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  • This is to let thos soft people in the world who want to coddle their children and let them believe they are doing good, when obviously, they need to be tougher on these kids today.

    Dear Steve, I totally agree with the way you handle people on your show. Too many people coddle their children, and they have no clue how much this affects the world. The "in your face" approach is what people need to wake-up. A lot of the people i have seen on your show deserve more than you give them. I know i wish i could knock them around and abuse them like they have done with their children. One of the reason this world has become so violent and out of control is because people do not take control of their children or their life. There are no values or virtues. As for all the people who do not approve of your techniques? GET A FREAKIN LIFE !!! There is no excuse for child molesting, or child abuse. Take responsibility for your actions. A defenseless child does not ask for that type of abuse. They certainly do nothing to provoke it. It's plain and simple, if you have anger issues, you can only do yourself and everyone else a favor by getting help. Sexual abuse? It doesn't make sense. Get help people. Just like Brittany Spears.... stop feeling sorry for yourself, stand up, take responsibility and get help. Stop fighting the world, and become a positive factor in todays society. Let's stop the stupidity...... Wes
  • Steve you are the man!!if only everyone thought like you and took action like you do then maybe more kids would be safer. I wish I had someone like you around when i was going through the abuse my stepfather put me through for 8 ya Steve!!

    I just cant explain how much i love your show. I rush home to watch your show if im not already there.I know what these kids on your show go through cause i have been through it myself from the age of 4 to the age of 12 and your show really touches me.For all of the people that get so mad cause you get in these kinds of peoples faces and get hard on them obviously dont have a care in the world for these kids that go through this.Im all with you with what you do and say to them cause atleast someone is letting them know what kind of low life person they are for doing what they have done and making them feel atleast some shame for what they have done.I would love to confront my stepfather for what he had done to me. Theres so many things that happen in mylife that makes me feel uncomfortable cause of what he put me through. He might have served his time and over it now but it will always be with me forever and apparently thats what all of these sickos dont think about or care about even the other viewers that send in about you being to heard on these people.Maybe if there was a harder punishment for these kinds of people,just maybe it would stop some. Well Steve im gonne go for now but i will still keep watching your show cause i love it and you are a good man and God bless you for doing what you do. Thanks for helping all of these kids. Thanks, April
  • Steve I want to write to you of all the things you are trying to do, but it is about time that someone sticks up for the helpless people in this world that cant defend themelves. I know you are a very heartless to the people on your show that is you.

    I have review all of your shows since you started your show, but I have watched that one gay guy that wanted to have sex with other man to pass on his AIDS to other people. You see I cant believe that people exist in this world. Because I have travel due to me being in the navy, but ever since coming back last July 3rd I could not believe that these kind of people exist in this country. They should put all those sorry people on an island of there own this way they can kill each other. But Steve just let any people say anything they want let them just be there opinion just keep up the good work that you are doing. Believe me since I been back I have seen alot of changes in our country and trust me this country use to be the land of the free and not the land of the weirdos. You see we need to do something to correct the problems of this country. And Steve you are the only one that is doing what needs to be done I think you should become the President of The United States. Thank You Sincerely Henry
  • You are the best on tv. by far.

    Steve, i work a full time job and don't get to see your show very often but when i do get to see it i think you are doing a TV show that should have been done a very long time ago i don't think your are even close to being a bully i love what i see of your show i always said i could walk a 5000 mile march with no break if it would get rid of all the child molester's and child murder's. i have a 4 year old little girl and i would spend the rest of my life in jail if any one ever hurt her in that way. i love what you are doing keep it up. i really think your show should have more time slots so i can watch after work. your fan Heather Kelly.
  • This show is wonderful !! Keep up the Great work !!

