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  • Steve you have a great show keep up the hard work that you are doing, With what you do with the dead beat moms is so awesome. The kids need more people like you.

    I try to watch your show as often as I can, I like the way you make them stand up until you feel they need to set down great show. Keep up your hard work and the things you do for the kids. They need more people like you to stand up for them and treat them the way you do, no one should live like some of the children who cry to their parents and the responses they give them is wrong, its like they don't care. You are a very brave human being and your great. Adrianne
  • Steve, I'm at 18 year old girl that absolutely loves your show! People write to your show about how you need to give those people a break, I think that you need to be harder on certain people. I admire all the things you do, so keep up the good work!:)

    Steve, I'm at 18 year old girl that absolutely loves your show! People write to your show about how you need to give those crack heads a break, I think you need to be harder on certain people. You might not get through to everyone but at least in the end you know you tried to do something for the better. Alcoholics, molesters, child abusers I mean really, what are these people thinking? They have people that love them all around and they're willing to help but they don't care. They're going to do what they want to do. You can't change a person if they're not willing to change for themselves.
  • i hope that steve is on tv forever an keeps these low lifes where they belong.

    steve is the best its about time someone exposed these low lifes.keep up the good work steve.your the best.and if some of these people think your to rough on them well thats just too bad.what about those kids that are being do you think they feel.i have no pity for the men that do this.they need to be locked up forever.because these children are gonig to feel this pain the rest of their lives.think about that when you think steve is too rough on them.
    keep it up steve you have my support 100%.get in there faces an make them tell the truth for once in there lives.
  • I dont like your show. I dont like the way you yell at people I think your show sucks. and you feed off of jerry springer. I think Todd was better off w/ a show i understand you yelling at a person who abused there child.

    DO something diffrent wit ur show the same old stuff u like the oprah show always judging some one and u never been thru it and every one dont have a show like u, u dont know what realy going on in some people life at least u shoot give them the benfit of a douth i just dont like ur show but my husband do that the only reason that is on my TV he realy like it tough love. (husband) ps. steve i like ur show u do ur thing steve i like it well thanks.GL THE BEST.4 U
  • totally related to steve,and his strong passion.sometimes i want to jump in the t.v and tell those people they make the human race look evil. steve tells how it is how it was ,and how it will be.....

    steve, wow i truly love your show. this last year has been a difficult one for me. i have worked two different jobs. however inbetween looking for employment i watch your show daily, then my day begins. you have true passion for what you do everyday.that is to my goal .im 41 and have made some bad choices ,unfortantely this deters me in everyday life. you are truly question i do have ? your guest are truly real, right. i often feel so much empathy for so many of them. my true love is people,and back in the day i think i could have gave oprah a good run.todays show may 13 was very ,very sad.i to grew up seeing things no child should ever see or hear. thank god no physical or sexual abuse.keep doing what you are doing. you truly make a difference. sincerely, GINA MAZZEEO #1 fan
  • Scums! appear on your show as sex offenders or a molester of any child.I wish you could do more to that creep.Love your show Steve. I'm a correctional sergeant send that molester my way.The offender population knows how to welcome a child molester.

    I'm watching the show every day with my wife.Today's topic "I HATE YOU DADDY" How do you do it Steve without losing control a beating the crap out of the child molester? As a talk show host you still have a tuff job. My wife and I thank you very much Steve for helping the children that have been molested,by a family member or friend's of the family. As a young boy my bilogical mother and her boy friend made my sister's and I have sex with each other we were only children I was 9 years old at the time.Thank you Dale
  • WE loved the way you handled that GAY CHILD MOLESTER Mefi!! He deserved everything you said to him!!! Your a GREAT GUY Steve, you sure know how to do a show!!!

    Hey Steve, your the best!! My friends and I watch you everday. We really love the way you tell it like it is.
    I have watched talk shows before, but I could never get
    into one. Then I saw your show and I LOVED IT!!!!!
    Keep up the good work Steve!! You have alot of fans over
    here who get a kick out of your show. signed NINA D.
  • I think your show is awesome!!!!!

    hi steve, my name is La Rhonda and i love your show, i think that what u do to help people is great. there needs to be more people out there like you because there is alot of children who is living messed up lives and they need to get on the right track, and i know that if they were to meet u, i know u could make a differance in there lives.i had a few bad things happen to me as a child but thank god iam ok now, but i wish you was around back then because i could have used your help. well thanks for the great show u do everyday for me to watch, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
  • love you steve

    I love you steve you are the best, love the way you get in their *#% I love it sometimes i wish you would kick their *#% lol Ive been waiting on a show like yours to hit the airwaves. Anyone who dont think what your doing is wonderful is as low as the people you are exposing. just want to say i love you and keep up the awsome work, and no your vien isnt ugly it is cute as a button love you so much send me one of those t-shirts! muah xoxoxoxoxo your biggest fan- Angela from south carolina
  • It's about time we have some real tv talk show on now! I love your show, Steve and watch it every week religiously.I have a message for icy24svn, you are a moron! You're not even allowed to think yet alone put up a comment that shows how stupid you are.

