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  • I hate Lesters

    Steve I admire you! for getting rid and exposing so many child molesters and bullies!! STEVE STAY ON TRACK DONT CHANGE YOUR SHOW YOU ARE THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO!!
  • the truth

    steve keep up what your doing, I think your awsome , You bring the truth to things and people should not come on the show if they are not strong enough to handle the truth
  • steve i need help.

    i have a 14 yr old that lies on me and got cps involved because she got grounded for selling spice so she ran away told all kinds of lies and still continues. i refused to jump through hoops for her lies so she is in a foster home, but she calls everyone telling them lies, the ones who know better she quit talking to, the ones who dont make my life hell . she calls me a ***, says she wishes i was dead and all because she wants to do whatever she wants. sleep with boys over the age of 18, get . i want it to end and her lies to come to truth.
  • MOVING!!

    Your show is so strong, I always wonder if some of these stupes, especially the child molesters ever leave your show and go home and commit suicide, or skip out. Love your show, you are very down to earth, knowledgable. thank you

    that their body is their body and NO means no, please.

    too many people are being abuse out there babies, kids, teens and adults ,I am so glad you are bring this out in the open its been in the dark too long, please keep helping those who are being abuse because they do need a voice and you steve are there voice. thank you for those who lost their voice can now be heard
  • catch those criminals

    Thanks Steve for all your experience in law in for cement. We need more people like you in every town to catch those nasty are putting their nasty hands on innocent up the good rate you 100%
  • mean as steve.

    Love your show,everyone in my house watches your wish you could set up a boxing ring so that you can just beat the crap out of these guys who hit have been with men like that in my pass,not no more,i am 58 years old with a great husband who loves me very am as mean as you if not meaner,and i could never live a person like husband who i love and still love never hit walks a can i please have a t-shirt?Send it to Katie brady at 772 apple ave Ukiah,ca 95482.
  • my married life

    hi my name is Cassandra McCarthy I had gotten married April 19th of this yeah, and I have a 6 month old daughter (Jessica Faith McCarthy) well me and my husband just got into a big fight like 2 weeks ago, and come to find out he has been stealing stuff and returning the stuff back, well I had just went to court on the 21 of this month, and him, his mom tells the judge that I was doing drugs and drinking around my daughter, and caused me to lose my daughter... what do I do Steve I have tried everything please help me Steve
  • My story

    I would like to attach my story.......
  • I have sound spy equipment stalkers that sexually assult my body and use sexual hipnosis on me

    Steve,starting about a year ago I have been stalked by either a secret admirer or a sexual criminal they are using some type of sound spy equipment to listen and talk to me 24 hours a day they use mostly sexual hipnosis on me and sexual assults using sound I want to know if this is an admier or a criminal please send some type of police sound equipment to my home and listen and talk to them my address is 34202sw212ave 344st west palm drive 33034 florida city florida I need an expert in sound spy equipment to track them my parent shouldnt know about it so keep it secret when you get there using long range spy equipment my names Luke Lott my e-mail is I tried the police and everyone else I could think of please get to the bottum of this I want to meet them or I want them to go to jail they already put atleast a thousand sexual assults on my cant take it.
  • Fan in Florida

    Steve I watch your show everyday and I want to say that you are wonderful. You tell people what everyone else is afraid to say. I am watching your show right now about the man that is selling his girlfriend's body because he thinks she is his property and should take care of him. I hope you get her the help to get away from this monster. It is sad that we have some men in this day and time that feel this way. Keep up the good work.

    Carla in Florida
  • hell in canada...............

    to much to wright,if you can,i invite you to my sight ...3 year old needs well as my little a single dad of to my baby gril was betten to years ago cop is covering it up i demand justic. you being an x cop may help her pass the horiffic fear when she see a come to her school even for druge awereness she runs away from the school strate home to me evertime
  • #1 talk show host....

    I have read some of these post. IF you don't like Steve, Don't watch him. I for one, Love Steve Wilco, He doesn't let Ignorant abusive people get by with their wish he had the ability to Bitch Slap some of them think Steve is a great guy and role model ...
  • Monday's Show March 11 2013

    Steve I just wanted to let you know that my son dated the sister of the woman on Monday's show. As a matter of fact he stayed with them for about six months. He also says she is not a good mother or he a good father. I am looking forward to the show. I watch you every day. Just a little heads up about the family that will be on your show. They are not all there in the head. They put my son through hell. At one point they told him he had to go I am not sure why, but he says they are not right. If you may have any questions for my son his name is Daniel Enyart and the phone # is (336) 573-7019.

    Yours truly,

    Arletta Enyart
  • A lifetime of lies?

    Franko and his daughter was separated 4 20 years bcus of a disgusting lie. And u help put them 2gether. This was an amazing and emotional show. I was brought 2 tears. Awesome show.
  • all shows

    steve you are a wonderful avocet for the little ones an the ones who cant stick up for them self .,We need more people like you in the world . Thank you !!!!!!

