moon Over Miami," "It's Only A Paper Moon," "Carolina Moon" and "Racing With The Moon" (with Steve Allen on piano)
    --The Nikolais Dancers (experimental dance group)
    --The Naval Aviation Cadet Choir (a.k.a. The Pensacola Naval Air Training Center Cadet Choir) - "There Is Nothin' Like A Dame" and "Anchors Aweigh"
    Also: "The Nutley Kinkley Butley Winkley Report" looks at vacations with Gabe Dell in a grass hut, Poston in Japan, Knotts in an Irish castle, Steve in the desert etc. Desilu Studios are parodied in a take-off on Cuban TV shows. Steve and Knotts in a look at sportscasters.moreless
  • Lenny Bruce; Sarah Vaughan; Anita Ekberg; Tommy Prisco; Georgie Tapps
    --Lenny Bruce (comedian) - stand-up routine on reviews in newspapers, and does bit with Steve about a DJ interviewing a rock singer
    --Sarah Vaughan (singer) - "Just One Of Those Things" and "Misty"
    --Anita Ekberg (actress) - in a detectives take-off featuring Steve as a private eye, she sings "It Had To Be You" as she poisons his drink
    --Tommy Prisco (singer) - "Only Once"
    --Georgie Tapps (dancer) - tap dance production number with other dancers
    Also: Steve is the emcee in an awards show parody. "The Allen Report to the Nation" looks at teenagers with Poston hosting a TV dance show a la Dick Clark, and Nye in his teen daughter's room. Steve salutes Tom Poston's recent Emmy Award win for his supporting work on this series.moreless
  • Tony Bennett; Jimmie Rodgers; Jean Shepherd; The Modernaires; Betty Walker
    --Tony Bennett (singer) - "Strike Up The Band," "The Man That Got Away," and "Anything Goes"
    --Jimmie Rodgers (singer) - "I'm Just A Country Boy"
    --The Modernaires (vocal group) - "April In Paris" and "Laura"
     --Jean Shepherd (author-comedian) - monologue about baseball and the Chicago White Sox
    --Betty Walker (comedian) - does a telephone monologue
    Also: Poston quizzes Steve as "The Answer Man." The news magazine sketch features Knotts as a fashion reporter, travel reporter Poston playing golf in a kilt, and Nye reviewing a Mexican restaurant.moreless
  • Richard Kiley; Georgia Gibbs; Jack E. Leonard; Carole Costello; Tribute to Lou Costello
    --Richard Kiley (actor) - performs "Mack The Knife" (with dancers)
    --Georgia Gibbs (singer) - "Today I Love Everybody" and "Up A Lazy River"
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian) - stand-up routine
    --Carole Costello (Lou Costello's daughter) - sings "My Melancholy Baby"
    Also: A tribute to Lou Costello (died 3/3/1959) with Steve introducing a clip (from 5/18/1959) with Lou and regulars playing clumsy soldiers. Steve interviews himself as El Chicken, the bullfighter. "The Allen Bureau of Standards" looks at insecticides with scientist Knotts, delivery man Dell, and Poston with a fly swatter. Steve plays "How High the Moon" with singers and orchestra.moreless
  • Diana Dors; George Jessel; Don Elliott; Mark Murphy; Richard Dawson (cameo)
    --Diana Dors (British movie star) - sings "Love" (production number with male dancers), plays the femme fatale in a film noir parody Sam Allen, Private Eye, Dors' fiance Richard Dawson makes a cameo
    --George Jessel (comedian) - does a comedy monologue
    --Mark Murphy (singer) - "This Could Be The Start Of Something Big"
    --Don Elliott (jazz musician) - "The Boys" (xylophone number with Steve)
    Also: "Where Are they Now?" with Dell as a former horror movie star, Dayton Allen as an ex-trapeze artist, and Harrington as ex-jockey. A talk show take-off includes Knotts as Elia Kazan, Nye as Brando, and Poston as silent movie star Francis X. Tishman.moreless
  • Lenny Bruce; The Three Stooges; Connie Russell; David Allen
    --Lenny Bruce (comedian) - does monologue about his infamy
    --The Three Stooges (comics) - their famous "Maharaja" skit. Steve slaps all three Stooges with one swing
    --Connie Russell (singer) - "Caravan" and "You've Changed"
    --David Allen (singer) - "Get Out Of Town" and duet with Russell on novelty tune "The Cigarette Song"