    It's about time we have some real tv talk show on now! I love your show, Steve and watch it every week religiously.I have a message for icy24svn, you are a moron! You don't need to watch this show, why don't you go curl up with your security blanket and turn off the TV. Steve, keep up the great work! And to all the morons out there, do us all a favor.. shut the hell up and turn off the TV. We dont need morons watching a non-moron show. This is what America needs. A man who wont cater to the belly rubbers and child abusers. I'm not a father yet, but everytime I watch guys like the one on "Steve bites back" and all the other a**$#*%$ that came on before him, I wish we could wipe the slate of guys like them and all the other guys that havent been flushed out into the open. It sickens me to even hear about the stuff they do. I don't think your tough at all. I was in the Army for a short period of time and I get where you're coming from. I just wish more guys like you had their own TV show and stood up for the people who can't or couldn't defend themselves. And this goes to all the people who posted negative remarks about Steve and his show: You are all morons and need to be locked up in a room so the rest of society doesn't have to deal with you!!!
  • Great Show

    Steve's in your face method of handling drug users, child molesters, wife beaters, and other sickos is the best. It's about time that someone got ride of the liberal mentality that everyone is a victim and deserves to be treated like one. I just wish he was allowed to hit some of his guest because a lot of them deserve a good beat down. It's the only talk show that really deals with the issues and tries to solve them. He helps a lot of the people he meets and tries to turn their lives around. Others he can see right through them and knows that they can't be helped. Keep up the good work Steve.
  • Where were you whin I was growing up? My dad messed with me and I told my mother,then she told dad,so I got my tail bet.So a sweet man came alone ask me to marry him(and I did. My dad tried 2 weeks before he died and I put his ball to his balls.

    You are the best. I came across your show by mistake and watch ever since.Record it when I can't watch.Keep up the good work.Wish the 3 of us could afford to see your show in person.My husband and daugther are on disable but love your show. Some of the people you have on your show needs their hands and other parts of their places cut off.So keep up doing what you do best. I know your family is proud of you.
    My dad drank then bet hell out of me. Keep up the good work. Linda a top watcher. We tell ever one about you. .
  • Love the show and steve has inspierd me.

    Steve you have the best show ever you really get into peoples minds. I think what you do is great your whole life you have been helping people. You and other things inspierd me to become a parol officer for the youth. Im in school now and can not wait to strt my new job. You help so many kids and people who call you a moron should really think who the moron is. All i see is a man who cares and stands up for people who can not or will not help them selves keep it up. Your loyal fan.
  • He's rude and he's harassing his guests. I do admit that it's entertaining, but I still dislike how he treats his guests. Dr. Phil would make the "bad guests" apologize and not make them feel as bad as Steve Wilkos does. Steve Wilkos threatens.

    Steve Wilkos is an entertaining show. I do admit that I laugh, but I'm laughing the expressions of the person that is being yelled at by Steve Wilkos and I'm laughing at Steve Wilkos himself. But, I dislike how the guests are being yelled at. For example, the episode that is on at the time of this review is being typed, Steve Wilkos is making fun of a man for being short, yelling at him, threatening him, and calling him names that according to the expression of the man seems very offensive. All of this because the man **might** have pushed a woman down the stairs.

    I do like how he treats the person who called the show and/or the person who's "the good person". But, he should do that to all the guests. Not all the guests. The Steve Wilkos Show is horrible but sort of entertaining in the same way.

    This show is both horrible and entertaining.
  • a great job steve wish i had u here to straighten out my controling and sercret keeping family but you are needed where you are at i will keep watching i love this show it's #1 thank you god bless nicki

    i wish these mothers would just get it no man is more important than your child and if they cant see it they are no better than that so call thing they are calling a father to that child i know first hand but the best advice i could tell any abused child is forgive not for them for yourself so you can move on and not hand it down to your child. which i did! i am raising my grandaughter now but i forgave my father and i am able to move on and give her the life she needs and deserves thank you nicki
  • show the world your beautiful teeth and let it shine when you read good comment you is a true hero and model to the viewer that can~t come on your show keep the good work with your great smile and honestyin the real world give us a thumb up after the show

    your show is great give view that can~t come on your show you are positive role model to won~to ask you i never see you have afull smile until the show call a 5yrs oldsave his ma life and tou have beauitful smile that shine the world ,with your shiny head....
    if you can show your big smile at the end of the show after you read your comment it will bring me joy and the viewer happiness knowing you a gift from god who got a show keep peole who has a lose screw in place and wake to the coffee you brewing out ...
    i wish you would say that to each person (am brewing information to you).
    well maybe one day i get to be on show.... thank ms cathy johnson
  • Steve i watch your show every day i love your attitude towards all those who think everyone else is the blame for their problems.

