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  • The Steve Wilkos show will hopefully inspire more men to be like him and be real men. His show is refreshing,honest,shows his high standard of morality,and it is good to see someone confront the men who aren't real men. I'm glad Steve finally has a show!

    Steve Wilkos has finally gotten his own show and for years I had hoped to see this happen. His show reflects morals,fine ethics,compassion, intolerance of the intolerable and it is refreshing to see. Steve Wilkos confronts men who are not real men. Steve Wilkos addresses real life and will hopefully influence more men to be real men. Steve Wilkos reputation is above reproach and impeccable. Steve Wilkos even helps his guests and is by far one of the best new talk shows, I believe it will be the best talk show there has ever been in a good many years.

    Steve Wilkos helping the poor children under the bridge was the actions of a talk show host unseen possibly ever. I hope to see more of him and think his show will be long-lasting. Steve Wilkos show has a raw grittiness and honesty that makes it so appealing.
  • Steve is an egotistical, arrogant,wanna-be tough guy piece of S**t.He promotes hate and anger and violence. He's a joke.

    Steve does shows about violence and abuse, but yet portrays the same violence and abuse he's talking about. He is such a good dad and doesn't believe in yelling, hitting, or verbal abuse of any kind, but completely acts like he's the one on stage who's hateful, angry, and violent. Wonder how he treats his family, hopefully not they way he treats his guests. Theres no need to get in peoples faces, call them names, and threaten them. I hate his show more than satan himself. You, Steve are the biggest as**ole I have Ever seen in my life, and if I was ever on your show and you put words in my mouth, the way you do with all your guests, and even thought about treating me the way you do, I wouldnt walk away, or cry, I would beat your stupid As* and treat YOU like the BIT** you are. Do everyone a favor and end your show, you are just as out there as Jerry, where do you find these people for your stupid show? I hope one day that a guest does beat your as* and hopefully teach you a leason on how to treat and talk to people. You act like you never made a mistake in your pathetic, sad, life.Look in the mirrior, you are no different than your guests. You advertise nothing but hate and violence. You arent helping anyone, only you and your wallet by exploiting hate. You are as FAKE as it gets.
  • This show is by far, the dumbest talk show I've ever seen!!!

    For some man claiming that he used to be a cop, why isn't he having some of those guests who are abusers and child molesters arrested? And him using only a polygraph test to prove whether or not someone did abuse or molest their kids is such a joke. Has he not ever heard of semen samples and testing for marks on the victim's bodies? And those episodes, where a parent tells Steve something like "My 1 or 2 year old daughter told me that daddy touched her down there" are beyond far-fetched and unrealistic. How could toddlers that age actually say that when they can barely talk? And on top of all that, when an episode has a parent accusing the other of molesting or abusing their young kids, why are the kids not on the show to tell their side of the story as proof? He is such a moron he doesn't know that polygraph tests aren't always right and nothing in this world is always 100% accurate

    I watch Steve almost everyday. He shouldn't be doggin the men for "getting the girls/women pregnant". First of all, my mother taught me that in order not to get pregnant, you must protect yourself, not depend on a man. As a woman with respect for herself, she does not realize how bad she looks when she has multiple sex partners and don't know who the father of her child is. It is the women's responsibility to make sure she doesn't get pregnant. Most of the time, she either wants to "trap the man"; "live off of child support and not work"; "create drama"; and it is the child that gets hurt through this process. I'm glad my mother taught me how to protect myself because I didn't want no drama; didn't want to be a teenage mother; thought more of myself than to have multiple sex partners and was too embarrassed to have to go to my family doctor or clinic for an STD. Women it 2013, there are to many safety to prevent pregnancy, so Steve you need to lay it on the girls/women, too. Doesn't your wife teach her daughter? Do you want your son to get "trapped"? Even if they put a "cap on it" women can be very treacherous when they want a baby. I'm glad I'm not one of them. I enjoy your show, but as a advocate for fathers, I think you ought to be addressing these girls/women harder than you do.
  • This show isn't a Springer clone by a longshot.

