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Steve Wilkos, better known as long-time head of security on The Jerry Springer Show doles out advice in this hour-long talk show.
Wilkos' assets as a host include morals instilled by his Marine training and street smarts garnered from his experience as a police officer.

Fan Reviews (204)

  • women falsely accused

    Did valerie pass her lie detector test there was a special news program on from the president so I don't know what happened if any one knows let me know please I don't know why but I got to know what happened!
  • ultimate family betrayals

    I watched your show today like i do most everyday, however this episode really got me. I usally agree with Steve but not today!!! The way he treated that girl was bull!!! He called her a Bitch Numerous times, through the whole show he treated her like shit and at the end was the kicker he said to her get off my stage you miserable bitch, I couldnt believe my ears!! I think that was uncalled for!! I think Steve was out of line. Steve should have seen that all that bitchyness was a front so people dont see how bad she is hurting.

  • I hate Lesters

    Steve I admire you! for getting rid and exposing so many child molesters and bullies!! STEVE STAY ON TRACK DONT CHANGE YOUR SHOW YOU ARE THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO!!
  • Baby "Who"??????

    Ok--I'll Post This Again: On Today's Show: April 9, 2014; Was The Baby In Question Joshua's Or Not?

    The Show Just Bled Off Into A SECOND "Story" Of The SAME ISSUE: Who Is The Baby's Daddy????

    Please Steve Wilkos PLEASE DO NOT Become A Clone Of The MAURY Show!!! One Hour Long Infomercial For The DDC/DNA Center Is More Than Enough!!!!
  • You sent a child molester back to live with his 2 year old daughter - how shameful of you all!

    I am outraged about the show on Tuesday regarding Rebecca and her husband who was accused of molesting her 2 year old daugter. It is a proven fact that sociopaths can control their autonaumic nervous

    system in order to trip test - false negatives result. The husband was essentially acquitted based on a lie detector test which aren't even admissible in court due to their unreliability? You kept telling Rebecca that she changed her story and therefore you discounted her account. She couldn't decide if she would take back her husband even if he were to pass the lie detector test. So what? 99.9% of rape cases are true - it is the jury (and most typically women) who decide to blame the victim. In this case you are suggesting that Rebecca would make up the fact that her husband did 'the wiggle, wiggle, dance' and her her daughter's 'pee First of all, that would take some creativity to describe the incident as such, but the odds that she would make it up are negligible. Therefore, you have just sent a molester back to his family. How messed up do you think this 2 year old will be for the rest of her life. And you and the audience made fun and mocked the mother. You accused her of changing her story - so utterly lame. She didn't once change the details of the molestation. she just couldn't decide to take back the husband if he were to pass the lie detector test. You are a very sick man.moreless

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