    Also: A sketch on the different types of American millionaires: the playboy (Poston), the self-made (Nye), and the Hollywood star (Knotts as Frankie Success). Poston interviews songwriters Rise & Shine (Allen, Nye). Nye sings "Mimi" like Chevalier. Stooges do "Putting Our Heads Together". Steve and cast sing "The Van Cliburn Cha-Cha-Cha."moreless
  • Sammy Davis Jr.; Frank Gorshin; Joanne Gilbert; Carlos Montoys; Sessue Hayakawa
    Guests (90 minute episode):
    --Sammy Davis, Jr. (singer) - "Let's Face The Music And Dance", a medley including "Birth of the Blues", and "Fascinating Rhythm" with Steve
    --Frank Gorshin (comedian) - impressions of Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Steiger and others
    --Joanne Gilbert (actress) - "It Ain't Necessarily So" (with dancers) and "Hello Bluebird"
    --Carlos Montoya (guitarist) - plays Spanish/Latin songs
    --Sessue Hayakawa (silent movie star) - joins in silent commercial parody; clip of Hayakawa's 1914 silent film The Typhoon
    --Nikolais Dancers (dance troupe)
    Also: "The Nutley/Hinkley/Butley/Winkley Report" looks at spring activities including mountain climbing and fashion. Poston quizzes "The Question Man." Steve gives dramatic readings to livid "Letters to the Editor." "Crazy Shots." The jazz group The U.F.O.'s performs with Steve (steel drum), Nye (scraping a block of ice), Knotts (guitar) and Harrington (violin).moreless
  • Charlton Heston; Jonathan Winters; Peter Lawford; Jayne Meadows; Debra Paget
    Guests (special 90-minute episode):
    --Jonathan Winters (comedian) - monologue about a family picnic
    --Peter Lawford (actor) - with Steve as astronauts going to the moon
    --Charlton Heston (actor) - as handsome but lousy Western movie actor who infuriates director Poston with his mistakes
    --Jayne Meadows (actress) - sings "The Gazebo" and "Hunger"
    --Debra Paget (actress) - dances production number to "Tequila"
    Also: "The Allen Report to the Nation" is on babies with Knotts as average father and Nye as a small town doctor. Discussing Hawaiian statehood in "Man on the Street" are Nye (Gordon Hathaway), Winters (Maude Frickert, Elwood Suggins), regular guys Heston and Lawford, and Meadows. Lawford, Heston and Allen in Foreign legion number.moreless
  • Johnny Carson; Zsa Zsa Gabor; Earl "Fatha" Hines; Vic Damone; Jane Harvey
    --Johnny Carson (comedian) - stand-up as Jack Benny reading a bedtime story
    --Zsa Zsa Gabor (actress) - at her front door with a salesman (Dayton Allen) and a nervous date (Knotts)
    --Earl "Fatha" Hines (jazz pianist) - "St. Louis Blues"
    --Vic Damone (singer) - "I've Got You Under My Skin", "Pretend You Don't See Her"
    --Jane Harvey (singer) - "Misty", "Everyday's A Holiday" (with Damone)
    Also: A news magazine parody with Knotts as a nervous entertainment reporter, Nye reviewing a Chinese restaurant, and Poston at a bar. Allen and Nye are Tin Pan Alley songwriters Rise & Shine with Poston singing about a mother's advice to her Army son ("Don't Mix In") and Knotts as Sinatra crooning the alphabet.moreless
  • Jayne Mansfield; Eydie Gorme; Tommy Leonetti
    --Jayne Mansfield (actress) - "The Allen Report to the Nation" examines a day in her life, plays violin in comic bit with Steve
    --Eydie Gorme (singer) - "Love Is The Season" and "When The Sun Comes Out"
    --Tommy Leonetti (singer) - "Moonlight Serenade"
    Also: Steve plays "The Peanut Vendor" on piano as couples dance. World leaders hawk products in commercials: Khrushchev (Nye) pitches toothpaste, Castro (Knotts) sells exploding shaving cream, Charles de Gaulle (Poston) for headache pills. The regulars play senators and gangsters in a parody of Senate hearings on the mob's control of the jukebox industry.moreless
  • Andy Griffith; Diana Dors; Otto Harbach; The Three Stooges; Jimmy Hurst
    --Andy Griffith (actor-comedian) - tells the story of "Romeo and Juliet" in a comedy monologue
    --Diana Dors (British actress) - sings "Thanks A Lot, But No Thanks" in a production number and "How About You?" with Steve
    --Otto Harbach (composer) - After being presented with an award for writing "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Harbach recites the song's lyrics.