    This show has to be one of the best talk shows to premiere in quite a while. The show began as occasional instalments of "The Jerry Springer Show" where the shows then director of security Steve Wilkos would host the program in place of Springer and solve guests problems that were much more serious than traditional "Springer" guests. Wilkos then would take care of these problems by confronting the person they had problems with and stopping at nothing to change their ways. These specials became popular with "Springer" fans and it was decided in 2007 that Steve would recieve his own program in the fall. This program is leaps and bounds better than "Springer" because Steve actually solves the guests problems and doesn't parade them around as freaks as "Springer" has been notorious for. This is definetly a show for those who want something different than the traditional "Trash TV" program and someone who they can genuinely like.
  • 13 year old girl with that deadbeat mother

    My heart just got broken today when I watched that young girl pour her heart out to her Mother and the Mother just stood there and did nothing. God bless you Steve for helping this young girl. She will need this kind of help for a very long time. You make me want to be a much better person and try to help others when possible. For that Lady that wants to call herself a mother, I have two words for her and they are ... HER LOSS .. . Good Luck to the young girl Thank you Cheryl
  • The Steve Wilkos Show is hosted by the former director of security of The Jerry Springer Show. The show debuted on September 10, 2007.

    The show has Steve expanding on his successful "Steve To The Rescue" shows that he did while serving as a substitute for Jerry Springer whenever he took breaks, or was doing other projects.
    The shows he hosted proved to be so popular with viewers that the producers of Jerry Springer pitched the idea to NBC Universal to give Steve his own show. In July 2007, Steve left Jerry Springer to start focusing on his own show.
    I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of the Jerry Springer show, however, I do watch it from time to time and have been familiar with Steve Wilkos for a while. On the Jerry Springer show he seemed like such a great, cool guy. Kind of a knight in shining armor. On his own show he's a comes off as a complete Neanderthal. He name calls, throws chairs, and half the time doesn't listen to one word anyone has to say. Not only does he yell at the abusers (which I have no problem with, most of the time they deserve it) but he also berates the victims when they didn't do what Steve believes he would have done in the same situation.
    At the end of the show he reads viewer mail, If he agrees with your email, you get a free Tee shirt.
    If he disagrees, you get a ration of his crap...Err, I mean advice.
  • Running Low On "Quality" Trash

    I used to love this show. The "chair tossing" is so old. Please don't.

    Most importantly, I understand there's only so much trash to go around, but please stop airing these crazy chicks throwing themselves on the floor and shrieking. Your show used to stand apart from those lame Maury clowns. And if they could have more than 3 teeth between them, that's always a plus.

    UPDATE 4/24/15

    I spy something that begins with the letter C! As in "cancel". You won't be around much longer. I now stopped recording this lame show to watch in the evenings when I get home from work. Pathetic.
  • Criminal Police Misconduct and Exploitation of Polygraph (Electromechanical Instrument) for Media Entertainment-



    From: Vinney Elias-

    To: Steve Wilkos-

    For the record:

    Steve-you are a former law enforcement officer: You obviously are aware of the fact that polygraph devices are not accurate. The courts almost uniformly reject the results of a polygraph device when offered in evidence for the purpose of establishing guilt or innocence, due to its unreliability. Some jurisdictions will not allow evidence of a polygraph to be introduced for any purpose, even if all parties have stipulated to its admission.

    I just have to say as a matter of opinion Steve, that it seems by all measures that you are clearly in the business of exploiting the polygraph (electromachanical instrument) device for media entertainment and for a livelyhood: Man, what a bad way to go about it and thereby contribute to the dissolution or the break-up of families and loved ones! Do you get a thrill out of all this? Think about it for a moment: In the name of the almight dollar ($) you are executing and exploiting the polygraph machine for the sake of your livelyhood and thereby ruining the lives of many! You are only thinking about yourself! Come on Mr. Wilkos be a man and stand-up and wake-up to the reality of the issue! Do you realize the seriouseness of this matter? Can't you find some other means of employment? I am sure that you can---go to the Maury Show or Jerry Springer Show for employment, but: Unfortunatley, they to also utilize the employment with respect to the use of the polygraph device for the mere media entertainment and dollar profits for their advantage- am I not right Mr Wilkos?

