The Steve Allen Show - Season 5

NBC (ended 1960)




Episode Guide

  • Mort Sahl; Diana Dors
    Series Finale Guests:
    --Mort Sahl (comedian) - performs a monologue
    --Diana Dors (singer/actress)
  • Jonathan Winters; Phil Haris; Patrice Munsel
    --Jonathan Winters (comedian) - acts out a prison movie
    --Patrice Munsel (opera singer)
    --Phil Harris (comedian) - sings "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette" backed by the Buddy Cole Quintet. In a sketch, he auditions musicians for his band in a small town. The choices include a beatnik drummer, and a lousy singer/piano team (Nye, Allen). For the show, Phil has them lip-sync to a record that keeps skipping.
    --The North American Air Defense (Norad) Command Band - a medley of patriotic songs
    Also: Steve introduces the night's guests with the song "That's What I Like About the Show". Steve asks about an impending theater actors strike at a Broadway bar. He speaks with hammy actor Sir Cedric Clive Olivier (Nye), the bartender (Harrington), and playwright Jose Jimenez (Dana).moreless
  • Ginger Rogers; Tony Bennett; Erroll Garner; Henny Youngman


    --Ginger Rogers (movie star) - sings and dances "Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries".

    --Tony Bennett (singer) - with the Ralph Sharon Quartet performs "Mam'selle", "Lullaby of Broadway", and "This Could Be the Start of Something Big" with Steve and Ginger.

    --Erroll Garner (pianist) - performs with his jazz group.

    --Henny Youngman (comedian) - stand-up routine. Also, he tells Steve women comics need to be more feminine, leading to a bit with slinky blonde (Rogers) sashaying around her boudoir telling jokes in her nightie.

    --As head of new programs at "Screen Bombs" studio, Steve discusses their hit shows including, new for fall, "The Wonderful World of Violence" where the host and announcer beat each other senseless. Jose Jiminez (Dana) talks to Steve as an officer of the submarine Triton.
  • Charles Laughton; Martha Raye; Mark Murphy

    --Charles Laughton (actor) - customer at nightclub who has to constantly tip for everything and is called onstage to be a magician's assistant
    --Martha Raye (comedian) - sings "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm",
    --Mark Murphy (singer) - "Two Ladies in de Shade of de Banana Tree"
    Also: The cast breaks up frequently in a sketch with Raye performing at lousy nightclub; she falls through stage, is hit with boom mike, and bandleader is Fats Banana (Knotts).