    Steve I watch your show everyday and i think that those who think that others are to blame for whats wrong in their life need to take a real good look at whats around them before they start to blame other people for everything wrong in their lives.I think you make out to be what you want it to be. noone can make it better but you and you the the dumps for those who say they don't like your show and keep up the good work.really love all the work you do or try to do for all who ask .
  • Steve Wilkos is 1 in my book he gets directly to the point and he mixes no words i hope steves show stays on forever

    Steve Wilkos is 1 in my book he gets directly to the point and he mixes no words i love how people write in and say steve is to hard on the perps and that he should give them a belly rub i have one Question did the perps give the victim a belly rub I think not so steve keep up the good work your AWSOME any body that saids any different prob has never been avictim so keep it up think steve is pritty nice to these perps if it was me they would be whistling dixie backwards
  • Just a compliment on your show, Keep up the good work Steve!!!


    Hi my name is Marsha, I'm from Kentucky. I watch your show every night, I love it!!! I don't understand how people can send you e-mails saying you are too hard on some of your guest, my opinion your sometimes not hard enough. Don't worry what they say and keep up the good work and keep your shows rolling. 1 question, How do you sometimes contain yourself from hitting some of the low lives on your show? I don't know how you keep from it. People that send there kids after crack or who hit there children don't deserve to live...

    Take Care,
    Marsha Moore
  • hello,steve you are such a wonderful person and your great at what you do so keep on doin what you do,them wanna be moms needs to realize what they have unstead of taking advantage of there kids,they are gods gift to us from him god bless you steve

    i really like watching the steve wilkos show he helps people and he tells the ones that needs to be told off,
    your a good person at what you do so keep up the good work!!
    people really needs to cherish there kids and make sure you really now the person first even if it is one of your close friends i now i lost my youngest daughter she would be two years old next month aril22nd,they made sure she can't have no kids in her care any more so no other parent has to go threw what i did. thanks
  • Steve I enjoy your show and I totatly agree with you on every aspect of your show. I think that you are to easy on the child molesters that you have on your show, I agree that you should get them to adnit there guilt.Ithink you shoul put them away

    Steve I think that you are too easy on the child molesters that you have on your show. I know that you have to get them to admit tier guilt, but along this line I think you should abtain warrents and siezures for thier arrest. Becuase the children that have been hurt do not deserve to have to go through the rest of there lives with this hurt and the purps going through life with all the glory of life look what i did and got away with it. A few tears and an Iam sorry just don't cut the mustard in todays world. Our children are blessings from God and it is our duty as adults to protect these children whether it be yours, mine, or thiers. Great show A real asset to TV
  • Hi Steve I love your show!Your the angel we've been waiting for.It is very rare to see a talk show where it is to catch those sicko.You are doing a awesome work. But sometimes I think you are too easy on those people. How can you keep

    You see I was abuse by both of my parents.They never took care of me.They took care of the other children.I always thought that I was not worth to be loved since they never loved me.But today I am married to a great man,have children of my own.I am happy.The only regret I have is that you didnot have your show back then.Because I was on my own at the age of 13 and it was very hard.I had to work 2 job just to make it.
    Once again THANKS
    To be the ANGEL that weve been praying for.
    Keep up the awesome work and get those sicko They all need to be treated the way they treat people.
  • i think all your shows are fabolous their has never been a show that you have broadcast that i did not like my entire family loves your show. keep up the good work! and to all the veiwers who writes to the show with these nonsense letters go to sleep.

    hi steve my name is lisa and i watch your tv show every day and i listen to you when u be reading the letters at the end of your show. some of the letters that viewers write you is absolutely ridiculous. i love your show today i watched your show where you were calling the woman a BAD MOTHER and i completely agree with you she has kids which she did not deserve i am so glad the father and grandparents took the one child away from her they need to take away the other child Steve keep up the good work and always i will continue to watch your show
  • Steve, me and my son have been watching your show since day one.We seen you when you came to Columbus,Ohio to the Waffle House.It was great when you took over for this lady at work.That was the sweetest thing!!Hope to see again in Ohio! We all love you!!

