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neighbor stole my cat

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    [1]Mar 1, 2011
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    My neighbor had been asking me all summer for my white cat, for his grandson. I kept telling them no. Its our cat which we bottle fed from birth. The cat is missing and I know they have it. When I told the police how I know they have labeled me crazy cat woman. The Police and SPCA wont help. When the neighbors grandson visits, my 11 yr old Black cat named Cola, starts yelling JACK!! JACK!! He can smell the white cat on the neighbors grandson. When Cola sees the grandfather, he hunches down and flicks his tail and stares at him. I know this cat had to see the grandfather steal our white cat. when the grandson visits my neighbor, the father yanks the kid into the house. I dont even know if the grandson knows the cat was stolen! famous last words, I am not insane..even my 15 yr old daughter has seen this. She begs me not to tell the police because it makes me sound crazy. I told her I dont care what people think, I only tell the truth and a lie detector test will prove I am honest. aLl I know is my heart is broken losing this kitty and it feels like ive lost a child. I got pneumonia from hanging signs on poles in 6 feet of piled snow only to have someone remove the signs. please Help Steve, you have a great heart and strong sense of right and wrong, when is it right to steal a pet from someone to make your grandchild happy, and leave our family distraught? I am disabled and cannot afford $700-$1200 detective fees. I have the lic plate # of the car the grandson goes home in, that would be where the cat is being hidden, please please help. my heart is so heavy!

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    [2]Nov 10, 2011
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    I'd love to see Steve take on something of this nature, but he wouldn't because there would not be enough yelling, screaming and near physical attacks made by the participants.

    In order to get help from Steve Wilkos, you have to be an illiterate who doesn't mind airing your dirty laundry in front of a tv audience and screaming - a lot.

    I used to have respect for the show when it first started. Steve seemed genuinely interested in helping people. Now, it seems he has gone for the low-life ratings and this show is just as disgusting as The Jerry Springer show.

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