The Steve Harvey Show

Season 1 Episode 12

Pool Sharks Git Bit

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Dec 15, 1996 on The WB

Episode Recap

Cedric and Steve can't help but stare at the beautiful, newly-hired office assistant, Juanita. Although Cedric turns on the charm, Juanita makes it clear she is interested in Steve and later she even finds an excuse to drop by their apartment to get Steve's autograph. While visiting, she drops a photo from Steve's apartment in her purse.
Meanwhile, the students try to raise money for a field trip by selling candy. Bullethead hatches a plan to earn some fast money and asks Romeo to help. They meet at the local billiards hall, where Bullethead's prowess with the cue stick convinces Romeo they can raise money all the money they need and more if only they had a larger amount to bet. Steve asks Romeo, as treasurer of the Fine Arts Club, to deposit the field trip money in the bank. Bullethead convinces Romeo to use the money at the pool hall. The boys suddenly have all the cash they need to back their scheme.
Juanita makes another play for Steve, this time bringing picnic dinner to his room. She makes it clear she intends to be dessert. Steve does his best to dissuade her, but cannot keep Regina from getting the wrong impression when she enters the room. Following a sharp rebuke by his boss, he tries telling Juanita he isn't interested, only to find that she's unwilling to back off.
Meanwhile, after some success at the tables, Bullethead is persuaded to play one more game by a pair of beautiful women. But before it's over, he and Romeo are hustled for all their cash by Raven and Jody.
Steve arrives at home to the sweet smell of dinner on the stove. Yelling to Cedric to tell him what is on the menu, Juanita pops up from below the kitchen counter saying it is a surprise. Steve is more surprised when she casts a voodoo spell over dinner with a chicken foot. Nonetheless, Steve tries to explain to Juanita there is nothing between them, but she still doesn't understand. Cedric helps Steve throw her out. Seeking help with Juanita, Steve turns to Regina in hopes of getting her fired. Regina refuses, saying Juanita is the best office staff she ever had. Regina changes her mind quickly when Steve discovers Juanita's voodoo dolls of their likenesses. And once she's led to believe that Steve is bad news, Juanita decides to quit before it's too late.
Finally, after discovering the boys have lost all the field trip money, Steve and Cedric team up to get it back while giving Raven and Jody a taste of their own medicine.