    I watch Steve almost everyday. He shouldn't be doggin the men for "getting the girls/women pregnant". First of all, my mother taught me that in order not to get pregnant, you must protect yourself, not depend on a man. As a woman with respect for herself, she does not realize how bad she looks when she has multiple sex partners and don't know who the father of her child is. It is the women's responsibility to make sure she doesn't get pregnant. Most of the time, she either wants to "trap the man"; "live off of child support and not work"; "create drama"; and it is the child that gets hurt through this process. I'm glad my mother taught me how to protect myself because I didn't want no drama; didn't want to be a teenage mother; thought more of myself than to have multiple sex partners and was too embarrassed to have to go to my family doctor or clinic for an STD. Women it 2013, there are to many safety to prevent pregnancy, so Steve you need to lay it on the girls/women, too. Doesn't your wife teach her daughter? Do you want your son to get "trapped"? Even if they put a "cap on it" women can be very treacherous when they want a baby. I'm glad I'm not one of them. I enjoy your show, but as a advocate for fathers, I think you ought to be addressing these girls/women harder than you do.
  • Well worth recording!

    The show,Steve, hopefully can make a difference, as I'm sure it does. Keep up the good work!

  • Much better than Jerry Springer

    With Steve, every thing is a teachable moment, unlike Jerry who thinks it's all a joke. People actually learn how to behave and what they SHOULD be doing (with Steve). Jerry is just perverse sensationalism taking advantage of poorly educated people.
  • question

    do you know how to e mail the show have some problems and i could realy use his advice
  • show about did u kill your brother and baby

    That show was deep. I don,t understand how could her husband give her the keys knowing they both had to much to drink. And I was also thinking where was her kids when all that was going on. They both are unfit parents as I see it. Everybody need to going get help for drinking they all got problems.Am so sorry for the baby who die from all this.
  • Laura in Charleston SC

    Dear Mr.Wilko's

    I just wanted to say I watch your show every chance I get. The shows where their abuse (ANY) I think you have great tips for how to deal with whatever the situation might be. You are a hero to many. If I learn anything from your show I know what do in my next relationship if abuse starts LEAVE! I think you do a greatjob dealing with these crazy people! I don't knowhow you do it! I Thankyou for helping so many people. I think when you cover an other abuse situations , If they fail the lie dector they should be led off in handcuffs that might send a great mesage! keep up helping people! God Bless You for what you do! Laura in Charleston SC.
  • Your Wife

    I keep hearing you talk to your wife but I have never seen her I beat she is pretty. I guess you don't want to show her to keep her safe from all of the nuts out there who don't like you I understand. Is there any way you may be able to send me a pic of your family. PS I love your show keep it up. Laura Fields
  • great show

    steve i just want to say you do a great job and i love the show no matter what anyone else says about your show keep up the great work you do and never change one bit of the show love it love love it
  • Steve is the best

    i really wish there were more men like steve . your wife is a verry luckey lady i love the show

    Hey steve I absolutly loveyour show I don't miss it for anything my doc apts I schedule accordingly so I don't miss it I love how you can point out a piece of garbarge before they even talk my husband tells me its only a show but that's cuz he is a true man and can't stand garbage like you can't stand it but if for one moment I had the oppetunity to come on your show an be in the audience I would be there with my happy bells on....YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!
  • I LOVEEEEEEEE your show hope you READ THIS one day & everybody that's negative about this is probably b/c they either been on it or need to!

    Hey Steve!!!!!! First off I'm 16 yr old girl in south Carolina and I love your show! I know alot of ppl say they love your show but I really look up to you! So think your a ex marine & cop . And I'm in ROTC and want to go in the coast guard and b a cop. But your show inspires me soooooo much ppl say u need to b easy & stop yellin at ppl & I say yell more bc seein most ppl on all tha shows makes me wanna jump threw tha tv! So think someone needs to let tha bad ppl know that it's wrong to do what they do so I say YELL MORE! & I'd sling more than a chair on tha show so u do better than me but just so you know I love your show & look up to you alot & watch it EVERYDAY! & hope to b like you when I get outta coast guard & become a cop :D

    All I have to say is I love the show. I have been watching since day one. If you don't like the show don't watch it. Steve Wilkos is sexy and honest.
  • love the show

    hi steve we live in England and we love your show we try not to miss it. We watched one today 21/6/011 where there was a jerk who is keeping his girlfriend locked in there home does not let her go to school and also not been aloud to see her own family i wish i was her mother i would of bounced straight outside I think he was Mexican not too sure.He would smash the tv if she was not good the night b efore he made my blood boil I do not know how you keep your hand,s off them.we also love Jerry as well It,s good to see female security they do a good job so do the lad,s anyway back to your show we give you a 5 star award keep up the good work can.t wait to see the next one. We would love a couple of t-shirts (medium) and (large) would it also be possible to have a signed picture. thanks Tracey &Ian leach.
  • Dear Steve I love your show. It's all about real life stories. I watch it every chance that I get.

    Steve, I love your show. I try to watch it every day. It's the most realistic show on the air. I have watched many many talk shows and yours is by far the best. I love the way that you try to help the guest that appear on your show. I also love the way that you handel the ones that need to be handled. I like it when you through chairs and will not let the bad people set on your stage. Also like to see you run people off your stage, some people do not deserve to even get to be their anyway.
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