Why aren't you a father?

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    Hi Steve,

    In watching this show " why aren't you a father", It really upsets me Julies actions aside this being about the father who wants to be in his son's life. Julie to me, sounds selfish. All she cares about is medicine and food for her baby when she has to realize she is the sole provider no matter if the father is there or not. Most young moms today certainly are not how mothers were years ago. I was a teenage mom and never wanted help nor could I even think to want a night out. I wanted to be with my kids all the time. Julie lies! she even smiles when she lies. The only thing I see Julie caring about is the father and wanting him for herself let alone her son. Your right too, Julie is a racist. She seems psychotic as well. Julie is all over the place with how she feels about the father. At one point, she claims she slept with him recently at the same time of wanting to get a restraining order for abuse. How is this mom even good for the child given her frame of mind?The child iswho I feel sorry for the most.

    Far as the father who hasn't seen his child in four years who now wants to be a part of his life, its never too late to change. He seems a bit goofy but he seems harmless and all kids should have the right to be around their biological dad if things are right.

    With that said Steve, when woman out and out lie due to their own selfish needs, these girls need to be put in their place. Julie boo hoo hoo's wanting attention and sympathy with her crys of being robbed, robber took all her food, all she wants wants wants is pathetic. I don't believe one word of all she is saying and right in the beginning of your show she comes out to say how she got stuck with the child. Stuck? how can any woman say that about their flesh and blood child? Father or no father, she is the mother! A child is a blessing not something you should feel stuck with. Woman do have other options aside having a child. Millions of woman can't have babies which is why adoption is available. Adopting your child out is not a bad thing, it's certainly better then an abortion. Yes, girls should definitely use protection but when they do become pregnant it becomes a moot point.

    I do hope in your next season you can make certain that the lies of woman need repremanding! woman use their children as pawns to get what they want in life and it really angers me greatly. There are never huge consequences when woman do lie especially when they make guys pay for those lies by putting them in jail. I hope you can see this like I do and make a difference if you can. Keep up the good work Steve, I do watch your show every single day!

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