    --The Three Stooges (comedians) - do a Western sketch about movie stuntmen in a saloon
    --Jimmy Hurst (singer) - "On The Street Where You Live"
    Also: Dors and the Stooges join in a whacked-out newscast when "The Nutley (Allen), Hinkley (Poston), Butley, Winkley (Knotts) Report" profiles art. Diana and Steve demonstrate the differences between an American film and a foreign film.moreless
  • Frank Gorshin; Terry Gibbs; Ray Anthony and his Band; Diane Maxwell
    Scheduled guests (broadcast from Hollywood):
    --Frank Gorshin (comedian) - does celebrity impressions
    --Ray Anthony (bandleader with his band) - perform "Peter Gunn" theme and "Baby, What You Did to Me."
    --Terry Gibbs (jazz musician)
    --Diane Maxwell (singer)
    Also on this episode:
    --Steve Allen presents Hollywood Merit Awards to Edward Byrnes, Tony Curtis, Sandra Dee, David Ladd, David Nelson and Debbie Reynolds.moreless
  • Liberace; Steve Lawrence; Marie McDonald; Phil Silvers (cameo)
    --Steve Lawrence (singer) - "I Only Have Eyes For You"
    --U.S. Army Chorus (choir) - "The Army Goes Rolling Along" and "You Never Walk Alone" with Lawrence
    --Liberace (pianist) - "The Warsaw Concerto" and "There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano"
    --Marie McDonald (actress) - in a parody commercial as a wife doing laundry, sings "Old Devil Moon"
    Also: "Where Are They Now?" with Poston as former opera star who sings like a skipping record, Knotts as an ex-track star with women's legs, and Nye as a mobster. Knotts plays a man who's been awake for eight days. "The Sunday Night Lecture Series" features Dayton Allen in a monologue as a surgeon. Phil Silvers (cameo) as Sgt. Bilko marches comic soldiers onstage.moreless
  • Martha Raye; Carl Ballantine; Danny Staton; Woody Herman
    --Martha Raye (comedian) - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is done as a comic musical with Poston and Raye; they turn into, among others, Arthur and Kathryn Murray (cameos); sings "Pennies From Heaven"
    --Carl Ballantine (comedian) - as "The Amazing Mr. Ballantine, The World's Greatest Magician"
    --Danny Staton (singer) - "Love And Affection"
    Also: Steve hosts a news magazine with Nye, Knotts, Poston, and Dayton Allen. In the finale, "Back Home Again in Indiana" is performed in various jazz styles: Rex Stuart (coronet), Pee Wee Russell (clarinet), Eddie Condon perform a Dixieland version; Hank Jones (piano), Al Clink (sax), and Woody Herman as swing; and the Gerry Mulligan Quartet (Art Farmer, Dave Bailey, Bill Crow) as modern jazz.moreless
  • Lee Marvin; Johnny Carson; James Darren; Dolores Gray
    --Lee Marvin (actor) - plays the same detective show sketch in various : underplayed, overplayed, with violence
    --Johnny Carson (comedian) - stand-up as a TV kid's show host with a hangover
    --James Darren (actor-singer) - sings "There's No Such Thing As The Next Best Thing To Love", talks with Steve about Gidget
    --Dolores Gray (musical-comedy star) - "Speak Low" and "Fascinating Rhythm" as production numbers
    Also: The experts of "The Allen Bureau of Standards" (Nye, Poston, Knotts) examines paper napkins. In a split screen bit, Steve plays the pianist and singer.moreless
  • Esther Williams / Vic Damone / Jennie Smith / The Mary Dwight Swimmers
    --Esther Williams (actress/swimmer) - as a 1920s bathing beauty, she has trouble with her pools chair and gets help from he-men Nye, Knotts, and Poston; the guys play servants at her Hollywood home
    --Vic Damone (singer) - "Almost Like Being In Love" and "Out Of Nowhere"
    --Jennie Smith (singer) - "'S Wonderful"
    --The Mary Dwight Swimmers - perform a water ballet with Esther Williams
