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  • unreal

    i have been watching this show everyday, but now i see only black women need to win hundreds so Im done.. if this were a white mans show, they would have been called out on it.. very racist...
  • Tuned in turned it off

    Tuned in to watch but your scheduled guest was CROOKED HILARY! More evidence has come out recently of her collusion w the dem party during the elections . Comey , the Clinton foundation , payoffs etc . How can put that unamerican ,obstructionist ,unlawful detestable woman on a daytime lighthearted talk show and expect to pass her off as acceptable ? I for one was embarassed fr Steve . I did see as i turned off Hilary's foot was in a boot . One more fall for ailing Hilary? Really sad they think were all so short sighted and stupid .
  • Harvey's Hundreds

    You know I've always thought Steve H. was funny. Then someone said he was a racist. I'm not sure if I truly believe that. But I do notice one thing,

    on Harvey's Hundreds he has yet to select a white person to play. Maybe he said something about it. But I was just wondering..... I couldn't be the only one whose noticed? Right?

    Steve tries to be like "Ellen" but he lacks her warmth. It's like he has a wall up. He needs to meet people's eyes more! Work on his body language. I think he's capable of doing it eventually.

  • What?? Reruns already?

    Steve's latest shows--Funderdome and Forever Young--are reruning and the originals were shown 3 or 4 weeks ago. That's crazy.

    And-- Steve acts like a nut sometimes trying to be funny and all he does is makes himself look corny. Same way on Family Feud. I would like his shows if he wouldn't try to "show out". However, I really do not care for him
  • The best

    Steve is mad cool and the best of Cleveland. Cleveland people is mad cool. Just because he has white against black most of the time does not mean he is racist. The man is an entertaining genius and that is what has made him so successful. A guy that s a comedic genius and went from homeless to millionaire and who has experienced much thru life is blessed by God and can do all that he does.
  • his guests are always african american

    i see that steve harvey is still the same racist he is on family feud. how does he get away with this on national . most of the time every guest he has is black. same as the contestants on family feud, black against whites all the time. wish he could be stopped. i'd like to see a white host try this
  • steve tells a woman to key a co-workers car over 100 owed lunch money? ! seriously?

    Is Steve really this dumb? he tells this woman to key her co-workers car over lunches owed at about 100 . the lady asking the question, if she is dumb enough to key that car, and cause easily 1000 dollars damage, and will have to pay for the damage.

    I have not seen steve harvey before, but after this i feel he is ghetto and not smart.

    if anybody is so stupid to follow his advice, be aware that you keying a car will cost you.
  • we are racist

    I am a white mother and my son is thousands of miles away. I don't worry about him being pulled over for a broken tail light and ending up in jail dead. I don't worry about him being shot because he bought skittles. Thank you so much for your commentary about black lives matter and putting it into words that everyone can relate to. I am grateful for your show on racism and all you do. Thank you, Suzanne Laware
  • will you share this with your fans

    My husband and I have an account on "GofundMe". We are trying to raise money to get to Calif. to be with our daughter and son in law for the birth of our first grand child. I was hoping you would help us spread the word. We will need money for air fare,hotel and to help with meals. Any money that might be leftover will go for the baby. They still have some needs for the baby room and as always diapers. Thank you - for all you do for everyone.
  • the greatest man on earth!

    you're the only one i know who's not a bad influence!! you're so smart and very funny, and very informative!
  • susan lawson

    I love you Steve. Your the funniest man ever. Watch your show every day. You make my day.
  • The Steve Harvey Show is wonderful & entertaining

    Never boring, always can Steve come up with another word besides "folks"???? It's getting old as I am!
  • Inventions

    Does anyone know what episode I can find the ladies with their inventions? I didn't see it, but my son did. Thanks
  • those damn tv's

    Hey Mr Harvey, I love your show I like when you do the couples thing. I was watching your show today, did you really crush that guy's tvs, man you could have donated those bad boys to I just want to say keep up the good work. I also watch the family feud, it come on after your talk show, so I have you for 2 hours in the afternoon and I look forward to your shows everyday!!!!!
  • Steve Harvey's talk show keeps you laughing with honesty!

    Hi Steve I am a recently retired School Teacher who generally watch your talk show day and some nights. God has gifted you with humor and honesty to tell it like it is and I pray that God continues to bless may come to your show in the future for some dating advice or a hook-up if that is in God's plan for just want to thank you for the wonderful Sugar bash box i received today as a gift from your show from a contest I entered awhile back, it was a great surprise. There are so many quality wonderful things enclosed which reflect the quality person you are and that your show personifies. God bless you and your family and staff!
  • all shows in Indiana

    When will some shows besides reruns be shown on Indiana stations. The whole month of march 2014 was reruns from the month of February I am one viewer who has quit watching for being tired of reruns. Come on this is a fairly new show all the other talk shows are up to date except the doctors .Lets see some new shows.
  • Term "Widow" does not confine itself to being 'old".....

    I watched your show on which you had some 'advisor' telling a woman not to describe herself in the dating scene as a widow, because that made her think of someone 'old", and you agreed with her. I would like to direct your attention to the many 'widows' of our military who were made that status defending our country. The term 'widow' does NOT conjure up any pictures of old ladies to me. I have been a part of the military for many years, and I, for one, take offense at this description and derogatory comments of being 'old' just to be a widow. I believe this show aired on or about 2/6/2014
  • Believe in Steve!

    Steve, you have made me laugh and enjoy each show. I record each show, making sure I get your enjoyment. I feel like an orphan due to the fact that my family won the Alpha 1 lottery. Alpha 1 is a heredity lung disease. I am very blessed to have a wonderful husband. I would love to see a show on Alpha 1, bringing the awareness to others. My father passed at 42, mom at 69, brother at 51. I am a ZZ and doing better than most with the rare disease. A doctor performed a hysterectomy on me in '08, I am a miracle. I bleed out all my blood after he cut my aorta artery, bladder, and nerves.

