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Steve Wilkos, better known as long-time head of security on The Jerry Springer Show doles out advice in this hour-long talk show.
Wilkos' assets as a host include morals instilled by his Marine training and street smarts garnered from his experience as a police officer.
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Fan Reviews (223)

  • Lieying lie detector test

    Be very wary of lie detectors I saw my sister fool a "state of the art" lie detector Passed with

    flying colors not a blip or glitch. The administrator was a friend of our family. He knew the answers

    as well as my sister. He was dumbfounded that she had passed the test questions.

    This is why I find lie detector shows a bit cheezy.
  • From An English Gentleman

    I am very disappointed that THE WILKOS, SPRINGER - MAURY SHOWS have been extended until 2018. They just demonstrate EVEN MORE, to The World, what complete CHAOS, TURMOIL, DISGRACE, and PITIFUL, the complete disaster of what AMERICAN FAMILY LIFE IS IN. If I was "in charge" of a SHOW like these - I would be thoroughly ASHAMED OF MYSELF in "making a living" from the deeds of HAPLESS INDIVIDUALS that appear (even though we know that they themselves, agree to be participants) WILKOS, (under whatever circumstances) should not be allowed to swear - bully - thrown chairs - and related disgusting and CHILDISH complete NONSENSE. I hope that all 3 Shows are "pulled" after 2018 - so that MUCH MORE INTELLIGENT TV can replace themmoreless
  • Social inclusion

    I have been working with the heavily disabled for over ten years. Even with low skill and low understanding they want to be included in the family. If they were playing with water while they were washing the car and little bit of spray on them is including them in an activity. I don't believe that he was abusing I think that he was including in normal and healthy behaviors. Didn't you ever have ice cube fights. You put an ice cube down the back of the shirt because it's cold . When I hear things like this episode and people calling it abusive it's just not you wrong it's social inclusion it's not treating the individual with a disability different from any of the other children . What a disabled person wants is to be to participate to be part of life and playing with them the same way is part of it and others just crazy stupid if she thinks that that's abusive it's not. Also what a disabled person wants is to be to participate to be part of life and playing with them the same way is part of it and others just crazy stupid if she thinks that that's abusive it's not . And small children will say daddy is being mean he got us wet. When did water on a warm day ever hurt anyone its water.moreless
  • Many of the shows are two to three years old

    Is the Steve Wilkos show running fewer shows? The original air dates are old. On the site only two days a month are listed for live tapeings. Too bad--I really enjoyed the show.
  • Running Low On "Quality" Trash

    I used to love this show. The "chair tossing" is so old. Please don't.

    Most importantly, I understand there's only so much trash to go around, but please stop airing these crazy chicks throwing themselves on the floor and shrieking. Your show used to stand apart from those lame Maury clowns. And if they could have more than 3 teeth between them, that's always a plus.

    UPDATE 4/24/15

    I spy something that begins with the letter C! As in "cancel". You won't be around much longer. I now stopped recording this lame show to watch in the evenings when I get home from work. Pathetic.moreless

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