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  • Steve Wilkos terrible show.

    Steve Wilkos tries to be too much of a tough guy on this show. Just like when he hosted a few shows for Jerry Springer, its no different. Blowing up in everybody face just to have conversation like he does any wrong. Also putting his hands on folks on the show. One day he going to get in the wrong person face and they going to bring it to him real hard. He needs to come down and listen to both sides of the story with out interjection. He doesn't have all the answers what so ever. I don't like the show and should be pretty much shut down. Leave that cop ego and tough guy attitude back at the force.
  • Dear Steve I love your show. It's all about real life stories. I watch it every chance that I get.

    Steve, I love your show. I try to watch it every day. It's the most realistic show on the air. I have watched many many talk shows and yours is by far the best. I love the way that you try to help the guest that appear on your show. I also love the way that you handel the ones that need to be handled. I like it when you through chairs and will not let the bad people set on your stage. Also like to see you run people off your stage, some people do not deserve to even get to be their anyway.
  • You're kidding right? I can't believe the producers of this show are allowing trolling of other community websites in hopes of finding people to participate in this stuff!

    I am disgusted with the tactics this show is resorting to in its effort to find guests. Its tacky and tasteless to troll the group boards at CafeMom in hopes of finding some people to exploit. If I ever run into this show on tv I will promptly be changing the channel. I will also be telling anybody I know not to watch it either. Are you all so hard up for guests you have to try to drag them off of a website for moms that is intended for friendship building and discussions about our lives? Can't you just run ads on tv or on your own website like all the other trash tv shows?
  • I love your show.

    Hey Steve,
    My name is Anita Flores and I live in Rancho cucamonga, CA. And I watch your show on KTLA which airs everyday at 11:00am every morning. I just finished watching your show about sarah and jared, and I was discusted with that guy who beat on his wife having been in that similar situation for many years when I was married to my ex husband. I like sara was told to stick by your man. But God saw fit to remove me from that life I endured for so many years and never look back. I am so grateful for your show because there are so many people in similar circumstances and do not have a voice to speak for them hear on earth. well for those who dont know God. I am sure glad there is Steve Wilkos. I love your show I watch everyday and your show always has such true life situations. And not all the phoney stuff people like myself dont wanna hear about. I love the fact that you do not sugar coat any situation you are the real deal. God Bless you and keep you always.Keep up the good work. Much success with your show.

    Anita Flores
  • love the show

    hi steve we live in England and we love your show we try not to miss it. We watched one today 21/6/011 where there was a jerk who is keeping his girlfriend locked in there home does not let her go to school and also not been aloud to see her own family i wish i was her mother i would of bounced straight outside I think he was Mexican not too sure.He would smash the tv if she was not good the night b efore he made my blood boil I do not know how you keep your hand,s off them.we also love Jerry as well It,s good to see female security they do a good job so do the lad,s anyway back to your show we give you a 5 star award keep up the good work can.t wait to see the next one. We would love a couple of t-shirts (medium) and (large) would it also be possible to have a signed picture. thanks Tracey &Ian leach.
  • i think the show is going to be cancelled

    i agree with dmoneyred i think that steve is too hard on the guests. i know that they dont do the right thing and i dont agree with the bad guys at all, but steve is going to lose alot of fans because of this. he was ok when he was on jerry springer but it seems to me that he has gotten real cocky. there are times when i have watched his show and got so mad that i have turned him off and watched cartoons. steve calm that attitude down, we all understand that you are upset. if the topic bothers you that much dont cover those stories.
  • where are the new shows please ?


    Iam trying to find out where and when the new show starts because all i'm getting is repeats!! The show that is advertised in the channel guide for verizon fios is not the one i get when i turn on my t.v. it's all repeats ,whats happening people?

    Jerri (very mifft) xx

  • I cant take it Anymore!

    I am in Misery Here!
    My Mom had a stroke 4 years ago,and I have been taking care of her since then.
    She sleeps in the living room in a Recliner so she has full access of the TV.
    This is becoming very Dis-satisfying to Me since Steve decided to take over her TV.She continues to watch this show..Why? I have absolutly no Idea! I cannot see why people are so interested in a Grown Man Repeating over and over everything he says.It is TOO Irratating!
    I will be so very Happy when his show doesn't make the Marks,and has to be taken off the air.I cannot wait.It will not come soon enough.I liked him better on The Jerry Springer Show when He had Absolutely nothing to Say!
  • let me think of why i like your show

    oh thats right nothing can steve spell ignorant just because your producer is as dumb as you are dosent give yall the right to make such dumb tv my nine year old accidentally tuned you in and thought you should be medicated cause of all the screaming you did i live in texas south of houston but i was born in chicago also just to let you know ive been a fireman emt now i work in burns @ the university of texas medical branch in galveston thanks for being the first show i had to block on my babies tv
  • steve i need help.