    Also: "The Allen Report to the Nation" on water includes Nye as the water commissioner, Knotts as a lousy dam builder, and Poston as a soggy Tarzan. Allen, Williams, Damone and Smith in pool production of "Back In Your Own Backyard". Steve is the pitchman for Barracuda Brothers pools, illustrated with wacky silent movie footage.moreless
  • Diana Dors / Perez Prado and his Orchestra / The Three Stooges
    --Diana Dors (British actress) - sings "Give Me The Simple Life", plays "Mad Libs" with Steve and audience
    --Perez Prado & his Orchestra - perform "Patricia Pop" and a medley: "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" and "Mambo Jambo"
    --The Three Stooges - "Because of You", an operating room sketch
    --Chuck McCann (comedian) - A take-off on Arthur Godfrey (Steve as Arthur Birdseed), Nye as Oscar Levant, and McCann as Jackie Gleason
    Also: A parody of reality drama shows with a "real" family trying to play themselves in their haunted house (with Allen, Knotts, Nye, Poston, and Jane Dulo). Steve makes up songs based on newspaper headlines.moreless
  • Roy Hamilton; The King Sisters; Patrice Munsel; Chuck McCann
    Roy Hamilton (singer) - "Somewhere Along The Way"
    The King Sisters (singers) - "What's New?" and "Deep Purple"
    Patrice Munsel (opera singer) - "Clear Out Of This World" and selection from a Puccini opera
    Chuck McCann (comedian) - with Poston in a Laurel and Hardy routine as vacuum cleaner salesmen
    Also: Knotts plays a panicked TV weatherman who stalls for time when he can't get through to the weather bureau. Steve plays "The Answer Man" (bit later used by Carson as Carnac). "The Nutley Hinkley Butley Winkly Report" looks at 1959 with all the regulars.moreless
  • The Four Lads; Pat Kirby; Hayes Alan Jenkins; Nancy Lee Parker; Nick Powers; 1959 Ice Follies
    --The Four Lads (vocal group) - "Breezin' Along With The Breeze", and a production number to "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm" with all the cast
    --Pat Kirby (singer) - "Moonlight In Vermont"
    --Hayes Alan Jenkins, Nancy Lee Parker, Nick Powers (figure skaters) and others from the 1959 Ice Follies
    --Also: Nye, Poston and Knotts are the "Ice Cubes", an ice skating act that can't. Steve asks the "Man on the Street" (Nye, Knotts, Poston) for their New Year resolutions. Steve conducts intense interviews with a chicken plucker, and a guest as belligerent as the host. Poston hosts the rigged game show Lotsa Luck.moreless
  • Ingrid Bergman; Tony Bennett; Jonathan Winters; Clara Ward and Her Gospel Singers

    Steve's guests are Tony Bennett, Jonathan Winters, and Clara Ward and Her Gospel Singers. Ingrid Bergman and Curt Jurgens appear on film.
    --Tony Bennett sings "Love, Look Away" and "By Myself."
    --Clara Ward and Her Gospel Singers sing a medley: "Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen," "Glory Hallelujah" and "Swing Low Sweet Chariot."
    Finale: Tony Bennett sings "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." Steve Allen and the series regulars sing "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"
    --Jonathan Winters (comedian) - interviews the "Unidentified Flying Objects," a (phony) beatnik band consisting of Allen, Knotts, Harrington, and Nye.
    --On film, Ingrid Bergman and Curt Jurgens are interviewed on the UK set of their movie The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. From the studio, Steve replaces the original interview questions with new questions that make Bergman's and Jurgens' replies sound ridiculous.
    --Steve appears as "The Answer Man."
    --Harrington plays a barber who shaves Knotts with a straight razor to classical music.
    --Steve sings "A Yule That's Cool" with sexy female "reindeer."