    Dear Steve I just wanted to say that I think the show is Great !!! I try too watch it as ofen as I can . America needs more people like you to get tough on abusers. There are so many liers and cheats in the world that try too beat the system and get way with abuse etc, America needs more people like you too call them out on it and get others too wake up and see the real world around them . God Bless You Steve !!! For waking people up with your show! You program is one I'll continue to watch for years to come!
  • I Love the Steve wilkos show it is one of the best show of all time there should be more people like you in the world helping other people who needs you

    I think that the Steve Wilkos show is the best ever, There should be more people like Steve to put Child Molester's away for good and also maybe have people on with eating disorder'sbecause maybe you can help them like you help alot of people ,If there is anyone who can help people I think that it is Steve Wilkos so keep up the good work and please think about eating disoder men and women around the world yeah for the Steve Wilkos shows love it, love it, love it,love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it,
  • Molesting

    I love this show I like the way Steve Lets all those scum Bags Have it. I wish I could get the mother of the boys that molested my grandson. They were convected in court and the mother still believes they were innocent. one of the boys couldn't do by himself and so he got his brother to help him . And it was not just my grandson that boy had done this to a 4 year old and tried to mess with my brothers son. The parents of the 4 year old would not let their son testify . The mother tried to use the fact that the one of the boys was not all there tried to say he had the mind of a 8or 9 year old but this kid knew what he was doing he had enough sence to go get his brother to help him.Steve keep up the great work you do on your show. We love your show. Patricia Burnley
  • This is just what I'm feeling about your show.

    If this really goes to Steve.. Hi Steve! Although I find your show entertaining, and it really does make you stop and go back when flipping through the channels, what is accomplished. OTHER than the last show I watched about the very horrible man who spreads aids willingly..I know you did your best to do what you could with that situation, but other than that it seems as if you just yell at people. I saw one show about a man who's son got abused, and it was the ex-wife who did it, but you yelled at the husband for SOO incredibly long, only to find out it wasn't him who did it. You asked why he didn't ask his four year old to tell him everything, and he replied with because he didn't want to make him think about it cause' he was already sad. That makes sense to me. Anywho, there's really no reason in trying to ask you why you do what you do, why you spend 1/2 hour to an hour yelling at people, because.. that is all you do. You're an ex marine, so is my brother, you can't tell him anything different than what he does, so I don't expect any of this to get through your head, but why would you bring these people on here and just yell at them. You obviously don't care about the people, you get steamed up so you can have good ratings...that is however what it's all about isn't it Stevo? Thanks for your time. Have a good one. Oh, and don't get me wrong, like I said I think its entertaining so I will still be a loyal watcher. :)
  • i am from coffeyville kansas i really like the show

    me and my son watch you everyday. we really like your show it shows so much care and how you really think about people keep up the good work. we enjoy how you take up for kids and abused women ive been there but found a better life you dont have to put up with it lifes to short and kids dont desirve things like that eather. so keep it up the good work and we will keep watching you like tuesday show you got up set with the guy with aids hope he doesnt give anyone else it god bless you
  • The Steve Wilkos Show isn't a show worth watching if you the type of person who thinks for themselves and have their own personal convictions. It's shows like this that makes people lose faith in humanity.

    This is one of the worst shows that I've ever seen. It was built up so know with Steve Wilkos being it's host, and now, it's as useless and aggravating as [Billary] Clinton's campaign front. Steve Wilkos is a punk. He bullies the guests who have agreed to go on the show, despite the self deprecating conditions. And you'd think that would be enough for him, but Steve Wilkos also antagonizes the victims, placing blame of the events on them. He insists upon his 19th century ideals as if they were the moral standard. It's people like him who started the Salem Witch Hunts, or gave rise to the Puritans in the past. And, who is Steve Wilkos? Do you mean the same guy who worked as security and participated in the Jerry Springer Show--a show that exploited people so a crowd can get some laughs. Don't get me wrong I'm not defending the pedophiles, abusers, or the variety of of guests he has, but screaming, bullying, and cursing the guests doesn't help the situation one bit. You think that years in the service would teach him that everything isn't black and white. Though, there are some situations you should address aggressively, there are some you address with sensitivity. Steve Wilkos just loves to hear himself talk. And what kind of man judges other people, and make idle threats on a television show to people who disagree with his methods. Steve, there's a reason why most of your hate mail comes fro the U.S. We see you for what you are. There's nothing wrong with us, there's something wrong with you. You know at least with Jerry Springer, Jerry talked with his guests on an equal level, and tried to grasp the situation from many perspectives. The Steve Wilkos show has stolen the title "worst show on television" from the Jerry Springer Show.
  • This show is like a breath of fresh air! After I watched it once, I was hooked!