    i have a 14 yr old that lies on me and got cps involved because she got grounded for selling spice so she ran away told all kinds of lies and still continues. i refused to jump through hoops for her lies so she is in a foster home, but she calls everyone telling them lies, the ones who know better she quit talking to, the ones who dont make my life hell . she calls me a ***, says she wishes i was dead and all because she wants to do whatever she wants. sleep with boys over the age of 18, get . i want it to end and her lies to come to truth.
  • #1 talk show host....

    I have read some of these post. IF you don't like Steve, Don't watch him. I for one, Love Steve Wilco, He doesn't let Ignorant abusive people get by with their wish he had the ability to Bitch Slap some of them think Steve is a great guy and role model ...
  • Well worth recording!

    The show,Steve, hopefully can make a difference, as I'm sure it does. Keep up the good work!

  • I LOVEEEEEEEE your show hope you READ THIS one day & everybody that's negative about this is probably b/c they either been on it or need to!

    Hey Steve!!!!!! First off I'm 16 yr old girl in south Carolina and I love your show! I know alot of ppl say they love your show but I really look up to you! So think your a ex marine & cop . And I'm in ROTC and want to go in the coast guard and b a cop. But your show inspires me soooooo much ppl say u need to b easy & stop yellin at ppl & I say yell more bc seein most ppl on all tha shows makes me wanna jump threw tha tv! So think someone needs to let tha bad ppl know that it's wrong to do what they do so I say YELL MORE! & I'd sling more than a chair on tha show so u do better than me but just so you know I love your show & look up to you alot & watch it EVERYDAY! & hope to b like you when I get outta coast guard & become a cop :D
  • i love this show

    i have watched this show so many time and i can relate to alot of the moms that have dead beat dads. i am 18 and have a dead beat baby daddy !!!!! i really wish someone would open my baby daddy's eyes and make him realize that his son is a really awesome kid.

    i love this show please bring it back . i would love to come on your show so you could talk some sence in my baby daddy! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! P.S. why did you stop going working on jerry springer ? ?
  • I'll just come out and say it. The Steve Wilkos Show is the best show on television.

    Steve Wilkos is one of the most entertaining people on television, and its great he has his own show. He brings people on who have done wrong in their lives (drug addicts who neglect their children, wife beaters, child molesters, etc.) and he puts them in their places. People say he's too hard on the guests and he calls them "belly rubbers". This means that they take too much time to figure out the abuser, ala "rubbing their bellies", instead of focusing on the victim. He may have been a member of Jerry Springer, but his show is more serious than it and that's why I'm a fan. He doesn't exploit his guests or only brings them on for laughs, he trys to help people and I like that.

    If you don't like the show, I'll just quote Steve right now: "This is moron-free TV, and you're not allowed to watch."
  • This show is like a breath of fresh air! After I watched it once, I was hooked!

    I love your show! It's nice to see someone putting sex offenders and abusers in their place. I am a big believer in counseling people and getting to the root of the problem to figure out why they are doing what they are doing, but most of the people on your show aren't "sick," they are selfish, low lifes with bad self-esteem. They have many excuses, but that's all they are! People that say "you are too hard on your guests," need to take a good look at who they are standing up for! Anybody standing up a man who touches little kids, or abuses his wife is just encouraging that behavior. Could I possibly get a t-shirt?!? -Amanda-
  • This is something new and cutting edge. Wonderful and very helpful to people in trouble. I love that he is hard on the people that deserves it... PLEASE DON'T CHANGE

    The is for the Steve Wilko Show. Steve I LOVE YOUR SHOW. I can not get enough of it. I record it every single day in order for me to watch it all day saturday. However, that never gets to happen because the topics are so good and your approach is so refreshing that I wind up looking at the show daily. Your show is something fresh and new. It is a new look of talk shows. I hope that you have a longivity in the show business. Don't change and keep up the good work.

    Always a fan

    Detroit, MI
  • The Steve Wilkos Show isn't a show worth watching if you the type of person who thinks for themselves and have their own personal convictions. It's shows like this that makes people lose faith in humanity.

