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  • steves show is the best

    steves show is the best and i love how he gets in there faces and tells them how he fells,and i also love how he shouts at them because sometimes well in these cases it takes all the time 2 shout at them because if u talk 2 them nice then they are going 2 thank it is ok 2 do what they did when its not what they done is wrong and steve lets them know that. steve needed to start this show a long time ago and now he has i hope he gets through to them toshia
  • hello steve i think you are doing a prestine job on you're show.i am a mother of three boys.and i can not imagine any single human being hurting there child.i wish u could just beat the snot out of people that come on youre show.

    steve i was wondering what happens to the pigs affter u expose them. do they go to jail? or do they go back in the world where they do not belong? because if i saw one of them on the street or walking around in a store i would so go crazy and then try to hurt them myself.nobody needs to be alive that hurts our children and does not take care of them.i wonder why people dont stop and think."yea i was young ounce and i dont think i would like that to have happend to me ". i mean these people are freaking pigs and so much more.
  • Steve Wilkos: Great Television Troll or Greatest Television Troll? Is he a hero? Or is his ways can be consider of that of an anti-hero? Pure white knight or T.V.'s black knight?

    In a politically correct world where speaking about child molestation, rapist, child abuse, drugs, and twisted, cruel people are consider taboo, one man defies such thing. That man is Steve Wilkos.

    However, I think the show needs to be canceled. Nobody, including our children needs to hear about how cruel the real world is. No child should learn about those who want to hurt them. If you think children should know what a pedophile or an abuse will do, you are a moron. Yeah, let people tell you that Steve's a buffoon, an mad ape. Let them say that he's a bastard and that he don't really cares about helpin folks our. I mean, Steve Wilkos is more horrible than those who would harm and touch children. Steve Wilkos has such a negative effect on broadcast T.V. Really, do our children need to know about strangers and rapists?

    We should tell our children the horrible effects of video games, rather than tellin' them about the monsters that creep around in real life.

    T.V. really needs a hero to expose the monsters and creeps out there . .
  • Steve, I love your show.I watch 1/2, in the morning before work and catch the rest on late night.There is nothing more valuable than our children. They will run our country,in the future .

    I agree with everything you stad for. Thank you so much for caring. We all appreciate your hard work! You are the only talk show host that as the guts enough to speak your mind. Petifiles should be kept under the prisons for life. I love how you call them monsters, and I agree they are monsters and should all be castrated and never allowed out to hurt anyone else. I can't wait to see season two. Keep up the good work Steve. Hopefully, their will be more people like you that will make our world a safer place. Once again, thank you so much for all you do.
  • I look up to steve because he has a good point of view on all of the bad people and i think he is doing a good job keep it going steve we love you from misssouri.

    Steve we need you to do a show on some of the bad guy's here in missouri because we have alot of trashy one's here keep up the good job we think ur one fine guy hey steve i watched one of your show's that had a dead bet mom on it and i like the way you tell them how it is because some of the parent's here on this earth now day's just won't the kids for the money and want's to treat them like dirt. I watch your show every day even when i'n on the road with mu husband he pull's over so i can watch you steve.
  • i dont have one just need to say that!!

    steve you rock!! Some one has to stick up for the little people!! The are not big enough to stand up for them selves. I know cause i was one of those little girls that mommy let people rape and abuse and abandon. I ve never been normal. I have 3 children i promise you didnt have it perfect cause i couldnt all ways keep it togehter. but noone ever touched them. i would have killed some one. But its nice to see you have no simpathy or slack for a parent hurting a child. there is never a good excuse or forgiveness. it hurts to be tarnished so young,its a life long hell!!.i never felt defended just looked down on. I think your a light in there little lives. keep up the good work
    Angie Carter
  • childabuse and sexual abuse of children

