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  • Steve Confronts Daddy Zach
    Zach is accused of molesting his 4 year old daughter he had with his ex-wife.
  • The Kiss of Death
    The Kiss of Death
    Episode 81
    James has AIDS and enjoys spreading it to other people! Michael got AIDS from James and wants to confront him on the show. James also has a boyfriend, Lee, but he's not happy with James spreading the virus.
  • I Left My Baby on a Train
  • Prostitute Town Meeting
  • Who Did It?
    Who Did It?
    Episode 78
  • Steve to the Rescue: The Beginning
  • I Am a Bad Mom
    I Am a Bad Mom
    Episode 76
    Sandy was accused of physically abusing her daughter, Jessica, when she was 12 months old. Now at 15, Jessica wants to know if it's the truth. Next...A custody battle between Ambrose and Rachel. Ambrose has been taking care of Rachel's son and wants her to sign sole custody to him but she won't.moreless
  • Last Chance
    Last Chance
    Episode 75
    All Troy does is lounge about on the couch and drinks. His family has had enough of him and want him to clean up his act. Troy says that he can control his drinking and the reason he's not working is that there's no jobs in the area. Steve decides that he's going to go to Troy's hometown, find him a job, get him into AA, and try to save his family. Can Steve help?moreless
  • Steve On a Drug Bust
    Steve goes on the streets back with the Detroit Police Department to do a real drug bust.
  • On the Road
    On the Road
    Episode 73
    Steve goes across country helping families in need.
  • Brother a Molester?
    Brother a Molester?
    Episode 72
    Beverly comes to the show accusing her brother Jason of molesting her and her younger sister. Jason denies these claims and says that they are ruining his life, causing his own mother to disown him. Will Steve find the out the truth?
  • Deadbeat Moms
    Deadbeat Moms
    Episode 71
    Eugenia has always been an abusive mother towards her 11 children but now her 18 year old daughter, Yoshi, has the courage to stand up to her. Yoshi wants Steve to help her mother change her ways but will she be willing to stop? Next... Jackie abandoned her child long ago but comes to the show wanting help in getting her back but Phil, the current father, doesn't want to lose the daughter he's raised all these years.moreless
  • I Let My Son Be Molested
    Christina's son was taken away from her because her husband Patrick was accused of molesting him. She wants Steve to help her get him back but her brother Kyle comes out and says that Christina doesn't take care of her son. Can Steve sort everything out?
  • Abusers Plan Backfires
    Matt abuses his wife, Kristen and thinks it's fine but Kristen wants to know if he's been abusing her children. Steve will give a lie detector test to Matt and find out the real truth.
  • Jack McClellan Returns
    Steve brings back Jack McClellan who admits he's a pedophile. After the last show, Jack was arrested for violating a restraining order but he's still out there running his website offering advice for other pedophiles. Steve will attempt to find out more about him.
  • Kids Confront a Dead Beat Dad
    Christopher comes to the show to confront his dad Michael for being an alcoholic and a bad father. Michael claims he is trying to change but Kristen, his daughter, comes out to say she spends all her hard earned money bailing him out of jail! It's becoming clear that he won't change but can Steve set him straight?moreless
  • Jailed for Life
    Jailed for Life
    Episode 66
    In 1987 when Lattie McGee was 4 years old, he was beaten and tortured by his mother's boyfriend. They went to court and Lattie's mom was sent to jail for not doing anything about it. Lattie was abused for 2 1/2 months and eventually died. It's 20 years into the future and she's willing to speak to Steve.moreless
  • Women in Need
    Women in Need
    Episode 65
    Christina loves to party like the other 21 year olds but she has 2 children to take care of and is pregnant again. She refuses to give up her current lifestyle of drinking and drugs. Can Steve save her and her family?
  • You Hurt My Child
    You Hurt My Child
    Episode 64
    Michelle comes to the show because her husband Michael caused her 19 month old son to have a heart attack. He was abusive to him by spanking too hard and he also might have caused another child to go deaf.
  • Who Beat This Child
    Who Beat This Child
    Episode 63
    J.D. always runs away every time his child is born. He has 4 children and hasn't seen any of them for about a year. The mothers come to the show to get the money he owes them for child support.
  • Steve VS the Abusers 2
    A look back at past episodes where Steve talks to abusive people.
