The Steve Harvey Show - Season 5

The WB (ended 2002)


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  • Love is in the Air
    Love is in the Air
    Episode 22
    Cedric and Lovita secretly set Steve and Regina up on a blind date. Romeo and Bullethead send Lydia false college acceptance letters. Lovita suffers from mood swings. - - - With two tickets for a Chicago Bulls basketball game in hand, Regina asks Steve to join her. Unaware of their plans for the game and worried Steve and Regina will end up spending the rest of their lives alone, Lovita asks Cedric to help arrange a blind date between them. While Cedric struggles to understand why Lovita is suddenly so sensitive and irritable, Romeo and Bullethead set out to punish Lydia for bragging about her college applications. As part of the plan to set up the blind date, Lovita asks Steve to go out with a friend. Though suspicious, he's persuaded to give it a try when the woman described sounds wonderful. Similarly, Cedric turns to Regina with an offer to date a friend of his and she gets excited when Cedric describes the mystery man. However, when their blind dates are set for Friday, both Steve and Regina suddenly have to make excuses for skipping the basketball game. When Steve admits he has a date, Regina feigns surprise. Meanwhile, as Cedric continues to struggle with his wife,s mood swings. Lydia is stunned to learn the truth when Bullethead and Romeo reveal they paid a classmate to send her a series of phony college acceptance letters. Upon arriving for their blind dates, Steve and Regina are surprised to find they have been set up. Steve is upset when he realizes Regina didn't tell him the truth and they begin to argue. Yet, once Cedric and Lovita leave them alone, they decide to make the best of the situation. And though the Robinsons assume things ended badly, they wake up the next morning to discover Regina spent the night at Steve's. Finally, as a scholarship to attend Princeton brings Lydia out of her doldrums, Cedric learns the reason behind Lovita's wild mood swings – she's going to have a baby!moreless
  • Last Dance
    Last Dance
    Episode 21
    Regina puts Cedric and Lovita in charge of planning Booker T's prom; Lydia thinks a boy she likes is going to ask her to the dance, but the teen has other plans. - - - Still depressed over her own disappointment years earlier, Regina delegates the planning of the Senior Prom to Cedric and Lovita. While Romeo looks to auction himself off as a date to the highest bidder, Lydia makes it perfectly clear she wants Arthur Rabinowitz to be her date. And with Arthur's help, Bullethead hopes his date will be a radio station contest's mystery celebrity. Meanwhile, as Cedric and Lovita secure the Grandview Hotel's main ballroom for the big event, Regina's prom memories continue to drag her down. Arthur turns to Steve seeking advice about how to ask the girl of his dreams to the prom. While Steve is certain the young computer whiz kid intends to ask Lydia, he's surprised when Arthur lands a date with classmate Julie Feldman. When Lydia learns the truth, she holds Steve responsible for ruining her prom night. However, Arthur explains his father forced him to ask Julie and that he was certain Lydia would turn him down. But when Julie dumps him, Steve presses Arthur to make things right. Meanwhile, as Bullethead wins a date for the prom with the mystery celebrity, Romeo discovers his date has bad breath. As they celebrate their success at planing the perfect prom, Cedric and Lovita learn the hotel has been demolished. Left with hundreds of pounds of food and nowhere to go, they scramble to find a venue. Although Lydia has already booked the room for a senior citizens party, they quickly agree to share the school's multi-purpose room for the night. Finally, as Lydia's dream date comes true, Romeo does his best to cope with Samantha's bad breath. And when Bullethead proudly arrives with singer Teena Marie, Steve helps ease the sting of Regina's bad prom memories by making her the school's first ever Faculty Prom Queen.moreless
  • Addicted to Love and Whatnot
    Regina agrees to go on a date with Steve's old pal Clyde, but only if Steve joins them and escorts a friend of hers. Meanwhile, Lydia doesn't realize that the cheerleaders only want to hang out with her because she works in a hip clothing shop. - - - When Lovita gets a tattoo, Cedric strongly objects. Refusing to be drawn into the middle of a marital spat, Steve ushers them out of his apartment so he can prepare for a date. But when former band mate Clyde arrives looking for some help in finding his way home, he inadvertently ruins the cover story Steve used to get Paula to come to dinner. Meanwhile, after Lydia is assigned to work on a class project with Romeo and Bullethead, the school's cheerleaders target her for friendship in order to take advantage of her employee discount at a popular clothing store. As Cedric and Lovita continue to disagree over the tattoo, Clyde falls head over heels in love with Regina. And when Steve presses her for just one date with his old friend, Regina will agree only if Steve will date a friend of hers. As Romeo and Bullethead start putting their own efforts into the project, they discover Lydia is too distracted by her new friends to do any work of her own. Meanwhile, Cedric and Lovita make up after his new wig leads her to admit the tattoo is only temporary. Over dinner, Steve does his best to send Regina's friend home early. But when Arletta refuses to be fooled, Steve finds himself spending the night with her. Finally, when the cheerleaders make it clear they have been using her for the discount, Lydia realizes who her real friends are and helps salvage Bullethead and Romeo's project. And after an absentminded Clyde forgets he ever met her, a relieved Regina decides to spend the evening with Steve.moreless
