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  • people who lies & manipulate kids gets to sit on your stage.

    My wife & I have watched your show & saw that people are lying on kids & manipulating them into saying that the other person abused or molested them & some times the person that's telling the story will go as far as crying swearing on there love one's etc & after all that when the lie detector test comes back everyone finds out that they lied & by then they have sat down on your stage the same stage you told the other person who was being lied on that they could not sit. We understand that you don't want them to sit & they shouldn't if they did something that horrible & we agree but by you letting the lier sit is not much better as well & there should be a law to punish those who willingly make up lies & accusations like those against another person because that person will never be looked at the same again no matter what so maybe you should start having everyone stand up on your stage until the lie detector test comes back then they can sit down if they pass & that would be fair to all. Anyone that's out there who agree do let it be known by liking & sharing.