  • Charlton Heston; Rise Stevens; Jerry Vale; Jackie Mason
    --Charlton Heston (actor) - overacts scene from Ben Hur with Stevens, as different types of fans badgering a star (Steve) in a restaurant
    --Rise Stevens (opera singer) - sings number from Carmen, with Steve at the movies watching silent film stars (performed by cast)
    --Jerry Vale (singer) - "Solitaire"
    --Jackie Mason (comedian) - stand-up routine
    Also: Steve channel surfs to a John Cameron Swayze (Nye) Timex commercial, Ed Sullivan (Mason), a surgeon who can't get on his gloves (Harrington), a war movie (Knotts), Loretta Young (Nye), and more Ed Sullivan.moreless
  • Johnny Carson; Diana Dors; Johnny Mercer; Belle Montrose
    --Johnny Carson (comedian) - does stand-up
    --Diana Dors (actress) - sings "Hooray For Love" in a production number
    --Johnny Mercer (composer) - duet with Steve singing songs about the weather, time, temperature and geography
    --Belle Montrose (Steve's mother) - as a wise-cracking elderly "Billboard Girl" for the older male viewers, plus Nye as a sexy "Billboard Boy" for the women
    Also: Steve, in 1980, looks back at the 1970s with Dayton Allen as the man who cured the common cold, Harrington as an astronaut who brings back a sexy blond Martian, and Nye in a TV show that combines education and entertainment (pies are thrown).moreless
  • Ann Blyth; Nick Adams; Jan Murray; The Nikolais Dancers
    --Ann Blyth (actress) - sings "Baubles, Bangles And Beads." With Steve, depicts the evolution of a singer from a nervous amateur to a confident diva
    --Nick Adams (actor, from the TV'a The Rebel) - sings "I Fell In Love With The Enemy"
    --Jan Murray (comedian) - monologue on his last series
    --The Alwin Nikolais Dancers (modern dance troupe)
    Also: Steve shows newspaper headlines which are accompanied by short sight gags. Knotts, as a pitcher at spring train, is seen in slow motion. Steve quizzes patrons of a British pub (Nye, Dell, Dana as Jiminez) about the marriage of Princess Margaret. At an actors' union meeting has Adams representing the character actors as a Civil War soldier, Nye as Marlon Brando for the tough guys, and Dell as a stuntman.moreless
  • Juliet Prowse; Mort Sahl; Tony Martin / On film: Can-Can Premiere
    --Mort Sahl (comedian) - stand-up routine
    --Juliet Prowse (dancer) - "Lorelei" with male dancers as sailors
    --Tony Martin (singer) - "The Sound Of Music" and "Undecided"
    Also: The show goes "bizarro" when Steve interviews Martin with questions designed for Prowse, Sahl (badly) sings Martin's song, Knotts does Sahl's stand-up, Sahl performs Steve's piano number (using a record player), and Nye necks with woman in audience. At the movie premiere of Can-Can, (on film) Steve interviews celebrities including Fred MacMurray and wife June Haver, Jayne Mansfield and husband Mickey Hargitay, Tony Randall and wife Florence Gibbs, Buddy Adler and wife Anita Louise. Jose Jimenez does live commercial for Plymouth.moreless
  • Nat King Cole; Cyril Ritchard; Charles Manna; Ann Richards
    Scheduled guests:
    --Nat King Cole (singer) - joins Steve Allen for a piano duet.
    --Cyril Ritchard - appears in a musical parody of "The Invisible Man"
    --Charles Manna (comedian)
    --Ann Richards (singer)
  • Maurice Evans; Martha Raye; Johnny Desmond; Tom Poston
    From New York City. Guests:
    --Maurice Evans (actor) - plays a British general in an American Revolutionary War sketch
    --Martha Raye (comedian-actress) - sings "Pennies From Heaven", does multiple takes of a sleeping pill commercial with Poston and the two get stoned on them
    --Johnny Desmond (singer) - "Time On My Hands" and "Please"
    --Tom Poston (former series regular)
    Also: "The Allen Bureau of Standards" examines a shoe company with experts Nye, Poston and Dana. Raye, Allen and Evans sing "You Gotta Give The People Hope."moreless
  • Henry Fonda; Tony Bennett; Don Adams; Tom Poston; The Jazztet; Pat Kirby
    From New York City's Colonial Theater. Guests:
    --Henry Fonda (actor) - with Poston, confused by bizarre modern art at museum
    --Tony Bennett (singer) - "Anything Goes," "Come Rain Or Come Shine" and "Fascinating Rhythm" with Les Brown and orchestra
    --Don Adams (comedian) - plays a courtroom attorney in a stand-up routine
    --The Jazztet (experimental jazz group) - includes Art Farmer, Benny Golson, and Curtis Fuller
    --Pat Kirby (singer) - "When My Ship Comes In"
    Also: The show opens with a medley of songs about New York with Fonda, Bennett, Kirby, Dell, Nye, Poston, and Steve and Dayton Allen, eventually running out of good songs. Steve promotes (phony) new books. A mess hall banquet is held in honor of Elvis' discharge from the Army with regulars.
