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  • Criminal Police Misconduct and Exploitation of Polygraph (Electromechanical Instrument) for Media Entertainment-



    From: Vinney Elias-

    To: Steve Wilkos-

    For the record:

    Steve-you are a former law enforcement officer: You obviously are aware of the fact that polygraph devices are not accurate. The courts almost uniformly reject the results of a polygraph device when offered in evidence for the purpose of establishing guilt or innocence, due to its unreliability. Some jurisdictions will not allow evidence of a polygraph to be introduced for any purpose, even if all parties have stipulated to its admission.

    I just have to say as a matter of opinion Steve, that it seems by all measures that you are clearly in the business of exploiting the polygraph (electromachanical instrument) device for media entertainment and for a livelyhood: Man, what a bad way to go about it and thereby contribute to the dissolution or the break-up of families and loved ones! Do you get a thrill out of all this? Think about it for a moment: In the name of the almight dollar ($) you are executing and exploiting the polygraph machine for the sake of your livelyhood and thereby ruining the lives of many! You are only thinking about yourself! Come on Mr. Wilkos be a man and stand-up and wake-up to the reality of the issue! Do you realize the seriouseness of this matter? Can't you find some other means of employment? I am sure that you can---go to the Maury Show or Jerry Springer Show for employment, but: Unfortunatley, they to also utilize the employment with respect to the use of the polygraph device for the mere media entertainment and dollar profits for their advantage- am I not right Mr Wilkos?

    Remember Mr. Steve Wilkos: The "Steve Wilkos Show" is all about you, you exploiting the polygraph device on your Show, and yes, about money and profits, and the contibuting with respect without remorse or emotion on your part to the the break-up or dissolution of marriages, families, friendships, etc! These actions on your part overall but surely is what constitutes the negative brew with respect to the substance of your Show if you want to even call it a 'Show!'

    And oh yes: About police corruption or criminal police misconduct; Obviously on one of your shows dated April 22, 2013 you scoffed at and totally ridiculed and made a scene out of them (Your 'guests') when they stated that they witnessed police misconduct, brutality and corruption and you all you did was laugh at them and started yelling and screaming at the top of your voice! Come on Mr. former police officer, remember the huge major police scandal corruption conspiracy from the Eastern seaboard several years ago, namely, Scorpio? Think about it-

    Vinney in California-