    Steve me and my husband watches your show everyday your show makes us stay in are seat because I hate to miss any thing that you say to the guys and women on your show about childabuse and sexual abuse. You really tell them what you think of them of in your head that is what these people need. Sometimes I think you need to take them outside of your show and beat the hell out of them. Because people that do bad things to children need to be beat up or done what they did to children. I known that if they ever go to prison they will get what they deserve in life I do beleave that in the world. Me and my husband would like a teeshirt to we can wear it in Louisville Kentucky so guys and women will know that we hate childabuse and sexual abuse of children. Thank you Paula Deakins
  • Steve, Ive got to tell you,I watch your show daily and I just dont get these people that write you and say "you were too hard on your guests", quite frankly, I dont know how you dont come unglud and take a swip at them..They must come from perfect worlds.

    Dear Steve,
    Your show on the Dad that molested his daughter and he just wouldnt say he was sorry, or even admit that he did it, really hit home for me. I have to tell you the people that tell you your too hard on your guests, need help themselves. Please keep up your quest to put down these dirtbags as far down as you can, and if you do come unglud and take a swip, drop me a line, I'll gladly pay your bail....Keep up the good work, Ill watch you forever,keep giving these young girls a voice without fear. God Bless You Steve Doreen (I was a littlt girl without a voice)
  • Dear Steve, My husband and I watch your show faithfully everyday and enjoy watching your show air another "crack-head mother, belly rubber, or child/wife abuser".

    We enjoy seeing you stand up to them, get in their face, and tell them exactly how it is. You keep it real. Most talk shows cover up the problem or try to sweep the problem under the rug. Your show exposes these creeps and gives them what they deserve, at least verbally. I wish you could mop up the stage with these creeps. And for the child molesters/belly rubbers they should have whatever they abused these children with cut off. No prison/jail time will ever be equal to that. Why should these creeps be allowed to go on with their lives in prison or jail (keep in mind that we as tax payers are footing the bill for them while they are incarcerated)? This does not compensate in any way for what they have taken away from these innocent children. These children will have to deal with what these creeps have done to them every day for the rest of their lifes. If our justice system would allow for these creeps to have their bodies altered by cutting off whatever they abuse these children with at least these children would know that what happened to them would not ever happen to anybody else. For the crack-head/alcoholic/drug abusing pregnant whores who keep getting pregnant because they are not responsible enough to prevent this from happening - there should be a law that requires them to be fixed permanently so they could not have the opportunity to screw up an innocent child's life.

    I know not everybody likes your show but as you say "they can shut off their televisions or turn the channel". My personal opinion is that if they do not agree with how you handle the creeps that you confront on your show - maybe these people are trying to hide a deep dark secret of their own. Keep up the good work and my husband and myself will continue to watch your show faithfully everyday. Hopefully sometime soon we will have the opportunity to come see your show live. Would you please send us both T-Shirts so we can show our support of your show. My husband wears size XX-Large and I wear size Large.

    Jo Ellen & Phil Leech
    1620 East 35th Street
    Marion, Indiana 46953
  • This show is incredible! And my personal favorite. I have only missed about 2 shows but have them recorded! Keep the episodes coming!! you have a very big fan right here

    Dear Steve, Your show is very intense and I watch it every day. I'm currently watching it right now! It makes me feel safe to know that someone like you is taking control and getting rid of all the dangerous people in this world. I have a few questions though.. What happens to all the child molesters and abusers that come on this show? Do they pay a price ? or do they just run free? It makes me laugh when I watch this show and a man has been accused of raping someone and he fails the lie detector test and throws a fit and says the test is lying. Keep the good episodes coming! I Love your show!
    sincerely, Miriam C.
  • Informative and trendsetting. Opens peoples eyes to the horrors that are being committed against women and children daily and that these degenerates actually, and unfortunately, mostly get away with it. Harsh, but it's reality. A+++++ in my opinion!