    Remember Mr. Steve Wilkos: The "Steve Wilkos Show" is all about you, you exploiting the polygraph device on your Show, and yes, about money and profits, and the contibuting with respect without remorse or emotion on your part to the the break-up or dissolution of marriages, families, friendships, etc! These actions on your part overall but surely is what constitutes the negative brew with respect to the substance of your Show if you want to even call it a 'Show!'

    And oh yes: About police corruption or criminal police misconduct; Obviously on one of your shows dated April 22, 2013 you scoffed at and totally ridiculed and made a scene out of them (Your 'guests') when they stated that they witnessed police misconduct, brutality and corruption and you all you did was laugh at them and started yelling and screaming at the top of your voice! Come on Mr. former police officer, remember the huge major police scandal corruption conspiracy from the Eastern seaboard several years ago, namely, Scorpio? Think about it-

    Vinney in California-
  • 3 teen moms pregnant by the same man

    l am so sick of watching this man put all the blame for these teen girls lack of responsibility and self respect and allowing it all to lie on the boy because he did what any teen age boy will do, which is have sex with any girl who is willing, whether he has a girl friend or not. These girls equate sex with love, whTich shows directly that their own mother failed them miserably. These girls ought to have been marched right down to the local clinic and had their mother's sign for an abortion and be done with it. Either that or be shamed the way they were before all this bs sympathy and understanding and oh boo hoo poor baby, so boy held you down and impregnated you against your will, you didn't say yes, you didn't notice he wasn't wearing a condom, you forgot you weren't on the pill, you don't have your own box of condoms to protect yourself? If not, then you got exactly what you asked for the second you opened your legs, whether he said he loved you or not, or you were his high school sweetheart, or he said he would marry you, or anything else that any boy will say to get into your panties... you allowed it to happen and YOU ALONE, BECAUSE WHEN PUSH CAME TO SHOVE, YOU LET HIM IN YOUR BODY WITHOUT ENSURING THAT YOU WOULD NOT GET PREGNANT... this implies to me that you wanted a baby, which also implies that if you are not a grown up, and by that i mean, living on your own, supporting yourself, paying your own bills and a good six or seven years over the age of 18.... and even if you are any of these things and you allow a man into your body without protection... then you got yourself where you are, and it is not the boys fault. TAKE SOME PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHERE YOU HAVE GOT YOURSELF.. ALONE WITH A BABY YOU ARE NO WHERE NEAR READY TO HAVE AND WITHOUT THE MEANS TO SUPPORT IT OR MOTHER IT... you cannot even take care of yourself and ensure you didn't get pregnant, how in the hell do you expect to know what to teach your own daughters or sons. We do not live in the middle ages, there are plenty of ways to achieve sexual satisfaction which do not involve intercourse or any genital contact at all. We all know what they are, if you are having sex and especially if you have been doing so since you were 12 years old you know what these things are.... so there is no excuse that you can make that would be reasonable to me for you getting YOURSELF in a position where you and you alone are stuck with a baby that you are in no way ready to have or prepared for the responsibility of, You have already shown that by the actions you took to get you where you are, alone and a teen mom... more than likely with no education or chance of getting one... and more than likely relying on your own parents or family or the state to support you and your child. The very fact that you are on a talk show wanting sympathy and tears because some teenage boy told you that you were the only one and that he loved you.... wake the hell up, grow up and stop believing that soap operas and pop music are the real world, stop blaming the person who is your baby's sperm donor and look at some history and reality... no man carries a baby, so when a woman gets pregnant, if he is a teen age boy he isn't going to stick around for long, and he really couldnt give a rats ass because he isn't the stupid girl who got herself in a position where she is stuck... HE IS NOT STUCK, there is no baby in his body, it is in yours. so a word of wisdom and advice and i highly recommend you listen and listen well... you start having sex with someone, as a woman your body starts producing hormones which make you want to 'nest and make a hearth and home for this man/boy, it is beyond your thought or consciousness, and right along with that feeling of wanting the hearth and home and nest comes the desire to have a baby... this can not be avoided, this feeling i am talking about, so when you start feeling that way, you walk right on down to the nearest clinic and get yourself some condoms, steal them if you have to, ask your parents for them, cause if you are old enough to be having sex, you should easily be able to talk to your parents about it... if you are not able to speak to them about it, then it is a SURE AS SHIT indication you ARE NOT ADULT OR MATURE ENOUGH TO BE HAVING SEX. Get youself on the pill and if none of these options are available, and you know as well as I do that they are, everywhere!! and if you haven't been having protected sex up to that point you are either really damn lucky to not already be pregnant, or you better not engage in any sexual intercourse until you are WELL AND DAMNED SURE that there WILL BE NO BABY. your own parents should have taught you this, long before you turned 18, if they didn't then they need to be on the show and answer for not being good parents and failing to take care of their most precious gift, which is you, and ensure that you went out into the world educated about your body, respecting your body enough to not f**k up your whole life by having a baby before you are even remotely close to being an adult. And do not, DO NOT feed me that sh*t about how having a baby at 17/18 years old has not messed up your whole life,stolen your youth and shamed your parents and family, because if you are honest with yourself, truly honest, then you have to admit i am totally right, And most of all, you HAVE LET YOURSELF DOWN. Close your legs, date lots of boys and ensure that you look after you, get your education, get a good job if you can, live a little bit of life on your own, with your own apartment, that you yourself pay for, then when you are a real and true adult, say around 25, then start looking for a mate. Because I promise you that you are not going to find a life mate at 18.