    I love your show! It's nice to see someone putting sex offenders and abusers in their place. I am a big believer in counseling people and getting to the root of the problem to figure out why they are doing what they are doing, but most of the people on your show aren't "sick," they are selfish, low lifes with bad self-esteem. They have many excuses, but that's all they are! People that say "you are too hard on your guests," need to take a good look at who they are standing up for! Anybody standing up a man who touches little kids, or abuses his wife is just encouraging that behavior. Could I possibly get a t-shirt?!? -Amanda-
  • your the Best ever Steve thanks for helping people out and i am glad you are doing the show i miss you when you are not on the weekends Steve people do not understand what the show is really about but my 9 year old and 15 year old and my 11 year old does.

    Dear, Steve your so cute and i am writting you to tell you i am so happy you are the guy that you are me and my daughters loves to watch your show my kids has me to tape it because they are in school and we sit down and watch it at night together me and my girls can't wait to see your show. Steve I am glad you are doing what you are doing hope you are changing peoples lifes i know i have do alot i have seen your shows. i know when you do shows on drugs i look at myself because i used to do the drugs but now i look back and say to myself that was me at 1 time now i look back how can i do that and not even think about my kids you know what steve my daughter found me dead on the couch and you know what i would never do drugs again but you are proubley thinking about me as a bad mother but i had cancer and i got started on the pain pills and that is a drug to me that is what i was on but i am doing alot better because i watch your show you helped me to see what i was going to be if i did not stop it now. thank you for saving my life and my kids mother. you are the best ever.thank you again
  • Your The Best Keep up the good work.

    Dearest Steve I love your new show and I love you ever since I saw you on the Jerry Springer show. Keep up the good work and keep giving crap to all those stupid men out there who abuse their children, and to all the mothers out there who allow their husbands or boyfriends to molest their children get out while you still can cause your only hurting your child. I am a victim of sexual molestation, from a mother of 2 to the mothers of the world, keep your kids away from all the creeps out there.

    Keep up the good work Steve

    I'll keep watching.

    I watch it everyday.
  • Steve,Do you want people to be watching you for a second season?Then you need to actually listen to some of them instead of telling them they could of done something even if it meant them going to jail,Not on there side,But you need to THINK!sometimes BRO

    Stevie,You need to stop conterdicting your self on the show loser.If you was in the service and a police officer,How can you tell a man you would do what ever it takes even if it means you going to jail to hurt the person that was hurting your child?I mean I liked your show,But I feel ashame for you,when you say dumb ass **** there was a guy that said he couldn`t see his daughter cause of his ex`s boyfriend,And again you called him a **** cause he avoided confirtation.Well work on that and you should be okay.See ya buddy!Ok I was done but the dumb ass message on the bottom of this page saying my review needs to be 100 words min.So heres a 126.
  • hello seve i am from manchester tn i really love your show

    steve i think all the bad parents need to come to your show and you just beat the hell out of them i hate unfit parents especially child molesters they need to be hung up side down and let happen to them what they did to all the innocent kids out there keep up the good work steve may god bless you and your family. and to all the no good mothers all there you all are giving good mothers a bad name some moms do try to take care of their kids bye bye steve take care ok
  • i think the steve wilkos show is great and all the people that say steve is to hard on his guest, how would you feel if that happend to you or one of your family members i bet you wouldnt be saying steve is to hard then!!!!

    Hey steve i just wanted to let you know that i love your show and i watch it everyday! I totally disargree with the people that say you are to hard on some of your guest. I feel that the people that go on your show, the child abusers and other sickos and so on dont even deserve to be on this earth! If it was up to me i would have you be harder on all of them people! I think that you are doing a great thing! Inviting these people on your show and letting everyone know about all of these perverts in their areas and hopefully lead to an arrest one day .Keep the good work up steve! *Ashlee*
  • Steve: You are such a classy guy, I really felt you wasted your talent on Jerry's show. I know rating is important, but you are losing rating with YELLING. I turn you off, I really want you to make it, you have a lot to offer our youth.

    I think the show is a breath of fresh air to help our youth but needs a little tuning up. Some of the guests are genuine and your YELLING is a turn off. Sorry to say, but I turn you off at that point. I tune in hoping you are helping someone and at times you do. You have so much going for you. TV needs better talk shows and I do hope you are going to be a part of that, but I worry if you do no change a bit your viewers will say GOODBYE as they have done with others. This country needs help, not the same old, same old. Steve, you are better than that and have much more to offer our youth. GO STEVE.
  • Let the scums have it Steve!!!!!

