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  • Society is not ready for the realness in Steve, and that's okay.

    Dear Steve, My name is Edmenyon. I am a 33yr. old single mother and a two time felon. My life has had it's up and downs, more ups than downs thank God. I am writing you because I watch your show daily and love it. You are not too hard on your guests. Your show has purpose and takes on a part of societies responsibilities. Your the only talk show on that shows a purpose daily. For the viewers that think your a moron, hollar too much, or too hard on your guests: that's your problem. They have obviously looked into a mirror when watching your show. Your great, keep doing you.

    Edmenyon Williams
    Kansas City, Missouri
  • A viewer that supports you a 100%. Keep up the great work.

    Steve, I am a Correctional Lieutenant with over 24 years of service for the state of Illinois. I try to watch your show everyday before I go to work. The show that aired on 1-3-08 that had the man that yelled at his little boy causing him to lose his hearing and hitting his baby causing him to go to the hospital is what motivated me to write you this letter.You were exactly right when you told him that people were in prison for doing what he did to those kids. I've seen plenty of those low lifes.I think you do a great job in the way that you handle these kinds of people. We need more Judges and talk show host like you, that's not afraid to tell it like it is. Keep up the good work. I support you a 100%. Sincerely Brad Bowman
  • You said that your show was not staged, boy do I have a story for you, Read my review.

    on todays show when you were reading the e-mail letters
    you said that it was a shame that some one could think that your show was staged. I can tell you that I know that your buddy Jerry's shows are stage, on my 25th wedding annaversary I wanted to surprise my wife with renewing our vowles on his show. My wife loves his show and never misses one. When i called to talk to them, they said that it was a great idea and they would call me back. When they called me back they said that it would be a great show if i could come up with an angle. They wanted me to say that I was cheating on her and want her to forgive me and to renew then. I told them no. The next day they called me back and said if I would wear a wedding dress then we could renew on his show. I told them they were crazy. So If a show is based on angery peaple who would not think they were fake.

    I have followed your tv career since The Jerry Springer Show. You are an awsome and straight to the point person. I love this in a person because people just don't know how to get their point across. You on the other hand don't have a problem telling your guest how it should be. I love this and will continue to watch you put them in their places. Thanks for keepin it real Steve. Always watchin, Alicia Smith Waldorf, Maryland.
  • steve your an inspiration to me!! I absolutely love watching your show, and you've inspired me to be a cop one day. Your a huge positive influence on todays television shows! I say we should have more shows like yours.

    dead beat dads 2, is a good eye opener for all the women out there who keep taking these no good guys into their lives. Im glad that steve points this out, no women ever deserves to be hit i don't care what the matter is. I enjoy watching steve scare the crap out of these dead beats, they have it in their minds that their big and tough, but next to steve they look like nothing but scum. I've seen some people say that steve is a joke, and his show sucks. I think their full of it, they are probably the same kind of people that are put on the show to begin with. Keep up the good work Steve!!
  • i love your show.

    steve i love your show.i think there needs to be more people like you.people who are not afaid to make a diffrents in other peoples life that have a hard time sticking up for them selfs.i watch your show sometimes with tears in my eyes.its like looking at my life.wanting to have the strangth to change but to afraid to do anything.i wish i had someone like you in my life.people think its so easy.well its not.and because of you there are some of us who might beable to have a better life.i think what your doing is really nice.hope to see you keep fighting for people who are to afraid to make changes on there own are a angle sent from heaven to some of us. i know i love you and will watch your show as long as you are here.
  • This review is about the the show on the 17th of Dec '07. About the man that was niglecting his wife's grand child because the baby was half black.

    Dear Steve First of all let me say we love your show!

    Next my latest view of your show with the big fat pig who discriminats black people , and values us to a boar hogs and still has the guts to say that he believes in God. He should also ask us black people what we think of him neglecting his own blood.
    He forgot one thing , he's not young, nor is his wife and we have seen many times , just the one you disreguard is the same one later on that will take care of you , that's why we say God works in misterious ways.
    And I'm sick and tired of seeing women relying on men just to get by in life thank God I'm not one of them.
    It's her grandchild , move away from that piece of crap of a husband,and help take care of her granddaughter and daughter if she has a heart, bringing soup aint going to help she as the mother needs a reality soup for herself!
    Thank God we live in Aruba where every one is mixed .
    Raceism should be a violation of the law!
  • The best show was the family living under the bridge.Please please do an update on the family.Is the Father out of jail?Did he change like he said he would? The oldest child is a hero in my eyes.

