The Steve Wilkos Show

Season 1 Episode 32

Dead Beat Dads With 7 Kids

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Oct 24, 2007 on

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  • low life!

    I know this guy Tito, he is the lowest scum to life! He is a gang member and drug dealer. And has been known to use a gun more then once. His time is numbered with the life he leads, i hope he gets his life straight oneday.but i doubt that will ever besides all the other things he has done wrong in life now i hear this about his 7 kids.He needs to be in prison for life and never see another day of sunlight. He's 31 years old and still does'nt have his life in order " what a LOSER" He drives around in a car without a license no insurance.... I could go on and on about this loser.