The Steve Wilkos Show

Season 1 Episode 71

Deadbeat Moms

Aired Weekdays Jan 14, 2008 on

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  • i am so glad to be able to relate to a talk show host. Steve Wilkos is the best show & a real wake-up call for morons & abusers.

    I absolutely LOVE your show, Steve! I have felt many emotions while viewing the show... mainly anger & tears. The tear jerkers are usually the shows dealing with young children. How dare those molesters, LOW-LIFE BUMS, take advantage of our country's youth! As a mother of two teens, I couldn't imagine taking advantage of an innocent child. Nothing is more precious than a child's love & no adult should have the chance to replace it with any type of abuse. THANK YOU for being the caring person you are & you have reached a faithful viewer in ME.

    Love Always,

    Teresa W. in Cumming, GA
  • My name is Amy and I live in Texas and I watch your show every day. Its a great show and you do a great job. I wish that you could be tougher on the people that go on your show, but I know that you can't cause its on t.v.

    I recently watched your show about a deadbeat mother who wouldn't sign the adoption papers untill her son's came on stage to see her, and I thought that was crazy. I can't believe that she used divorce as a reason for why she couldn't take care of her children, but I know how those kids feel. You see my mom and my dad got divorced when I was 9 years old and they both became deadbeat parents. Anyway, my mom spent more time with men than us, my sister was the one that raised me from the age of ten she had to grow up. I can honestly say that Im a beautiful, headstrong, outspoken 23 year old woman that I am today, because of my sister. Im proud to have her as my sister and as my bestfriend.