The Steve Harvey Show

Season 1 Episode 20

Love with Interest

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 11, 1997 on The WB

Episode Recap

Sophia, Sara, Romeo and Bullethead steal the mascot - a talking parrot - from rival Coolidge High before the big basketball game. Before last years' big game, students from Coolidge stole their mascot. Cedric tells Steve he has decided to go undercover as a janitor at Coolidge so he can watch their basketball practices. Steve replies that scouting the opposition won't help. Discouraged, Cedric exits.

Steve decides it is time to buy a new car. The loan officer from his bank, Trent Underwood, drops by school to have him sign the loan papers. After admitting he is an old Hi-Tops fan, Trent and Steve trade stories about their prowess with women. Trent tells Steve his surefire plan with the ladies: first, send them a single rose, then take them to a Shakespeare play and, finally, cook them dinner. When Regina drops in, Steve realizes he's learned too much once Trent sets his sights on her.

Meanwhile, Cedric catches his students with the rival school's mascot. The kids explain the theft was to help Cedric and the team: Coolidge has never won a basketball game without their mascot. Cedric demands they return the talkative parrot - right after the big game.

Seeing Regina with a single red rose, Steve realizes Trent is making his move. Steve warns her not to fall for his tricks. Thinking Steve is just jealous, Regina refuses to listen, accepting Trent's invitation to a Shakespeare production.

Later, Steve finds Cedric at home with the mascot. Steve agrees to hide the parrot until it can be returned. Unfortunately, Steve accidentally kills it when, unable to sleep because of the squawking, he places it on the balcony overnight: The parrot freezes.

The next day, Steve sees Trent exiting Regina's office. Trent mentions she will be joining him that evening for dinner. Concerned, Steve takes matters into his own hands, visiting Trent at the bank and warning him to steer clear of the Regina. Trent threatens to cancel Steve's loan if he interferes, but Steve simply tears up the paperwork.

Regina discovers the frozen bird and demands the truth from the students. As soon as they confess, Cedric arrives with a new bird. Regina tells him she knows better and orders Cedric to forfeit the big game because of the theft.

Sure that she's fallen prey to Trent, Steve shows up at Regina's doorstep, only to find that she already sent him packing. And his concern isn't appreciated when Regina points out that she's more than capable of taking care of herself. But, the next day, Regina apologizes to Steve and applauds his concern as the two make amends.
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