    My mom and I watch your show daily. We applaud you for trying to get these degenerates to own up to the crimes they have committed. People think you are too harsh, but were these criminals not HARSH when they were abusing and molesting women and children? As they say, "They can dish it out, but they cannot take it!" My mom and I would love to each have one of your autographed T-Shirts and an autographed pix, if possible. I am terminally ill and will continue to watch you for as long as possible.

  • Steve, i absolutely love your show. Im one of your biggest fans.People who think your too hard on your guest dont really get the point of the show because child molesters and negeltors dont deserve respect to begin with.

    Dear Steve, i absolutely love your show, its on my top 5.Your show has helped so many people. People who think your too hard on your guests dont understand that murders and child molestors/neglectors do not deserve repect to begin with. Im a huge fan, and i watch your show every morning. Your a great person, and i can see why to get frusturated with some of your guests and i would to.It's good to know that theres someone out there who actually want to help abused and neglected children and to help other people. If there were more people like you the world wouldnt be as bad as it is now.
    From Donya
  • Steve, I think that your show is great. This is the kind of show that everyone needs right now. It is not my favorite show, but it is in my top 3. Keep it up Steve, and keep giving those "sickos" hell!

    Dear Steve,

    I think that your show is too unappreciated. Many more people should watch your show because it truly is "in-your-face-honesty." All of the wacky people and "sickos" that appear on your show DESERVE to be yelled at and talked-down-to. Why should those who have lied, raped, and done terrible things deserve any less? What they have done is terrible and they need to be punished. The worst kinds of people that appear on your show are the ones that think by appearing on your show, they can get away with it. Also, all of those whiners who think you are being way too hard with these "sickos" are just lousy belly rubbers. Keep it up Steve. And may I possibly have an autographed T-shirt? I love your show.

  • Dear Steve, I volunteer for a victims advocasy group. I see all the time what abuse does to people. I am tired of all of the whiners who say you are to hard on your guests.

    God Bless You, Steve Wilcos!
    I was physically and sexually abused as a child. I know first hand how something done then stays with a person. I wish I had someone like you to stand up for me when I was younger. To this day the person who was responsible has not spent one night in jail. I watch your show on a daily basis. I set my DVR when I am at work to record it. Keep giving the scumbags hell! I am tired of the belly rubbers saying how "hard" it is for the abusers. What about the ones who are abused?

    God Speed Steve Wilcos!

    Catherine from Philly
  • I'll just come out and say it. The Steve Wilkos Show is the best show on television.

    Steve Wilkos is one of the most entertaining people on television, and its great he has his own show. He brings people on who have done wrong in their lives (drug addicts who neglect their children, wife beaters, child molesters, etc.) and he puts them in their places. People say he's too hard on the guests and he calls them "belly rubbers". This means that they take too much time to figure out the abuser, ala "rubbing their bellies", instead of focusing on the victim. He may have been a member of Jerry Springer, but his show is more serious than it and that's why I'm a fan. He doesn't exploit his guests or only brings them on for laughs, he trys to help people and I like that.

    If you don't like the show, I'll just quote Steve right now: "This is moron-free TV, and you're not allowed to watch."
  • hey steve.I just love your show.I understand what you are trying to do.The people that don't get your thinking never well. Most are lost soles but you can't save them all.My only thing is i would love to see your shirt chooses change.

    It seem like your 44 and they keep making your wear grandpa style shirt. They all look the same.How about a 3 button down solid shirt or whatever Steve's personal style is. I know they do all this for you but i think they just make you look older.I am 50 and i love wearing things that take age off. Keep staying in the idiots face that need to learn not to hurt inoccent kids etc and keep up the good work...Do i get a t-shirt..Just to many shirts that have that stripe thingy going on.Ask your wife she will tell you.Other than that keep up the great work...thanks for the ear melinda
  • I Love this show!!! Steve is taking care of those nasty people one person at a time :) I love him!!!

