The Steve Harvey Show

Season 1 Episode 19

The Roof is on Fire

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 04, 1997 on The WB

Episode Recap

As Regina invites Steve and Cedric to her annual "Spring Fling," Cedric recalls last year's boring party. Regina hires Sophia, Bullethead, Romeo and Sara to work as servers, but Romeo plans on taking advantage of the situation and turning his friendly relationship with Sara into a romantic one. After hitting it off with Rochelle, a woman he met at the car wash, Cedric is ready to go to Regina's party. Once Steve arrives with Cedric and his date, he finds that the party's staid atmosphere is even worse than expected. Steve offers to liven things up.

As Romeo showers Sara with compliments, it appears things might turn in Romeo's favor after all. But as Steve sends the party's guests into a dancing frenzy, Cedric discovers his new girlfriend is married to Scar, a former Navy SEAL presently a SWAT sharpshooter. When Bullethead and Sophia find Romeo kissing Sara, tempers flare. But tempers aren't the only thing heating up, as the party comes to a grinding halt when Regina's roof catches fire. When the fire leaves her with nowhere to stay, Steve finds Regina carrying suitcases to her office. She explains she is checking into a hotel until her apartment is repaired. Steve offers Regina his apartment until she can move back home, but she refuses. Steve asks her to reconsider and Regina agrees to think about it.

Romeo and Sara admit they have feelings for each other, but don't want to hurt Bullethead's and Sophia's feelings by acting behind their backs. They agree to talk with their friends. Meanwhile, Bullethead and Sophia, still hurt by what they saw at the party, console each other. As Bullethead takes out his frustration on the drum set, he suggests Sophia give it a try as well. As they play together, they feel better and next find themselves kissing. At that moment, Romeo and Sara enter the music room to find their friends lip-locked.

Returning home, Steve finds Cedric has become convinced that Rochelle's husband is after him. As a precaution, Cedric goes so far as to buy a stun gun. Steve is relieved when Regina arrives at the apartment. However, after they both fall asleep on the couch while watching TV, Regina awakens with her head on Steve's shoulder. Surprised, Regina tells Steve her acceptance of his offer was a mistake. Steve explains that nothing happened, but Regina rushes off - hurting Steve's feelings in the process. When Scar shows up looking for Cedric, Steve explains that rather than trouncing Cedric, he really needs to spend more time with his wife. Later, Steve finds Regina in the office and she lets him know her apartment is ready. Steve is clearly disappointed, explaining he rented a couple of movies and planned to make Regina dinner. Regina thanks him for his kindness then invites him over to her place to watch the movies.
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