    Steve,your show is the greatest.I don't understand how some of these viewers can comment how mean and rude you are to these guest on your show.Some of these guests needs a rude awakening and your the right person for it.I don't know why it took so long for you to get your own talk host.I especially can't believe about the one show that you went to the prison to talk to this lady.I have 4 children and I would never let anyone do the things that her and her boyfriend did.I don't know how she could live with herself.It made me upset when she kept on smirking about it and she had no remorse.Love your show and keep up the good work!!! Andrea
  • Hard times dont need to go there

    My life hasnt been a cup of suger thats for sure more like a cup of some thing that starts with S Ive done alot of bad thing in my life I went to prison at the age of 17 Ive changed a lot of things in my life Iam 28 now but when I got out of prison I meet a guy alot like you he is a Judge The day I got out of prison he had me put in jail the day befor x-MAS I WAS Thinking I was going to spend X-mas in jail again but he showed up on X-mas eve and wanted me to help him he had some kids in his town that where on the same trak that I was so I told him I would and he let me out of jail that day I whet about 20 times he was really had on me but thats what I needed IT and if it saved one kide from doing the thing that I did I would do it 20 more time So keep up the good wook steve it dose work Shawn from Galesville WI
  • my name is bonnie and i love the show, and i can see that your very foward and blunt with your guest, I wish more people could be like you the one show that touched my life was the worthless wife beater. thank you for your bluntness, and caring.

    Steve I would like to say I have just started watching your show about two weeks ago, and i have to say i love it where did god find you, you are fablous and awesome, i am not much on talk show watcher, the only other talk show I watch is montel, but your show touches my heart, the people you interview, and get down on totally deserve it, I seen the show today and i totally feel for the girl, my mother was a priscription drug user and still is. so I can totally relate to the children, I have seen on your show. I have been there and done that, and I thought it was intreging that you are trying to help the mother I hope she makes it and can stick to the program. for the sake of her children. we need more shows of real truth and honesty, because honestly there are a lot of people who need to be talked to and degraded in order to realize they have really screwed up. love you and your show keep helping the weak and may god give us more host like you. bonnie jones
  • the episode that aired on feb. 28, 2008 about the mom that said she couldn't handle her 16 year old and that she went with a 43 yr old and because she kept running away...

    Steve you made break down because i know where the mother is coming from but the only difference is that i don't abuse my kids i haven't been in a serious relationship for almost 5 yrs because of my kids. i don't bring guys to my home, i don't drink and i don't do drugs. my first priority has always been my kids. My daughter has ran again and this time its been over 2 weeks. tell me what can i do i'm just about in the same situation this mother was. i've made another police report and this time my sister decided to tell my father and ever since he has fallen sick and just the other day he couldn't get out of bed.sometimes you have to realize that some really do need the help. of course theres more to this story. by the way she only 15 she needs help!!! and i don't know what else to do but to turn her over to the state. I'm not a perfect parent but i also know i have been a good parent.Steve PLEASE she needs help.. Steve always try to get to the bottom of the story. I know you were a cop but you need to accept that nt all do there job and lie and abuse their athurity the told my daughter that when she turned 17 she could leave.. PLEASE HELP!!!
  • I just watched Josh confront his mom It broke my heart what she put him through. some people just shouldnt be parents. I would be proud to have a son like Josh and nothing could keep me away from him. thanks for helping the little guys Steve keep it up

    i just finished watching your show about josh confronting his mother who abandoned him to get her life together.I really do feel sorry for her.(NOT) She missed out on so much not being able to be there and see such a wonderful boy grow up. josh you have your whole life ahead of you and you dont need her in it. you sound like you have a wonderful family that loves you. I commend you steve for letting him get it off his chest. I have three kids myself (GROWN UP NOW) I couldnt imagine not seeing them for nine years. And nothing could keep me away.
  • I think what Steve Wilko is doing has guts. You are still my hero. We needed you a long time ago.

    I loved Steve when he was on Springer . He has always been my HERO. And even superman can't beat him. Steve, your show is what this world needs. A free will to tell everyone what you need to know. Not what all of you know-it-alls think. I love you Steve . Keep up the great work.. Mr. Jerry Springer must be proud of you. I know I am. I love to see you stand up to those bullys . I sure wished you could've been around back in the 70's , doing what you do now. Go git um Steve.
  • I cant take it Anymore!

    I am in Misery Here!
    My Mom had a stroke 4 years ago,and I have been taking care of her since then.
    She sleeps in the living room in a Recliner so she has full access of the TV.
    This is becoming very Dis-satisfying to Me since Steve decided to take over her TV.She continues to watch this show..Why? I have absolutly no Idea! I cannot see why people are so interested in a Grown Man Repeating over and over everything he says.It is TOO Irratating!
    I will be so very Happy when his show doesn't make the Marks,and has to be taken off the air.I cannot wait.It will not come soon enough.I liked him better on The Jerry Springer Show when He had Absolutely nothing to Say!
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