The Steve Harvey Show

Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 18, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

As everyone prepares for their wedding, Lovita and Cedric find themselves at odds over a Robinson family tradition. Cedric insists on wearing an old top hat, worn by grooms in his family for generations, but Lovita, adamantly opposed, threatens to take her revenge in the bedroom. With the wedding plans in danger of falling apart at the last minute, Lovita turns to Regina for advice. To help patch up their differences, she arranges for Cedric to have a massage right before the wedding.

As Romeo and Bullethead arrive for the ride to the church, Cedric and Steve go to retrieve the heirloom top hat. But when the door to the basement storage room accidentally closes behind them, they are locked in. As Lovita and Regina nervously wait, Bullethead comes looking for the groom and best man, only to get locked in, too. As Romeo takes advantage of the masseuse's arrival at the apartment, unaware of the problems, Lovita begins to worry that Cedric has lost his nerve. But with Regina's encouragement, she decides to find out what's gone wrong.

As Steve and Bullethead try comforting the distraught groom, Lovita arrives with Regina and Reverend Franklin in tow. After exposing Romeo's scam to get a free massage, they head for the basement where Lovita insists that Reverend Franklin marry them -- even if it has to be done through a locked door. And once the ceremony is complete, Lovita knocks down the door in order to kiss her new husband.