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  • Hard times dont need to go there

    My life hasnt been a cup of suger thats for sure more like a cup of some thing that starts with S Ive done alot of bad thing in my life I went to prison at the age of 17 Ive changed a lot of things in my life Iam 28 now but when I got out of prison I meet a guy alot like you he is a Judge The day I got out of prison he had me put in jail the day befor x-MAS I WAS Thinking I was going to spend X-mas in jail again but he showed up on X-mas eve and wanted me to help him he had some kids in his town that where on the same trak that I was so I told him I would and he let me out of jail that day I whet about 20 times he was really had on me but thats what I needed IT and if it saved one kide from doing the thing that I did I would do it 20 more time So keep up the good wook steve it dose work Shawn from Galesville WI
  • my name is bonnie and i love the show, and i can see that your very foward and blunt with your guest, I wish more people could be like you the one show that touched my life was the worthless wife beater. thank you for your bluntness, and caring.

    Steve I would like to say I have just started watching your show about two weeks ago, and i have to say i love it where did god find you, you are fablous and awesome, i am not much on talk show watcher, the only other talk show I watch is montel, but your show touches my heart, the people you interview, and get down on totally deserve it, I seen the show today and i totally feel for the girl, my mother was a priscription drug user and still is. so I can totally relate to the children, I have seen on your show. I have been there and done that, and I thought it was intreging that you are trying to help the mother I hope she makes it and can stick to the program. for the sake of her children. we need more shows of real truth and honesty, because honestly there are a lot of people who need to be talked to and degraded in order to realize they have really screwed up. love you and your show keep helping the weak and may god give us more host like you. bonnie jones
  • the episode that aired on feb. 28, 2008 about the mom that said she couldn't handle her 16 year old and that she went with a 43 yr old and because she kept running away...

    Steve you made break down because i know where the mother is coming from but the only difference is that i don't abuse my kids i haven't been in a serious relationship for almost 5 yrs because of my kids. i don't bring guys to my home, i don't drink and i don't do drugs. my first priority has always been my kids. My daughter has ran again and this time its been over 2 weeks. tell me what can i do i'm just about in the same situation this mother was. i've made another police report and this time my sister decided to tell my father and ever since he has fallen sick and just the other day he couldn't get out of bed.sometimes you have to realize that some really do need the help. of course theres more to this story. by the way she only 15 she needs help!!! and i don't know what else to do but to turn her over to the state. I'm not a perfect parent but i also know i have been a good parent.Steve PLEASE she needs help.. Steve always try to get to the bottom of the story. I know you were a cop but you need to accept that nt all do there job and lie and abuse their athurity the told my daughter that when she turned 17 she could leave.. PLEASE HELP!!!
  • I just watched Josh confront his mom It broke my heart what she put him through. some people just shouldnt be parents. I would be proud to have a son like Josh and nothing could keep me away from him. thanks for helping the little guys Steve keep it up

    i just finished watching your show about josh confronting his mother who abandoned him to get her life together.I really do feel sorry for her.(NOT) She missed out on so much not being able to be there and see such a wonderful boy grow up. josh you have your whole life ahead of you and you dont need her in it. you sound like you have a wonderful family that loves you. I commend you steve for letting him get it off his chest. I have three kids myself (GROWN UP NOW) I couldnt imagine not seeing them for nine years. And nothing could keep me away.
  • I think what Steve Wilko is doing has guts. You are still my hero. We needed you a long time ago.

    I loved Steve when he was on Springer . He has always been my HERO. And even superman can't beat him. Steve, your show is what this world needs. A free will to tell everyone what you need to know. Not what all of you know-it-alls think. I love you Steve . Keep up the great work.. Mr. Jerry Springer must be proud of you. I know I am. I love to see you stand up to those bullys . I sure wished you could've been around back in the 70's , doing what you do now. Go git um Steve.
  • I cant take it Anymore!

    I am in Misery Here!
    My Mom had a stroke 4 years ago,and I have been taking care of her since then.
    She sleeps in the living room in a Recliner so she has full access of the TV.
    This is becoming very Dis-satisfying to Me since Steve decided to take over her TV.She continues to watch this show..Why? I have absolutly no Idea! I cannot see why people are so interested in a Grown Man Repeating over and over everything he says.It is TOO Irratating!
    I will be so very Happy when his show doesn't make the Marks,and has to be taken off the air.I cannot wait.It will not come soon enough.I liked him better on The Jerry Springer Show when He had Absolutely nothing to Say!
  • 13 year old girl with that deadbeat mother

    My heart just got broken today when I watched that young girl pour her heart out to her Mother and the Mother just stood there and did nothing. God bless you Steve for helping this young girl. She will need this kind of help for a very long time. You make me want to be a much better person and try to help others when possible. For that Lady that wants to call herself a mother, I have two words for her and they are ... HER LOSS .. . Good Luck to the young girl Thank you Cheryl
  • dear steve,i love your show!im glad that you show the world what happen's to the victom' of these horendous crimes.