    Steve, I love the new show!! The way you get in some of these people's faces is EXCELLANT! These dirty rotten pediphiles and dead beat parents need this in your face reality check!! I get so worked up I start pacing the floor and yelling at these scum just as much if not more than you do!!Keep up the great work and I will continue to be a loyal watcher. I hate to say it but it's about time you climbed up the ladder from The Jerry Springer Show. No offense Jerry but this is what reality TV should be like! Faithful viewer Trish Carpenter
  • how dare you men and woman hurt kids and clame you are not to blame you are evil monsters if you had ever had anykind of heart at all you would go jump off a cliff

    steve i wish your show had started a long time ago in 1973 my husbad was killed by a drunk drugie leaving me with 5 children ages 3 throu 13 i never once thought of giving them up now i here these women giving there kids away and thay only have 1 or 2 saying thay cant do it on there one yes it was hard work and at that time there was little help out there but i wish you could see them now all grown up with grand kids of there on i say if you dont want to raise children dont make them thay are blessings from god and as far as the molesters we should be able to shoot them like mad dogs thats what thay are
  • Steve I love your show! You are an awesome guy an you Rock!! Keep up the great work!! An we will keep watching!! Can I please have a tee shirt? Patricia Black kansas

    I think Steves show is the best there is on talk shows today. He doesn't pull any punches on what he says an feels. He is an awesome guy an deserves all the credit in trying to help everyone!If anyone disagrees with that, they need to watch something else. Keep doing what you are doing Steve!! I love your tough love you give out. An think people ought to appreciate you alot more than they do! My daughter an I watch your show every day an will continue to do so as long as you are on the air! We love you an keep up the great work!!
  • I just think you are a great man. I wish all men respected woman and children like you do! I wanted to thank you myself for stepping up and caring for people you don't even know,Your a great inspiration to all woman and Children

    Steve thank you for caring and Helping!I wish all men respected woman and children like you do!I wanted to thank you myself for stepping up and helping people exspecialy children you don't even know,Your a great inspiration to all. And Its a great feeling to know you are there to help anyone!You really stand up to some real asses! And it don't take some long to back down.Keep up the great work!Great show when you were helping Mich.police with the drug bust! We need more men just like you.Take care and I will be watching all your shows.I would love one of your signed T-shirts if you could Please. thank you handsome! Pam
  • Ive been real sick and dont sleep at night so i watch your show at 2:00 in the morning and i think your show is wonderful.

    Steve,I think your show is todays best talk shows.I hope you are on for years.I am so glad there is a host that has a real heart and cares about there guest.Also i like the fact that theres not fighting.And when you tell someone off who needs it well thats the best.Many many years on the air.maybe someday you will introduce your wife to you audance.Keep up the wonderful work,we need people like you sticking up for the little people.I watch your show at 2:00 in the morning cause im sick and dont sleep much and so i get to see your show and have something to watch worth watching. Thanks.
  • Tina & Dorothy

    Steve my mother in law and I watch your show faithfully every day. There should more people to start talk shows just like you. We really need more people to care for the victims. It is a shame how people let drugs come between their kids even worse for a mother to do. I have one question, How do people choice to feel a high for a couple of hours and let their children starve and be homeless? What kind of parent would do that to their kids? I feel people especially mothers should always put their children as number one. We feel parents like that don't deserve to raise children. It is also not fair to these children to go through what they go through because they didn't ask to be born into that kind of life style. They deserve to live a good and healthy life. We really need more people like you that really care what is happening to children and adults in this world. We look up to you as a hero for these unfortunite people. We have children of our own and struggle to survive and alot of stress in our lives and would never ever turn to drugs or prositution to fill that empty space inside. Our kids are a natrual high every day and our number one priority. We would give to them before our selves. Keep up the good work and see you on your next show.
  • I really like Steves show. I wish he had a fan club. I also wish he could help me. He is one of the greatest. I tape his show so I can watch it after work.

