The Steve Harvey Show

Season 3 Episode 1

Das Bootie

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 18, 1998 on The WB

Episode Recap

While they're gone, Steve entrusts his apartment to responsible student Lydia Guttman. In exchange for allowing her to keep her lovebirds at the apartment, Lovita agrees not to visit for a week. To make amends for when the birds keep Steve awake all night, Lovita gives Steve a pair of tickets for a weekend cruise to Mexico. When Regina agrees to go along, Steve sets out to make his dream of a romantic vacation come true.

Coretta invites Romeo, Bullethead and Lydia to her Sweet 16 party. The boys look for a way out and think they find it when Steve asks Lydia to house-sit and to care for the birds while he's away. Seeing an opportunity for a party, Romeo gets Lydia to invite him over for dinner. Lydia expects a romantic evening alone, but he brings along his friends for a big party.

As the cruise gets underway, Steve can't think of anything other being alone in the cabin with Regina. But once he does, his back goes out. Though Steve is determined, the muscle spasms make romance impossible. And once he complains the weekend is ruined, Regina storms off. Meanwhile, fuming after no one shows up for her Sweet 16 party, Coretta heads for Steve's, bent on revenge.

When Cedric and Lovita want to spend some time alone, Regina agrees to give Steve a chance to apologize. And once he does, she has second thoughts about denying him what they both wanted from the trip. However, before the romance can be restarted, Regina is overcome by seasickness. Having made up, Regina and Steve enjoy the cruise until an accidental fall sends both Regina and Steve home injured.

Finally, Coretta extracts an apology and some cash from Romeo.
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