The Steve Wilkos Show

Season 1 Episode 29

I Hate My Mom

Aired Weekdays Oct 18, 2007 on

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  • Hilarious, and Wonderful. Highly entertaining!

    This episode of The Steve Wilkos Show was very great. I caught a re-run a few days ago of it and I felt very sorry for the mother, but I also laughed at her crying and how ridiculous she was acting. Her daughter doesn't want her, so get away from her!

    In this fantastic episode, Ashley's mother wants to stay away from her mother that she has rarely seen (or so she claims) for the past 20 years that she has been living. Her mother has chosen drugs over her, but now her mother wants her back. Ashley's mother was the one who called the show to get her daughter back out of her other 6 children.

    I do think that Steve Wilkos and the audience (like always) was being too cruel on the mother. All she wanted was her daughter, and Steve Wilkos yells and kicks out the drug dealer off the stage for answering a question (and maybe for other reasons) in complete sentences that doesn't have the word "no" or "yes" in it.

    If you catch this episode on TV, you won't be very dissapointed, but you won't be very happy watching it, too. This is the Steve Wilkos show, not the Maury Show or Dr. Phil. The audience boos and humiliates the host and claps when the host says, "Drugs are bad". (Aka, The audience are mean and stupid).
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