The Steve Wilkos Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Steve VS. a Pedophile

Aired Weekdays Sep 13, 2007 on

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  • lol wow hiday4224 are you aware of how ignorant you look

    your grammar sucks if you know what that is. let me guess your on welfare? live in a trailer park? you shouldnt be allowed on the internet. who is your controller? disscussed lol. wow thats pretty inteligent
  • I was watchin the show with Jerry McClellan and I was so disscussed that they aloud some Stranger Danger on the streets. He was not beleiveable.

    Steve right on with the Stranger Danger. People need to be aware of creeps like him. I think you should have listed the his web site on TV so that we can be aware of Stranger Danger and how they really work. See that they come in all kinds of looks. He was nothing but a lier and that if he had noting to hide he would have done the DNA with some kind of pride. Love your show keep up the work Id love to have a signed Teeshirt to wear with pride And show that there needs to be more people to stand up and take a stand for whats write
  • i'd just like to say i watched this show today steve vs a pedophile and i was dicussed in the show because i think this should of been handled with law enforcement i don't think steve should be handling this i don't feel he is qualified.

    I'd just like to say i watched this show today steve vs the pedophile and i was discussed in the show because i feel this should be handled with law enforcment I don't think steve is qualified. steve is not a shrink nor is he law enforcement he is a talk show host i think he should stick to that. and let the law do there job. How does he know if he isn't harming this sitution worse then what it is. And how does he know if he might be harming the victims by having this pervert on his show. can you imagine seeing the guy who sexually assaulted you on TV. think about it
  • Keep thinking the way you do Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All I have to say is I did'nt think too much of Steve Wilkos when I first saw him on Springer, seemed like a bully, but when I found out the way he feels about children and how angry he gets at these sick deranged worthless things we call pedophiles which is not even close to the words I use to describe them, I think he is a good father obviously loves kiddos and I guess I wish he would get an assault case on someone. The reason being is ,I know if I were in his position there would be some people hurting badly. That sicko who took her daughter to the motel ,Steve I know you have friends. Please get her put in general population like Jeff Dahmer was and lets see if she thinks she wont do at least 9 years then. She wouldnt have to worry about it would she.