    Dear Steve, i love thi show you tell it like it is and i am one happy victom, you show what happen's to also show how they should be spoken to,they give up their right's knowingly when they attempt to commit a crime!humanateriane right's should be the only right's they have.we need to concentrait more on what happen's to OUR VICTOM'S.what right's they have or don't.see steve i was molested at the age of 9yr's my little sister was as well. later i was raped at 14yr's old, so when you don't allow them to sit while on you'r stage i applaud you! thank you, lisa in fla.
  • This show is the best show. You have real problems and drama, you show how to deal with it. I love how your get down to the bottom and figure out what is going on and you offer ways how the people on your show that are having the problem can deal with it.

    I love this show I have only seen it 3 times but I wish I sould watch it more often but I cant because I go to school. I think from all the morning shows this one is the best on tv. In the Jerry Springer show they just fight and it looks so fake. The Maury show is just a bunch of paternity test. Your show actually shows a problem and how you try to solve it dealing with real people. Its real life and thats what I like about it. On your show you actually tell what you feel, ou let the stupid people on your show know that you think they are stupid. I think they should play your show more then jsut once a day. Also I wish they played it in the afternoon so that I could watch it right after school.
  • I think that there should have been a show like this along time ago I don't watch much T.V but I will not miss the Steve Wilkos show at all.

    I Love when Steve tells those sick freaks on his show the way it is, some may say that Steve is to hard on them but I think that they are getting everything that's coming to them, everytime that I watch Steve I cheer him on.those people that say Steve is to rough on the people on the show I guess it would be better for Steve to hug a person that would hurt a child or to feel sorry for a wife beater but Steve tells these freaks that what they do is very wrong. Steve Wilko Rocks Television. thank you Steve!
  • Steve,I consider you my new friend not just from this show but a few other shows I have seen. I wish I had you in my corner when my father sexually violated me when I was only 12-15 yrs old.He died short of my 16th birthday.I appreciate your strong views.

    On your last show I saw,I believe you were right on with what you said to them. Knowing you were a police officer at some point in your career and are also a father,I appreciate how you feel and how you make these people on your stage face or own up to the horror they afflicted on other people or children in their lives or care for that matter.I too am a wife and mother of three wonderful boys and will do all I have to,to keep them safe and protected from any preditory people.Thank You for your kindness. C M W.
  • I think steve wilko show is a great reality check for alot of people... steve you tell it like it should be told.. truth sometimes hurt. i beleive you are helping alot of people with your honesty and sometimes forceful attitude .way to go steve.

    I think the steve wilko show is a great reality check for alot of people. steve you tell it like it should be told,and it is a cold reality check for some. truth sometimes hurts, but also heals. i believe you are helping alot of people with your honesty and sometimes forceful attitude.. some people need that .. otherwise we would have to bop them up side the head and say what were you thinking... this show is the best show i have seen on tv in a long time, i just wanted to also say way to go steve.
  • This is the best talk show I have ever seen.

    Steve my name is Marlene I live in a little country town in Bollinger County,MO called Patton. I set my alarm to get up and watch your show at 4 a.m. You are a talk show host who speaks out with the truth I believe you are doing what most of the other talk show host wish they could do. I hope you keep up your good work at putting dead beats in thier place. The ones that complain that you are to harsh ask them after something terriable happens to them like thier child getting molested, or their loved one being abused I bet they change thier tune about it then. So for all you people out there till you know how you would react keep your comments to yourself. Steve is just giving some of us who have been through stuff like this a little bit of satisfaction.
    P.S. Steve I would love a bumper sticker or a t-shirt. So I can show all who I watch.
  • The Steve Wilkos Show Is the best show that is on tv

    Steve Wilkos, You are the best, I watch your show everyday and tivo it when I aboslutly can't watch. What I don't understand is how in the world you keep back from just smashing some of the people you have on. Today Feb.11,2008 when I watch that poor teenager going thru that with her so called mother and her so called boyfriend, she looked like she really needed help, I mean she was shaking so bad, and the things she has gone thru, I really pray she can get help. Thanks Steve Sincerly KC Vesely, In Springfield,Illinois,P.S Please don't stop ever stop your show
  • Steve, your topics are sadly the truth about what is going on in this country. Your show helps me keep my children safe. You just can't trust anyone these days. Thank you for exposing those losers and helping to keep them away from innocent children.