    This is one of the worst shows that I've ever seen. It was built up so know with Steve Wilkos being it's host, and now, it's as useless and aggravating as [Billary] Clinton's campaign front. Steve Wilkos is a punk. He bullies the guests who have agreed to go on the show, despite the self deprecating conditions. And you'd think that would be enough for him, but Steve Wilkos also antagonizes the victims, placing blame of the events on them. He insists upon his 19th century ideals as if they were the moral standard. It's people like him who started the Salem Witch Hunts, or gave rise to the Puritans in the past. And, who is Steve Wilkos? Do you mean the same guy who worked as security and participated in the Jerry Springer Show--a show that exploited people so a crowd can get some laughs. Don't get me wrong I'm not defending the pedophiles, abusers, or the variety of of guests he has, but screaming, bullying, and cursing the guests doesn't help the situation one bit. You think that years in the service would teach him that everything isn't black and white. Though, there are some situations you should address aggressively, there are some you address with sensitivity. Steve Wilkos just loves to hear himself talk. And what kind of man judges other people, and make idle threats on a television show to people who disagree with his methods. Steve, there's a reason why most of your hate mail comes fro the U.S. We see you for what you are. There's nothing wrong with us, there's something wrong with you. You know at least with Jerry Springer, Jerry talked with his guests on an equal level, and tried to grasp the situation from many perspectives. The Steve Wilkos show has stolen the title "worst show on television" from the Jerry Springer Show.
  • Baby "Who"??????

    Ok--I'll Post This Again: On Today's Show: April 9, 2014; Was The Baby In Question Joshua's Or Not?

    The Show Just Bled Off Into A SECOND "Story" Of The SAME ISSUE: Who Is The Baby's Daddy????

    Please Steve Wilkos PLEASE DO NOT Become A Clone Of The MAURY Show!!! One Hour Long Infomercial For The DDC/DNA Center Is More Than Enough!!!!
  • to Laura fields

    hey you wanted to see steve wilkos wife google Rachelle wilkos she is a blonde. as for his whole family no pictures of his kid will be shown.
  • in the land of the free home of the brave we are now USING laws to FORCE people to do things ??????????????????


    I for one think domestic violence is ranks right up there in violent crimes that doesnt have enough punishment on it

    HOWEVER the using of law to FORCE someone to do something that COULD put them in harms way I dont like

    true there are shelters for domestic abuse BUT have you ever reviewed them they are over crowded and unable to deal with the problems that the families bring into them

    this is another one of the cases where the law falls well short of giving the victim the care and comfort they need

    because the police are forbidden to be proactive they cannt do anything until someone gets hurt

    the laws concerning stalking and domestic violence and child welfare in those cases need changed and instead of a bandage type of a law something that realy works

    needless to say how disappointed I was when I heard you say FORCE them to do something

  • Dear Steve, I like your show, but I think you yell way too much. Yelling at people won't solve all the problems. I don't think you should yell at the person until you get the lie detector results back. i still like your show though!

    Steve: I enjoy your show and I believe you make great points about abusers and molesters and the like. I also like how you have a knack for pointing out that something is undeniable because of the mountainous evidence against them. But these people are innocent until proven guilty. Yelling at these people before we know exactly who did what is wrong. I think that it would be a good idea to listen to both (or sometimes all three) sides of the story without yelling, and in a rational manner. I believe you would have better viewer ratings if you did not lose your temper at an innocent person.
    Although I do love the show.
    -Danielle, Arielle, and Liz.
  • Steve,Do you want people to be watching you for a second season?Then you need to actually listen to some of them instead of telling them they could of done something even if it meant them going to jail,Not on there side,But you need to THINK!sometimes BRO

    Stevie,You need to stop conterdicting your self on the show loser.If you was in the service and a police officer,How can you tell a man you would do what ever it takes even if it means you going to jail to hurt the person that was hurting your child?I mean I liked your show,But I feel ashame for you,when you say dumb ass **** there was a guy that said he couldn`t see his daughter cause of his ex`s boyfriend,And again you called him a **** cause he avoided confirtation.Well work on that and you should be okay.See ya buddy!Ok I was done but the dumb ass message on the bottom of this page saying my review needs to be 100 words min.So heres a 126.
  • You said that your show was not staged, boy do I have a story for you, Read my review.

    on todays show when you were reading the e-mail letters
    you said that it was a shame that some one could think that your show was staged. I can tell you that I know that your buddy Jerry's shows are stage, on my 25th wedding annaversary I wanted to surprise my wife with renewing our vowles on his show. My wife loves his show and never misses one. When i called to talk to them, they said that it was a great idea and they would call me back. When they called me back they said that it would be a great show if i could come up with an angle. They wanted me to say that I was cheating on her and want her to forgive me and to renew then. I told them no. The next day they called me back and said if I would wear a wedding dress then we could renew on his show. I told them they were crazy. So If a show is based on angery peaple who would not think they were fake.
  • This is just what I'm feeling about your show.