  • Julie London; Buddy Hackett; Julius LaRosa
    --Buddy Hackett (comedian) - stand-up about family and kids
    --Julie London (singer) - "Cry Me River" and "It's A Blue World"
    --Julius LaRosa (singer) - "'S Wonderful" and "There Will Never Be Another You"
    Also: Steve introduces quick blackouts about newspapers. A Western star (Dell) holds auditions for a sidekick; applicants include Hackett, Knotts and Nye. Steve plays "Mad Libs" with "Billboard Girl" Mittie Lawrence and audience.moreless
  • Steve Lawrence, Carlos Montoya; Jayne Meadows
    --Steve Lawrence (singer) - "Night And Day," "After You've Gone," and "A Boy Around the House" with Steve and Jayne
    --Carlos Montoya (musician) - plays Spanish Flamenco guitar
    --Jayne Meadows (actress)
    Also: In a take-off on theater and "method acting", Nye pretends to be a table and teacher Harrington eats off of him, Jose Jimenez (Dana) performs Shakespeare, and a gangster ballet.moreless
  • Tony Randall; Jo Stafford; Jean Wald and her Swingin' Mothers
    --Tony Randall (comic actor)
    --Jo Stafford (singer)
    --Jean Wald and her Swingin' Mothers (jazz band consisting entirely of women over the age of 50)
    Also: A bit on scene stealing in show business. "The Allen Report to the nation" is on presidential candidates.
  • Jimmy Durante; Peggy Lee; Bobby Di Neri
    --Jimmy Durante (comedian)
    --Peggy Lee (singer)
    --Bobby Di Neri (singer)
  • Tony Bennett; Jayne Meadows; Caroline Richter; Monica Zetterlund
    --Jayne Meadows (singer/actress) - plays the bride in the musical Wife of Frankenstein with the mad doctor (Steve), the monster (Louis) and Igor (Bill Dana) who also falls for her charms.
    --Caroline Richter (comedian) - a monologue as a society woman talking to her ex-husband
    --Tony Bennett (singer) - "Taking a Chance on Love", "in My Solitude", "Sing You Sinners", "Wait for Me" with Steve,
    --Monica Zetterlund (Swedish singer) - "I Can't Give You Anything But Love"
    Also: In the audience Steve talks a chaplain, giggling tourists from Seattle, and a 16-year-old girl to whom he awards a giant salami.moreless
  • Keenan Wynn; Sheree North; Roger Williams; Belle Montrose
    Scheduled guests:
    --Keenan Wynn (actor, from the NBC TV series "Troubleshooters")
    --Sheree North (dancer-actress)
    --Roger Williams (pianist)
    --Belle Montrose (vaudeville performer, Steve Allen's mother) - performs one of her old vaudeville routines with Steve.
  • David Allen; Irene Kral; The Nicolais Dancers / The 10th Annual Magazine Awards
    Scheduled guests:
    --David Allen (singer)
    --Irene Kral (singer)
    --The Nicolais Dancers
    Also on this show:
    --The 10th Annual Magazine Awards (remote from New York City). Former Steve Allen Show regular Tom Poston presents awards to Fred Astaire, Walter Cronkite, Garry Moore, Red Skelton, Jane Wyatt and Robert Young.
  • Gene Autry; Patti Page; Frank Gorshin
    --Gene Autry (cowboy actor/singer) - Christmas songs on his guitar
    --Patti Page (singer) - songs from The Sound of Music
    --Frank Gorshin (comedian/impressionist)
    Also: On "Where are They Now?, Steve interviews a lion tamer, a champion skier, and a silent movie star.
  • Vic Damone; Andre Previn; Jayne Meadows; Steve Allen's Children
    --Vic Damone (singer) - "Me And My Shadow" and "Falling In Love With Love"
    --Andre Previn (pianist) - duet on "Whats New?" with Steve as both play pianos and guests dance
    --Sandra "Sandy" Warner (singer) - "All I Want For Christmas Is Your Love"
    --Jayne Meadows (actress - singer)
    Also: "The Man on the Street" asked about the president's goodwill tour include Harrington, Dana (Jose Jimenez), and Nye (Gordon Hathaway). Steve gives bar patron Don lousy marital advice, leading to the Allen family at home (with Jayne and their kids Steve Jr., Brian, and David).moreless
  • Tony Randall; Jo Stafford; Buddy Hackett; Miriam Makeba
    --Tony Randall (comic actor) - in a horror musical, enters a castle full of vampires and is turned into one, with hunchback Boris (Knotts) and a vampire killer (Harrington)
    --Buddy Hackett (comedian) - stand-up about married life
    --Miriam Mekeba (singer) - "Intoyam" and "Lovely Eyes"
    --Jo Stafford (singer) - "Speak Low", medley with Steve about pianos
    Also: Steve plays Mad Libs with the guest stars. Harrington talks live with world leaders including Knotts as a puppet ruler (who's literally a puppet) and the president of a Latin American country who's replaced every few minutes. A discussion of how beds effect our everyday lives.moreless
  • Mickey Rooney; Mel Torme; June Christy; The Nutty Squirrels
    --Mickey Rooney (actor) - as the understudy performing all the roles in a murder mystery play