    This show is fabulous! It shows the true colors of the world. So many people are afraid of the truth and therefore ignore it. I am proud of Steve for facing reality and trying to make a difference. Everytime I watch I am disgusted by what parents will put their children through. It makes me respect my children even more and reminds me every day that I can't trust anyone with my kids. Their safety is in my hands. Steve's topics are great and I definately want to see more. This show makes everyone have to face reality and hopefully will keep other children safe. Thank you Steve.
  • Alot of good subjects that need addressed

    Steve, I really like your show I am glad you say what is on your mind, thats what makes your show above the rest. I think you deal with alot of todays issues and you get to the point. I love when you explode on stage and tell them the harsh truth to some of the loser guests on your stage, they need to hear the truth. Keep up the good work Steve, we love your show. Please send me a T-Shirt. Angela Stearns PO Box 534 Grant, NE 69140
  • Just saying Thank-You for you'r show.

    Dear Steve, I rate you'r show as a 100! You get into a person's face and am not afraid to call it as it is! I watch you'r show with great interest;because you get to the point and do not cut any slack! You show such concern for people on the streets and are not afraid to get involved. I wish more courts would do the same-and I'm sure more people would be "scared - Straight" God Bless you for sticking up for the children. May other people have the same passion as you do and maybe, this world can change for the best. DyAnne
  • 10
    Steve I can not believe the mother that was on your show.The one that was sticking her baby with a needle.I just can't believe it. I don't know how people can bring babys into this world and than try to hurt them. I have a little girl. Who has Down Syndrom. I love her very much. She is that part that makes me whole. Her father on the other hand. When my little girl had to go for heart surg. Her father left me at the hospital with her. Even after he new that she was dead in the table. The doctors had to give her a blood transfusion to bring her back. I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for my mom.She was by my side the whole time. For that I love her very much.My little girl is now 9 years old. Before she had surg. she was only about 14lbs. Could not gain any weight.At that time she was 11/2, not very big for her age.You have to konw that after every thing her father did before and after my girls surg. I left him.It was very hard for my other children,because after I left their dad didn't realy pay any attention to them. I can say that they haven't seen their dad in over 3 years now.Alls I can say is that I am and will always be there for my kids no matter what. I love your show and keep up with the way you are to the people on the show. They need more than what you give them. But I think some of them need to have the same things done back to them, just to see how it feels. Joleen Olmstead
  • Dear Steve, My name is Shelley I love your show!I am from BC Canada I I was sexually abused,abused emotionally, physically, I grew up with alcolholic drug user's as my mentors they sucked. So I repeated the cycle for a while had my son at 17. NO

    Dear Steve,
    I seen you take over Jerry's show and thought you would make a great TV host.I am from BC Canada I tell everyone about your show we tape and watch you faithfully also daily! I also say your the best talk show on the air, you are going to make it big your show is real no BS! Some other's that say your to hard on some guests I disagree. I was sexually abused, abused emotionally , physically, I grew up with alcolholic drug user's as my mentors they sucked.Stop blaming everyone else get help! Love to chat with you I feel I have a good story Shelley,you rock Steve!
  • I never miss an episode

    Hi Steve! I love your show, I watch it every day. I think it's about time that somebody stood up to the deadbeat/drug addicted/child molesting creeps in our world. They need to face the truth and realize that what they are doing is not right. I was once a cocaine addict and I wish that someone like you would have been around to set me straight because Im sure that if I had you in my face yelling the cold heart truth at me Im sure it would have rang a bell in my messed up brain, but thank goodness I am now clean..for almost 2 years. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you do!! THANKS! Love Amber
    P.S Do you think you could send me a shirt..LUV YA
  • good job

    steve i watch your show every day i thank you for facing the dritbag you do on your show it takes a lot of control not to hit one here or there it is time someone stand up to them and brings out the truth i know on all your subjects it happens all over the world to me it takes one BIG man with a BIG heart to do what you do keep up the GOOD work my prays are with you now and always . I would like to see you bring more childern on you show the ones that think that they are all that and a bag of bean too. i have a 15 year old son that think he is so mistreated and life is easy some where else i dont abuse himin any way he is my son and i love him very much . you always talk about the child get abused and not the parnets please show the road dose go both ways thank you again Cindy
  • I appreciate Steve Wilkos!

    Steve your show is amazing! I was just wondering if there is anyway that we can bring the guilty to justice since you used to be a police officer. Is there anyway we can make them pay? They deserve every bit of your lectures. You are right about the hand holders...they make it seem to okay to be a child molestor or a drug dealer. But you know exactly how to teach them lesson. Please keep going you truly are a good man. I will continue to be a dedicated viewer to your show and your opinion. Thank you so much!
  • You are making a difference in the lives of both your guest and viewers one at a time.