    And Steve, I DARE YOU to start calling these girls out on their behaviour and lack of responsibility and their own part in this situation they have put themselves in. Stop letting them sit down, if you aren't going to allow the father to sit... stop expecting 18 year old boys to act like men and engage in some productive educational conversation with them about being a real adult. Because the parents of America are doing a piss poor job!!
  • another moronic show just like jerry springer you get jackasses who just want to be on tv. a host that thinks hes a drill seargent. take just another jerry springer show with a few less hillbillys and rednecks.get this show off the air

    omg gimme a break if people really like this macho in your face moron they need their head examined. its a talk show but he feels the need to yell and belittle people. and then says get off my stage lol. if they all left he'd have no show. they need to get this jerry springer wanna be off the air. he thinks he an expert on every subject thats discussed. but frankly he just makes me sick. steve go back to work on jerry so no one ever has to hear you yell and scream like a jackass again
  • It's not the worst show on TV, but it's among them for sure.

    I do have to give it the fact that it's better than Jerry Springer. In fact, anything is better than Springer. This show is still garbage, though, and that's being polite.

    Steve throws chairs. This is a major safety concern for everybody on the stage and sometimes in the crowd. What if it hit someone? Would he be doing it then? The sad part is he just might be. Once on an older episode, he threw it directly at someone's head. It just barely missed him. What if it actually did hit him? I'm not defending the guest because he was a big S.O.B., but two wrongs don't make a right. On top of that, he tells his guests (and on rare occasions, the crowd) to "grow up" and to "stop acting like a kid". If he wants childish behavior, he should look in a mirror.

    He tells guests to "stop swearing", yet he swears himself (this can be seen on a lot of episodes). He even tells people to shut up! While most of the time the guests deserve it, two wrongs don't make a right. The point is that he does anything himself that he tells his guests not to do.

    He brags about being a former police officer. If he wants to help people in bad times, he should still be one.

    He offers guests help. If anybody needs help, it should be Steve himself. All Steve does is make himself worse than the guests.

