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    Why do this man always trying to break up people relationship?? Tell people that there are not going to be together in the future.... that's some hatin bull your not God bro so stop hatin on people's relationships
  • Horrible

    We were supposed to be guests they had us take pics send all our personal info then just never called again and would hang up or ignore me when id try to get ahold of them we were really excited to go and they were really messed up about it ive never been treated that way before by anyone
  • Any other topics

    Way too many shows about child molesters, is he getting off on the gory details?
  • He is a modern day con artist for rating, a bully, a looser.

    This may or may not have a spoiler or two in it, i'm not sure.

    I went on the Steve show this week to try and help see if someone did something to my daughter, they had me sign contracts saying I may or may not be able to say what I am about to say, I'm not sure if I can or cannot but here I go. there reasoning is because they want ratings and want people to watch the show them selves and also had me sign something that we were on the show for entertainment purposes only and that Steve is not a professional and what he says is not professional advice, my first red flag.

    The person involved failed a question on the test whither or not he touched my daughter, after the results came out I was stunned, in shock! Couldn't almost believe it, Steve put the presser on me, while I was in shock, I stood there not knowing what to think and state I want to go home and see my kids, while being in shock, he started yelling at me and called me weak and to get the *** off my stage , typical so I ran, I hit a couple posts and near broke my hand and my wrist while heated and running away their staff was chasing me down one guy in particular who knew all the results, he was chasing me saying Aaron please, I want to help you, what Steve did to you was bull ***, he was a ***, please just wait, I want to help you, he said he is not suppose to tell me this but the person passed everything else besides that one question and they were not going to put the rest of the result on TV, they withheld very important information from me! and that the one question he failed may not even be about my daughter and that he could have failed because of questions they asked him about his past, a few staff told me, fuck the test! fuck this show! basically saying we were used for entertainment, and that nothing they were doing was right, they were telling me that the guy being accused could still be innocent, point being they withheld valuable information for entertainment and told me after i freaked out because they felt bad for me.

    Everything Steve did was classic and fake, he was a entertainer and never there to help, one of the big questions, which is a big question considering my daughter and what has been going on, he passed for that and everything else which raises a lot of questions on why they withheld that information and was not allowed to tell me about it, now I am going to get real professionals to figure this out and do this the right way and not to entertain America, this is my life, I have rights and I deserve to know everything and the fact the the staff was telling me it was all fake and how they got me fired up and told me how to say what I wanted, for entertainment purposes and how they were telling My girlfriend to make sure she yells and gets mad no matter the results, now I have a lot of work ahead of me and like I said, they used us for their own benefits and I should have known better, but mistakes happen, they do not own me so I will talk, they cannot impeach me with a contract because the constitution overrides their contract, and I will expose them for what they are, what everyone knows deep down, that they are for entertainment and that they see a problem that's big and uses it for their advantage. The fact that the staff was telling me the results don't mean shit and that they withheld valuable info from me is a big red flag, once I am done taking care of my real family I am coming after them, after all the comments i have seen about the show i Should have known better not to put my family threw this in this manner.

    I will continue to speak despite the legal threats, despite the fear they tried to put in me and I will find truth, I will not go away. The Steve's show is cleaver in taking a real story and twist it around and make it how you want, tell people how to say things and to get rallied up, they make the crowd cheer his name coming out and amp them up, they try to get people to fight and they tried to get me to loose my temper and fight as well. I will not help get ratings and my constitutional right is to speak my own experiences because those are mine.

    Steve, he takes real problems and mixes them around, Steve is for entertainment purposes only and is not a real professional, they withhold information from you on their lie detector test, they amp you up they try telling you what other people are saying about you to get you rallied up they get the crowd to cheer his name before he comes out to get them rallied up, all it is is a show, I will continue to speak my experiences.

