The Steve Wilkos Show

Season 2 Episode 10

Jimmy Becomes a Man

Aired Weekdays Sep 26, 2008 on

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  • jimmy becomes a man

    this is jimmys aunt ellen and im appaulled that your mother actually let you go on national tv and embarrass yourself your mother and father were married at the time you claim this rape happened it isnt rape jimmy he had every right to have sex with your mother she was wrong for letting you think otherwise. Your mother married your father while he was in jail and after they were married and he got released they moved to california were your mother preferred having your father behind bars instead of at home she put your father in jail numerouse times and got back with him upon his release so you need to give your father the benefit of the doubt cause your mother couldnt make up her mind about what it was she wanted and that really confused your father alot . But rape? No he didnt rape her jimmy they had sex and your didnt like the position he put her in and she got pissed off and claimed he raped her at least thats my oppinion cause when they moved in with me thats all they did all the time was eat, fight , sleep sometimes and fuck. your a smart boy jimmy consider your source and be thankful that steve was there to protect you from your father cause he would of wipped your ass for disrespecting him like that hell i would of smacked you a good one for what you said to him i love you jimmy try not to let your mother have to much control of your life she will only continue to emabarrass you. take care son and good luck

    your Aunty
  • I am jimmys mom marggie I know it took alot for my son to confront his father on the Steve Wilkos show. After 13 years of not seeing him and the last time he saw him was when he was 4 and he wittnessed his father rapeing me .

    I love The Steve Wilkos Show not just because he helped my family but because he loves to help others and really gives the bad guy a piece of his mind . As I have said befor I know from experance when you are raped you fell alone well steve was there and helped my son and me . Even though it was 13 years later going back in the stories made it fell like yesterday. And Steve Wilkos was there to help us through a bad thing that haunted us for thoes 13 years.He helped us expose a very bad person that desivered all the yelling and a whole lot more . All I can say at this point Is god Bless Steve Wilkos And his Staff.