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  • I have sound spy equipment stalkers that sexually assult my body and use sexual hipnosis on me

    Steve,starting about a year ago I have been stalked by either a secret admirer or a sexual criminal they are using some type of sound spy equipment to listen and talk to me 24 hours a day they use mostly sexual hipnosis on me and sexual assults using sound I want to know if this is an admier or a criminal please send some type of police sound equipment to my home and listen and talk to them my address is 34202sw212ave 344st west palm drive 33034 florida city florida I need an expert in sound spy equipment to track them my parent shouldnt know about it so keep it secret when you get there using long range spy equipment my names Luke Lott my e-mail is I tried the police and everyone else I could think of please get to the bottum of this I want to meet them or I want them to go to jail they already put atleast a thousand sexual assults on my cant take it.
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