  • losing respect for the show

    I remember when Steve first came on with his own show. Had hoped he would break away from the trash TV. In the end, that's exactly what it turned into. Never seen a talk show host pick people a part, guilty or not. Not going to say bully, that's what children do. He is simply being an asshole thes days. Losing respect, our current an ex officers of the law. Shouldn't be acting like over grown kids.
  • too many kids

    why is the topic of birth control never discussed when he has young girls on with three or four kids to different men and no one brings up the pill or condoms. why is girls are disgusting the way they get on there and don't even know for sure which father is which. this must be an american thing, or is it all fake storylines
  • The fear detector test

    Polygraph testing is a physiological measure of how calm and/or nervous someone is while they're taking a polygraph test. Internet articles such as "The Art of Deception" by Michael Lawrence Langan . clearly expose the gross inaccuracies of the so-called "lie detector" test. As scientists have proven, some people can remain completely calm with a gun pointed at their head while some people can become very nervous simply by shaking someone's hand. Many times if we were to take a "lie detector" test to prove our innocence, the results of such a test would be like that of a coin toss, 50% chance we're innocent, 50% chance we're guilty, regardless of how innocent we are. A faulty machine that has been outlawed in Federal courts, combined with all too many false confessions, have already destroyed numerous lives, marriages, and families. How much longer will the "lie detector" lie continue?
  • lie detector test

    Hi Steve, please give me an answer to this question. can you think yourself guilty on a lie detector test. if you did not do it. but you feel guilty, scared, can you fail. Thank you sincerely Mark F Grand Rapids Michigan

    YAY, YAY, YAY WE MET THE BOSS TODAY!!! How exciting it was to FINALLY meet the brains behind STEVE! It's SEP 21, '16 ~ Mizz Rachelle, it's a pleasure to meet the First Lady of Day Time TV!
  • DNA Drama

    On November 24,2015, was the worst show ever!
  • Lieying lie detector test

    Be very wary of lie detectors I saw my sister fool a "state of the art" lie detector Passed with

    flying colors not a blip or glitch. The administrator was a friend of our family. He knew the answers

    as well as my sister. He was dumbfounded that she had passed the test questions.

    This is why I find lie detector shows a bit cheezy.
  • From An English Gentleman

    I am very disappointed that THE WILKOS, SPRINGER - MAURY SHOWS have been extended until 2018. They just demonstrate EVEN MORE, to The World, what complete CHAOS, TURMOIL, DISGRACE, and PITIFUL, the complete disaster of what AMERICAN FAMILY LIFE IS IN. If I was "in charge" of a SHOW like these - I would be thoroughly ASHAMED OF MYSELF in "making a living" from the deeds of HAPLESS INDIVIDUALS that appear (even though we know that they themselves, agree to be participants) WILKOS, (under whatever circumstances) should not be allowed to swear - bully - thrown chairs - and related disgusting and CHILDISH complete NONSENSE. I hope that all 3 Shows are "pulled" after 2018 - so that MUCH MORE INTELLIGENT TV can replace them
  • Social inclusion

    I have been working with the heavily disabled for over ten years. Even with low skill and low understanding they want to be included in the family. If they were playing with water while they were washing the car and little bit of spray on them is including them in an activity. I don't believe that he was abusing I think that he was including in normal and healthy behaviors. Didn't you ever have ice cube fights. You put an ice cube down the back of the shirt because it's cold . When I hear things like this episode and people calling it abusive it's just not you wrong it's social inclusion it's not treating the individual with a disability different from any of the other children . What a disabled person wants is to be to participate to be part of life and playing with them the same way is part of it and others just crazy stupid if she thinks that that's abusive it's not. Also what a disabled person wants is to be to participate to be part of life and playing with them the same way is part of it and others just crazy stupid if she thinks that that's abusive it's not . And small children will say daddy is being mean he got us wet. When did water on a warm day ever hurt anyone its water.
  • Many of the shows are two to three years old

    Is the Steve Wilkos show running fewer shows? The original air dates are old. On the site only two days a month are listed for live tapeings. Too bad--I really enjoyed the show.
  • Running Low On "Quality" Trash

    I used to love this show. The "chair tossing" is so old. Please don't.