    Thank You for making me smile each day, you are blessed!

    I relate to many of your shows, I came from many bad habits of family. I always walked the high road. My daughter is amazing and have hopes of being an actress. How could she get a audition or start? She lived and worked in New York until due to money, she had to move home. She works here and does small plays in Austin, TX. I would like to see her make it big in my life. She is beautiful (no Lie), smart (no Lie, double major degree from and Wm. Esper of NY). Single at 29, lost her guy when she moved to NY. Please help Kimberly Gifford from Austin, TX with a start. Her roommate became Miss New York when they moved there together from Austin. Kim needs stardom.

    Thank You Steve, we both adore your everything!
  • I saw your show January 31, 2014

    I was touched by the way you and the program decided to send the woman to Las Vegas with her friends. I have been married 28 years. My oldest son got married last may 2013 and my youngest son gets married August 17, 2014.

    My husband and I have devoted our entire lives to working and caring for our two children. We have never been on a honeymoon or vacation alone. We struggle month-to-month. My husband reached retirement age for the State of Missouri October 31, 2013. he has worked with the State for 28 years but their pay scale is so low in comparison nationally that living has been tight.

    Is there anything we can do to make a little extra money with your show so we can take a vacation alone for the first time in our married/dating life? We have never really been on a date either. I love him very much and would love to surprise him with such a gift!

    Thank you for reading my message! You keep my life joyful with laughter! I love you Steve Harvey! You are a beautiful person!

    Norma Rachelle Kifer


    1007 Santa Fe Trails

    Boonville, MO 65233


    I was in the hospital just coming out of a three day coma totally in distress because of my terminal illness and your show was on television. You made me laugh despite what I was going through. I will always respect and love you. Thank You
  • Dec 27 th give aways

    HI Steve:My wife and I watch all your shows since thay started on Tv. We see you give away all kinds of stuff ,like on friday Dec 27th we would to come to your show , but we are both disabled and I cannot are most generous and I would like to know if you every give away any of the items you gave away on friday to people at home?

    Thank You
  • Christmas Giveaways!!

    Hi Steve,

    I love seeing your talk show when I'm able to be home from work and also watching you on your game show also! I love your humor on the game show and how you deal with people's problems. What you did on today's show for the wife and two children who had not seen their soldier father for a year was precious. That was such a special Christmas gift for them!

    I spent most of any Christmas funds this year on a family of 6 in dire need --- spent more on them than my own family! So getting anything for myself was non-existent! I never win anything, so being considered for any of your Christmas giveaways would be such a thrill!

    I don't see a link for Christmas giveaways, but I did see all these posts here for it. So I hope this is correct ... Thank you again for your humor and care for others that you exhibit !!

  • Winning

    Hi, I love your Show Steve. love your Interview with President Obama. I was trying to win but it doesn't tell you where to go to win.

    Love YA

  • Line Dancing

    Hey Steve Harvey: My name is Mary Williams and I am a line dance instructor. I would like to come on your show with my students and show you some line dances. My email address is Please contact me as soon as you can. We would it very much and sure you would too. Thanking you in advance.
  • Lumberjack Gal

    Poor James must be pretty desperate! He was on the Bachelorette and didn't get chosen, now he lost out again! Just sayin'

  • curious

    why does the show use a fake "scream" track and shows the audience "golf" clapping?
  • God Bless

    I love the
  • Steve Harvey Show - Best Talk Show

    Steve Harvey is the funniest man alive!! You are funny, caring, honest and a really decent man. I watch your show daily before I watch anything else. It lifts my spirits and I never know what is going to happen. I have watched all of your stand-up comedy, your previous TV show and I listen to your radio talk show when it comes up on my dial . I have all of your One man shows on tape or through purchase. I want you to succeed with this talk show so I want to remind you TV is a medium that is easy for haters to hurt you the most. People can be mean and critical so remember to be more humble, do not brag too much, use the word we for your team and not the word I so much and realize that your Ask Steve segment is great but be careful and do not always say what you want to say because if you hurt those women's feelings they will never let you forget it. The reason Oprah succeeded so much is because she always gave stuff away, so give more stuff away. It does not have to cost a lot. People just want free stuff since most folks are greedy and selfish, truth be told. Your books got you here plus the love of Jesus so remember the market that you have opened up. Your clothes are the best, always have been but the vests do add weight to you so your stylist might consider some looks without so many vests. Just my opinion, doesn't mean I am right! (smile) I am a 66 year old professional black woman who lived in Cleveland for a few years as a child and I recently retired. I have lived and traveled all over the world and I raised my sisters and brother and 3 daughters and currently one grandson after my middle daughter became a widow. I did all of that while working full time in high profile management positions and acquiring a graduate degree, so I know God is everything to me! I married when I was 17 and my ex-husband and I currently live a few blocks from each other and have remained friends for the past 49 years+. I never remarried! I want only the best for you and your family since you are an example of what God can do in a person's life! Man you are so funny I just laugh until I cry and I watch your comedy from years ago over and over! I guess I need to get a life! (laugh) Be well, young man!

    Hi Steve, I am currently looking at your show in Newark, De. You have the hottest husbands on tv today, well, I can say without even trying to say anything that's not true with my husband, he has been a very good father, a wonderful husband. We will be coming up to our 51th wedding anniversary. We've never had a honeymoon but I have him. Iove him although I've made him angry sometimes the newest thing I did which my children calls me impulsive, I brought a car without consulting him. He didn't speak to me for 2 weeks. He's not paying for it, I am. I'm am a retired church musician and stil love my sweetheart.