  • Joan Davis; Sugar Ray Robinson; Leo Delyon; The Hi-Los; Andre Previn
    --Joan Davis (comedian) - joins Allen, Nye, Poston, Harrington and Knotts in The Life of Helen Burdett, a daytime soap opera where the teleprompter goes berserk and gives the actors their lines all out of order
    --Sugar Ray Robinson (boxer) - sings "Mr. Success" and "It's Oh So Nice To Come Home", duets with Steve on "The Lady's In Love With You"

    --Leo DeLyon (comedian) - routine includes whistling one song while humming another
    --The Hi-Lo's (vocal group) - "Dancing on the Ceiling" and "Clap Your Hands"
    --Andre Previn (pianist) - plays number with orchestra

    Also: The experts of "The Allen Bureau of Standards" (Nye, Knotts, Poston) test toys with goofy results.moreless
  • Pat Boone, Don Adams; Hildegarde; Augie and Margo
    --Don Adams (comedian) - stand-up monologue
    --Pat Boone (singer) - "Stardust" and duet with Steve on "Loyalty"
    --Hildegarde (singer) - medley: "The Last Time I Saw Paris," "All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings," "I Love You, Yes I Do" (in French) and "Mein Herzen" (in German)
    --Augie and Margo (dance duo) - perform to music from Bell, Book and Candle
    Also: Steve does a take-off on the Charles Atlas ads hawking the Harry Hercules Heath Club with Knotts as "before" and a gorilla as "after". A take-off on ballroom dance shows with Hildegarde and Nye as Sandra and Arthur Merry, featuring dancing by Knotts as Frank Sinatra and Poston as silent star Francis X. Tishman.moreless
  • Claudette Colbert / Jackie Cooper / Lambert, Hendricks and Ross / Carol Hughes / Roger Ray
    --Claudette Colbert (actress) - portrays different types of party hostesses: the neat freak, the one who can't remember guests names, and one who forces a guest to entertain
    --Jackie Cooper (actor) - sings "I Kissed Her Best of All" and "When My Sugar Walks Down The Street" (as a soft shoe with Allen, Poston, Knotts and Nye)
    --Carol Hughes (actress) - sings "Breezin' Along With The Breeze"
    --Roger Ray (comedian-musician) - plays the xylophone in his act
    --Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (vocal group) - sing instrumental songs "Avenue C" and "Everyday"
    Also: Poston quizzes Steve in "The Answer Man."moreless
  • Count Basie; Joe Williams; Alan Young; Anna Maria Alberghetti; Don Cornell
    --Count Basie and his Orchestra
    --Joe Williams (singer performing with Count Basie's band)
    --Alan Young (comic actor)
    --Anna Maria Alberghetti (singer)
    --Don Cornell (singer)
    Also: Allen, Nye, Knotts and Poston do a "Where Are They Now?" sketch and a take-off on modern jazz.
  • Harry Belafonte and the Belafonte Singers; Johnny Carson; Martha Raye
    --Harry Belafonte and The Belafonte Singers - "Down In Cora" and "When The Saints Go Marching In" (as an old English madrigal), "All My Trials Lord, Soon Be Over," "Woman Is Smarter" and "God Bless The Child."
    --Johnny Carson (comedian) - in monologue, combines the Sunday TV shows Ed Sullivan, Steve Allen, and Maverick playing poker
    --Martha Raye (comedian) - sings "My Funny Valentine," appears in a sketch that demonstrates what goes wrong when actors take a play on the road
  • Jane Russell; Mike Nichols & Elaine May; Earl Grant; George Melachrino
    Scheduled guests:
    --Jane Russell (actress)
    --Mike Nichols and Elaine May (comedy team)
    --Earl Grant (singer)
    --George Melachrino and his orchestra
  • Dave Brubeck; Peter Ustinov; Laura Leslie; Dorothy Collins; Warren Covington; Augie & Margo
    --Peter Ustinov (actor)- as different types of candidates going door-to-door
    --Dave Brubeck Quartet (jazz musicians) - "I'm In A Dancing Mood"
    --Laura Leslie (singer) - "Lollipops To Lipstick"
    --Dorothy Collins (singer, from Your Hit Parade) - "Lover" and "But Not For Me"
    --Augie and Margo (dance duo) - dance the "Tea for Two Cha Cha"
    --Warren Covington (trombonist) - accompanies Augie and Margo
    Also: Ustinov interviews the beatnik jazz group The Unidentified Flying Objects: Steve on tuba, Pat Harrington Jr. as Lawrence Welk on accordion, Nye on rocks, and Poston on conga drum. "The Allen Report to the Nation" is on the moon rocket with scientist Poston and test pilot Harrington. Steve is "The Question Man."moreless
  • Gertrude Berg; Tony Bennett; Kathy Linden; The Harlem Globetrotters; Peter Lawford
    --Gertrude Berg (comic actress) - hosts a splashy variety show a la Dinah Shore and attempts "Blues in the Night"; in Molly Hitchcock Presents, she parodies the director in a stand-up
    --Tony Bennett (singer) - "Old Man River" and "Firefly"