    Most importantly, I understand there's only so much trash to go around, but please stop airing these crazy chicks throwing themselves on the floor and shrieking. Your show used to stand apart from those lame Maury clowns. And if they could have more than 3 teeth between them, that's always a plus.

    UPDATE 4/24/15

    I spy something that begins with the letter C! As in "cancel". You won't be around much longer. I now stopped recording this lame show to watch in the evenings when I get home from work. Pathetic.
  • my sister loved you and your show

    Steve, my sister has been parted from us almost a year now (april just wanted u to know how much we treasured you and your watched u faithfully everyday and i still do in her honor and because u r a exceptional and i both were and are very passionate about children and your show stands out from the rest, thats y we were and r still dedicated. You stand up and speak for all children. U r very emotional and show great passion for children. Thats y we love u!!!! Great show and continue to help put the bad people away. I know my sis is in a better place still watching you.
  • Need Information

    Please I Will Love To Know Where I Can Watch Steve Wilkos Show On Internet I Am Not At Home And My Mom Dont Have The Channel
  • What I honestly feel

    There are better ways to making a man right the wrongs of his past than making a fool of oneself on public tv. These people who did wrong do not need to be slammed in the ground for their wrong actions but at the sametime they should never be allowed to continue what they have done wrong from their past. It should be done behind closed doors and not on public TV. Those who did wrong should be handled privately and not on public TV.
  • C'Mon STEVE!!!

    Love the show! but today 2/19/15 "my daughter is a worthless mother" i was very disappointed that Steve was so quick to offer the child of the fighting parents new shoes clothes and socks, yet the Grandfather living off his pension care for the children who desperately need counseling and some material things weren't given it!? C'Mon Steve what's up with that
  • Steve Wilco show

    i been having to turn the channel lately because I can't take the talking noise. I can't ever understand them. They scream to much at the same time on the show. The guest seem to be so low class anymore.
  • Who is the dummy.

    Steve, I just watched the episode of your show that aired on !/23/2015. The ladies on the show act like they deserve the way they are treated or they are not surprised that their mates hit them or cheat on them or both. I guess I grew up in a different time ( sometimes it feels like a different world ) but I can't decide why anyone would think it's . You have more self control than me. I would love to pick up one of your chair and not throw it at a post or across the room but much rather break it on these guys who have no man training and get the ladies some self esteem classes so that they know they have self worth. How do you do it and please keep up the good work. I wish there were more men out there like you. Thank you Jerry in Tn.
  • Passed but loved

    Charles williams was on your show in 2010 with his girlfriend edweena for cheating, he is now passed and all his family in Chicago and Michigan would love for this to be replayed can you tell me what episode it is so maybe we can see it on here?
  • Your awesome show

    From: rmbeau1


    Subject: your show

    Date: Wed, Jan 14, 2015 5:10 pm


    Dear Steve:

    I enjoy your program very much. It is the best talk show of its kind on daytime tv as it really discusses deep issues and you try to offer obtainable solutions to your guest's problems.

    My name is Michael. I am a recovering Heroin addict. I had a 24 year addiction. I was a NYU graduate and became a high school French teacher. Some years into teaching my cousin introduced me to the drug. It took over my life and ruined it for all those years. I spent two decades of rehabs, detoxes and methadone/suboxone programs. I am happy to report that I am clean today. I had three years clean when I had a brief relapse in the summer of 2013 but I am back to the 12 step programs now 16 months and doing better than ever.

    As a child I had been bullied by the boys in gym class. I was thin and non-athletic. I am gay but didn't know it at that time, just knew I felt "different" than the other kids. I was never physically or sexually touched, but the verbal abuse penetrated my psyche and has been the root to my chemical abuse.