    There are times when the show can be OK (none of the above is in it). But even though there are some good episodes out there, they're outnumbered by the long list of bad episodes. Edit 5-25-12: I gave the show another chance. It doesn't deserve it. He interrupted a woman to tell her to "stop swearing" in the middle of her story. Newsflash Steve, a woman brought you into this world, so you have no right to disrespect one. The show is still complete garbage, even worse than Jeremy Kyle. I'm ashamed to even say I've watched this show.
  • Absoloutely Terrible

    How can you watch this abysmal excuse for a show. This man is nothing but a bully and should NOT be allowed to be on TV let alone have his own show. The broadcaster must have been desperate to give this low life a chance. I'm not sure who he thinks he is but he has absoloutely no right to speak to anyone the way he does, he is not superior to anyone. I have NEVER been so angry watching a TV programme in my life. He should maybe think of getting off that high horse of his and helping someone once in a while. And for anyone who watches this programme and enjoys it, you should all be ashamed. I shall be contacting a British regulator for UK communications industries and making a formal complaint because there is no place for a show of such dreadful calibre on decent TV. There are some bad programmes but this one just takes the biscuit. By the way my score is incorrect, I give this show a ZERO, nothing. It would not let me submit unless I have a score, so I VERY reluctantly did.
  • Point Blank; What is Steve Wilkos doing? I think that he has an arrogant attitude and he also thinks he's invincible. It seems that his strategy for reforming deadbeats, abusive individuals, etc., is not so effective. Steve needs anger management himself.

    I watched Steve Wilkos tonight. I listened to him talk to someone about not having their firstborn child, however, having three more; his comment was there is "no excuse" not to have any of your children. I felt that this statement was absurd and immature in nature. Steve seems to have some issues of his own that he may need to seek help about instead of subjecting others to his mishaps of bullying and all else that went wrong in his life. Examine your own life Steve before you try to give advice to others. You could damge other lives. Your show is Garbage!
  • Child Molsters

    We love watching Steve Wilkos Show . But sometimes we wish he would have the child molesters arrested from his show when they have been found guilty from the polygraph test . But nothing is ever done to have these types of people arrested . And to say that the family will have them arrested when they get back home is kind a stupid because the molester knows when he / she gets back home they have time to get away from the Why doesn't Steve have the police waiting for them after the show has ended ?
  • catch those criminals

    Thanks Steve for all your experience in law in for cement. We need more people like you in every town to catch those nasty are putting their nasty hands on innocent up the good rate you 100%
  • my married life

    hi my name is Cassandra McCarthy I had gotten married April 19th of this yeah, and I have a 6 month old daughter (Jessica Faith McCarthy) well me and my husband just got into a big fight like 2 weeks ago, and come to find out he has been stealing stuff and returning the stuff back, well I had just went to court on the 21 of this month, and him, his mom tells the judge that I was doing drugs and drinking around my daughter, and caused me to lose my daughter... what do I do Steve I have tried everything please help me Steve
  • A lifetime of lies?

    Franko and his daughter was separated 4 20 years bcus of a disgusting lie. And u help put them 2gether. This was an amazing and emotional show. I was brought 2 tears. Awesome show.
  • ultimate family betrayals

    I watched your show today like i do most everyday, however this episode really got me. I usally agree with Steve but not today!!! The way he treated that girl was bull!!! He called her a Bitch Numerous times, through the whole show he treated her like shit and at the end was the kicker he said to her get off my stage you miserable bitch, I couldnt believe my ears!! I think that was uncalled for!! I think Steve was out of line. Steve should have seen that all that bitchyness was a front so people dont see how bad she is hurting.

  • I taped him abusing me with your show in the background

    Hi Steve! I was being verbally abused, real bad one day. Started to video him with iPad . Your show was on the TV, so I was taping him with your show in the background. Got him on camera coming at me, you can tell there is a struggle, then the iPad falls to the floor and all you see is the ceiling fan. This was not uncommon. Seeing your show playing while he got me . . Well, I had him arrested and have a ppo on him. Thank you Steve!
  • Judgement

    I don't watch your show everyday, but when I do, you make me so pissed off because you judge people before you have the evidence to prove that they have done something wrong. Screaming at people is rediculous. Just because you were a previous officer does not give you the right to judge before hand. You don't know how to talk to people and they are human just like you are. I can understand it if and when they are guilty of something. We all know that the courts od not accept lie detector tests in the courtroom.
  • Get this terrible show off the air. People ask Steve for help and he is terrible to them! Springer should be ashamed! Get a real show!