    Steve is taking care of those animals and i look up to him for it!! I dont see any other talk shows where someone will stand u[p to those pedifiles and tell em how it is and those who talk crap about it dont realize it but there are people like me who didn't have that person in there life who took care of the disgusting men who rape young girls and deny it who left such horrible scars that its hard to be intimint with there own husband now those who cry about how steve yells at these "poor" people are sad and worthless and problley never had to deal with it and i pity your children because they will never understand and have that empathy! Steve is just saying what most of us are thinking! When someone is inoccent he doesn't treat them like crap! Open your eyes, your ears and your heart to those of us who have been in those shoes and wish we had a big guy to help us because our dads or moms were too drunk to realize what was happening to there childern! Thank you steve your the best! semper fi!
  • let me think of why i like your show

    oh thats right nothing can steve spell ignorant just because your producer is as dumb as you are dosent give yall the right to make such dumb tv my nine year old accidentally tuned you in and thought you should be medicated cause of all the screaming you did i live in texas south of houston but i was born in chicago also just to let you know ive been a fireman emt now i work in burns @ the university of texas medical branch in galveston thanks for being the first show i had to block on my babies tv
  • your show is the best and you need to get all those animles off the st. i just wish there where more like you.keep up the good work.

    dear steve:

    at frist when i watched your show i didn't like it only because you didn't give any one to let them explan there side. but as i watched more and more i understood why thier all lies and if not all most of them belong in jail. i was molsted by my step dad my mom dosen't know and i will never tell her for he is dead and so is that part of my life i didn't talk to her for long time but when i moved closer to her one day the lord put in my heart to call her that was in 1998 and i love my mom and relatisonship i have with her now i'm all she has and would never hurt her for telling her somthing that is in my past. i have had a bad life and all thease people that let things happen to them and there kids should not even have them. and for all those women that are in a abusevse relatisonship and say they love him it's not love it's fear. any way back to your show i wish you where around when i was going through my stuff because you have and are helping a lot of people and your number one in my book. thank you steve and keep up the good work.

    god bless you and all your staff

    Diana Garcia
  • Steve

    Dear Steve u are seriously are going to have to become a belly rubber, seat down have a cup of tea with those pervs and child abusers, you really need to become what the rest of the world expects unlike us canadians that seem to get it. now steve if you become a belly rubber and have tea with them us canadians will have to go down there and slap you aroud abit. see if we can knock some since into you. the day you become a belly rubber is the day the world ends. steven your doing a great job keep it up. love ya, erika
  • 10
    Steve, I think your show is wonderful! To expose the sick scum that's out there every day I thank you because how do I know there isn't one in my town.The phrase " Looks can be deceiving " comes to mind. I couldn't imagine doing the things that some of the lowlifes do to there children! Some times it takes someone like you to get in their faces for the light bulb to finally go on !! For anyone to say anything negative about how you do it is a moron and shouldn't watch your show or bother to write in. Does it take a to turn the channel if you don't like a show no ones forcing them to watch it !! Keep up the good work , maybe one of you viewers maybe an offender and see your show then change their ways or apologize for their wrong doings. LRocky
  • Steve ijust love your show. my TV is set to change when you come on ..I think you are awesome to show the world what kind of creeps we have out there As there are so many of them out in the world

    Steve ijust love your show. my TV is set to change when you come on ..I think you are awesome to show the world what kind of creeps we have out there As there are so many of them out in the world .. Ilove to see you help the innocent out and confront the wrong ..As i hate it when people lie about what really happened in the past not fair to the innocent ones in the world and loved ones ..I Hate creeps out there that blame it on the innocent ones all the time From momof5angels
  • Steve,may I quote you a song."You took the words right out of my mouth." It is unfortunate that you are not a judge!Laws should be tougher on these little punks maybe that would help them more than the psychological crap that we bath them in now.