  • Steve's War On Drugs
    A look back at past episodes with drug users.
  • Steve and the Kids
    Steve and the Kids
    Episode 60
    Another recap episode where Steve looks back at previous shows with troubled kids.
  • Steve VS. Bad Dads
    Steve VS. Bad Dads
    Episode 59
    On this episode, Steve looks back at past experiences with terrible fathers on the show.
  • Prostitute Amnesty
    Prostitute Amnesty
    Episode 58
    Steve talks with a sheriff about a prostitution problem. Steve then goes to the source and speaks with a prostitute who has been arrested and tries to help her get into a program.
  • Hold Your Baby/Steve Explodes
    Monica has a 9 month old baby and the father has never seen it. Jason, the father, was a marine but was kicked out for misconduct. He feels that he has nothing to offer the child but Steve tells him he has himself and that's all he needs.
  • Guest Updates 2
    Guest Updates 2
    Episode 56
    Steve does a follow up show on past guests. The last time Didi was on the show, she was going to stay out of trouble in order to stay with her mom, Danielle. Her mother says that Didi is still not doing anything right and is with a man that's dragging her down. Steve confronts her boyfriend and tries to break him. Next...Robin was addicted to crack but now has a job says she hasn't done any drugs since. After that...Candy and Jason had an abusive relationship but now they've worked hard to save it. Lastly...Joanne was addicted to drugs and went into rehab. Now she comes back drug free, thanks to her daughter and Steve.moreless
  • Audience Intervenes
    Audience Intervenes
    Episode 55
    Helen has a child and is currently 5 months pregnant. Her boyfriend abuses her constantly and she was forced to get rid of her first child. She comes to the show in hopes that Steve can help. Her boyfriend, Carlos, admits that he has a drinking problem and wants to stop. Steve then asks the audience for help hoping that Helen can see that she shouldn't be with him.moreless
  • Holiday Leftovers
    Holiday Leftovers
    Episode 54
    Tasha recently had a baby but are homeless. They were evicted from their home and can't ask her family because her stepfather doesn't want a bi-racial baby in the family. Tasha's mother, Vangie, has been secretly providing food and diapers for the child. Next...Chantelle is constantly beaten by her boyfriend and wants Steve to help him stop. Finally...Cameron is a gang banger and his wife, Chelsea wants him to stop.moreless
  • Who's Fault is it?
    Who's Fault is it?
    Episode 53
    Lena is on drugs and Tenesha, her daughter, has taken drugs as well. Tenesha claims her uncle Jermaine is the only thing that makes her happy and Lena even admits sending her daughter out to get drugs. Lena wants help from Steve but he won't unless she admits she's at fault.moreless
  • Was She Raped?
    Was She Raped?
    Episode 52
    At a party, Angela blacked out and was taken advantage of. After a couple months, she realized she was pregnant and now she thinks Zach is the father. He admitted to sleeping with her that night but does that make him the father? Steve will make them take a DNA test to find out.moreless
  • The Horrible Truth
    The Horrible Truth
    Episode 51
    Angela comes to the show accusing her husband, Christopher, of molesting her daughter. After a lie detector test, they find out he's innocent but Angela's father, Marvin, admits that he molested one of his daughters before but this has nothing to do with the situation. Can Steve decipher what's going on?moreless
  • I'm Not Going to Help You 2
    Jennifer gave all her children to her boyfriend's aunt, Brenda and claims they were all an accident. Now she wants them back but Steve isn't sure she's capable of taking care of them. Will Steve help Jennifer?
  • Out on the Streets
    Out on the Streets
    Episode 49
    Courtney is 17 and is out on the streets selling drugs and her body to support her boyfriend. Steve takes her to a crack house in Detroit and gets her to talk to Kelly, a drug addict. Kelly tells her about how this life is terrible. She's been forced to do sexual acts and other bad experiences, but will it be enough to change Courtney's mind?moreless
  • Justice for a 7 Year Old
    Christina's 7 year old daughter told her that Jerry (Christina's ex-husband) had molested her and her other siblings. Jerry got 10 months in prison for this but he denies molesting any of them. He claims that Christina made it all up and got the children to say those things. Steve will get to the bottom of this when they both take a lie detector test.moreless
  • Steve VS Abusive Parents
    Sandra's son and his wife are incapable of parenting a child so she has to take care of their daughter. They use a lot of drugs and alcohol and have anger problems. She wants Steve to help her get them to sign custody papers so she will be the sole guardian of the child.moreless
  • Did She Go?