    Each day I view your show I m deeply moved to see how much you truly care in helping these people to be accountable for their actions even the really twisted one's for them to take responsibility for themselves and have some closure. Your visit to Columbus, Ohio helping a mother and her child with transportation you exhibit the same caring energy. We need more people like your-self in the public arena. You are making a difference in the lives of both your guest and viewers.

    I would really enjoy receiving a signed T-shirt from you.

    Keep up the great work Steve.

    Mark, a fellow Veteran!
  • hello Steve I am a 40 year old women who is in love with your show.I am writing to tell you how informative and brave I think you are.Your show is the bomb.I especially like the questions you ask.

    I enjoy watching your show because it teaches me that things I dont know like if I would of came out and told somebody about me being molested by my own father I might be abetter women today.On your show I like how you get to the core of the problem and dont beat around the bush you just come straight foward and it talkes guts to do that.Syeve keep up the good work because I will always watch if there is no-one else wathching you definitely have one veiwer from New Brunswick New samyrah from New Brunswick good luck Steve
  • I couldn't wait to see Steve beat the life out of her dad...

    When I first started to watch this show, it was when I got home from school, and I would only catch a few minutes of it. What I saw was Steve screaming at what looked like some defenseless guy, close to tears, being bullied and tossed like some kind of kid. I didn't understand why, until I actually saw the entire show. Steve is doing something truly wonderful: exposing the bad people and getting help to those who need it most. I really hope he continues. (the enter key would be helpful -__-) What REally got me hooked was today's episode, with the 3-year-old girl who had been beaten and sexually molested by her father. I sat in shock, listening to the Grandmother's descriptions of the girl spreading her doll's legs and licking her lips...I couldn't wait to see Steve beat the life out of her dad...
  • Dear Steve, I like your show, but I think you yell way too much. Yelling at people won't solve all the problems. I don't think you should yell at the person until you get the lie detector results back. i still like your show though!

    Steve: I enjoy your show and I believe you make great points about abusers and molesters and the like. I also like how you have a knack for pointing out that something is undeniable because of the mountainous evidence against them. But these people are innocent until proven guilty. Yelling at these people before we know exactly who did what is wrong. I think that it would be a good idea to listen to both (or sometimes all three) sides of the story without yelling, and in a rational manner. I believe you would have better viewer ratings if you did not lose your temper at an innocent person.
    Although I do love the show.
    -Danielle, Arielle, and Liz.
  • I was in a abusive marriage(now divorced!)and drowned my sorrows in alcohol and became an alcholic, i just wanted to numb the pain. I wish I had you in my life then to bully my husband around to make him see what he was doing wrong! You are a Godsend!

    You did it again Steve, Great work!! I have seen you progress from the Jerry Springer show and now on to your own show where you can really devote your time and energy into helping people. This is the best and diffrent talk show that is out there now. You have a talent to make people really take a good look at themselves and see who they really are. You are the best bully in town! It's people like you who can make a difference in someone's life and to show them that they can make a change. God Bless You!
  • your show is the bomb!

    steve i just started wanting your show that one that the guy twisted and broke his babys leg and he went to jail for a year.if i was there in the studio i would of kicked that guys butt its a damn shame how theres all these abusive relationships with couples and familys put there butts in check steve sometime i wish i could walk in your shoes........but anyways i was woundering why i didnt see you on jerry's show anymore because your doing your thing your big time bro well just wanted to sent ya an email and tell you know your show kicks ass...eric from sarasota florida
  • steve i just want you to know bald is beautiful

    your show is wonderful when i watched it for the first time
    i fell in love with it. not anything against the jerry soringer show but i think your show is better. keep up the good work your doing a wonderful job. im routing for you.
    you will be around a long time. im sure of it. you are straight up and to the point. no games played. i would love nothing more than to have an autographed t shirt from you seen as you are my biggest fan. i hope to see it in the mail real soon. i hope that you get dream travel to the rainforest.
  • steve, you are a wonerful person. keep up the good work.more people need to be like you. you speak for thoes without a voice and it should never come unnoticed.keep kicking butt. Sierra

    steve, I just wanted to say that I think you are the best show on tv.I think that it is wonderful that you can speak for thoes without a voice.I know that they appreciate it.I also needed to say that you could not be hard enough on these people that like to call themselves men and are a very strong and will powered man and it needs to be noticed.I think that the people who say that you are to hard on the jurks, just say that because there the ones that would appear on your show and there scared of getting screamed at.keep up the wonderful work Sierra
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