    --Mel Torme (singer) - "Blue Moon", sings medley with Steve and June
    --June Christy (jazz singer) - "Midnight Sun"
    --The Nutty Squirrels (novelty music act) - in squirrel costumes, singing like The Chipmunks, do their novelty hit "Uh! Oh!"
    Also: The Nutley/Hinkley/Butley/Winkley Report with Dana (Jose Jimenez) teaching Santa school, Rooney writing Christmas songs, and Knotts as a bell ringer. Nervous Knotts is a speaker at a medical convention who takes tranquilizers during his speech and dozes off.moreless
  • Jack Kerouac; Frankie Laine; William Bendix; Pam Garner
    --Jack Kerouac ("beat generation" poet) - reads from "Visions Of Cody" (with Steve accompanying on piano)
    --Frankie Laine (singer) - "Lover Come Back To Me"
    --William Bendix (comic actor) - plays same family-at-breakfast sketch in various : wacky sitcom with canned laughter, full of violence, etc.
    --Pam Garner (singer) - "The Girl With The Long Black Hair"
    Also: "Crazy Shots", a series of quick sight gags, opens the show. "The Allen Report to Nation" investigates the common cold with Nye, Knotts, and Dayton Allen. Steve plays "The Answer Man" with beatnik lingo.moreless
  • Peggy Lee; Billy Eckstine; Chuck Connors; George Jessel
    --Peggy Lee (singer) - "How Can You Replace a Dream", "It's Alright" and "Smack Dab in the Middle"
    --Billy Eckstine (singer) - "Stella by Starlight"
    --Chuck Connors (actor) - tall Connors causes trouble on a Western movie set designed for its short star
    --George Jessel (comedian) - comedy monologue
    Also: Steve chats and dances with himself as vaudeville performer "Mr. Show Business." In the news magazine, Nye is a snobby food critic and Knotts tests the "invisible shield" talked about in many commercials.moreless
  • Rock Hudson; Johnny Carson; Jayne Meadows; Jane Harvey
    --Rock Hudson (actor) - appears in a bit about stars being interviewed at movie premieres
    --Johnny Carson (comedian)
    --Jayne Meadows (singer/actress) - "Flattery" with Steve
    --Jane Harvey (singer)
  • Tony Bennett; Lola Albright; Nikolais Dancers
    --Lola Albright (singer-actress) - "Glad To Be Unhappy", demonstrates why singers lip sync on shows: love scene with Nye making crazy romantic sounds during her song, out of breath during a dance number, and with Steve when they get confused and "sing" the other person's lines
    --Tony Bennett (singer) - "That Old Black Magic," "April In Paris," "Just In Time," and "With Plenty of Money and You"
    --Nikolais Dancers (modern dance group)
    Also: The channel is changed during Steve's monologue to a Bat Masterson parody, a Mexican hat dance show, and the "Foot Brothers" dancers. Steve chats with a couple in the audience and gives them a salami.moreless
  • Lee Marvin; The King Sisters; Crystal Joy
    --Lee Marvin (actor)
    --The King Sisters (singers) -"Early Autumn" with male dancers
    --Crystal Joy (singer) - "What Is A Woman" (with Les Brown & His Band)
    Also: Sportscaster "Bill" Allen looks at (ridiculous) football players. Blackouts about bottles feature nervous Knotts trying to build a ship in one, a noisy morning milkman, and a bottle that won't open despite the efforts of everyone at the party. Steve appears as "The Answer Man" (bit later used by Johnny Carson as "Carnac"). A traditional Western gun fight scene with Marvin is re-staged with beatniks using hipster lingo and groovy music, and as a vampire movie with Dell doing a Bela Lugosi dialect.moreless
  • Teresa Brewer; Buddy Hackett; Jaime Laredo; Mormon Tabernacle Choir
    Scheduled guests:
    Teresa Brewer (singer)
    Buddy Hackett (comedian)
    Jaime Laredo (violinist from Bolivia, won the 1959 Queen Elizabeth of Belgium International Music Competition)
    The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  • 5th Season Premiere: Tab Hunter; The Nikolais Dancers
    5th Season Premiere. Series now based in Hollywood. Guests:
    --Tab Hunter (actor) - sings "After You've Gone" and "Long Ago And Far Away"
    --The Nikolais Dancers (modern dance group)
    Also: In the big opening, Steve drives up to NBC Burbank with dancers on the roof and the regulars to greet him. A spoof of Khrushchev's (Nye) visit to the U.S. has Knotts as Sinatra, Dayton Allen as a farmer, and Harrington as Dean Martin. A look at summer TV has Mr. Clean leaving dirty footprints on a floor, and a Miss America pageant contestant who stars a striptease. "Who's Who in TV" parodies David Susskind (Steve), Edward R. Murrow (Knotts) and Dayton Allen as an Olivier-type who's secretly Groucho Marx. Big band number from Les Brown and his Band of Renown.moreless
  • Mort Sahl; Diana Dors
  • Mort Sahl; Diana Dors