The Steve Harvey Show

Season 1 Episode 10

High Top Reunion

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 17, 1996 on The WB
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High Top Reunion
Steve reunites with his old singing group, "The Hi-Tops," to perform on an awards show. But when a band member gets injured, Cedric is the only available substitute.

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  • steve reunites with his old band, the Hightops, but it isn't actually a happy reunion the whole time

    i just saw this ep the other day and i loved it..i dont think i had ever seen it was a little before the steve and regina relationship really got written in..loved was so funny from the was nice to see some fresh faces..we got to meet steve's group for the first time and they seemed like just the right actors lol..i think i liked clyde the best just b/c of the way the character was shown..the group getting back together looked awesome and they were having fun until they fought..i liked when steve made up w/ t-bone..its so funny how they did it..then everything was alright as (spoiler) cedric got to sing and dance w/ the group when they performedmoreless
Steve Harvey (I)

Steve Harvey (I)

Steve "Big Daddy" Hightower

Cedric the Entertainer

Cedric the Entertainer

Cedric Jackie Robinson

Merlin Santana

Merlin Santana

Romeo Santana

William Lee Scott

William Lee Scott

Stanley "Bullethead" Kuznocki

Wendy Raquel Robinson

Wendy Raquel Robinson

Regina "Piggy" Grier

Tracy Vilar

Tracy Vilar

Sophia Ortiz

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    • T-Bone: A lot of things were said in the heat of the moment and I'm not saying I said 'em, but they was heard.
      Steve: And I heard a lot of things. I'm not saying I was hearing 'em, but I heard them.

    • Steve: I should call Club Mystique and tell them to cancel.

    • (Steve and T-Bone arguing)
      Cedric: I get the feeling there won't be no singing today.

    • Cedric: The Hi-Tops back together and better than ever.

      Steve: You're over an hour late.
      T-Bone: An hour? That's still less time than your Grammy speech took.

    • Cedric: And those Rib Tips are pretty good.
      Steve: It wouldn't be a Hi-Top Reunion without the Rib Tips.

    • Steve: She is your tutor. She is going to help you learn. She's not here for you to get your teenage freak on.

    • Bullethead: Whoa. Check out what just walked in. She is fine.
      Romeo: Of course she's fine. She's Sophia. Sophia, what do you think you're doing in here? And why are you dressed like that, huh?
      Sophia: Me? Look at you. You look like an extra in a malt liquor commercial.
      Sara: Anyway, we didn't come to a club to talk to underage boys. Come on, Fantasia.
      Sophia: I'm right behind you, Cherokee.

    • Steve: T-bone you can't talk to Ced like that, just cause your life is messed up. It ain't his fault your third wife left you for your second wife.

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