    Another song for Steve...........
    "What the world needs now, is Steve Wilko,
    He's the only thing that there's just too little of ................" Your show is great Steve and don't worry about those blind, negative reviews........they probably come from people that are similar to those you have on your show..................! To heck with them all buddy! Keep rockin' I can't believe that anyone is hard on you for what you are doing on the show, do they forget why those people are even on there? Why would they defend them or be upset because you hold them accountable for what they have done? I don't get these people.............The victims that you have on I'm sure must feel so good when they leave that they have finally been able to do something about what has happened to them....Yeah and it's true these jerks need help but would they ever go and get it? Not on your life but thanks to you they may be able to see what they are doing and actually consider getting help......there is nothing like a good verbal thrashing to bring you to your senses............anyway, love your show Steve.....................good luck in the future...Your faithful canadian viewer. Bev
  • Steve your great I wish you would yell at my kids dead beat dad. becauce he don't care.

    Dead beat dads are the worst. In my case my x has 5 girls and there is no help from him. 2 of them are from me and he has 3 with his x wife please yell at him. He's in and out of jail DUI, child support and so on. You are doing a great job so keep it up .I support you 100%. My girls are doing great but when he call theres always broken dream. So i pick up the peices again and again. Thanks Steve From Genni p.s a t-shirt would be great if you have extra

    Steve this is Areli from Oregon. I would like to tell you that I watch your show every day.I am a big fan. Also you do a very good job on the show and you are totally right in how you treat the abusers there is no reason for you to treat them like they are the victims. I'm behind you 100%! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !!! !!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!! ! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!! !! !!!! !!!!!
  • wow thats amazing how you talk to the people on the show but its all good that you talk to the people that why i bet some learn and some dont keep up the good work

    i really like you show i am so glade how concern you are about people who are beening treated like poop and i am really glade the way you talk to the poeople that treat the people they treat like poop and i give your show a A plus and a 100% good steve keep it up and i hope people actally learn when they come to your show cause if the dont they should really be put behind bars somewere and if not they should burn in hell the way that treat the people and should never be able to be around people again
  • i love your show!

    steve, i love your show. im so glad that your not scared to stand up for what you know is right! The people that dont like your show is because they dont have the guts to do what you do! i thank you very much for trying to make the world better and keep these people off of the streets! one day i will get to come watch your show in person and i will be the happest person in the world! i know you will keep doing what you are doing and again thank you! im glad the world has you!
  • steve, your talk show is one of the best out there..

    Steve, even though you just started out, you are very good..I just finished watching your show on prostituion ring, I told my daughter about the lady with her tips of her fingers burn't off. She could not believe what drugs could do that damage. I hope and pray that my daughter will not do those drugs or any kind for that matter.she's only 13.. I wish that she could of seen the show for herself, just to know that i was not making it up..I will come back here to prove it.Just to show her...Thanks a bunch Steve.... Kathy
  • The show is better that an action packed movie

    I think that this show should have happened along time ago. Other talk shows are great and all but they are all about helping the victims, which again this is a great concept and should be done and yet you see where this goes......nowhere, still everyday there are more and more victims out there......Its About time someone took off the kid gloves and confronted and treated the abusers the way they should be treated........I love the show and I make sure to record it if I am unable to watch when it comes on. No more Mr. Nice Guy :).
  • I think Steve does what the world should to .These scum bags go and beat their wives and children, abuse life and think they have the right to do to anyone as they please. Kick Butt Steve

    I would like to meet these scum bags that beat , choke , an dneglect their wives and children. I was an abused wife at one point and I finally had enough and decided to go into the academy and take on these creeps. I would like for them to come and try to abuse me and God help their souls if they crossed my path. I think Steve does agreat job and may be a little to easy on these perverts and child molesters and wife beaters. I commend Steve for all he is doing and it is about time someone stands up and puts these butt wipes in their place.
    God Bless Steve Wilko and his crew. You are now my new Hero. I went through abuse for 19years and when I decided enough was enough I took matters in my own hands. Go Get them Steve
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