The Steve Wilkos Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Steve VS. a Pedophile

Aired Weekdays Sep 13, 2007 on

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  • I was watchin the show with Jerry McClellan and I was so disscussed that they aloud some Stranger Danger on the streets. He was not beleiveable.

    Steve right on with the Stranger Danger. People need to be aware of creeps like him. I think you should have listed the his web site on TV so that we can be aware of Stranger Danger and how they really work. See that they come in all kinds of looks. He was nothing but a lier and that if he had noting to hide he would have done the DNA with some kind of pride. Love your show keep up the work Id love to have a signed Teeshirt to wear with pride And show that there needs to be more people to stand up and take a stand for whats write