  • Here Comes the Judge
    Romeo, Lydia and Bullethead sue Steve for damaging their pager and the case is heard on the Judge Mathis Show. Meanwhile, Cedric sends erotic e-mails to Lovita posing as a secret admirer, not realizing that she knows that the missives are from him. - - - When Judge Greg Mathis comes to the school's Career Day, Steve makes the mistake of having the television courtroom judge's new Mercedes Benz towed from his personal parking space. Then, as Judge Mathis is making a presentation to his class, Steve confiscates an electronic messaging device. However, insisting it is a computer and doesn't violate school policy, Romeo, Bullethead and Lovita protest. When Steve finally returns a broken messaging device, Bullethead, Romeo and Lydia decide to take their case to Judge Mathis' TV courtroom. Upon learning of the lawsuit, Regina insists on joining Steve to help defend the school's reputation. Meanwhile, when Lovita fails to acknowledge his erotic e-mail, Cedric is certain that she's having an affair. But when he confronts her about it, Lovita says she knew all along that the sexy message was from him. In Judge Mathis' courtroom, Romeo, Bullethead and Lydia produce persuasive evidence that the electronic messaging device is a computer that falls well within the school's guidelines. But Steve clumsily undercuts his own case by offering to help pay for the cost of having the judge's car towed. Struggling to overcome charges of bribery, he then calls Lydia as a surprise witness. And despite testimony that proves Steve wasn't responsible for breaking the messaging device, Judge Mathis decides in favor of the kids. Finally, Mathis gets his own revenge by having Steve's car towed.moreless
  • The Negotiator
    The Negotiator
    Episode 18
    The annual faculty-student talent show brings out the worst in Steve, Regina and Cedric.
    - - -

    With the approach of the annual student-faculty talent show, Steve and Cedric are determined to find partners to help them to beat the defending champion, Regina. Though she feigns a lack of interest in the contest and its prize, Regina secretly scours the student body for someone who will help her win again. And upon learning Bullethead is performing with Cedric, and Romeo has been chosen for Regina's tap dancing act, Steve partners with Lydia. Meanwhile, Lovita complains about not being allowed to enter the talent show, too. Upon arriving for their first rehearsal, Romeo finds Regina just wants him for his looks and not his dancing skills. When Lydia wants to perform a duet made popular by Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond, Steve balks. When Cedric insults Bullethead at their first rehearsal, the students complain about how badly they are being treated and decide to go on strike. And after making her exclusion from the talent show Cedric's problem, too, Lovita blames the faculty for letting their own ambitions drive their student partners away. In the wake of Lovita's reprimand, Steve, Regina and Cedric apologize to the students. With Lovita acting as mediator, the kids agree to return to the show once they are allowed to perform, too. Finally, Cedric joins Bullethead for their magic act. But despite the stiff competition provided by Steve and Lydia's rendition of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers," as well as Regina and Romeo's tap duet, the trophy goes to another student-teacher duo.moreless
  • After the Fall
    After the Fall
    Episode 17
    Clips from past episodes are featured as a television producer interviews Steve's friends for a documentary about the former singer. - - - Steve's friend Byron, a television producer, decides to make Steve the subject of a documentary identifying a celebrity whose fifteen minutes of fame has expired. Cedric, Lovita and Regina seize the opportunity to be interviewed for the program and warm to the chance to see themselves on television. But when questioned, Regina won't divulge any information about her personal relationship with Steve and neither Cedic nor Lovita have a bad word to say about him. As the interviews progress, Byron realizes the scandalous stories about Steve might have to come from the students. Unfortunately, Romeo, Bullethead and Lydia don't have anything but positive anecdotes about Steve. Byron then questions Steve, hoping he might reveal a few skeletons in the closet, but Steve, instead, tells him that he's had a happy life educating and serving as a role model for his students. When Byron presses him further, Steve throws him out. The day the documentary airs, Steve, Cedric, Lovita, Regina and Byron gather around the television. Before Byron can explain, they are stunned to find the hour-long documentary has been reduced to a single short segment. Byron says Steve's straight and narrow lifestyle made for bad television. But when the gang rallies behind Steve, he realizes how important he is to the people around him and his true value is only just being reliazed.moreless
  • Not the Best Man
    Not the Best Man
    Episode 16
    Regina learns that she is not going to be a maid-of-honor at a friend's wedding after she thought she was a shoo-in. Meanwhile, Steve tells his music class to write a new version of the school song for an assembly the mayor is attending.
  • Mother and Child Reunion
    Romeo's mother visits from New York with news that she plans to leave her husband and start a new life in Chicago. Meanwhile, Regina hints that she wants her friends to throw her a party to celebrate her 10th anniversary as Booker T's principal.