    Did She Go?
    Episode 46
    Trannya is 12 years old and her mother is addicted to crack. Trannya has to clean the house and take care of her little brother. Her mother, Tammy, was on the show before and was sent to rehab but she dropped out early. Steve wants to help this family but can he stop her addiction?moreless
  • 16 Year Old Mom 2
    16 Year Old Mom 2
    Episode 45
    Didi comes to the show and she's had a child when she was 15, another at 16, and she's almost 17 and pregnant again! Didi's mother wants to throw her out because she's tired of all of this. Will Steve bring these two back together?
  • Guest Updates
    Guest Updates
    Episode 44
    Today Steve brings back past guests to do a follow up. The first guest is Lisa, whose daughter brought her to the show to get her off drugs. Also on the show is Dillon who is 12 years old and his mother was terrified of him. When he was last on the show, they made him go to prison to 'scare him straight'. Michelle also comes back to the show who always gave away her babies and just kept having them. Did she change her ways? Lastly, Stantasha comes back after sacrificing everything in order to provide for her family.moreless
  • I Molested My Child
    I Molested My Child
    Episode 43
    Cherie wants to confront her father Lee who molested her. He admits that he was abused as a child and that's why he did it. His other child Clinton claims Lee also ruined his life. Steve is disgusted by all this and wants to help the kids.
  • Steve VS Bad Mom
    Steve VS Bad Mom
    Episode 42
    Christy hasn't seen her daughter in years and wants Steve to help get her back. Christy's stepmother, Wanda, is taking care of her child because she used to abuse her but beating her, locking her up and even duct taping her to a chair! Christy says it's all a lie and that Wanda and Christy's ex-boyfriend were the ones that did the abuse.moreless
  • My Mom is on Crack
    My Mom is on Crack
    Episode 41
    Tia excels in school and provides for her family but her mother chooses crack over her own family. Tia is now 18 and getting ready for college but she's afraid no one will raise her little brother and sister. Will Steve help her mother get rid of the drugs and pay attention to her family?moreless
  • A Horror Story
    A Horror Story
    Episode 40
    Steve confronts an abusive father, Matt. When Matt's daughter was 8 weeks old, he broke her leg 'by accident' and went to jail for a year. His ex-wife Shannon wants to go back with him and Steve can't stand it! Watch as Steve erupts on these two people.
  • My Mom Traded Me Away
    When Ashley was 16, her mom traded her to a 43 year old man for a bird! Previously, Penny's boyfriend, Mike, abused Ashley and they claim she was out of control and had to be disciplined.
  • Confession and Arrest of a Pedophile
    Steve goes to Pennsylvania to talk to a pedophile named Keith. He's sexually abused little girls and claims he can't help himself. Steve listens to him as he describes what he did to those girls.
  • Steve Explodes
    Steve Explodes
    Episode 37
    Liz is 15 years old and doesn't know how to tell her grandmother, Pat, that she's pregnant by an older man. Pat has been raising Liz since she was 8 because her mother, Kristina, abandoned her. As it turns out, Kristina has also been sleeping with the same man an Liz! Can Steve help this family?moreless
  • I Will Not Help You
    I Will Not Help You
    Episode 36
    Jessica is afraid of her baby's father, Joe, because he's abusive and out of control. He often loses his temper and yells and shakes the child. He says he never wanted a baby to begin with and it's frustrating. Can Steve help her out of this situation?