    I watched the August 3rd show--about a crack mom.
    I agree she is not a good mom but she was there asking for help and Steve treated her horrible.
    Steve forgets he was nothing till moron Springer gave him a show.
    Steve also needs to look long and hard into a mirror.
    He is fat--ugly and bald!
    His audience is the same white trash--idiots- as Springer.
    It is really sad to see how low the network will go for a show.
    They must be desperate.
    I bet the next new show will be a fat-ugly woman **** about her cat or her awful dead husband.
    Couldn't be any worse.
    This show is terrible and a joke.
    One word to Steve--
  • You sent a child molester back to live with his 2 year old daughter - how shameful of you all!

    I am outraged about the show on Tuesday regarding Rebecca and her husband who was accused of molesting her 2 year old daugter. It is a proven fact that sociopaths can control their autonaumic nervous

    system in order to trip test - false negatives result. The husband was essentially acquitted based on a lie detector test which aren't even admissible in court due to their unreliability? You kept telling Rebecca that she changed her story and therefore you discounted her account. She couldn't decide if she would take back her husband even if he were to pass the lie detector test. So what? 99.9% of rape cases are true - it is the jury (and most typically women) who decide to blame the victim. In this case you are suggesting that Rebecca would make up the fact that her husband did 'the wiggle, wiggle, dance' and her her daughter's 'pee First of all, that would take some creativity to describe the incident as such, but the odds that she would make it up are negligible. Therefore, you have just sent a molester back to his family. How messed up do you think this 2 year old will be for the rest of her life. And you and the audience made fun and mocked the mother. You accused her of changing her story - so utterly lame. She didn't once change the details of the molestation. she just couldn't decide to take back the husband if he were to pass the lie detector test. You are a very sick man.
  • Passed but loved

    Charles williams was on your show in 2010 with his girlfriend edweena for cheating, he is now passed and all his family in Chicago and Michigan would love for this to be replayed can you tell me what episode it is so maybe we can see it on here?
  • the truth

    steve keep up what your doing, I think your awsome , You bring the truth to things and people should not come on the show if they are not strong enough to handle the truth
  • MOVING!!

    Your show is so strong, I always wonder if some of these stupes, especially the child molesters ever leave your show and go home and commit suicide, or skip out. Love your show, you are very down to earth, knowledgable. thank you
  • Much better than Jerry Springer

    With Steve, every thing is a teachable moment, unlike Jerry who thinks it's all a joke. People actually learn how to behave and what they SHOULD be doing (with Steve). Jerry is just perverse sensationalism taking advantage of poorly educated people.
  • show about did u kill your brother and baby

    That show was deep. I don,t understand how could her husband give her the keys knowing they both had to much to drink. And I was also thinking where was her kids when all that was going on. They both are unfit parents as I see it. Everybody need to going get help for drinking they all got problems.Am so sorry for the baby who die from all this.
  • Laura in Charleston SC

    Dear Mr.Wilko's

    I just wanted to say I watch your show every chance I get. The shows where their abuse (ANY) I think you have great tips for how to deal with whatever the situation might be. You are a hero to many. If I learn anything from your show I know what do in my next relationship if abuse starts LEAVE! I think you do a greatjob dealing with these crazy people! I don't knowhow you do it! I Thankyou for helping so many people. I think when you cover an other abuse situations , If they fail the lie dector they should be led off in handcuffs that might send a great mesage! keep up helping people! God Bless You for what you do! Laura in Charleston SC.

    All I have to say is I love the show. I have been watching since day one. If you don't like the show don't watch it. Steve Wilkos is sexy and honest.
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