    If this really goes to Steve.. Hi Steve! Although I find your show entertaining, and it really does make you stop and go back when flipping through the channels, what is accomplished. OTHER than the last show I watched about the very horrible man who spreads aids willingly..I know you did your best to do what you could with that situation, but other than that it seems as if you just yell at people. I saw one show about a man who's son got abused, and it was the ex-wife who did it, but you yelled at the husband for SOO incredibly long, only to find out it wasn't him who did it. You asked why he didn't ask his four year old to tell him everything, and he replied with because he didn't want to make him think about it cause' he was already sad. That makes sense to me. Anywho, there's really no reason in trying to ask you why you do what you do, why you spend 1/2 hour to an hour yelling at people, because.. that is all you do. You're an ex marine, so is my brother, you can't tell him anything different than what he does, so I don't expect any of this to get through your head, but why would you bring these people on here and just yell at them. You obviously don't care about the people, you get steamed up so you can have good ratings...that is however what it's all about isn't it Stevo? Thanks for your time. Have a good one. Oh, and don't get me wrong, like I said I think its entertaining so I will still be a loyal watcher. :)
  • the episode that aired on feb. 28, 2008 about the mom that said she couldn't handle her 16 year old and that she went with a 43 yr old and because she kept running away...

    Steve you made break down because i know where the mother is coming from but the only difference is that i don't abuse my kids i haven't been in a serious relationship for almost 5 yrs because of my kids. i don't bring guys to my home, i don't drink and i don't do drugs. my first priority has always been my kids. My daughter has ran again and this time its been over 2 weeks. tell me what can i do i'm just about in the same situation this mother was. i've made another police report and this time my sister decided to tell my father and ever since he has fallen sick and just the other day he couldn't get out of bed.sometimes you have to realize that some really do need the help. of course theres more to this story. by the way she only 15 she needs help!!! and i don't know what else to do but to turn her over to the state. I'm not a perfect parent but i also know i have been a good parent.Steve PLEASE she needs help.. Steve always try to get to the bottom of the story. I know you were a cop but you need to accept that nt all do there job and lie and abuse their athurity the told my daughter that when she turned 17 she could leave.. PLEASE HELP!!!
  • Dear Steve, My name is Shelley I love your show!I am from BC Canada I I was sexually abused,abused emotionally, physically, I grew up with alcolholic drug user's as my mentors they sucked. So I repeated the cycle for a while had my son at 17. NO

    Dear Steve,
    I seen you take over Jerry's show and thought you would make a great TV host.I am from BC Canada I tell everyone about your show we tape and watch you faithfully also daily! I also say your the best talk show on the air, you are going to make it big your show is real no BS! Some other's that say your to hard on some guests I disagree. I was sexually abused, abused emotionally , physically, I grew up with alcolholic drug user's as my mentors they sucked.Stop blaming everyone else get help! Love to chat with you I feel I have a good story Shelley,you rock Steve!
  • Review

    I generally like your show where I take humor out of some of the episodes there's so many more that are just really upsetting, with children get molested people living with being raped/families getting torn apart. But I just had to ask is it staged? People have said it is so I was just wondering. I still enjoy your show!
  • He's rude and he's harassing his guests. I do admit that it's entertaining, but I still dislike how he treats his guests. Dr. Phil would make the "bad guests" apologize and not make them feel as bad as Steve Wilkos does. Steve Wilkos threatens.

    Steve Wilkos is an entertaining show. I do admit that I laugh, but I'm laughing the expressions of the person that is being yelled at by Steve Wilkos and I'm laughing at Steve Wilkos himself. But, I dislike how the guests are being yelled at. For example, the episode that is on at the time of this review is being typed, Steve Wilkos is making fun of a man for being short, yelling at him, threatening him, and calling him names that according to the expression of the man seems very offensive. All of this because the man **might** have pushed a woman down the stairs.

    I do like how he treats the person who called the show and/or the person who's "the good person". But, he should do that to all the guests. Not all the guests. The Steve Wilkos Show is horrible but sort of entertaining in the same way.

    This show is both horrible and entertaining.
  • cheaters

    hi my name is carrie eiler iam 9 months prenegnt next wensday having the baby march 20 and my husband cheated on me 4 times iam ready to leave him his excuase was he has sexual needs i didnt get prengent myself i love him but i cant take this and one of the girls is his ex
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