  • Choose a Door
    Choose a Door
    Episode 35
    Dennis has six children but he doesn't want to have kids so he's not going to take care of them. He also hits his wife Crystal when the baby acts badly. Steve wants to help her leave this guy before anything else happens to her. Next... Michelle is pregnant and in an abusive relationship. Her mother offers to take Michelle in to get her out of that relationship but will she listen to her mother's and Steve's advice?moreless
  • He Kept Me Captive
    He Kept Me Captive
    Episode 34
    Sarah has been trying to escape an abusive relationship with Tommy. He's hit her several times but says he's changed and wants to start a family with her. Sarah's had enough especially after the last incident where he hel her captive for two days straight without food or water. Can Steve give her the strength to tell Tommy it's over?moreless
  • Steve Saves a Prostitute
    Tasha's been physically, mentally, and emotionally abused all her life. When she was 14, her boyfriend started pimping her out and she's been doing that ever since. She even has 2 children with another one on the way. Her boyfriend doesn't mind her selling her body but this isn't right. Steve comes to the rescue but will Tasha's boyfriend be as tough as he talks?moreless
  • Dead Beat Dads With 7 Kids
    Tito is 31 and is with 2 different women. He has 5 children with 2 more coming. Angela is homeless and Tito doesn't want to take care of her or his kid on the way. Kristi, who is the other woman, says she loves him and has been letting him stay with her. Steve doesn't understand why they're even with him and will try to convince them to just leave.moreless
  • I Don't Care
    I Don't Care
    Episode 31
    17 year old Danda is 5 months pregnant and leading a destructive lifestyle while she's at it. She's involved in criminal activities, prostitution, and drugs. Danda's mother wants her to change. Vanda (her mom) wants her to stop her out of control ways and be a normal child. Will Steve be able to get it through Danda's head that the destructive path she's been on isn't good for neither her nor her baby?moreless
  • Steve to the Rescue
    Steve to the Rescue
    Episode 30
    Lisa is a crack addicted mother and her daughter called Steve to help her get off the drugs. Steve goes to Chicago to convince Lisa to straighten up and get rid of the drugs for good. Then...Steve helps Princess confront her abusive boyfriend.
  • I Hate My Mom
    I Hate My Mom
    Episode 29
    Ashley's mom is addicted to drugs and has been choosing drugs over her daughter for the past 20 years. Now she wants to be back in her life but can Ashley forgive her? Steve also allows Ashley to confront her mom's drug dealer.
  • Pregnant and a Prostitute
    Michelle is addicted to crack and her boyfriend Brent lets her prostitute her body. Michelle's mom wants to reconnect with her daughter so she asks for Steve's help.
  • Tough Love
    Tough Love
    Episode 27
    Lindsey refuses to take responsibility of her child and her mother has been doing it for her. She doesn't want to continue taking care of Lindsey's child but Lindsey is too busy drinking and doing drugs. Steve tries to help Lindsey see that she is making a bad choice and to get her to take care of her own child.moreless
  • I'm Terrified By My Son
    Dillon likes to scare his mom Tammy and her boyfriend Ben. They've come to the show hoping Steve can stop him. Steve decides that he's going to teach Dillon a lesson by taking him to jail.
  • I Live Under the Bridge
    Steve goes to the streets of San Antonio and finds a homeless family living under a bridge. Their apartment burned down and now they live on the streets to survive. Can Steve save them? Also, while Steve was having breakfast at a restaurant, he was touched by his waitress' story. Her son, Cody, is 13 years old and has cerebral palsy. Evelyn, the waitress, wants to spend more time with him but can't because she needs to work in order to support them. Steve decides he's going to let her spend time with him by working one of her shifts. While Steve's doing the work he even arranges a fundraiser to purchase a wheelchair friendly van for Evelyn! Tune in for this touching tale.moreless
  • Steve VS The Abuser!
    Kandy is on the show because she is tired of her abusive husband and wants a divorce. Next...Danielle comes to the show because her father kicked her out when he found out she was pregnant. Now he wants her to move back home.
  • Guests Walk Off/Under Age and In Love
    Crissy comes to the show because her goddaughter, Melissa, is getting out of control and feels her mother Diane isn't raising her right. She feels that Melissa should live with her. When Melissa comes out, she has a hard time coping with what Steve has to say and runs off stage. Cynthia wants to get married at 16. Her mother Kellie doesn't want her to but her stepfather says that if Kellie doesn't let them get married he'll divorce her.moreless
  • I Hurt My Child
    I Hurt My Child
    Episode 22
    When Anthony's son was 9 months old, Anthony blacked out and beat him senseless. His son is now 5 years old and was so traumatized that he has trouble speaking, has seizures, and can't even feed himself. Anthony hasn't seen his son for 3 years but now wants to be in his life. Steve doesn't think that he should be in his life because of what happened in the past. Anthony's ex-wife wants him to give up all his parental rights of their son. Can Steve convince Anthony to stay away from his son?moreless
  • Save My Daughter
    Save My Daughter
    Episode 21
    John and Jamie's daughter, Nikki, has been doing heroin. They've come to the show in hopes that Steve can help her. Nikki's boyfriend, Mike, was the one that got her addicted to heroin but didn't tell her what it was. Can Steve help Nikki and Mike stop their addiction?
