The Steve Harvey Show

Season 1 Episode 11

That's My Momma

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 24, 1996 on The WB



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    • Bullethead: How are you going to date two girls at one time?
      Romeo: I'm meeting Nicole at 9:30 so I'll just get rid of the other girl by 9.

    • Steve: Mom, ever since I've moved out, you've been trying to run my life.

    • Mother Hightower: (referring to Ruth Anne, directed at Cedric) Get away from her, you heathen. I brought her here for Steve.
      Steve: I'm sorry, Ruth Anne. We owe you an apology. My mother didn't know I was already seeing someone. Isn't that right, Ced.
      (The doorbell rings and Steve opens the door to Regina)
      Steve: Hi, sweetie!

    • Regina: I like your mom. She's the only one who told me, "You're not fat; you're just big-boned. Now, have an ice cream bar."

    • Steve: Mom, you remember Regina?
      Mother Hightower: Piggy Grier?

    • Sophia: (after seeing Romeo's second date) Yeah, we're having a 2-for-1 special.

    • Bullethead: (directing Romeo's attention towards his other date) Don't you have to go to the bathroom?
      Girl: Why is he telling you when to go the bathroom?
      Romeo: Because we're like twins. He senses things that I'm feeling.

    • Nicole: Baby, are you okay?
      Other Girl: Don't call my date, baby.

    • Regina: Steve, I can't do this anymore. Mother Hightower, Steve and I aren't dating.
      Mother Hightower: Steve lied to me?

    • Cedric: Your mom finally likes me.
      Mother Hightower: I don't like you. I'm just trying to make Steve feel guilty.

    • Mother Hightower: I made you hot chocolate.
      Steve: Mom, you don't have to keep babying me. Does this have the little marshmallows in it?

    • Girl: Wait. What is your name?
      (Bullethead turns back smoothly)
      Steve: If he can do that, I should be able to get a bank loan.

    • Steve: Lemme give you some advice on women. Rule #1: Don't lie to your woman. Rule #2: Don't tell her the truth. And Rule #3: When ever she ask you a question, you should say, 'I don't know baby, what you think?'

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