    --Kathy Linden (singer) - "You'd Be Surprised" and "Bill"
    --Peter Lawford (actor) - in game show parody The Price is Correct: Lawford on a throne is the grand prize
    --The Harlem Globetrotters (basketball team) - play against Allen's All-Stars (Nye, Lawford, Poston, Henderson, Bennett) and coach Goldberg serves chicken soup from a bucket; Walter Kennedy does commentary
    Also: In "Teamwork USA", Nye, Poston, and Harrington are bumblers at a Weather Bureau office reporting on a hurricane.moreless
  • Lloyd Bridges; Nancy Walker; Larry Daniels; Carole Simpson; The Rocky Mario Trio
    --Lloyd Bridges (actor) - does bit with Steve as fish in an aquarium
    --Nancy Walker (comedian) - as glamorous teacher in sketch about what educational TV will be like, with Poston as game show-type emcee and Nye as a professor plugging his book
    --Larry Daniels (comedian) - stand-up routine
    --Carole Simpson sings "Look At Me Now" (with the Rocky Mario Trio) and "How Long Has This Been Going On"
    Also: "Where Are They Not" bit with Nye as an old aviator, Harrington as boxer (now bartender), and Poston as a one-time silent film star. In finale, Walker, Bridges and Allen are at a carnival in "Make Me Laugh" production.moreless
  • Joan Davis; Art Linkletter; Jimmie Rodgers; Ray Anthony
    From Hollywood. Guests:
    --Joan Davis (TV/movie comedian) - stars in take-off of Zorro (called Zelda) with props that don't work, joins Steve for song and dance "Who's Got the Pain"
    --Art Linkletter (TV personality) - chats with Steve's three kids and gets comic responses
    --Jimmie Rodgers (pop singer) - "Are You Really Mine?" and a variation of "The Mockingbird Song"
    --Ray Anthony (trumpeter) - "That Old Black Magic"
    Also: Steve and his guests play "Mad Libs." Nye is an officer over new recruits at boot camp. Steve plays "Almost in Your Arms" from Houseboat with male vocalistsmoreless
  • NBC Fall Preview (1958-59 season)
    From Hollywood. This episode features stars of NBC shows:

    Gene Barry (of Bat Masterson); Milton Berle (Kraft Music Hall); Ronnie Burns (son of George and Gracie); Bob Cummings (The Bob Cummings Show); Buddy Ebsen & Keith Larsen (Northwest Passage); Ralph Edwards (This Is Your Life); George Gobel (The George Gobel Show); Bob Hope; Robert Horton (Wagon Train); Peter Lawford (The Thin Man); Lee Marvin (M Squad); Jeff Richards (Jefferson Drum); Groucho Marx (You Bet Your Life); Patty McCormick (Billboard Girl); George Montgomery (Cimarron City); George Nader (The Further Adventures Of Ellery Queen); Dinah Shore (The Dinah Shore Chevy Show); Craig Stevens (Peter Gunn); and Ed Wynn.
    Also: Gobel does a monologue explaining TV programming. Dinah and Steve sing about the new season. Hope's monologue is aimed at Steve. Groucho is a grouchy audience member. "The Allen Report to the Nation" looks at horror movies and westerns.moreless
  • Audrey Meadows; Jayne Meadows; Roberta Sherwood; Mary Ann Mobley
    Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows' European Vacation episode. Guests:
    --Audrey Meadows (actress) - in London hotel setting, Steve and Jayne wait for Audrey to arrive
    --Roberta Sherwood (singer) - "Up A Lazy River" (parody) and "You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You"
    --Mary Ann Mobley (Miss America) - chats with Steve at close
    Also: Steve and Jayne sing "I Remember It Well." Jayne and Audrey sing about shopping in Paris. In a restaurant in Italy, the couple tries to order with no help from a waiter (Harrington). Back at U.S. Customs, Nye checks passports and the tosses contents of their luggage everywhere. Steve, Audrey, Jayne and Roberta in finale of "Back in Your Own Backyard."moreless
  • Andy Griffith; Steve Lawrence; Eydie Gorme; The McGuire Sisters
    4th Season Premiere. Guests:
    --Andy Griffith (comedian)- monologue about wives and marriage counselors
    --Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme (singers) - "Things We Did Last Summer," "Darn It, Baby, That's Love" and "Friendship" (with Steve)
    --The McGuire Sisters (vocal trio) - "Volare," "How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm," and "Deep in the Heart of Texas" (substituting in the new state of Alaska)
    Also: Steve uses ancient photos to show the stars of this summer's TV series. Poston hosts the rigged quiz show "Lotsa Luck" with contestant Knotts. Steve introduces new acts from Europe: Knotts as a Spanish dancer, Nye as an Italian singer, and Poston as a French mime. In the plug for next week's show, done as a movie trailer, Roberta Sherwood, Jayne and Audrey Meadows appear in cameos as themselves.moreless