  • Steve Arrests a Murderer
    Steve does a ride along with the New Orleans Police Department on the trail of a murder suspect. When they catch him, Steve does a sit down before he escorts him to jail. Also... Tommy is a homeless man after he was kicked out of his parent's house for using drugs. Can Steve reunite him with his family?moreless
  • I Gave My Kids Away/ My Son Beats Me
    Sylvia's daughter Florence has 5 kids but only watches 1 while her mother watches the rest. Florence is pregnant again and Sylvia can't stand the thought of having to take care of another one of her children. Can Steve fix the situation?
  • Steve's Intervention #2
    Nina lives on the streets because she was abused by her parents. Steve tries to help her by bringing her back to her father. Can Steve find Nina a better place to live besides the streets?
  • 16 Year Old Mom
    16 Year Old Mom
    Episode 17
    Rachel is sixteen and had a child when she was fourteen. Her mother is taking care of her child but Rachel wants to live with her boyfriend and take care of the baby instead. Both her mother and Steve don't think this is a good idea but Rachel doesn't want to listen. Can Steve prevent her from making a terrible mistake?moreless
  • Bad Mom - Bad Day/ I Lost My 8 Kids
    Khristey and Thomas's child was found wandering around by the police. Khristey's brother doesn't like how Thomas is taking care of his child. Thomas is an awol marine and Steve has high expectations for the marines. Can Steve save this family?
  • I Give Away My Babies
    A pregnant 20-year-old has already given aways 2 of her babies and wants to give away the one she's having; Steve tries to get gang members to change their lifestyles.
  • I Want Your Baby
    I Want Your Baby
    Episode 14
    Steve tries to get a 16 year-old mother to take parenting classes and go back to school.
  • I Shot My Boyfriend
    I Shot My Boyfriend
    Episode 13
    Steve confronts an abusive boyfriend; a woman wants her sister to stop prostituting herself.
  • DNA Disasters
    DNA Disasters
    Episode 12
    A 16 year-old girl helps financially support her family; a woman finds out the paternity of her baby.
  • Pregnant and Abused
    Pregnant and Abused
    Episode 11
    A woman who is three months pregnant with her second child says her boyfriend abuses her.
  • Steve's Intervention
    No information.
  • Did Ray Do It?
    Did Ray Do It?
    Episode 9
    Ray has been accused of sexually advancing on his stepdaughter by the biological father. Ray claims he didn't do it, but Steve will get to the bottom of it with a lie detector test.
  • Steve and Bad Guys
    Steve and Bad Guys
    Episode 8
    Jessica has a relationship with Dee who is a pimp. She doesn't want to be with him anymore but Dee claims Jessica abuses him and he can't get a real job because of his past. Steve tries to make them go their separate ways. Felicia is in a relationship with Bikey who claims he owns her and can do whatever he wants to her. Of course Steve has a problem with this and he won't let that happen anymore.moreless
  • Dead Beat Dads
    Dead Beat Dads
    Episode 7
    Robin wants Daniel, the father of her children, to step up and take care of their kids. His first priority is his debt and Steve tries to convince him that his children should come first. Wendy is pregnant but Chris, the father, doesn't want anything to do with the child. He even beats Wendy while she's pregnant. Steve will try to change his ways.moreless
  • Stop Beating Me
    Stop Beating Me
    Episode 6
    A man continually abuses his wife and Steve steps in to stop it.
  • Devil Mom!
    Devil Mom!
    Episode 5
    Steve confronts a woman accused of soliciting her 7-year-old daughter for child pornography.
  • Steve VS. a Pedophile
    Steve confronts pedophile Jack McClellan about a website he runs.
  • My Mom is a Drug Addict!
    Steve tries to reunite a family torn apart by drug use.
  • Steve Confronts a Deadbeat Dad!
    A woman says her boyfriend does not help with their children at all; A couple want to learn how to get along for their baby's sake.
  • Molester Takes a Lie Detector
    A man takes a lie-detector test to prove he did not molest his stepdaughter; A woman says her ex-boyfriend is stalking and harassing her.