    Steve is a great person the way he helps people is great. I love to watch his show . I like the way he tells people how it is. Too bad more people aren't like him. I make sure I watch his show everyday. I think its neat to watch him tll different ones what to do. And I like the way he tries to help those that he can. If only there were more people like Steve out there the world would be a better place to live there would be a lot less homeless people. I would like to e-mail Steve sometime just to say how much I really like his show.
  • the episode where you were straight up calling that guy a little **** because he could yell in his sons ear to make him go deaf but he would'nt stand up to a MAN!!!

    i just wanna let you know that you are doing the right thing and be as tough as you need to be you are changing the world one person at a time, and you are inspiring others to not allow this same things happen in their lives if they can help it!! thank you Steve for you compassion, heart and carismatic charm!!!! you are such a great man Steve you got a big heart i know you love your family more than anything in this world, even more than being a police officer, security guard for jerry and even having your own talk show. you absolutely ROCK!!!! keep the love alive people!!!


    Roxy Looney in Stockton
  • January 8th Show on the Mother who let her boyfreind Kill her little boy.

    Steve I don't know how you can even stand to talk to half those people you have on your show.The women you had on yesterday Jan.8th made me sick I would have smacked her if I would have had to sit there with her,I bet she would have cry'ed then.How any one could let that happen to any child let alone their own makes me sick prison is to good for her.When she tried to cry that was'nt for her little boy that was for her self.I did'nt catch the whole show so I did'nt hear what happened to the boy freind,but what ever he got was'ent enough either.
  • Steve i watched the show airing 01-09-08, about the pediophile who liked little girls between 3-11 & you asked him to take a dna swab about a little girl he refusedwhy couldn't you have gotten an empty bottle that he drank out of & used it?Yvonne belcher

    i love your show-it is very different than what i expected-thank you for standing up for those who cannot stand on their own-i love your show & try to watch it every day, i wish that more "talk show hosts" would just tell the people on their stage,straight up,that they're not giving them the show to "please them"!! when EVERYBODY knows that they are full of B.S. if i ever had the chance, your talk show taping would be the one show i'd go to-so thank you for FINALLY speaking how things are & not trying to "sugar-coat" some pediophile just to make "him" comfortable...Thank YOU & may i please have a Steve Wilkos shirt? Yvonne Belcher
  • I think you have a great show and hopefully it will keep going that way.. I am pretty positive that it will! Keep up the good work!!!

    HI Steve, My mom and I watch your show so much, We both love it! I think in most of your letters, alot of people put down your show, But i find it is VERY good and it really must help people.. Anyways, I just think that since the petafile didn't want to take the D.N.A test, Hemust be guilty, its only logic..Anyways.. i think your show is Great.. and i was wondering if i could have a t-shirt? Thanks... P.S---I think it is awsome how you actually get some sense pushed into those sick minds of some of the people on the show!
  • I love this show!!! But,,,,

    I get so mad at some of these people!!! i record the show on my dvr, because i get so mad i have to pause it and leave the room awhile then come back to it! where do you find these people? are there really people this cruel and stupid out there? Dear God, have mercy on us all! the story of the man who broke the leg of the 8 week old baby, really got me! oh yeah then the story about the woman in prison who's boyfriend killed her 4 year old son,,, this woman does not deserve to be in prison,,, she should have gotten the death penalty, she took no responsibility for her failure as a mother, who should at all cost protect their children from anyone.I have legal custody of 2 children and my ex husband drew his fist back and hit my Boy! after i whipped my ex's ass, i packed up both kids my mother who had alzheimers, and our dog and we never went back.I had to put my Mother in a nursing home so i could go to work and support these 2 children, But it was a sacrafice i had to make, I had an obligation to protect these children and that is what i did.So how these women can let someone hurt or kill their own children i don't have a clue! and by the way i was on crack at the time also,so being on drugs is no excuse, when i left him I also let my addiction with him. if there is a will to there is a way.
  • I think your show is great. I watch ever day it even come on at night here i a so if i miss it in the morning i will chach it at night.

    Hi Steve
    This morning like ever morning i watched your show and this one i cryed. You were in prisson with a mother that was doing life. Because her 4 year old was killed by her boy friend. You know what i think they both should have the same things done to them they did to that little baby. I am a mother of 3 girls and a grand mother of 10 and if anyone hurts one of my family they would be dead and i would be in jail for protacking them.
    You do a wouderful job Keep it up
    Jenny Witschger
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