  • House Party
    House Party
    Episode 14
    "When a storm leaves their apartment flooded", Cedric and Lovita need a new venue for their party. THIS SHOULD BE CHANGED: Cedric states that the apartment flooded due to them using spurs on the waterbed.
  • No Free Samples
    No Free Samples
    Episode 13
    The sitcom celebrates its 100th episode with this musically themed installment, which includes performances by R&B singer Ron Isley and rapper Lil' Bow Wow.
  • Me, Me and Miss Jones
    Steve finds romance with a 25-year-old swimsuit model, but is shocked when he finds out that Romeo is trying to woo the same woman.
  • Big Daddy Daddy
    Big Daddy Daddy
    Episode 11
    Romeo moves in with Steve after the teen's family departs for New York and the boy stays behind to finish the school year at Booker T. Meanwhile, a misunderstanding causes Regina to invite herself on a ski weekend that Cedric and Lovita had planned to take alone.
  • Tiger Hoods
    Tiger Hoods
    Episode 10
    Steve conspires with his friends and students to attend a celebrity golf tournament and appear to be in school at the same time after Regina refuses to let him take the day off. Meanwhile, Ced tries to pitch another one of his get-rich-quick schemes, which he calls "Bro" Balls, (black golf balls) to the contestants at the golf tournament. - - - With Cedric as his caddy, Steve is all set to play in the Chi-Town Golf Invitational. However, the plans to appear at the star-studded event are called into question when, unlike Cedric, Steve fails to ask Regina for the day off. And when Steve tries declaring the day of the golf tournament "Self-Reliance Day," making it unnecessary for his students to attend class, Regina demands he be there to teach. Meanwhile, Cedric and Lovita hope to interest the celebrities playing in the tournament in their new line of black golf balls. Despite Regina's orders, Steve is intent on playing in the tournament. On the advice of his students, he then hatches a plan to make it appear as though he's in class, even as he is playing golf. With Steve at the course, Lydia, Romeo and Bullethead conspire to keep Regina from learning the truth. And when Regina's suspicions are aroused, they use a mannequin and taped lectures to make it appear as though Steve is teaching. Meanwhile, Steve cautions Cedric against coming on too strong with his "Bro-Ball" sales pitch. When she hears a TV news report stating Steve is at the golf course, Regina sets out to expose the ruse by calling a mandatory faculty meeting. In hopes of keeping Steve out of trouble, Lovita calls to warn him. Once he's alerted to the problem, Steve hurries back to school. But, even though Steve makes it back in time to fool Regina again, Lovita cannot bear the guilt and tells all.moreless
  • Analyze Dis
    Analyze Dis
    Episode 9
    Steve has a hard time relinquishing his duties as acting principal when Regina returns to school, creating tension between them. Meanwhile, Cedric's in the doghouse after Lovita discovers he has a private savings account.
  • This Little Piggy Went Home
    Regina and Steve get very chummy during a game of Pictionary that also starts a fight between Cedric and Lovita. Elsewhere, Lydia takes offense to an assignment Steve gives his music class that requires them to report on their family histories.
  • A Star Is Born Again
    Steve manages an all-girl singing group called Jail-Bait, and books a gig for them that he hopes will revive his own show-business career. His plans may be dashed when Regina's advice to the girls causes them to question their act.
  • African-American Pie
    Steve handles the arrangements for the school's annual Teachers Appreciation Day assembly, angering Cedric, who usually plans the event. The acting principal then suffers from the stress of organizing the occasion and dating a younger woman.
  • Touched by a Pig
    Touched by a Pig
    Episode 5
    Steve tries to be a good friend and lets Regina stay with him in her time of need. Meanwhile, Cedric's visiting Grandma Puddin' makes some soul food out of the cherished possession Regina's husband left her in his will. Romeo, Bullethead and Lydia steal Steve's briefcase and hold it for ransom after the teacher refuses to chaperone a class trip to an amusement park.moreless
  • Love, Death and Basketball
    Steve takes over as principal when Regina leaves town for her wedding, but she returns early from her honeymoon with tragic news. Elsewhere, Lydia nags Romeo and Bullethead about letting her join them during senior skip day.
  • My Best Piggy's Wedding
    Steve, depressed and feeling jilted over Regina's impending nuptials, kicks his effort to get her back into high gear when he hears of their accelerated plans to elope. Meanwhile, Lovita tells Cedric to flirt with the female landlord of an apartment they want; and Lydia discovers that she was adopted.
  • Player, Interrupted
    Regina recruits Steve and Cedric to help impress her fiance's friends at a charity event in a mental hospital, which they soon become patients of; Bullethead and Romeo join Lydia's club.
  • When The Funk Hits The Big 4-0
    Steve celebrates his 40th birthday; Regina dates someone new; Lovita is experiencing sickness that may be caused by her newfound pregnancy.