    Steve you do have a heart. Sometimes I watch your show and I feel some of the people you say are guilty are innocent. I love the show on the family under the bridge. I felt for them. I was so glad the oldest boy had the sense and courage to call the Steve show.I was happy when his dad said I am not mad and that he loved his boys. The wife was acting so scary. I am hoping he did what he said and changed.Steve keep doing what yo do no matter what others say! love you Steve! Keep up your good works
  • I love you Show

    Steve I think that your show is great, i watch it everyday. I dont think that you are to hard on anyone. I am glad that we finaly have a talk show that is out to really help people. I want you to know that i have alot of respect for what you do and i think that you are great. Someone has to get thought to these people there are some very sick people out there that need help. Everyone knows that you cant save the world but i think it is totaly awsome what you do. I also love your show because it is somthing that me and my boyfriend can watch it together. He loves it to, he is like you he gets so mad that he is yelling at the tv. Thanks steve for doing everything you can do to help these people.
  • Steves show is amazin he puts it out there like it is...he jumps on these people and makes them relize there mistakes, I think more talk shows need to get though like Steve...He is the man,,, tough love and thats what most of these people on his show need

    Steve besides from bein sexy you are smart and straight forward with people and there drama. You bring it to the table like it should, you also help people out thats good, you have my respect i love you show. I dare any talk show host to try and top your show. Keep bringin it and keep layin it out there like it is. You have a good heart and I enjoy watchin your show its not borin and lame like other shows. Hey Steve your vains pop out in your forhead when you get upset but its all good your sexy as hell...

    I love your show and to me your a hero. sure i get mad but not at you but for all the abuse,addiction and pure evil in this world to those who would rather close their eyes to what really happens in the world shame on you but if you want the truth and see that the world has theses people who hurt themselves and loved ones then steve is it!!don't stop what you are doing steve because you are saving lives.I love ya steve. i wear an xxl tshirt.loyal viewer always tough love works!!happy holidays to all.steve is a hero
  • I belive that Steve is putting all of himself on the lne to get people to understand that just by sitting back and pretending that their is nothing wrong in this world. It's about time. Thank you for caring so much about people and their family's. Love Ya

    It's about time, and thank you for all you hard work. I wish that their were more people in this world who cares as much as you do. People who feel differenly well that their opion and they should just shut up and keep the tv off. I think that being hard a lot of the time is the best way to hopeful help others to see the wrong that this people are doing. Not everyone will understand what your trying to do and that's ok, maybe they were never shown right from wrong, that's life in a nut shell.
  • I feel that this is one of the best talk shows, most want to keep conflicts going instead of actually trying to help someone through their problems.

    First of all Steve you are the sexiest man on tv I started watching Jerry just to see you. Now that you have your own show then I just get to look at you. There is one thing that I wonder, is how you can get on that stage with a child molester or anyone that mistreats children and keep your cool I couldn't do it they would probably take me off the air because I would be the crap out of all the bad guys. Being a 33 year old mom of 4 children and going back to school is hard but I never mistreat them and I make plenty of time for them. Your show is the bomb I really look up to you as a guy because you stand up for the person who is right whether male or female. And the people who say that you are too tough on some of these dirtbags, must not know the hurt that person has caused someone else. I don't think that your tough enough. Thanks for getting your own show. I love it when you don't let the bad guys sit down and you sling the chair. I'm telling you, you are so HOTTT!
  • This is something new and cutting edge. Wonderful and very helpful to people in trouble. I love that he is hard on the people that deserves it... PLEASE DON'T CHANGE

    The is for the Steve Wilko Show. Steve I LOVE YOUR SHOW. I can not get enough of it. I record it every single day in order for me to watch it all day saturday. However, that never gets to happen because the topics are so good and your approach is so refreshing that I wind up looking at the show daily. Your show is something fresh and new. It is a new look of talk shows. I hope that you have a longivity in the show business. Don't change and keep up the good work.

    Always a fan

    Detroit, MI
  • Steve is good at what does. Consequences need to be given to people who should really have the crap kicked out of them for what they do. I love his approach! Make people accountable for their disgusting behavoir.

    I am so glad Steve is doing a talk show such as this! It seems people are not held accountable for their actions. Anything goes and there are no consequences! No one has the right to abuse anyone at all especially children. This infuriates me because I was one of those children. Steve handles himself well in each situation. When it is needed, he puts a person down in order to offer them help. In other situations, he shows great anger (rightfully so) and calls them out for what they do. These people have no rights at all and I, personally, do not feel sorry for them when Steve talks the way he does to them. Someone needs to! I would like to see consequences actually issued to them not just the opportunity for them to walk away. Good job, Steve. I would love to wear a t-shirt signed by Steve.
  • I love your show steve and have must respect for you. I feel you need to learn more about drug addictions.

