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  • How many lifes ruined?

    At first I kind of liked in your face protection of all that is right and those that are weak. But I just watched the third show where I am pretty sure the lie detector test was wrong yet these people were ingnored, put down and yelled over. Steve uses these tests as proof postitive that these people cheated, committed child abuse and incest. I truly pray the guy today that says he is going to take another test elsewhere and sue with his results does follow I'll never hear about it and I am sure there was something the "guests" have to sign that don't allow this. Steve, you are taking advantage of educationally challenged, money needing people to come on your show and get with the undeniable "proof" of a lie detector test (which all educated people know is not PROOF and is not even admissable in a court of law). Have a of these not-likeable people really didn't do it.