    I am currently working the field of mental health and addictions. It is very rewarding. I have my application in to graduate school for counseling in co-occurring illnesses--working with both mental illnesses and addictions. I hoping to be accepted however I failed the GRE test miserable. I'm positive I will never need to know the slope of the y axis to the x axis as a therapist!! LOL.

    Anyway, your shows on pedophilia, cheating partners, abuse of women, and substance abuse touch me deeply. Any show where one is a victim reminds me of my own trauma of being in junior high school gym class. Those biting words from those boys caused me to retreat into a world of drugs at the age of 13. I was a smart kid and somehow always maintained excellent grades even though my drug use increased in type and frequency as I graduated high school and went to university and even completed a portion of grad school with a 4.0 while shooting heroin in the school's bathroom.

    Some of your guests are in such deep denial of their substance abuse that it never surprises me that when you do an update that they left the treatment center you set up for them. It is a very sad thing to leave such an opportunity when there are people literally dying out there who would love such an opportunity for recovery. Although the 12 step program approach to recovery may not be a blanket answer for all addicts/alcoholics, it is the only modality which worked for me. I tried everything out there. I thought for sure therapy would be the answer. It is part of my reality today but working a twelve step program is top priority. The support of people all doing the same thing goes without parallel. With Honesty, Open-Mindedness, and Willingness, HOW-- is how it works.

    In your dealings with pedophilia, their chances at recovery are not that successful. They can be incarcerated for years but no real help will they gain in prison. Potentially, if they are highly motivated to change and really willing and remorseful, they could work with an excellent expert in the field who is trained especially to handle these cases. They may have some positive results but the outlook still remains grim for the most part. And society will seldom if ever forgive this crime no matter how much rehabilitation the person receives.

    The man who is abusive to his partner or women abusive to her husband, is that bully on the playground all grown up. He is coward wearing a neck size 17 and xxl shirts. He exerts his power over the weaker person to cover up his own inadequacies and short comings. He is no more than a frightened little boy incapable of assuming an adult mature relationship with a partner. He beats her and controls her every move to show his power because within himself he feels nothing of the kind. I love it when you have those guys on who come and show these guys what it's like to have them be controlled and talked down to and shouted/screamed at. they end up cowering and eventually the tears do flow as those men often break through the abusive men's defense mechanisms and bring light to exactly what they've been doing to their partner.

    And lastly you have the cheaters!! People cheat for a myriad of reasons but often out of insecurity and fear. They may fear that their partner is eventually going to leave them or cheat on them anyway so they want to beat them to the punch. They cheat for sex addictions, just to fulfill a lust that is burning within them that their one partner alone cannot fulfill. They are addicted to pornography sites, strip clubs, and prostitutes. Sex addictions like other addictions are filling a void in a person that they have not been able to fill on their own. There are the obsession and compulsion components viable to all addictions across the board. The old adage once a cheater always a cheater can ring true in some cases. Many cases though the person is very remorseful and it was just a one time affair and if they are forgiven they will go back to their marriage and work on it and do not repeat that affair. I think cheating is complex because it is dealing with one's psychology and biology. Add alcohol or other substance in the mix and you have a recipe for disaster given the right circumstances. --the lonely housewife whose husband is always working or travelling, the wife who is too busy with kids and work and too tired all the time for sex, the husband who goes out a lot with an active social life independent of his partner and meets women all the time casually, just the marriage which has become mundane and lost any spark, the couple where communication has stopped and the two begin leading separate lives and even stop sharing a bed.

    These were just some of my thoughts on some of the common themes that I've seen repeated on your show. I really appreciate your take on tackling them. I think you do a fantastic job without calling on any expert psychologists to voice their opinions for the most part that I've seen.

  • why does my child keep getting hurt ???