    Don't get me wrong I know you are trying to help. I used drug for over 10 years and I know it was very hard to quit. I was beaten and raped over and over but I loved the drugs so much it didnt matter. I have been clean for 6 years and help other to learn how to live with out it. I wished I meet you so I could have got help sooner. I hope one day to meet you and give you pointers on drugs addiction, I would love to be apart of your staff. I know your heart is big and thank you for giving your time to other. Keep up the good job. Lisa L
  • Great show keep up the great work. I love the show and how Steve treats the child abusers. Great work keep it up

    Steve is an insperation to me and quite a few of my friends. Everyone that has ever been abused and had no justice know exactly how I feel when I say Steve is doing a wonderful job and knowing that he is giving some of the victims a chance to confront thier attackers is a great thing. Keep up the great work Steve. Keep working on getting the pedofiles off the streets. For those of you who say Steve should just stay to his talk show host because thats all that he is is a talk show host. well boy are you wrong. not only is he a talk show host but he is one hell of a good cop.
  • Steve Wilko's has the guts to put child molestors and rapist and scrum in thier place and for all the people who think he is unjust, ask thier victims so see if they agree. Besides the scrum has the chance to defend themselves, do they,No too scared

    Great show with an edge that makes me want to tune in every day and see how Steve helps yet another victim of some sort of injustice. It is a show that if I cannot watch, I tape as to not miss out on abything. I know people have thier own opinion on how Steve treats people and they are certainly entitled to that but I will always be for the good guy over the bad any day of the week. I hope this show stays on as opposed to shows like Springer that is more of a circus than anything.
  • i think the show is going to be cancelled

    i agree with dmoneyred i think that steve is too hard on the guests. i know that they dont do the right thing and i dont agree with the bad guys at all, but steve is going to lose alot of fans because of this. he was ok when he was on jerry springer but it seems to me that he has gotten real cocky. there are times when i have watched his show and got so mad that i have turned him off and watched cartoons. steve calm that attitude down, we all understand that you are upset. if the topic bothers you that much dont cover those stories.
  • You're kidding right? I can't believe the producers of this show are allowing trolling of other community websites in hopes of finding people to participate in this stuff!

    I am disgusted with the tactics this show is resorting to in its effort to find guests. Its tacky and tasteless to troll the group boards at CafeMom in hopes of finding some people to exploit. If I ever run into this show on tv I will promptly be changing the channel. I will also be telling anybody I know not to watch it either. Are you all so hard up for guests you have to try to drag them off of a website for moms that is intended for friendship building and discussions about our lives? Can't you just run ads on tv or on your own website like all the other trash tv shows?
  • The Steve Wilkos show will hopefully inspire more men to be like him and be real men. His show is refreshing,honest,shows his high standard of morality,and it is good to see someone confront the men who aren't real men. I'm glad Steve finally has a show!

    Steve Wilkos has finally gotten his own show and for years I had hoped to see this happen. His show reflects morals,fine ethics,compassion, intolerance of the intolerable and it is refreshing to see. Steve Wilkos confronts men who are not real men. Steve Wilkos addresses real life and will hopefully influence more men to be real men. Steve Wilkos reputation is above reproach and impeccable. Steve Wilkos even helps his guests and is by far one of the best new talk shows, I believe it will be the best talk show there has ever been in a good many years.

    Steve Wilkos helping the poor children under the bridge was the actions of a talk show host unseen possibly ever. I hope to see more of him and think his show will be long-lasting. Steve Wilkos show has a raw grittiness and honesty that makes it so appealing.
  • This show isn't a Springer clone by a longshot.

    This show has to be one of the best talk shows to premiere in quite a while. The show began as occasional instalments of "The Jerry Springer Show" where the shows then director of security Steve Wilkos would host the program in place of Springer and solve guests problems that were much more serious than traditional "Springer" guests. Wilkos then would take care of these problems by confronting the person they had problems with and stopping at nothing to change their ways. These specials became popular with "Springer" fans and it was decided in 2007 that Steve would recieve his own program in the fall. This program is leaps and bounds better than "Springer" because Steve actually solves the guests problems and doesn't parade them around as freaks as "Springer" has been notorious for. This is definetly a show for those who want something different than the traditional "Trash TV" program and someone who they can genuinely like.
  • Steve Wilkos terrible show.

    Steve Wilkos tries to be too much of a tough guy on this show. Just like when he hosted a few shows for Jerry Springer, its no different. Blowing up in everybody face just to have conversation like he does any wrong. Also putting his hands on folks on the show. One day he going to get in the wrong person face and they going to bring it to him real hard. He needs to come down and listen to both sides of the story with out interjection. He doesn't have all the answers what so ever. I don't like the show and should be pretty much shut down. Leave that cop ego and tough guy attitude back at the force.
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