The Steve Wilkos Show

Season 1 Episode 66

Jailed for Life

Aired Weekdays Jan 07, 2008 on

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  • this is just horrible to watch how this mother shows no remorse about what happened to her 4 year old son. It is horrible to hear what happened to this little boy.

    I watched this episode today and I cant believe how horrible that poor child was abused and tortured. I cried watching it. How can a mom let her boyfriend do that to her children..and claim they knew nothing about it is ridiculous to me. I have a 5 year old and a 1 year old I think I would know if anything like that was happening to them. The mother didn't show any signs that she was upset or sad about her child. I am sitting here about in tears and just can't believe that happened to that child. Then it comes out that she helped her boyfriend torture this little boy..I am sorry but that is one horrible mother. She doesn't seem to be upset her son is dead and shows no emotion about what happened. I think Steve is a great person to confront these people about what they did or do.
  • I am absolutely horrified by what happened to this precious boy. This show haunts me still, I have a 4 year old son and I cry when I think about little Lattie and how he should have been adored.

    Steve Wilkos did an absolute wonderful job maintaining his composure with this totally clueless and heartless monster. It just escapes me as to what makes a human being willing to inflict that insane amount of pain on one single person let alone to a defenseless, innocent baby. I see my son and I see beauty at its purest form, to be loved and cherished and adored. I will never be able to forget Lattie. My hope is that this makes people aware that this type of abuse occurs everyday don't ignore it. Kudos to you Steve for NOT throttling her on national tv like many of us were praying you would and thanks for bringing little Lattie to our hearts.
  • I hate that woman how can you be so mean if your going to have a child you should be able to take care of it and be the one to protect it, if you cant do that then KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i think this was a good show im only a 14 year old girl who cant watch this everday, but today i was off and watched this preview it makes me very mad to see parents who are like this my mom has been very mean to me and i now am living with my dad but when i do see this or hear about it 1/2 the time it brings things back, that I really wish I could forget but can't. So Steve Wilkos you are someone who i respect and I'm glad there is people like you to help these people because some of us don't get help to its to late like it was for lattie. God Bless You Steve - Brittiany
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