    Steve is wrong pits are not dangerous bad dogs !!!! Steve you are so wrong to judge a dog !!!!!!!!! Judge the people that raised the dog !!!!
  • the two kids that got pregnant when she was 13

    I feel that on Nov 4 2014 show that. I am 55 years old and when I was 14 I got pregnant by my boyfriend he was 18 senior in high school but he had older friends l wad so in love .well I really dnot think in cases it is only the boys fault. just because he is over 18 I'm sorry even thou I was one that was too young. My boyfriend was in love with me but was scared he stood by my and married me. I didn't mean to get pregnant but if my family had stepped in and tried to prosecute the boy I would have hated my parents or anyone that tried to split us up you tend to think that all people are coming from your point of view . Now ,it was not my boyfriends fault. For the courts to say he was a sexual offender would not have beentrue. By 13 ,14, 15 I grew no taller I probably didn't get that much more intelligent by 18 I was worse making worse choices actually deciding to not have an abortion and to tell our parents was a more mature choice . And you do know that 100 years ago women where married off by 15 years old before they let girls get they were considered almost to old, if they weren't spoken for or no arrangements had been made. I had to go to court to get married in the state of Washington. The judge told me I didn't have to get married there was other ways but I wanted to marry . There was no talking me out of it. To this day my children are 40 and 41 ,their father was there for them. He took good care of those children it was hard. He had to go to work and keep working but he never complained. Today we have 4 grandchildren and my daughter is a hair dresser and my son works at att communications to take care of his family. I don't think it would of worked out if My husband had been convicted of being a sex offender and thrown in prison for 2 years. It would not have turned out at all. I think in a lot of those cases the law doesn't look at people individually they just lump all people together and convict. Today it's even worse. At least then most people knew their neighbors ,now there are too many people you don't know if it's malicious rape or a couple kids just getting carried away and in love. Sometimes I think your not very open minded when it comes to some situations. Do you really care what this couple does with there life it's not your kids. You know your kids are young and maybe your little oppionated if I was your child I'd be scared to disagree with you and would probably hide a lot of things from you. Until I grown up enough to defy you and have a real opinion I've my own. You probably won't be the one they talk to. Honestly because your intolerant. To a point of intimidation. Good Luck I don't say this with any disrespect at all I just know how I was growing up and parents no matter how good they are, are on a need to know basis only. They are usually the last to find out. Kids will tell there friends and lovers first. Then if they have to tell their if your not easy to tell things
  • people who lies & manipulate kids gets to sit on your stage.

    My wife & I have watched your show & saw that people are lying on kids & manipulating them into saying that the other person abused or molested them & some times the person that's telling the story will go as far as crying swearing on there love one's etc & after all that when the lie detector test comes back everyone finds out that they lied & by then they have sat down on your stage the same stage you told the other person who was being lied on that they could not sit. We understand that you don't want them to sit & they shouldn't if they did something that horrible & we agree but by you letting the lier sit is not much better as well & there should be a law to punish those who willingly make up lies & accusations like those against another person because that person will never be looked at the same again no matter what so maybe you should start having everyone stand up on your stage until the lie detector test comes back then they can sit down if they pass & that would be fair to all. Anyone that's out there who agree do let it be known by liking & sharing.

  • Child Molsters

    We love watching Steve Wilkos Show . But sometimes we wish he would have the child molesters arrested from his show when they have been found guilty from the polygraph test . But nothing is ever done to have these types of people arrested . And to say that the family will have them arrested when they get back home is kind a stupid because the molester knows when he / she gets back home they have time to get away from the Why doesn't Steve have the police waiting for them after the show has ended ?
  • Out of all the talk shows I have watched, this one is one of the greatest.

    "The Steve Wilkos Show" really made my day. Former soldier, former "Jerry Springer" security guard, and former cop, Steve is a really good talk show host. My favorite quotes from him are: "Why don't you get off my chair" and "GET THE (whatever it is) OFF MY STAGE (& STUDIO)". I sorta love the way he scolds at the guests for being ruthless and weak. I'm your biggest fan Steve, and I always will.
  • women falsely accused

    Did valerie pass her lie detector test there was a special news program on from the president so I don't know what happened if any one knows let me know please I don't know why but I got to know what happened!